Did We Just Detect Life on Venus?

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4 days ago

The announcement of the detection of a possible biomarker in the atmosphere of Venus has shook up the field of astrobiology and grabbed headlines across the world. Today, we explore why Venus could plausibly host life, how this detection was made, and whether it really means that we've finally found extraterrestrial life. Written and presented by Prof Kipping, featuring guest Dr Caleb Scharf.
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Evert Ohlenroth
Evert Ohlenroth 3 minutes ago
Whats up with those chrismas lights?
Stefan Ardeleanu
Stefan Ardeleanu 25 minutes ago
Earth will be in Venus situation in the future due to the movement of the solar system's habitable zone while the sun will expand it.s volume. Also Venus is not suitable for life in the future.
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden 27 minutes ago
Bro I fell asleep a quarter way through the video🥱😴, any photos of the alien's you guys found in Venus📸👽
Examortes 28 minutes ago
ding! ding.. ding.. ding... VEX ON THE FIELD
20BoiTyz 35 minutes ago
Start looking at things with your third eye bots
BlinkinFirefly 54 minutes ago
I am always excited for any new discoveries we make in the world of astronomy. So yes! Very excited at the newfound possibility of life on Venus!
Rursus 55 minutes ago
Actually there is no detection of life in Venus's atmosphere, and there is not a detection of a biomarker in Venus's atmosphere -- it is a detection of phosphine. As far as we know, there is no known non-biological process that can produce those amounts of phosphine -- but we don't know high temperature chemistry good enough ... For me, this discovery is a discovery of phosphine, not life. Is there life on Venus? Perhaps.
Zel Rex
Zel Rex 56 minutes ago
Germs from the Soviet probe: Alright guys time to evolve.
Anna Leslie Nera
Anna Leslie Nera 57 minutes ago
Thats where the COVID 19 came from I bet!
Anarchist Zero
Anarchist Zero Hour ago
The so-called USSR send a probe there decades ago: perhaps it wasn't biologically sterile?🤔
Laven Hour ago
Even we could have been from Venus billions of years ago when the sun was small and Venus was in the habitable and there might have been humans there who moved to earth when the sun became bigger
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity Hour ago
How can I trust your credibility?
chauncey williams
chauncey williams Hour ago
Oh god here comes the global warming screams of the nutty libbos. We are venusizing will be their new call word. YOU SEE, YOU SEE it used to be a paradise. Nothing to to do with the suns changes ever come to their feeble minds.
Ambient Pedals
Ambient Pedals Hour ago
There is no actually proof of life on Venus or Mars. We have found or observed possible remains or byproduct of low level life which existed or currently does - not intelligent life! For me these discovers are over blown. The existence of such micro organisms shouldn’t really be shocking.. Until something of organic multi-cell is observed , stop making something small very large in importance.
LaikaLycanthrope 46 minutes ago
Such arrogance. The discovery of ANY kind of life that isn't related to Earth's is monumental, and would open up a whole new branch of science based on an entirely unique biosphere. What kind of sick narcississm is it with people who won't be satisfied unless aliens turn out to look exactly like themselves? If they don't match up to some arbitrary technological benchmark, you'd think it was OK to use them like commodities, too, just because they can't defend themselves against our tech ... but then whine about what Europeans did to morons who were still playing with stone when they found them. Just like the attitude towards all non-human life on Earth. Independence Day was the most hypocritical movie I've ever seen; what right would YOU have to demand to be treated with respect by some species that doesn't look like you, talk like you, and sees human tech as something any dumb beast can do?
It is I
It is I Hour ago
2:00 So the rain is really a bunch of algae pissing down on us?
Storytelling Existential Crisis
Storytelling Existential Crisis Hour ago
News: Life on Venus Me: Microbes
Storytelling Existential Crisis
Storytelling Existential Crisis Hour ago
Guys it's not aliens it Microbes
De Kunstcafe
De Kunstcafe 2 hours ago
"Venus may have had a climate with liquid water on its surface for aproximately 2 billion years".....BWAHAHAHAHA..... "Elvis Presley may have lived on Saturnus and Ur-Anus for exactly 25 years 2 hours 3 minutes and 6 seconds... than he farted and moved to "Yo Momma House".....
KipIngram 2 hours ago
I'm guardedly excited. Like your friend, I think the clincher for me will be a mission to Venus that actually confirms the presence of microbial life in the atmosphere, and we're going to have to do that anyway to answer your last question, "Are we related?" Just as you said, if we're not, then that is HUGE - it really will mean that life is commonplace in the universe. So, my "best possible outcome" here is that we go, we study, and we find microbes that are either 1) not based on DNA or 2) has a DNA signature so clearly distinct that we can't be related.
KipIngram 2 hours ago
9:50 - They need to send a probe and bring back samples. We need to SEE microbes, do analysis on them, etc.
Amazing Me
Amazing Me 2 hours ago
Lets send a prob to take its sample and examine it. "The shortest time a spacecraft has taken to get to Venus from Earth is 109 days, or 3.5 months. The longest journey took 198 days or 6.5 months. Most journeys take between 120 and 130 days which is about 4 months."
KipIngram 2 hours ago
Wow - you really got this one out wiki wiki... nice job.
Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson 2 hours ago
More chance of this virus disappearing tomorrow than finding life on Venus! As they say when I see it I'll believe it, not just talk shit an give your own prediction, next year life on the Sun,life in a black hole,
Rylan Powers
Rylan Powers 2 hours ago
Well great if this is true then we’re fucked
T H 3 hours ago
What a dumb idea. Bet tbere is matter on venus. Livimg beings are literally made of matter. Life on venus confirmed
Alpha Videos
Alpha Videos 3 hours ago
I was feeling that sooner we are going to find life. And here come the news
dougko monkeyboy
dougko monkeyboy 3 hours ago
good luck with that rofl
Corey Kitchen
Corey Kitchen 4 hours ago
Probably just a fly trap
Brian McDowall
Brian McDowall 4 hours ago
Poor guy has a drain pipe in his office.
Steve plays
Steve plays 4 hours ago
Not really surprising it was always theorised before and it was in theory that above in the clouds could be habitable forb ife
HarryCamel 4 hours ago
"There are no mistakes" - Master Oogway
Louise Peterson
Louise Peterson 4 hours ago
Very unscientific query," What is the array of coins (?) behind you? Some of us math nerds also like art and architecture.
Mitch Wild
Mitch Wild 4 hours ago
As interesting as this undoubtedly is, show me a creepy crawley dead or alive and then I'll get really exited.
Heccin Paragon
Heccin Paragon 4 hours ago
Ight who ejaculated into space
A Mm
A Mm 4 hours ago
Valiant Thor stranger at the pentagon look it up
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 4 hours ago
And further research revealed that in fact we came here from Venus after we stuffed the planet up. Then we stuffed this place up and this is in fact the second time around for us on earth but we are entering a third stuff up
kishore tadiparthi
kishore tadiparthi 5 hours ago
Elon musk now turns his rocket 🚀 towards Venus😎
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly 5 hours ago
Of course there is life on Venus, Mars too Where do you think Women and Men came from?
Ant 5 hours ago
Was Higgs 5 Sigma on each of 2 independent systems? Or distributed across both
Jonathan Stewart Lemon
Jonathan Stewart Lemon 5 hours ago
Space is fake