Dungeons and Dragons Power Balance Issues

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Puffin Forest

3 years ago

A lot of people complain about power balance and OP characters in Dungeons and Dragons and Roleplaying games, so I'll throw in my 10 cents on the issue. I also talk about a Paladin who would complain all the time.

Richard Thickens
Richard Thickens 2 days ago
Looking about this 3 yrs later
Hester Franks
Hester Franks 7 days ago
had the opposite problem where me as the player wanted to be known as the "weak one" (for character development and roleplay reasons) and somehow all my teammates managed to keep going lower
Mr Croob
Mr Croob 8 days ago
How would great balance make you not die from a huge fall? lol
TheCopyto 11 days ago
I let one of my players become a vampire and to compensate one of my players became a djinn xD, it was a shitshow.
Tatu Juntunen
Tatu Juntunen 12 days ago
power balance of the players makes it easier to make encounters since you dont have to balance them around players team comp. you can just kinda go "ok we have 5 players ill balance it around that" and not "ok tracey plays a cleric that means i must have some anti heal and brian is playing as a barbarian that means i have to throw some psychic damage in the mix etc etc"
Just Noob
Just Noob 12 days ago
To be honest, I hate when my paladin end up being viewer on stadium watching 4 clerics wreck an entire dungeon in Neverwinter Online but advantage is still advantage because raid dungeon is hard as fuck
Dog Head
Dog Head 16 days ago
I only ever use point buy so I don’t just get 6 stats that are in the negative modifier range.
Jo Ed
Jo Ed 17 days ago
I use all the dice collected and roll them in groups and once when I was making a character I rerolled EVERYTHING because I was too lucky with all sets having the 3 or all 4 6s I had to witnesses so I had to get rid of the best honest roll ever because I didn't have any witnesses to see I got all 18s legally and I knew I could never pursued the DM and other players without a witness to call. The character would have been magnificent but sadly I got a character who's best roll was 1 13 seconded by 1 9.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 18 days ago
Yeah one group I ran they all tried to be the laziest character :/
benry007 21 day ago
I often do the most damage but i dont care if someone else does more. I just like optimising my character. I dont like being given OP homebrew stuff. I had a game where the dm gave us all crazy homebrew abilities and magic items and it felt like the dm had more control over my final character then i did.
Zesdeath 21 day ago
I roll for stats. My luck is horrible that every character I create has half the hp of everyone else. It’s actually really fun.
Leong Charles
Leong Charles 24 days ago
Me being a halfing rogue(assassin) / druid(circle of moon)
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 27 days ago
I found a magic item that could solve the height issue (as long as they agreed and it was cursed).. Crown of the Forest. Basically if they all fell victim to... I mean "wore" one and made to believe they were the tallest, they could be 4' tall and still perceive that everyone agreed they were the tallest person in the world.
Mason Wheeler
Mason Wheeler 28 days ago
WRT "alpha gamers," this is why I like playing the Bard. I get to be silly and goofy and my best battle strategy is to derail them entirely with Charisma skills that make the fights end early or not happen at all. Most recently, after the party blundered into an entire barracks full of guards in the castle we were in the middle of raiding, I persuaded them that we were the new recruits. Most of them fell for it, but one of them didn't, so I cursed him out as an idiot (Vicious Mockery) so effectively that he ended up thoroughly intimidated into believing I was someone in a position of authority over him. With the guards on our side and a few more applications of persuasion and deception, we ended up skipping the next 3 fights entirely, getting escorted to the prison cells, and literally walking out the front door with their prisoners (who were the quest objective).
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Month ago
When it comes to alpha gamers I just like to take them to one side and convince them to make a support character on the reasoning that they can min max as much as they like as a support character because they can evenly distribute the results of their system mastery to everyone else while getting to feel like a puppet master who is the only reason these people are still alive.
ericb31 Month ago
i can't help but think of a book where a newbie was told to roll for stats, THEN pick a class. since most of the player already had high-level characters, she got to take the best roll of three and start at level 3. she wound up with 18 intelligence and 18 charisma, so she went with Wizard.
Theo Williams
Theo Williams Month ago
5:20 like say, a gun?
Elijah Wilensky
Elijah Wilensky Month ago
Seriously, what is it with players and making their character's 7'10"? In one campaign I'm playing in, I'm one of two players with a pc under ,6'5". I even have new players come up to the table like "yeah, I'm a drow, but I'm 7 feet tall"
Tonks Month ago
One of my current characters, a gnome bard, had really high stats that we rolled for. However I quickly found it silly that a 3ft tall gnome was stronger than anyone else in the party so I nerfed it down to +0
Attilla Anestra
Attilla Anestra Month ago
i think your joke is mostly dead or undead just let that joke rest in peace *big smile* (sorry my englishis reeally worse )
keltzy Month ago
On the flipside, it really sucks to go through four or five sessions without having any noticeable impact on the game. Usually, I don't mind being underpowered if I can at least have fun roleplaying, but this group doesn't is roleplay light, so it's been really disheartening.
SerDerpish Month ago
6:49 “Fifth edition is pretty well balanced.” Hahaha. Hahahahahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *tom cruise meme* Good one, Past Puffin
Peter Bogolub
Peter Bogolub Month ago
the only good home brew is the chaneller
e Cave
e Cave Month ago
I did not except Puffin to cuss this much ngl ( I come from 2020 ) ( So I Didn't Know He Cussed )
Indy Lockheart
Indy Lockheart Month ago
"I also have the power to look into the future only better than Kyle." Eric Cartman
Intentional-Blank 2 months ago
"If there was an ability that instantly killed enemies for no cost, people would always use that ability to the exclusion of everything else" Can confirm; every time I play Star Wars Jedi Academy I *always* get Force Choke level 3. It lets you move enemies around in the air. Enemy dark jedi/sith force push you when you choke them to break the hold..... after 1-2 seconds of moving them around in the air. Some of the most powerful dark jedi are standing next to cliff edges. Standing next to cliff + 1-2 seconds of free air movement = "AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh" as they fall to their death, no battle necessary.
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld 2 months ago
Wow you swear alot in your older videos. I don't mind by the way, but wow.
The Black dragon Gamer
The Black dragon Gamer 2 months ago
Zombicide is the best
ITS Computers LLC
ITS Computers LLC 2 months ago
Brie larson..captain marvel...
DarthSironos 2 months ago
3:59 Worst GM. Just tell the player to stop whining or hit the road. Whiners only have as much power as the GM gives them. Don't reward their shitty whining. Also, the GM is taking a dump on the other players by doing this. Worst GM type and worst player type in the same game, man, that sucks.
Mrs. Waldrop
Mrs. Waldrop 2 months ago
As far as the players fudging numbers, it seems a session 0 where everyone forms their character together would eliminate that.
Phillip J
Phillip J 2 months ago
You make sure your gm is a clinical psychologist then you wont have any personality clashes in your games otherwise your boned.
Rando Kast
Rando Kast 2 months ago
I made a sorcerer who just can damage like crazy because our DM said make sure to roll up extra characters for if we die. Saying that it is going to be a rough campaign. But I guess my build has been too strong against zombies. I have a ton of ball bearings and caltrops that I will throw down in an alley way and cast storm of blades. Then cast cantrips from the roof at the end. The DM was just mad he didn't see our plans coming when we found out that it was zombies.
Kane Wildbrandt
Kane Wildbrandt 3 months ago
I had a player who F*CKING ALWAYS hits 18 on ALMOST EVERY of his stats. I gave him my dice to check his ones werent the reason. I watches him throw them and them landing but it still happened! It went so far that we excluded his 4th dice from the roll so he couldnt pick the 3 best of it.
Rock N' roll
Rock N' roll 3 months ago
It's hilarious hearing Ben swear now. Still a great video, but it's funny now. Well, funnier now.
Zephyr Strife
Zephyr Strife 3 months ago
To be fair, that boss fight where they polymorphed the boss into a frog and threw him off the cliff... RAW, the frog form would have taken all the damage and he would have survived the fall to be a thorn in the PC's sides again because the polymorph spell works almost exactly like the Druid's wild shape, but with... slightly different limitations
Lucy Kitsune
Lucy Kitsune 3 months ago
I have yet to actually play but the dm babysit me through character creation and at 3rd level I have an arcane trickster rouge with a homebrew race that the dm approved. The thing is. That race has an ability that lets me make a 1d4 attack as a bonus action if I'm in melee range. And since the dm rules it does count as a finesse weapon because "Oh gee I wonder what you would have spent more time getting used to and training with? This thin sharp piece of metal you found laying around in the woods one day or the fucking claws attatched to your fucking hands?!" so I get sneak attack. On a bonus action. So if I can get advantage on bonus action and action I can deal 1d8 piercing damage (Rapier) + 4 (dex modifier because finesse weapon) +2d6 sneak attack AND 1d4 slashing damage +4 + 2d6 sneak attack. That is 8 + 1d8 + 4d6 + 1d4 in one turn. Or anything between 14 and 44 hp in a single turn. 44hp of damage. In one turn. At 3rd level. It seems like a lot but I don't know if it is because I have never played dnd before. Edit: Oh and I should add that is without critting on either attack
Owen Elliott
Owen Elliott Month ago
Can't sneak attack twice in the same round, though I will admit bonus action attack is not a balanced racial feature, average on-hit DPR of 19.5 is pretty good for a 3rd level character, not game breaking but far from weak
Shaderax_Storm 3 months ago
I had never had this happen until my current game, on hold due to covid sadly. The player heard I was up for custom spells and maybe a custom class if it was in reason, so the person went for a geomancer spell caster! Simples I thinks, let him pick a druid cantrip here and a first level spell or 2 in reason. Then he want to research new spells and texts me out of game at 1am or later to see if I liked the ideas. I pointed out he could just use current in game spells or use wands, but we did come up with a few spells I liked. Then came the mistake where I gave him a battery from a quasi future world, like the matrix meet dark city with a touch of they live, and he became obsessed. He tried to use the battery as a bludgeon to do electric damage... He tried to make a taser... I said that he could make a wand of lightning, thinking that seemed fair. He then demanded it did a constitution save to stun lock a person, and I had to point out that not even a high level lightning bolt did that. He said it had barbs that required pulling them out, I pointed out that no rules were in the game for arrows to be removed so it wasn't really a set thing. He DEMANDED I made it a con save, and I sat and thought about the other happy players enjoying the world with far less hassle, and said "no" He quit the game on the spot. I have been roleplaying for 18 years and have never had a player be more into the game, and at the same time more demanding and upset whenever it didn't go his way. It was a good learning curve for me
Gustavo Kupcevich
Gustavo Kupcevich 3 months ago
7:40 I rolled for stats once... My highest stat was a 12...
Camden Thompson
Camden Thompson 3 months ago
anytime i make a character, i usually make it so that if they seem weak, i usually try and buff them while 1) having it make sense and 2) slightly Nerf them a bit if needed. the best example i have is my Fire Genasi Wizard i thought he was a bit to weak( i only have one damage cantrip and that was it) so i made it so if a PC dies(Nerf slightly) he'd turn into this insane murderer who would kill every living thing around him( buff) all of his stats would be doubled( buff) and i was thinking about giving him a few new abilities(buff again).however, his intelligence, wisdom, and charisma would become an instant -20 with no way of changing that( Nerf). if anyone wants to be a powerful character without being utterly game-breaking and Toxic, just follow that guide
TheAntesse 3 months ago
I don't usually worry about power balance between characters classes but imbalance in ability scores does gum up my gears for some reason. That's why I usually do point buy.
Charles Stebbins
Charles Stebbins 3 months ago
My players used to complain about point buy & always wanted to roll for stats. That is until I used the two most dreaded words that anyone who's a fan of rolling for stats can ever hear: STRAIGHT DROP! What is straight drop you ask, well your player rolls the dice six times in front of you. The 1st roll is their Strength, their 2nd roll is their Dexterity, their 3rd roll is their Constitution, & so on. Their is no rerolling with Straight Drop either. What you roll is what you get, even if you roll a 3. After only two sessions using Straight Drop, my players LOVED point buy.
Charles Stebbins
Charles Stebbins 20 days ago
@A. Dennis Exactly that. 😉
A. Dennis
A. Dennis 20 days ago
So, Straight Drop is honest character rolls? People don't like those because it can easily screw a player over if they have an idea of what they want to play.
Dead Again Gellidus
Dead Again Gellidus 3 months ago
I'm 6'4 and i play as gnome/halflings
Fayt Vandeberg
Fayt Vandeberg 3 months ago
Min Maxers what a topic. I am not a fan of them myself. Just cause I find they ruin the fun for the groups I ran. When I play I prefer just being average with utility and that usually keeps me happy and useful. Little healing, little damage, some skills.
vihapuhepoliisi 3 months ago
Saying fourth edition is balanced means you have never encountered a high level sorcerer
Genal Gievous
Genal Gievous 3 months ago
I am kinda a good power gamer i would say because i like making powerful characters, but i also want other characters to be powerful so that we can just all have fun because if other people aren't having fun i cant have fun.
JuMiKu 3 months ago
The worst people are the loopholers. I've met two. They'd pour over all rule books but wouldn't look for legitimate ways to optimize their character but look for OP stuff the rules don't explicitly forbid (because it should be obvious or implicitly understood).
Blazemander 22
Blazemander 22 3 months ago
My group rolls stats but we do it in front of the dm
Galis Slipscale
Galis Slipscale 3 months ago
5:50 is the big challenge one of my groups ran into. It was a get-together where we only had the one weekend to play so not part of any ongoing campaign. We were intended to, and even set up, a more light-hearted game. We were starting at level 5, and the notion was silly character themes. Example, we had a half giant rogue with 17 strength and 6 dex. And only 1 rank in stealth, but max Intimidate. His style was when he was (inevitably) caught sneaking, he would yell "YOU CAN'T SEE ME I AM SNEAKING" and Intimidate the person into agreeing that yes, he was too stealthy to be seen.. Four of our five players were like that and as a result... well, it was fun but not optimal. The fifth player had spent TWO WEEKS pouring over supplements before this one off weekend in order to min-max his character for maximum bonuses at most common D&D tasks. The problem was: yeah, he was "on our side", but because we hadn't bothered to optimize at all, and he had optimized out the wazoo, /he did every single task and left nothing for any other player to do/. The entire game devolved rapidly into people just passing so we could get to his turn quicker, so we could resolve the situation quicker. The combat had been set easy since the DM knew we were going to be playing un-optimized; so he one-round killed every single encounter. While we all had strategies (like the above rogue) our characters COULD pull off - they were usually less direct and more time consuming than his character resolving the problem in a more straightforward manner - which he always did. It was super frustrating because it broke the expectations everyone had going into the game (that he had agreed to as well) and just made everyone feel pointless for being there. Nobody, even in a silly game, wants to feel like their characters' existence is pointless and they cannot make a contribution - and bad power disparities, be it from poor balance or poor stat-outs or differences in optimization can lead to that. I think this doubles over a bit with your alpha-gamer one. Someone self-aware of the lime-light problem can handle it by simply deciding NOT to hog the lime-light (a spellcaster who is over-optimized for the experience with a self-aware player can always excuse not using their best spells as "holding onto them just in case" after all), but when you combine large power gaps with the powerful character being played by the "It's all about me, me me!" type... yeah it goes poorly all around.
steven color
steven color 3 months ago
I feel power balance in co op games is an issue when one character abilities either completely overshadowing another player or making them irrelevant. For example if 2 melee characters are at the same level but one has way more hp or damage or whatever relevant stat then the weaker one is kind of useless. For the other type a personal example, I played ddo for awhile once a week, one of our group played it daily with alot of characters so he had really good gear on his character with us. I don't remember his class but he had stupidly thick armour and would draw almost all the attention of enemies which made my cleric basically useless as he could just use one hp potion or eat one food item and would be fine.
XxWeirdoFromSpacexX 3 months ago
There is a little power imbalance in the main campaign I play (3.5), I have a fighter, and the thing is sometimes players can’t show up, and then there’s players who *rarely* miss a session, this results in level differences. If you don’t show up, you don’t get any exp for what happened, and then when a character dies, the player makes a new 1st level character. I was one who almost never couldn’t show up, and my character never died, so right now I think I’m 5th level. My character is quite overpowered, being one of the more high level characters. I don’t know how she got so good. But I still remember this one time: (she was 4th lvl when this happened) my fighter was unconscious and bleeding out, she had -8 hp, if she got to -10, she would die. Which was *bad* because if she died we would probably all die. You see, she’s the only fighter, the other died to a 20ft crocodile near the start of the campaign. Everyone, I mean *E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E* was panicking and screaming, “someone save Yin!” “She can’t die!” “NOOOOO!” Panic, lots of panic. Why? You might ask? There is a couple barbarians, but they are more low level. So, she was the tank, and I mean, *tank* , she high hp, ac, she had a plus- uh, something to her initiative roll, I think it’s a +5? She has a high strength score, she had a really cool magic-longsword-that-was-good-against-dragons (which she doesn’t use half the time ‘cause she uses her normal longsword),she has a plus... 8?, to her main longsword in addition to her +4 to her damage roll (1d8). I call it, “The Day of Most Fear” (she survived, by the way), and it still lives up to it’s name.
Liam McFarlin
Liam McFarlin 3 months ago
I recently had a thing in a campaign I just finished where I gave out some magic items and they ended up being easily breakable. I don't like to nerf so I just gave everyone else equally broken magic items to balance them. Then they could literally kill anything so I had to start way upping the stats on monsters. What resulted were these titanic boss fights where enemies with anywhere between 800 and 2000 hp would attack the party and the party would do like 100 to 300 damage per turn. Originally I thought it would be annoying but what resulted were these crazy cinematic bosses where players were rolling crazy numbers of dice every attack and everyone ended up telling me they felt like badasses so it all ended well. My only worry is that we literally finished that campaign 3 hours before I'm writing this comment so next session we go back to level one and that's gonna feel super weird.
Sebastian Rochefort
Sebastian Rochefort 3 months ago
I will confess to puzzlement at anyone allowing someone to roll for stats without seeing the roll, let alone accept a bit of paper they brought into the session as their 'roll'
TexasScout 3 months ago
5:10 is that. is that a markiplier joke?
The Detective
The Detective 3 months ago
I have the tall player problem I had an npc who was 6’4 and a character was 6’2 then they lost there character sheet and made there character 6’7 in about a minute they grew 5 inches
Lilo’s Peaches
Lilo’s Peaches 3 months ago
My brother taught me to play dnd, and he taught me to roll the die for stats, but now I’ve started to use the point system
George Orwell
George Orwell 3 months ago
I don’t know, if any of my PCs are overpowered my party loves to rub it in my face and act like it wouldn’t be possible to kill them as long as that powerful PC is in their party as if I’m not an omnipotent, omnipresent god who created the universe their characters are in lmao
Shawn Grubb
Shawn Grubb 4 months ago
I ran a game once where everyone tried to be the most useless member of the party. It was..odd.
ascended being
ascended being 4 months ago
Narrator sends me with best regards.
Alphonse Elric
Alphonse Elric 4 months ago
To be honest my friends are chill so this doesn’t happen to much
Xander Macdonald
Xander Macdonald 4 months ago
A hundred rats?! I have 794 skeletons!!! I have 900 damage average per round JUST USING MY ARMY!!! I am only level 15!!! And I have a +20 to hit with spells!!!
Exonism 4 months ago
My newest character is a 7'0 warforged with 22 ac at level 2. I feel dirty.
Mystikk 4 months ago
My group argues over who’s the shortest
Billy Bob jr
Billy Bob jr 4 months ago
Why not say a meteor rained down and killed you instantly it’s called the wining star when you whine you dye
Wesley Webb
Wesley Webb 4 months ago
I would have had the Tall players find an orb shaped relic that increases their height 1 inch for each day they hold it. They would find it in the village of Brightsdale. Eventually them fighting over it would have them be given the name Brightsdale Ballhogs.
Ginga Infinity
Ginga Infinity 4 months ago
Some homebrew i made Boots of cloud walking You gain the ability to walk on clouds flight equivalent to your walking speed but must move each turn or the cloud cant hold there weight and they fall
Gamer Man
Gamer Man 4 months ago
a player at my table would get bored when we were talking and try to lop off people's heads or start a bar fight and then when we fight he gets bored with the numbers and rolls and wants to get it over with
ADHadh 4 months ago
Be thankful you never had to deal with 3.5. When "level 10 character" means VASTLY different things depending on class and/or race, running that game becomes more of a chore than keeping track of 4e combat statuses. Stupid Ivory Tower design.
Maiq The Liar
Maiq The Liar 4 months ago
I have a player who I seemed to have not properly once’s over his sheet. In session 1 he described his halfling as “just a bit tall for a halfling” 2 sessions latter in game racism was a problem and he wanted to know if he, a halfling, could pass off as a human because he was so tall. I asked “how tall are you” he pointed at his sheet. 7’1” Halfling. Size small. 3 foot average. Just 2.5 times the average size of their race. Later he said “because I’m so tall I can jump up and grab the roof” and pointed in his players handbook to the high jump rules. Being taller than the book says your race is is one thing but when you try to milk mechanical advantage out of it. I’m going to shrink you. Or worse. Home-brew rule for squeezing.
DeathmasterSniktch 4 months ago
I once had a player that rolled 16 for all his stats. No cheating he did it in front of three of us, and we were all laughing at it. Turned out that he actually didn't know what race or class to pick after that. He settled on Fighter, because he felt like he would be good in combat, while having the 'stats' to not suck in non-combat skills and encounters. This is a good example of accidental power-gaming.
Maiq The Liar
Maiq The Liar 4 months ago
If I did that I’d probably play absurd
Samantha Gognat
Samantha Gognat 5 months ago
What about if the DM gives two group members an magic item that lets them do a spell that one wouldn't get normal until lvl 17? And lets them cast it has free action, and with no need to have concentration? Spell is tree stride which rangers don't get until 17 lvl, and our monk not at all. Then there our paladin who got a dagger that add D8s to his smites. He just critical hit a adult Blue Dragon for 115 dmg and did 190 something in one turn. The most my bard can do is 34. But thats ok, because I build her has a support/skill monkey. But very time we meet a NPC, the DM has a reason they dont talk to me. First it was my own fault, told not to go near the water fountain, i did. And cloud giant didn't like me after that. But worked on it, had her buy books of proper etiquette and rolled play talks with others in group about rules for royal giant etiquette. But NOPE. Try to lie our way out of being cault in evil person house, NOPE. She knew I was lying, because of her high intelligence. No roll for me. I couldn't tell you the last time i got to roll a deception check (+13). Then there is time when we teleport to my home town, I tell the guard who we are and the news of the battle of Everlund. All the guard said to me is " we need you to leave". Our Paladin starts talking and the guard act they're best friends.....
Cody Sewell
Cody Sewell 5 months ago
I mean, I'm fine with just playing the support and being the reason enemies can't make saves, my teammates didn't die the last 4 times they went down in one fight, and the reason they hit like 3x harder. It's more fun to be being useful than being the "I swing my greataxe. I end my turn. I swing my greataxe. I end my turn" guy. To be fair, that guy rolled 3 18's in character creation and is pretty much a halfling demigod at this point, and with kobold's fury, that dude has literally hit for like 50 points of damage in one hit when we were all level 3, not including action surge so...
Bruhboss31 5 months ago
Point buy is better when your legit and saves you from suspicion
Trip the Third
Trip the Third 5 months ago
Gimli and Legolas count their kills during battle and bicker after. The argument is just a game they play to cope with the life of a trained killer from an endangered race.
Julia Lloyd
Julia Lloyd 5 months ago
The whole thing about the players competing to be the tallest is just making me think about the height-based irkan hierarchy from Invader Zim.
Raki Suzuki-Burke
Raki Suzuki-Burke 5 months ago
You want a Powergamer in your D&D group, but you do not want an Alpha Gamer. Also, if you are worried about high-level PCs using powerful, game-breaking spells, find a way to warp the effects of their spell to make it backfire on the PCs. If you cannot end the campaign the way you originally tended, at least make sure that the players suffer as much as you when they break the game.
Jarred Hill
Jarred Hill 5 months ago
only time I get mad at the table as a player is when I cant roll above a 7 on a d20 all fucking night.
atakan göl
atakan göl 5 months ago
boy the start of the video didnt age welll
dylan56789ful 5 months ago
Honestly when I ran a DnD campaign and everytime someone whined and complained and tried to heckle me for better gear/armor /gold whatever I told them no you may not , and if they just continued I took them aside and told them if they didn't like the game mechanics go play another game. I will not tailor make this campaign for you because you feel the need to be end game kratos at level 1. Iv had a few people dip out on us because of it but whatever there's always another nerd out there that likes dnd campaigns. I also roll for stats if they dont do point buy and if they seem OP for some reason I just make it to where nothing magical item wise comes to them till the monsters the entire party deals with start to push that op character around alil. DnD pre level 12 is not about God teir people doing God teir shit it's about adventurers dealing with problems and creatures. Then when you get to high level content it slowly becomes about legends doing legendary shit wielding legendary items.
dan stevens
dan stevens 5 months ago
Even in a Pandemic that joke doesn't fly 😂
AmirBeer 5 months ago
My shortest friend made himself 999999999999cm tall. I’m already 188cm so I don’t understand lmao
Drake Vegas!!
Drake Vegas!! 5 months ago
I'd like to offer a suggestion to your "two alpha-gamers" problem. Make them bicker exclusively in character. If they don't intend on it being in character, it still is. That'd be a really fun narrative.
Ditrix Genesis
Ditrix Genesis 5 months ago
I'm tall. I like making tall characters. But my most recent character is a revised ranger gnome that is tanky af, and it's probably the most fun character I've made. So y'know, height's not everything
jacob espinoza
jacob espinoza 5 months ago
but he need to grow up or don't play DND
AgustdGames 5 months ago
I really dislike smites as a DM. One player just goes to an enemy, KNOWS HE HITS, and does a couple d8s extra. The paladin can thus critical hit and deal twice as many d8s to an enemy, does that sound balanced? I have a paladin player who constantly fumbles with dice because he does so much extra damage. At least with stuff like guiding bolt, you roll to hit and if you miss that's a spell slot wasted + you have to declare level before you cast it.
The Detective
The Detective 6 months ago
I had the same tall person problem
Tom Larsen
Tom Larsen 6 months ago
as a DM, i would've just killed him instantly. Just like "oh yea, the deity you worship smites you for being to whiny."
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 6 months ago
My solution for whiners is to give them all that good shit then take it away
MageSkeleton 6 months ago
Granted this is an old video, i was really expecting to hear about Clerics and Wizards. But good content, good points.
Jenos TheAscended
Jenos TheAscended 6 months ago
I had my Players roll for stats in Front of me 2 18s in a row as a cleric, It's gonna be a fun campaign
cyrus05w 6 months ago
Hello and good morning, it might be my ears but your video seems to be going in-and-out on the volume scale
TheRamblingSoul 6 months ago
4:04 rofl at the sad mopey powergamer getting everything thrown at him but he's still sad
john ohm
john ohm 6 months ago
lmao you have yet to play 3.5e, if you say that you havent played with min/max'ers that have been a real problem
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson 6 months ago
I do roll stats for higher average but I don't reroll until 18s that's cheating although our group does agree no stats below 8 and one muligan for everyone
Moseley Bros
Moseley Bros 6 months ago
My group went from level 1 to level 8 in the first session
Joé Forney
Joé Forney 6 months ago
Legendary resistances...
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 6 months ago
Mine is usually when the players don't talk about their classes. Sometimes you have too many casters (wizard, warlock and sorcerer), or you don't have any tanks or healers.
Shadowscall775 6 months ago
See, I love that. We are playing a Curse of Strahd game and we asked the DM if he was ok with us NOT discussing our characters until we made them, we actually didn't even know which module we were playing before we made our characters. We wanted people to play who they wanted to play instead of feeling like they had to play a certain role. We have a Battlemaster shield and sword fighter, Eldritch Knight-crossbowman, necromancer wizard and thief rogue. No healing whatsoever besides our second winds, so we stock up on potions. We absolutely love it since we are all playing who we wanted instead of being forced to assume some arbitrary role because the group "NEEDS" this class.
Douglas Babb
Douglas Babb 6 months ago
4:41 I had the EXACT same scenario with this game I was in. Everyone was trying to one-up to the point that we have this seven and a half foot tall elf and almost eight foot tall warforged. And what was I, the tallest *player* in the group being? A 3 foot tall goblin rogue.
The Infinity Sock
The Infinity Sock Month ago
Wow that goblin most have had real bad neck pain from looking up all of the time lol the tallest I have ever been was seven foot tall but I was playing as a human half-dragon at the time
BoneWulfe 6 months ago
Power gamer: can I roll for stats? DM: sure; roll 3d6, 6 times Power Gamer *surprised pikachu*
Shadowscall775 6 months ago
Yeah, so many people use homebrew rules for rolling, they don't realize just how limiting the PHB rules for it are. There needs to be a reason people might choose point buy or standard array, if you keep buffing rolling for stats, of course no one will choose that.
Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis 6 months ago
im currently playing my first game ever, and at my friends suggestion im playing an artificer. i apparently am a power gamer, but i think im the ok kind. my goal is to torment my dm by imediatly pointing out all potential loop holes. why? because i love to
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