Game Theory: Among Us, The 300 IQ Impostor Strategy That Wins EVERY TIME

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Are you someone who is able to spot the Impostor in any game of Among Us or stay alive as long as possible AS the Imposter? Do you WANT to be? Loyal Theorists, I have developed the highest IQ winning strategy you will see out there. How? Well Among Us is a riff on the classic games of Mafia and Werewolf, which I've been playing for YEARS! It's time to dust off my detective skills to teach YOU how to win every game of Among Us!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Gavin Roach-Poitras
Gavin Roach-Poitras Month ago
This helped me so much
Latinas 317
Latinas 317 2 days ago
ツStampedebuffalo 2 days ago
Game theorist sus
Noah JK
Noah JK 2 days ago
Crystal Guo
Crystal Guo 3 days ago
Super Gavin Bros. 2
Super Gavin Bros. 2 3 days ago
@Gavin Roach-Poitras I also subbed to your channel.
Jungmin Park
Jungmin Park 43 minutes ago
This guys outro is kind of like kairos s brawl theory
ShitMom 6 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till a homie pull up with the "Vote green first then red"
MadStriker07 6 hours ago
I’m studying for a USshow video I’m making this Sunday, this really helped, thanks, and quality video :)!!!!
Nathan Bloomfield
Nathan Bloomfield 7 hours ago
The first strat is called grouping and it is generally avoided in lobbies that are actually trying bc it makes it too easy
Hard core gamer ,
Hard core gamer , 9 hours ago
SARAH HOXIE 9 hours ago
also i use some of these just to be a master-pro-intermediate-skilled-bifbrain player
SARAH HOXIE 9 hours ago
u say 2nd popular, then why u put it in first, im confused should i believe the editor or u, matpat.
Saiki? 10 hours ago
People are sooooo late to this game like REALLY late
Lebslego Taco
Lebslego Taco 11 hours ago
the game tells you your stats in the statistics tab on the home screen
'CHONG11' Family
'CHONG11' Family 12 hours ago
Remember guys. Lying is not simple
DANIEL SANCHEZ 12 hours ago
can you stop telling me how your chanel is so boring when its the best chanel ever in the universe
Random Adventurer
Random Adventurer 13 hours ago
Man, now i feel like matt needs to play danganronpa on gt live now. I feel like he would enjoy it if he liked this game.
Jeremiah Herrington
Jeremiah Herrington 13 hours ago
how come you sound like Sokka from the avatar?
Cayden Chaos
Cayden Chaos 14 hours ago
6:47 I just realized that there are 2 browns in this scene
Marcelle Risco
Marcelle Risco 17 hours ago
I love Chanel keep up your best work and can you solve paw patrol why is chase the leader is it because rider found him first? by:your fan who is curiously wondering to:game theory
Mini Pro
Mini Pro 18 hours ago
matpat's sus
Opalkit 21 hour ago
i play 3 imps and my freind says im hardcore.
Retr0 22 hours ago
I need to prove my friends wrong...
Artan Dautoski
Artan Dautoski Day ago
So you're saying that among us copied fall guys characters, well among us was mad in 2018 whilst fall guys released on 2020 so therefore that's not true
just a normal human
just a normal human Day ago
even his voice sounds like someone with 3000IQ
Davin Salim
Davin Salim Day ago
Guys, 10000000iq strat for imposter:just say the other imposter did med bay or another visual task and that u saw them do it
Jax Dill
Jax Dill Day ago
I trust him (who I mean about is Kirby)
Jacob Kenney
Jacob Kenney Day ago
Can I get a shirt still and I love your videos
Java M
Java M Day ago
I like the bane reference
AJ_PLAYZ Day ago
I cant believe i played this game from 2 years and nobody cared about it so i just deleted it, then 2020 came and everyone is playing it ._.
Epic Sans
Epic Sans Day ago
Unfortunately this doesn’t work with randoms they just accuse and accuse until they win
David McNeeley
David McNeeley Day ago
The Best Lies have a little Truth Baked in.
Jethro McGL
Jethro McGL Day ago
What about animal crossing that was great
all the how to
all the how to Day ago
U da best
Tanwa Richards
Tanwa Richards 2 days ago
" stupid game" he says. im dissapointed
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol 2 days ago
Matpat: * tries to show me how to win as imposter * Me: * already in the airlock 2 minutes in *
Kira Shoeshikata
Kira Shoeshikata 2 days ago
You are right, but you didn’t think about three people travelling in which two of them are impostors
Bunga Cinta
Bunga Cinta 2 days ago
Tyler McDonnell
Tyler McDonnell 2 days ago
Mindnight is still so much better
Tibs Bb
Tibs Bb 2 days ago
So playing the impostor correctly is a video game version of fascist dictatorship. See video on new farcry.
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa Kotomine
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa Kotomine 2 days ago
My recommendations to identify a Imposter: - Doesn't talk much - Walks around more than others - Tries to split off if in a group - Doesn't vote for anyone when there's 2 Imposters and 6 Players left - Says he is the Imposter (if he isn't, he's a troll and you should kick him, if he is, he wants to take your attention away from a suspect, the other Imposter) - Finds 3 or more bodies in a row - Runs after you constantly far too close - Is in a Room where Vents lead to from the Crimescene - Spends his (usually) one Emergeny Meeting for giggles
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa Kotomine
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa Kotomine Day ago
@Haley Fiske Like I said, these are my recommendations. What are your?
Haley Fiske
Haley Fiske Day ago
90% percent of those mean nothing, if an imposter is close to you you would be dead already, and some people dont tall alot
ツStampedebuffalo 2 days ago
A funny among us story: So me my sister and her friends were playing among us on polus, reactor was sabotaged and I ran over to the left one as I saw a confirmed innocent at the right and I saw my sister run away from the reactor thing where a body was I reported and told everyone it was my sis but they voted me out, next game I was doing the rocket thing and decided to stay pretending I was doing it still because I thought a person over the fence was sus then my sis came over and killed them I reported and they believed me that time
treeforfree123 2 days ago
basically its not about the strategy its how you execute it and most people don't cooperate so yeah
Elmoe boi
Elmoe boi 2 days ago
I'm glad u said lights its so good especially for killing when multiple people are close but not close enough to see u
Między Morze
Między Morze 2 days ago
in a nutshell: *u r s u s*
Lyra Oehl
Lyra Oehl 2 days ago
what happens to the person that dose not get killed on the ship with the imposter do they get killed or what????
Saggar Kirati
Saggar Kirati 2 days ago
FluffyKat Nuggers
FluffyKat Nuggers 2 days ago
5:24 or say I was looking to see if someone vented to another room but no one was there so I came back
Pop Tart Nazi
Pop Tart Nazi 2 days ago
jokes on you i have schizophrenia so i already knew that everyone around me is an impostor out to get me 😌💅🏻
Micah Blakeslee
Micah Blakeslee 2 days ago
These theories assume half of all lobby players are not raging idiots with the memory spans of goldfish.
Gragnok the Gruesome
Gragnok the Gruesome 2 days ago
My strategy? If I'm a crewmate, I won't confirm or deny I am the imposter. If I'm the imposter, I won't confirm or deny I am the imposter. It'll be sure to screw with everyone's minds and question my role in the game.
Woodymama Plays
Woodymama Plays 3 days ago
I will tell you guys my strategy if I saw a person that vented or killed I will call a meeting and tell them to vote the person that vented or killed then I say vote me after if it’s not the person that I saw vented or killed
Al O'Neill
Al O'Neill 3 days ago
I think sabotage deserved more discussion. I tend to use it very actively for one VERY important reason - it creates chaos. A chaotic environment is a prime environment for the impostor. Sure, the lights are a very good one, but I tend to make heavy use of alternating O2 and the reactor. It gets everybody running all over the place. Too much information is just as helpful to the impostor as too little.
A typical glance
A typical glance 3 days ago
Crewmates when I'm crewmate: *dumbasses* Crewmates when I'm imposter:
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint 3 days ago
This For Dummies vid is great
Diesel 3 days ago
Glad im a Among Us Veteran of 2 years my friends are dumbasses and say it was made this year
Diesel 3 days ago
We all know Matpat only made this video because someone said that hes a bad impostor after they saw him vent
Crystal Guo
Crystal Guo 3 days ago
Cyan why......
clayton G
clayton G 3 days ago
11:33 fnaf
overanalayzing Analyst
overanalayzing Analyst 3 days ago
the “who seems innocent thing” is how me and my siblings play lmao. there were only six of us one round, two of our brothers were together in security, me and my sister were in electrical with our other brother and our sister-in-law, brother and sis-in-law leave, we leave after and find our brother dead in the hall. pretty easy conclusion once we got who was with who lmao
Canadian Food
Canadian Food 3 days ago
Wait 2018? It took all this time to get popular? How did it even get popular if it wasn't popular until now?
shiggy 3 days ago
Me a Kokichi kinnie: Muahah... MUAHAHAHHA
Carolyn Clark
Carolyn Clark 3 days ago
desi 3 days ago
Am I playing Among us while watching this? Yes. Do I understand what he’s saying? No.
bot_animations 42
bot_animations 42 3 days ago
Why is helpy a werewolf 2:50
Max Lopez
Max Lopez 3 days ago
It’s more like half of a teletubby not fall guys
Ashie Bat
Ashie Bat 3 days ago
why did it take me a month to watch this? It was posted on My Birthday!!!!!!
Blu B
Blu B 3 days ago
See I love this theory and it could help tons for me but it would require everyone to cooperate and plan what they will do unless you're focusing on the single strats
Keegan Moore
Keegan Moore 3 days ago
Five Nights At Impostors
VelkanKiador 3 days ago
As an imp. Immediately start an alarm when you know someone innocent is suspected but hasn’t been voted out. It will fast susp on the innocent even more AS IT look like they are trying to avoid an emergency meeting at all cost
PatrikStarFish 3 days ago
this isnt 1000 iq more like 1000000000 iq
Noah J
Noah J 3 days ago
hari sh
hari sh 3 days ago
I also like toast
Gabriel Biorge
Gabriel Biorge 4 days ago
No don't puppy guard one another, it just makes the game nearly impossible for the impostor.
king light
king light 4 days ago
you forgot about town of salem
WolfeGaming 4 days ago
I wonder why Town Of Salem didn't get big like Among Us. I'd love to watch Jacksepticeye, Markiplier or HoodlumCallum stream Town Of Salem with their friends vecagse it's similar to Among Us but also really different.
Pyrobito x
Pyrobito x 4 days ago
video starts at 3:30 thank me lateer
Gavin Roach-Poitras
Gavin Roach-Poitras 4 days ago
First, Colt Garrison has a theory for you. Second, my name in Among us is Pikmin. Third, can I have shout out please? Last, can you make a Pikmin Theory because you never made one before? P.S Thanks for pinning my comment and hearting it. It makes me happy :)
Freaking. Leo
Freaking. Leo 4 days ago
please be my teacher
AYA Official
AYA Official 4 days ago
Honestly, people already call me a high level imposter so idek if this will help but I'll try anything to get to become an s tier imposter
Gavin Roach-Poitras
Gavin Roach-Poitras 4 days ago
My name in Among us is Pikmin
Slevin DavidMonty
Slevin DavidMonty 4 days ago
Theory rap 1:03
Vance Dierkes
Vance Dierkes 4 days ago
Video title : 300 iq start that wins every time, me: looses me: :(
NotASpyReally 4 days ago
Today I played Among Us and I was Impostor for like 6 times and I almost got ill from being so nervous all the time. What works for me as an Impostor is not speaking too much ... And being unsure about everything ... always ... lol And as a crewmate I just choose 1 random person to trust and go with them everywhere. If they're impostor, bad luck. If not, then I'm safe.
Creamy Cupcake
Creamy Cupcake 4 days ago
Morals in stories: Be nice, if you do this you get this back blah blah blah Among Us; *T r u s t N o O n e*
Guy On Google
Guy On Google 4 days ago
Matt: the IQ in the thousands! Title: 300 IQ Strat.
Amelia Moss
Amelia Moss 2 days ago
That’s kinda sus
Mark Angelo Valdejueza
Mark Angelo Valdejueza 4 days ago
Game Theory requires Faith.
Glitter Cakes
Glitter Cakes 4 days ago
Video: You’ve all just adopted Among Us My brother: has been playing it when it first came out* Me: O_O
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman 4 days ago
Hey where do I find that Werewolf game?
Sasha Hurst
Sasha Hurst 4 days ago
8:22 this doesn't often work because the imposter could've vented to a different part of the map
First name Last name
First name Last name 4 days ago
Matt, just wanna say man, this is not a theory, this is a guide. And not even a guide, it's just information you pick up along the way.
Sk khatun
Sk khatun 4 days ago
I say if there 1 imposter go in groups of 3, for 2 imposter go in 5 or around but not four,3 imposter then a group with 7 and another 2 and one separated
Sarthak Gupta
Sarthak Gupta 4 days ago
It is just dumb
Astronomer Josh Carter
Astronomer Josh Carter 4 days ago
Matt: "*Don't seem suspicious*" Public servers: Impossible.
NatAdam17 4 days ago
didnt work ::
Dylan77 4 days ago
This isn't even a theory. This is stupid.
Alex Brandenburg
Alex Brandenburg 5 days ago
I’m a simp
SHOW DOWN 5 days ago
In among us word speak louder than action
xie animal plonder
xie animal plonder 5 days ago
Excuse me did u think u can get away with saying my life is meaningless I will find u and so u better take it back or else there will be serious issues with both of ur life and ur loved ones lifes
Gremlin 5 days ago
11:44 And that’s why Corpse is such a great impostor
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 5 days ago
So it's like politics?... :)
Irene Muthoni
Irene Muthoni 5 days ago
I was just playing among us and got a message from the game that includes saying that among us 2 is cancelled
LumpyHippo Hoodiesdotcom
LumpyHippo Hoodiesdotcom 5 days ago
Always vouching for the other imposter isnt the smartest tactic.
Night Orcid
Night Orcid 5 days ago
The first single imp round I tried (where I didnt wimp out bc I was new to the game and asked people to vote me out) I got pretty far. At the end, 2 other people (crew clearly), the person who the vote was down to was on the fence. The only reason I got voted out was because of something out of my control, that I didnt know about. I was very close, and they said I did well. UwU
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