7 Tallest Houses so Players Can't Reach the TOP in Minecraft!

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10 months ago

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Sub builds 7 of the TALLEST Possible in houses in Minecraft reaching the 256 block height limit in the game! No other players will be able to reach the top of your base without you knocking them off! What's at the top of these tallest minecraft bases!? From Minecraft Skyscrapers, Statues and more, these Minecraft 1.14 and Minecraft 1.15 tallest bases will impress your friends and protect your valuables!
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Welcome to Sub's World! Here, he'll (try) to show you some cool Minecraft Builds, Minecraft Redstone, Minecraft Top 10's, designs and way more stuff!

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Inspired by SSundee, Mumbo Jumbo, Magma Musen, GrianMC, DanTDM, DanOMG and more fantastic Minecraft USshowrs!

Voiced by Blake Swift: usshow.info

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How do you even make this sub.
moonlightcookie134 2 days ago
that was only five >:D HA
SHADOW L.A.B 2 days ago
Just watched dragon ball super. AND NOW I AM HEARING ULTRA INSTICT THEME MUSIC.
mark Gimarino
mark Gimarino 3 days ago
Hecker !
Hecker ! 5 days ago
Kaitlyn Mishael Batawang
Kaitlyn Mishael Batawang 5 days ago
unbelievable Sub you build the biggest house in the world
TSgamerboy 6 days ago
I'm new
VANSHAM SHAH 11 days ago
8:28 Oh man my stomach pains a lot
Reynaldo Forastero
Reynaldo Forastero 11 days ago
denciodp pedrigosa
denciodp pedrigosa 12 days ago
7:10 i think you forgot something.... aha! flames and smoke to the boosters! it's use so that it's like it's about to launch! or to make it more realistic add more camp fires underneath!
denciodp pedrigosa
denciodp pedrigosa 12 days ago
2:10 that castle is awesome! Also build a throne for the king oh hail the great king! King sub!
Jai Sule
Jai Sule 13 days ago
Piggie is good
bryan hough
bryan hough 14 days ago
How about 10 biggest tree houses in Minecraft
pro gamer 69
pro gamer 69 15 days ago
I love the spaceship.
Kids Account
Kids Account 16 days ago
The thing is these are really cool super tall builds but they would take years to build so i dont recommand these just stick with a normal house
Abigail Baragrey
Abigail Baragrey 18 days ago
Can you give sub a face?
Jose del Carmen Cruzado Castillo
Jose del Carmen Cruzado Castillo 19 days ago
somene: make a high high house so peoplw on't reach teheir treasure me, with 90 staks of dirt: are u really in cahrge in here
moonlightcookie134 2 days ago
KarsentubeHD13 -Gaming,Vlogs, and More!
KarsentubeHD13 -Gaming,Vlogs, and More! 19 days ago
Imagine if someone spent hours building one of these and a griefer comes and blows it sky high
Shereefa Gafoor
Shereefa Gafoor 20 days ago
I subscribed, but I never see anything posted by sub anymore
DhairyaXD 25 days ago
1:52 Gta San Andreas Police Pilot dialogue
Pogo the wolf
Pogo the wolf 27 days ago
Wally Gerona
Wally Gerona 29 days ago
MR. foxy gaming
MR. foxy gaming 29 days ago
Why your voice is so slow and your voice change but i love it
『A Q』
『A Q』 Month ago
I appreciate the fact you think I can build ANY of these :)
Alex Murray
Alex Murray Month ago
Sub. They don’t stand a chance getting over these walls Me. THERES A FRONT DOOR
Clash with Zhang
Clash with Zhang Month ago
me: anyone wanna be on a team to build a castle that goes to build hight Them: you got scaffolding if you don't this is gonna take two years me: I don't :) them:goodbye
Sar Crawn
Sar Crawn Month ago
Sar Crawn
Sar Crawn Month ago
Sabiha Rahman
Sabiha Rahman Month ago
Sabiha Rahman
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But it,s on my ipd
Sabiha Rahman
Sabiha Rahman Month ago
Im a boy but i,m on my mom,s acc
Sabiha Rahman
Sabiha Rahman Month ago
Wow big castle and buildings
Saturnino Cañete
Saturnino Cañete Month ago
uhmm..... sub doesnt have a face
Tzeloong Tang
Tzeloong Tang Month ago
Hi sud l Love your videos l don't know you can do it for 7
LegoSonic SpinDash2.0
LegoSonic SpinDash2.0 Month ago
The only mario item that can make you THAT big is a mega mushroom. Try and remember next time ok.
Rukmani Dash
Rukmani Dash Month ago
mark Robinson
mark Robinson Month ago
I want stop to teach us 15 ways to beat Minecraft wow crouching
tsania bawazier
tsania bawazier Month ago
Wat is your mainkref server neme
xXCatvøid GalaxyXx
xXCatvøid GalaxyXx Month ago
Props to him making all these houses
Game Time698
Game Time698 Month ago
I'm never made a tallest house but I made a tallest tree to the height limits
qwertyuiop poiuytrewq
qwertyuiop poiuytrewq Month ago
Piggy is a roblox killer version of peppa pig
Jonathan playz
Jonathan playz Month ago
When I was 7 I was building a big house it's almost done. I just need more concrete and glass
Jermaine Putra
Jermaine Putra Month ago
I like minecraft i have it without buy
-Statix -
-Statix - Month ago
I saw this channel on my recommended, it was "50 worst things that can happen to you in minecraft" and I accidentally clicked it. Best accident of my life
Megan Power
Megan Power Month ago
My name is subscribe
Bang Bang Gaming
Bang Bang Gaming Month ago
6:36 did he say “erf”
marga reyes
marga reyes Month ago
Well well
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Month ago
PIGGY IS THE BEST call it piggy’s world!
Msnagamani60 Msnagamani
Msnagamani60 Msnagamani Month ago
Why dond you make a video based on the smallest House's in Minecraft
Miles Durlam
Miles Durlam Month ago
7:58 technically that it be dynamax
Superprapu xd
Superprapu xd Month ago
1:53 sorry
Superprapu xd
Superprapu xd Month ago
Imagine that my nametag is mom of the narrator 1:58 hi son
Cayden T
Cayden T 2 months ago
Piggy is the best
Georgia Rice
Georgia Rice 2 months ago
my favorites are the castle or tree
mohammed ahmed
mohammed ahmed 2 months ago
Sub you should build a working rocket and go to the moon
Eddie Prince
Eddie Prince 2 months ago
Eddie Prince
Eddie Prince 2 months ago
J NAP 2 months ago
piggy noooooooooooooooooooooooooooot beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
J NAP 2 months ago
Malayphone Somboun
Malayphone Somboun 2 months ago
Poop in sub
Shane Kaulfuss
Shane Kaulfuss 2 months ago
Thank he he’s a monster I mean she is a monster she has a bat and waxe you to your death
Cas J
Cas J 2 months ago
I think the zombies that come out at night got struck by wait a minute did the narrator say Pokémon?
Cas J
Cas J 2 months ago
bob who’s bob narrator?
Wan Suhana Syazwani
Wan Suhana Syazwani 2 months ago
The hiegh scamer is longer than you told
DEVANSHU NATH 2 months ago
I am making a palace of blocks of gold, diamond and emerald which is hitting the maximum sky limit and a part of the castle will be also visible from my sky city.
Puja Ranjan
Puja Ranjan 2 months ago
Manav good Bridge building building building ManavgoodBridgebuilding in our world
Kushagra Giri
Kushagra Giri 2 months ago
Kushagra Giri
Isoken Adebowale
Isoken Adebowale 2 months ago
You don’t have a mauth
Mark John Abeleda
Mark John Abeleda 2 months ago
Talk about the new year and weekend for new weekend weekend so happy 😃 you
Helen Tyrrell
Helen Tyrrell 2 months ago
Gaming wyvern
Gaming wyvern 2 months ago
It soooooooo cool keep up the good work
PRO GAMER 2 months ago
make furnetur in minecraft with no mods
Nikolett Horváth
Nikolett Horváth 2 months ago
iniano fam
iniano fam 2 months ago
I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Venkatesh T.R
Venkatesh T.R 2 months ago
You do see Pokemon
Morris playz
Morris playz 2 months ago
noo they could in crafting!
AtTheEase LilMoh
AtTheEase LilMoh 2 months ago
Wait to keep up to date in Pokémon
jackson spier
jackson spier 2 months ago
PIGS ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yb Zhang
Yb Zhang 2 months ago
Kalpana Thakur
Kalpana Thakur 2 months ago
Make a video of sky scrapers
Ashly Wherry
Ashly Wherry 2 months ago
Sub You are great
Dr. Bassam Alfarhani
Dr. Bassam Alfarhani 2 months ago
4:45 *Iskall noises intensifies*
Future the hedgehog
Future the hedgehog 2 months ago
Sub is a Master builder
Ayaan Naveed
Ayaan Naveed 2 months ago
Kye Stecken
Kye Stecken 2 months ago
Michael Jamieson
Michael Jamieson 2 months ago
Not tallest building it is not at bedrock
Rudolph Aikens
Rudolph Aikens 2 months ago
I stoll subs Diamond 3 days ago
Rudolph Aikens
Rudolph Aikens 2 months ago
Jai Cray
Jai Cray 2 months ago
I know how to make some thing higher well more blocks than build height wanna know how dig down to bed rock maybe past bedrock Me: just go to bed rock and it will be more blocks than build higher so ya Sub: you weren’t supposed to do that
Jorge Ignacio Contreras
Jorge Ignacio Contreras 2 months ago
Sub maybe Can you build a castle or a tower choose one because you’re gonna build it in 55 seconds 55 hours and 55 minutes and 55 hours good luck with your castle or tower
sandra Viel
sandra Viel 2 months ago
Aurelia Anderson
Aurelia Anderson 2 months ago
8:29 me when I don’t go poop till a month
Gacha Jack
Gacha Jack 2 months ago
I have no ladders in my MC Home I Only Have Water Bucket I Use Water Buckets As A ladder
Gettie Lomboy
Gettie Lomboy 2 months ago
Pig is the best
eebots 2 months ago
Do a voice reveal
Candice Weekley
Candice Weekley 2 months ago
O my god i. Love it
Jackabishwwkcbdjcndndk 2 months ago
Just build a skyscraper, it will only take a couple of years
GOLDENWarrior 2 months ago
It Lagg when sub put beacons
Rhian Morris
Rhian Morris 2 months ago
I'm a kid and I'm on my mum's acc
Al Bana'mah
Al Bana'mah 2 months ago
[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Why Not?"
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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Why Not?"
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