10 HIDDEN Mechanics Big Games Never Tell You About

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Some video games have great hidden gameplay elements that take some time to figure out. Here are some of our favorite examples of secret features.
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thanatos5150 2 hours ago
Regarding Final Fantasy VIII, while most random enemies do scale 1-100, bosses do have both a minimum and a maximum level (The President on the train maxes out at level 23, for example).You can grind up to level 100 to roll over most bosses, but the standard mobs will still give you a "Fair" challenge.
C. S.
C. S. Day ago
The secret to getting level 100 in kh1, fight sephiroth xD
C. S.
C. S. Day ago
I love the junction system
Micho 2 days ago
In horizon it actually is said that the machines learn and adapt to survive pretty early on in the game. I can’t remember what NPC tells you. But it’s when you learn about what the machine that makes the machine is
Casey J
Casey J 3 days ago
Dumb video sucks you guys are running out of ideas lol
kentai huraki
kentai huraki 5 days ago
Nail pogo in Hollow Knight , took me ages trying to get a grub before realizing no jump would get me close enough , googled and learnt bout pogoing
J-sUn 9 days ago
Falcon, you lazy bastard, have you tried actually scripting your babbling before recording the sound? What is that 06:20 ? Also this video is about 30% padding. Which is actually better than usual. Sigh...
Super Abound
Super Abound 10 days ago
Every mechanic in a Dark Souls game is a hidden mechanic
Super Abound
Super Abound 10 days ago
You say that the machines in Horizon Zero Dawn secretly "evolve".....but you don't explain what that means. Evolve HOW??
Rion Brodie
Rion Brodie 10 days ago
The entire experience of minecraft isn’t explained. I don’t know how it wasn’t at the top of the list
Meursault 11 days ago
You actually left out MGS3. Wow. What the fuck.
Shannon Slapp
Shannon Slapp 11 days ago
Yeah, you forgot about Poké Natures, and fucking Breeding for competitive...holy fuck, it's almost easier to shiny hatch.
Lo Lee
Lo Lee 11 days ago
10 hidden mechanics 1 You're not as tough as you think. 2 You're not as smart as you think. 3 You're not as skilled as you think. 4 The machine can kick your ass, anytime, anywhere, since the PackMan coin-up era. 5 The machine must be limited, to give you a chance. 6 If it feels like a challenge, no one cares if it is or not. 7 The devs are holding your hand. 8 The devs want you to feel special. 9 The devs want your money again and again. 10 It is a game, you must have fun.
Travis Powell
Travis Powell 12 days ago
i remember trying to explain IVs and EVs to someone once and they were like eevee? was so cute lmao. demons souls world tendancy was awesome also! you got invaded by NPCs as well.
XxxpoisonouspandaxxX 14 days ago
just the entirety of kingdom come deliverance as a game
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak 14 days ago
I freaking loved RE6. That game is one of the best Resident Evil franchise ever given us. People started with the wrong campaign then when they saw its action base then they think why RE game turn out to be a action game. If u play all the campaign then u know every campaign gameplay is very different. Every campaign given us RE1, RE4, RE5 n new Gears of War type campaign with the new character campaign. They make every type of campaign in that game with story that as a whole for all the campaign make amazing. When Leon n Chris draw the gun to each other. It was amazing to see how good that game really is. Loved the China scene when the bioNuke drop n everyone turn into zombie. U have to drive n walk out of that city. It was freaking amazing. That game is my favourite because of the story telling in with all the characters. They really did a lot of work for that game. Those new fanbase who only play one or two RE game. They r the vocal one. They bash this game for nothing. This r the same people who love RE5 game. If u enjoy RE5 then how the hell u hate in RE6. The story make absolute sense n the game follow after that game story. Also they given u every campaign. How they hate that game only shows they watch action base campaign n they hated it. Also they didn't understand why n how important this character is for us RE fanboys. They don't have any idea what is going on n they hated it. They wanted a solo new campaign with straight story telling without previous game tie in.
Kas V
Kas V 14 days ago
Metro kharma😱
Paul Howard
Paul Howard 14 days ago
Narrator sounds like he was told he had to make this video by his boss. Totally calling this list, just counting down the minutes to 5pm
Olga Yarkova
Olga Yarkova 15 days ago
0:54 I don't remember this scene in the game... Was it made for the trailer?
Xeperu 15 days ago
It's so crazy how HZD has all of these similar revolutionary mechanics to BotW but they were in development at the same time...
mickbanner 15 days ago
We complain that games hold our hands thru games too much...but then hate when you discover things in game not told to us
TarfuLuke 16 days ago
Sekiros dragon rot is so stupid tbh
TheShanePlays 16 days ago
RE 4,5, and 6 are all the black sheep.
Lock gate
Lock gate 16 days ago
11:30 Poke-virus? And who the fuck is that!
Sebastian Abele
Sebastian Abele 20 days ago
I always thought the Horizon thing was based on location. That the machines are stronger in later areas.
BOSSVEDO 20 days ago
How to spin the revolver in rdr2
cman95 20 days ago
What about black ops two zombies emblem ranking progression
Happy SpaceInvader
Happy SpaceInvader 20 days ago
Elite Dangerous: hold my beer...
Nick Galvan
Nick Galvan 20 days ago
Everyone knows about evs. Normal people just choose not to do it
doltBmB 21 day ago
Some mechanics give a better experience if they are hidden.
Kevin O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill 21 day ago
"erbs" = herbs btw
Mk. 5
Mk. 5 21 day ago
wait wait... there’s first aid SPRAY in RE6? that’s incredibly stupid😂. not suprised the game is supposed to suck
Naddii TheQueen Holler
Naddii TheQueen Holler 21 day ago
I was around 6-7 years old when I first played Pac-Man. And I found out rather quickly that the red, blue and pink ghosts weren't as random as I first thought. In fact, the only one that always ended up killing me, was the orange. 😂 Even though I easily manage to avoid the others, I couldn't figure it's patern out. 😌🤪
Ebonheart Pact
Ebonheart Pact 23 days ago
watwatwat 23 days ago
i defeated ds 2(my first ds game) without replentishing my humanity cause i didnt even know that was a thing
Keen 7: YouTube Is Toast
Keen 7: YouTube Is Toast 24 days ago
The scaling in FF8 isn't hidden (sorry, I mean !!!HIDDEN!!!)... it's even part of the SEED Test... How about a real hidden enemy scaling? "Breath of the Wild" for example, with its hidden point system.
Luiz Eduardo
Luiz Eduardo 24 days ago
The healing bubble of Snes Super Metroid could be in this list too...
Zealous 24 days ago
pokemon EVs are easy IVs are the pain in the butt.
buz power
buz power 24 days ago
The world tendency in demons souls was god level cool. Also it was actualy the whole server who affected it not just your player and it opened up closed off areas if it was black which led to hidden bosses.
roger1724 24 days ago
I got the In Water ending from SH2 the first time I played it, and I thought it was depressing as hell. It made sense and all, but still... I was kinda shocked
Fögata Azul
Fögata Azul 25 days ago
You want to hear a CRAZY hidden mechanic not in a videogame? In my country last year of school students require to take a test. Nothing new but this test begins surveying you with a couple of open choice questions (one I can remember: What place you rather go on vacation: Mountains, Beach, Stay at Home, Jungle). Later I found out your responses actually affect the incoming test like for example it can give you a test with a lot more focus on history than mathematics or viceversa, it can choose certain topics and completely disregard others, focus heavily on biology or rather on civil maners, etc, etc. I still dont know how to feel about this personalization of testing.
Fögata Azul
Fögata Azul 25 days ago
The roll on donkey kong. They never tell you but in all the games there are some KONG letters that require that mechanic to catch. Quite smart actually even as a kid I understood what the game was trying to show me.
Shannon childers
Shannon childers 25 days ago
I didn't get the hang of EV's until sun and moon
keyboardwarrior 25 days ago
I'm pretty sure some npc in horizon explains the mechanic very early on, probably during the trials.
Justin 25 days ago
In the The Last of Us and Uncharted series' there's a mechanic to keep you moving and not just stay in one place for too long. The enemy AI uses grenades and/or attempts to surround you to encourage you to move around the map more during combat. It gets more extreme the higher the difficulty level you choose, requiring you to move more frequently.
Ginger 26 days ago
Anyone know the background music in the first half of the video
key woods
key woods 18 days ago
Chaos by Gunnar Olsen.
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming 26 days ago
2:45 Molotov Cocktail?? In Dark Souls?? SERIOUSLY??
LightningRose13 26 days ago
Resident evil 6 actually does tell you all of the actions. It's all in the loading screen tutorials. Next time read before you complain.
Leonardo di parma
Leonardo di parma 26 days ago
The pacman and the pokemon ev, just blew my mind
As Ahmed
As Ahmed 26 days ago
That DKC one is stupid, thats pretty much a mechanic of most 2D plattformers with being able to hit a jump of another move.
Playstation psycho
Playstation psycho 26 days ago
That thumbnail is 🔥
Ty 26 days ago
Fun fact, you can shoot Molotovs and rockets in at least Far Cry 3 and probably newer
Lone Stoner
Lone Stoner 27 days ago
I never understood EV training man... Lol
Scott Redford
Scott Redford 27 days ago
In horizon zero dawn the entire story literally says that the enemies are evolving over time, just because they didn't spoon feed it to you doesn't mean the game didn't clearly fucking state it, in fact, its a pivotal plot point.
Jolgeable 27 days ago
The first Watch Dogs you can play John Wick style. Search on youtube: watch dogs john wick
Michael Seabrooks
Michael Seabrooks 27 days ago
The enemies evolving as you destroy them repeatedly in HZD is actually part of the lore. Its just that we're so use to lore not directly impacting active and progressive game mechanics in any major way it just sort of slips the mind to even consider that the thing they mentioned in the story actively happens as you play the game lol.
Chance Plays
Chance Plays 27 days ago
In horizons zero down there are conversations about them evolving from NPCs
F to pay Respect
F to pay Respect 27 days ago
Ah yes, Pokemon's EVs and IVs. How lovely
Jomy13 27 days ago
Omg, the donkey kong one, i did it once and i remember doing that randomly and thinking it was a bug so i never tried to do it again, and its an actual mechanic, mind blown...
Dr Ghost
Dr Ghost 27 days ago
WHAT??? So the roll jump was something not everyone knows? So basically I accidentally myself into that move cause I remember clearly using roll jump all the freaking time... LoL Now I feel weirdly proud of myself....