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In TheSync Podcast, we interview @Alex Warren 2 from the HypeHouse. We talk about what it's like being huge on TikTok, and how Alex Warren lives in the HypeHouse. Alex Warren also touches on his @David Dobrik comparisons, and he deals with that in the HypeHouse.
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TheSync Podcast
TheSync Podcast Month ago
Thank you for the support TrailerGang! We had a great time talking to Alex Warren, and we learned a lot. You really get to know a person after talking for an hour lmao. We hope you guys really enjoyed it! Who do you guys want us to interview next? Let us know in the comments! Thank you so much #TrailerGang!
Esther Sue
Esther Sue 24 days ago
when do they talk about Charli??
Kiara Harvey
Kiara Harvey 25 days ago
Kiara Harvey
Kiara Harvey 25 days ago
Shaya Edmonds
Shaya Edmonds 27 days ago
Shaya Edmonds
Shaya Edmonds 27 days ago
Addison Rae!!!!!!!!!!!!
police man
police man 8 hours ago
He’s still a David Dobrick wanna be
Marco Solorio
Marco Solorio 3 days ago
He try’s to hard 😐
Daelyn 3 days ago
Am I the only one that watched the whole video
Liam Hignutt
Liam Hignutt 5 days ago
Love your videos they are so funny
Amber Stout
Amber Stout 6 days ago
You should do one of the Lopez brothers next
1.xoxo.elani.1 7 days ago
I honestly think he’s underrated. Alex, Kouvr, and Avani are my favorite TikTokers
Violeta Picker Leonel
Violeta Picker Leonel 7 days ago
alex is the best guy ever omfg
Renyah Macqueen
Renyah Macqueen 8 days ago
Nevaeh Hillman
Nevaeh Hillman 9 days ago
I have ADHD and I sat through the whole video without stopping so that means I was really interested and I really enjoyed the content please keep it up with the videos and podcasts !💕
Felipe Castro
Felipe Castro 9 days ago
Walmart David Dobrik
Alayna Gonzalez
Alayna Gonzalez 10 days ago
Y’all should have David and Alex get together on a podcast that’s would be cool I low key feel they would be rlly good friends
Maysam Jarrh
Maysam Jarrh 10 days ago
Love your channel
TTV Ezza
TTV Ezza 11 days ago
At first I thought Alex was copping David Dobrik but after a few days I started watching Alex a he has amazing content I recommend him
Its Frenchnetic
Its Frenchnetic 12 days ago
I respect hem alot more After what I have heared
Itsurboy0taku 12
Itsurboy0taku 12 13 days ago
People think Alex is copying David like its kinda hard to get original content when u know there's like million of people that use the app and like prob already did what u planed
Avery Flynn
Avery Flynn 13 days ago
You wouldn’t think he is 19
chloe cook 123
chloe cook 123 13 days ago
Alex was talking about how he didn't really leave any on behind but we dont see or hear about Garrett any more
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 13 days ago
Chris=simp forever
cleanex wipes
cleanex wipes 14 days ago
You should make a gaming channel
Diego 15 days ago
love these guys they just are so chill and seem like they’re just having fun with what they do
Jmpmom jmpmom
Jmpmom jmpmom 15 days ago
Lol Alex says it starts with a K. No alex it starts with an F. Is Fletcher lol. Alex is so kind and down to earth.
gigs unicorn
gigs unicorn 16 days ago
Krew Soper
Krew Soper 17 days ago
1:03:09 Alex reminds me of heath ledger joker
E 305
E 305 18 days ago
This kid maybe “nice” but he straight built a “career” off of literally COPYING EVERY bit from David. Down to mannerisms and everything. He did. No one can deny that. And that’s just the truth.
manuela an
manuela an 18 days ago
ok, i hate him too, but apparently he had a fucked up childhood and his dad died as well, so don’t be so hard on him bc maybe he didn’t get the model he needed and now he is like that. Ok it does NOT justify, but maybe he needs help or it’s not that deep
Makayla Christine
Makayla Christine 18 days ago
I love how he’s so down to earth and like a normal person not acting like he is famous but my perspective is I look up to him and what he does he’s so funny like people look up to so many people but I look up to him and the rest of them and this makes me give him so much more respect to what he does
Aiman Danial
Aiman Danial 19 days ago
I used to fucking hate this guy BUT after watching this podcast and his HOLLYWOOD FIX video,hes such a fucking down to earth cool dude
Joby Vasquez
Joby Vasquez 21 day ago
I didn’t like him but now I respect him
Double Champ
Double Champ 21 day ago
I don’t hate the guy but he just needs to tone dow on acting like David if he acts like himself he would be way better
Double Champ
Double Champ 21 day ago
Even his thumbnails
Double Champ
Double Champ 21 day ago
When you can’t get david dobrik
VS Visioned
VS Visioned 22 days ago
At first I thought he was David cause he is as cool as him
Amy Ridge
Amy Ridge 22 days ago
i watch all tik toks
s w e e t x r o s e s
s w e e t x r o s e s 22 days ago
i love how alex can prove him self that hes more than a david dobrik wanna be :)
Im Tea
Im Tea 23 days ago
The audio is not synced and it’s kinda annoying
simplyysara 11 days ago
No one asked you. Okay
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 23 days ago
What is the song at 0:09?
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer 23 days ago
Idk dude
Kyle Nesser
Kyle Nesser 24 days ago
This made make realize that Alex warren is cool actually
Esther Sue
Esther Sue 24 days ago
when do they talk about charli
Jillian Nedly
Jillian Nedly 24 days ago
Jillian Nedly
Jillian Nedly 24 days ago
Aly unicorn Aly
Aly unicorn Aly 24 days ago
I love Alex
Reagan Reilly
Reagan Reilly 24 days ago
i feel like if someone gave original content whoever has more likes or more views must be the original creator btw i love you guys so much
Prodigy_ JD
Prodigy_ JD 24 days ago
You should do a podcast with charli
Provesa 25 days ago
NG_la 25 days ago
What is Alex’s email I want to email hime
Ariana Valette
Ariana Valette 25 days ago
this videos are so funny. i love this. alsoooo. chris is a SIMP
Azar Shadow160
Azar Shadow160 25 days ago
I absolutely love this especially the last bit where Alex was on a board 😂😂😂
Moch._.lattle 25 days ago
Dang it’s a trend to hate them
leg slapper
leg slapper 25 days ago
Can you guys remember me when you get superFamous
Anali martinez
Anali martinez 25 days ago
I'm listening to this while playing volleyball ball so I'm breathless from laughing and playing 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pamela Garcia
Pamela Garcia 26 days ago
I love alex and I have so much respect to him. He is such a chill person that doesn’t care about numbers so genuine 💙
Sonny Delight
Sonny Delight 26 days ago
._. that was green screen.. u guys really had me thinking u had a stone wall and made it look fancy and shit..
〜 quak 〜
〜 quak 〜 26 days ago
I remember the vlog he was talking abt with Logan
〜 quak 〜
〜 quak 〜 26 days ago
The people who are just now realizing how cool and chill he is clearly are blind and never saw that in his videos. I love Alex so much, I don’t understand why he gets hate. I don’t understand why a lot of people, get hate tbh. I’m just a nice person who doesn’t waste my time hating someone
Glowstone Lion
Glowstone Lion 26 days ago
What mics do you use
Trinity Botting
Trinity Botting 26 days ago
I feel like he can be a director
Niki 129
Niki 129 27 days ago
My favorite part was 13:56 I think it's just cute
Tanfzo 27 days ago
Im just saying near the end when you guys were talking about trailer gang you guys should dead ass get a trailer and travel around the country or something similar to that and interview creators on the podcast.
George Trujill Alonso
George Trujill Alonso 27 days ago
Let me clarify, David dobrik hasn’t copied anyone . Mr beast and David Dobrik
Jose Luis Hinojosa
Jose Luis Hinojosa 27 days ago
Microwaved David Dobrik he is 🤣🤣