JR Smith Chokes! LeBron 51 Points Game 1! 2018 NBA Finals

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Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove

2 years ago

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Dashad 12 hours ago
Who’s back when the henny god bloomed the Lakers?
Shadow 2025
Shadow 2025 23 hours ago
I’m waiting for JR Smith to make the same mistake now that he’s with the Lakers LOL
Yio Chu Kang Secondary
Yio Chu Kang Secondary Day ago
Dis guy funny blaming the suits cuz of jr smith
Red Power Champs
Red Power Champs Day ago
Are you dumb stupid or dumb
Don 2 days ago
"The Decision" that led to LeBron's second exit from Cleveland
Aramz YT
Aramz YT 3 days ago
“That’s a MURDERR”
Young Yolii
Young Yolii 3 days ago
4:25 autotune?
Hate Yourself
Hate Yourself 3 days ago
The part 2 at nba finals 2020
Grandy Gamer
Grandy Gamer 3 days ago
And when we needed him most he returned to lebron
Arvin Dueñas
Arvin Dueñas 4 days ago
Who's watching when join jr smith in team lakers
Fuck Piggy song oink oink
Fuck Piggy song oink oink 3 days ago
Viipious 4 days ago
The game that made lebron leave 😂
Joe Estrada
Joe Estrada 4 days ago
Maan broo, if you were a commentator bro i'd watch the NBA to listen to your commentary you are funny man xD ahhaha 3:10 "Aaand wahone! "
Joe Estrada
Joe Estrada 4 days ago
0:54 " LOOK at LaBron!!..." (Voice fade) funnh 😂😂🤣🤣 hahah!
hatake kakashi
hatake kakashi 5 days ago
Iosef Gavan
Iosef Gavan 5 days ago
jr smith now: hi lebron miss me
FIFA Player
FIFA Player 5 days ago
Jaser Garcia
Jaser Garcia 5 days ago
Welcome to the LAL HENNY!
Dab bezel
Dab bezel 5 days ago
They paid J R to miss up the Cavs
Chris Owens
Chris Owens 6 days ago
I would’ve slapped the shitt outta smith
Yigit Tarlı
Yigit Tarlı 6 days ago
Now he joined the lakers right now
Ron Bunao
Ron Bunao 6 days ago
Today The Lakers Will Sign JR Will There Be A Part 2?
supra87turbo 7 days ago
J.R is so stupid
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun 7 days ago
Video link to that: "ha, *HAAA* sound effect
Timothy Lui
Timothy Lui 8 days ago
Tbh I think half the fault should go to the cavs, they should’ve called timeout when he got the rebound.
walentkane69 8 days ago
choke was on James for not taking shoot and passing ball, no killer instinct in him
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 6 days ago
The best basketball player ever with no killer instinct... if he had that, I’d put him over Jordan. But to me Kobe and durant are still over Lebron. Killer instinct and shooting ability should matter when picking the best players.
leftythegamer137 9 days ago
“Hennything is possible” I’m crying🤣🤣😂
Jacinto Baltazar rodriguez #LOVETAH
Jacinto Baltazar rodriguez #LOVETAH 9 days ago
Shaving points
Jacinto Baltazar rodriguez #LOVETAH
Jacinto Baltazar rodriguez #LOVETAH 9 days ago
Maybe idfk
Jawon Luck
Jawon Luck 10 days ago
Funniest shit I've seen
Nick Hasting
Nick Hasting 10 days ago
Nnamdi 9 days ago
Y'all done now 😂. Lakers are back. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 10 days ago
Warriors obviously kill the game
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 10 days ago
Unbelievable man
Zhizhong Zhang
Zhizhong Zhang 10 days ago
Lebron you confused everyone who is your fans
kidavid 11 days ago
That auto-tune moment gets me every time
ali aitbouftass
ali aitbouftass 11 days ago
Curry is a monster
ali aitbouftass
ali aitbouftass 11 days ago
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 11 days ago
And now the henney god is making a return to being Bron teammate
Godzilla Fan99
Godzilla Fan99 11 days ago
Ed Juatco
Ed Juatco 11 days ago
still hurts
Joshua Duoth
Joshua Duoth 11 days ago
LeBron got selled out
kimbobrand7 11 days ago
might be back with lebron HAHA
Typical Toxic
Typical Toxic 11 days ago
Only j.r
amandeep sharma
amandeep sharma 13 days ago
"Give that guy a mmmmmmmap" hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Elijah Triolo
Elijah Triolo 15 days ago
I love the splaaash music. Makes my day
Jay Byrdz
Jay Byrdz 15 days ago
u gotta live with draymonds shot lol
ブランドーディオ 16 days ago
*warriors 6th man: jr smith* 😂
LeeMac5300 LeeMac5300
LeeMac5300 LeeMac5300 17 days ago
Look at curry man. So inspirational
Phantoms Dead inside
Phantoms Dead inside 17 days ago
Wth was that autotune laugh lol
JayGrayBball 17 days ago
Flight Curry
Flight Curry 18 days ago
Isaack Valdez
Isaack Valdez 20 days ago
icetee 940
icetee 940 20 days ago
Jr smith sucked
JnL 21 day ago
Not choke. isn’t able to know what the score is
SB Rider
SB Rider 22 days ago
JR Heny Smith
Dredpool 22 days ago
Indupidably 23 days ago
It's been 2 years and I finally know what happened. He was looking for Kyrie
Ben Chase
Ben Chase 24 days ago
Mayor of Oakland- “ J.R will never be charged for anything again in our city “
bigtomb 25 days ago
When I saw the look on his face I knew what was about to happen @ 4:15
loisaida 9
loisaida 9 26 days ago
Only time I have ever in my life felt for LeBron. Everyone has been him at one point in a game, at work, in school - any group activity and one guy just whole hog fucks it up for everyone.
Uncle Moby
Uncle Moby 26 days ago
4:26 That Laugh
Ice King
Ice King 26 days ago
caroham29 26 days ago
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!! 27 days ago
4:10 Its lebon fault cos he had curry on him but refused to drive!! Jorden woulda had his tongue out drippin saliva if he seen steph curry guardin him!! And you know dats true!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!! 3 days ago
Focus_MasonYT cos neggaz aint hearin me da first 2 times!! Ya feel me?? Ya feel me?? Ya feel me??
Mason on MobileXR
Mason on MobileXR 3 days ago
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!! You said the same thing at least 3 times.
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!! 4 days ago
Zeyaad1000 4:13 negga!! Da ball never even got into hills hands so how da fugg was hill wide open?? Negga hill was NOT open da ball never got to hill!! Hills arm went under klays and dey got tangled and it was a lucky foul called!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!! 4 days ago
Zeyaad1000 negga stop it!! George hill was NOT wide open under da basket!! George hill was on da wing and cut and collided wit klay thompsen!! Hill was lucky he got fouled called!! George hill was NOT open under da basket at all!! Da ball NEVER cleanly got to hill da ball went outta fuggin bounds negga!! Hill was open when he was on da wing NOT when he cut under da basket!! If hill was wide open da ball would got to his hands clean!! Da ball never got to hills hands clean!!
Zeyaad1000 4 days ago
George Hill was wide open underneath the basket. Any smart basketball player would pass it to someone that open underneath the basket at that point in the game
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!! 27 days ago
Lebon choked!!
Jaime Pereira
Jaime Pereira 25 days ago
I’m not a LeBron fan but how he choke with 51??
David Weston
David Weston Month ago
What is that auto tune on the laugh haha
jamie Month ago
He thought Lebron told him to pass it
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma Month ago
i can't even enjoy Bron's performance because i know how it ends smh
IOS.Imperior Month ago
Kaneica Taylor
Kaneica Taylor Month ago
I loved me some MJ, but man I miss me some Warriors! Especially versus the Rockets!💙💛
Joseph Hale
Joseph Hale Month ago
RealYukioGMPKYT - Gaming & Others!
RealYukioGMPKYT - Gaming & Others! Month ago
4:54 *"pain."* -Lebron James
R T Month ago
Jr smith LOL😅
Karl Leon
Karl Leon Month ago
Welcome back! It's been 2 years from now since JR Smith blows Game 1! 🤣
Zane Smith
Zane Smith Month ago
Who came back after RDCWORLD1?
Huge Yankees Fan
Huge Yankees Fan Month ago
Today is the 2 year anniversary.
Itzjj Month ago
2 years ago today 😂
Jerry Junior Official
Jerry Junior Official Month ago
Itzjj Yep
Ahmed Almutairi
Ahmed Almutairi Month ago
The 4th Horseman
The 4th Horseman Month ago
In my Newman voice "Oh the humanity"!
TerrorTown7575 Month ago
What did Lebron do in overtime?
Zenon Pyro
Zenon Pyro Month ago
▪︎Choking Moments - LeBron passing the ball to George Hill (instead of making a game-winning buzzer-beater shot) - George Hill missed freethrow - JR Smith ▪︎Game Prolonging Moments - George Hill hitting 1 freethrow - JR Smith rebound
Lowkeyamazing _
Lowkeyamazing _ Month ago
4:24 that was weird with headphones
I’ll be back Someday
I’ll be back Someday Month ago
rest in peace Mia
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