NoCap - Ghetto Angels (Official Music Video)

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NoCap - Ghetto Angels
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Toodie Custom
Toodie Custom 5 hours ago
October 2020 this is a hit and it’s sad reading comments and listening to the song🥺
PA San MoneyMan
PA San MoneyMan 6 hours ago
RipDet RipDuke RipFred RipCed RipTrayBaby Love y’all hood niggas all my ghetto angels
lyssa moore
lyssa moore 7 hours ago
My stepdad passed away last year 12/15/19 and this song hits home for me when he says the ambulance watched you melt this my song to him
Jequez Freeman
Jequez Freeman 8 hours ago
My mom dide
Lorenzo 12
Lorenzo 12 8 hours ago
What’s the song in the beginning
dudthezoeja 11 hours ago
"why do i always trust in God but i never pray" no cap , thats real asf
Marquette Chase
Marquette Chase 13 hours ago
My son dad passed away I been playing this song every since 😥🤦‍♀️😥
Thomas Edmunds
Thomas Edmunds 20 hours ago
Abubakar Abdulmalik
Abubakar Abdulmalik 21 hour ago
He sound like youngboy nba I love him ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ashlynn Jung
Ashlynn Jung 22 hours ago
R.i.p Lil Mike!!!🙏🙏🙏
Famous Skii
Famous Skii Day ago
Song in the beginning?
Yung 58
Yung 58 Day ago
My granny died from cancer in 2017 and till this day ima always be grinding for her 😢😞love the song g💔
Monica Mix
Monica Mix Day ago
AMG Polo
AMG Polo Day ago
Turn these thumbs to blue, I lost my homie on Valentines Day, he got shot outside of cookout. #LongLiveHiem #HiemStrong #LLH
NSA Millie Johnson
NSA Millie Johnson Day ago
yo all independent artist hmu on I.G ctb.millie I wanna talk to you bout yo music and this cake i got in the oven.... i"m telling you we go eat off it and have plenty more just hmu ~N$A Millie
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin 2 days ago
What’s the name of the song they playing in the beginning @nocap
Bright Meme
Bright Meme 2 days ago
My nephew passed last week I hate life right now
Bright Meme
Bright Meme 2 days ago
He was only two months 💔💔😭😭😢
Black Knight
Black Knight 2 days ago
3:41 when your people forgot the lyrics lol
Hdz Mike
Hdz Mike 2 days ago
Thumbs down
Da Steppa
Da Steppa 2 days ago
R.I.P Miya Norse💔 still cry when your name comes up 😥
ImTooWavy 2 days ago
Fr j
74 K-YaT
74 K-YaT 2 days ago
Long Live Tri-Ry he in dis video 🦅
MochaCrush 2 days ago
Today Make 21 Years I Lost 2 Of My Best Friends In A Car Accident At 17 They Where 1st Cousin...Shit Still Hit Me Hard Every Year...Rest In Heaven My Ghetto Angels
Yrp Joseph
Yrp Joseph 2 days ago
LongLiveMacho ❤️🕊 8/9/2020 💔 ...
Laria Barrington
Laria Barrington 2 days ago
My granny died and my cuz and my other cuz and my oncle and my tt and my othe tt and my other tt
Laria Barrington
Laria Barrington 2 days ago
On bro I fell him I got pain and stress my cuz got shot 15 years old coming home no gang related or nun of that
jaleel Price
jaleel Price 2 days ago
Amma die for all ma dead homies 🤙😭
Glamorous Bebe
Glamorous Bebe 2 days ago
Real ass song!
Kyle Herrera
Kyle Herrera 2 days ago
R.I.p baby jay👼🏽, lost my dawg today..... this one for u #10-19❤️🕊
74 K-YaT
74 K-YaT 2 days ago
Rest Up Jay 🦅
Aonesty Bolton
Aonesty Bolton 3 days ago
felt this in my spirit! blessings for my ghetto angels🖤
Lyrical. Lyrics
Lyrical. Lyrics 3 days ago
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 3 days ago
Rip rahbah8
24 Burnaa
24 Burnaa 3 days ago
This song hit different when friends start dying 💔
Kimberly Dudley
Kimberly Dudley 3 days ago
Dedicated to my brother passed away last year sip Montresse Dudley💔🙏🏾
TaNia’s World
TaNia’s World 3 days ago
My uncle just got killed 🥺this shii hit so hard
74 K-YaT
74 K-YaT 2 days ago
Rest Up To Bro 🦅
Im Alone
Im Alone 3 days ago
Didnt nobody in the back kno the song
Tj Yt
Tj Yt 3 days ago
My mom died
Rick Da plug
Rick Da plug 3 days ago
just buried my lil cousin yesterday this was his shit i play it err day #rugerworld 🔌🌎
Jordan Olson
Jordan Olson 3 days ago
RIP Fred
SPLURGE Hooligans
SPLURGE Hooligans 3 days ago
My nigga Nava from Miami was bumpin this in his 73 Donk I had to come show love!! R.I.P. Beenie
Jasmine Harris
Jasmine Harris 3 days ago
I don't know what you doing but I know I know they he got her I think because I'm listen to the song right now sorry
Jasmine Harris
Jasmine Harris 3 days ago
You know I did not know sorry
Jasmine Harris
Jasmine Harris 3 days ago
Hey sorry I did not know
Slime Baby
Slime Baby 4 days ago
I lost my dawg and now I feel every mf word no cap
BodyinFN 4 days ago
Kaios Brandon
Kaios Brandon 4 days ago
Marita Hammock
Marita Hammock 4 days ago
I lost my friend last week n I feel so sad. 💔💔💔 I pray for everyone who has lost someone especially to gun violence 😪
william neeley
william neeley 4 days ago
All my brothers 6feet deep that shii kills me im the only one left just tryna keep my head up for my beautiful son
Jordan Jr
Jordan Jr 4 days ago
LL my stepdad GENELOC💙 #Minneapolis
Gage Casper
Gage Casper 4 days ago
my best friend passed away and I grew up with the dude from the age of 6 months to when he passed and it’s been years but I still think about him almost daily shits rough
Kojo Da Reaper
Kojo Da Reaper 4 days ago
This the hood “see you again”
Hbk_ Goated
Hbk_ Goated 5 days ago
this is trash
nallely gomez
nallely gomez 5 days ago
Rip TINO 💔
fbģ důćķ .
fbģ důćķ . 5 days ago
Rip mike
Scotty 5 days ago
Just Lost My Big Brotha And This Shit Hit Different 💯
Weeber 209
Weeber 209 5 days ago
Know it sound strange but ima die for all my dead homies for ever easst💯🗣
Ariel P
Ariel P 5 days ago
This shit a lock. Rip to the ones we lost 🖤
Jequez Freeman
Jequez Freeman 6 days ago
I did
HBK Beats *
HBK Beats * 6 days ago
They shot my friend up 4 no reason😥😥
HBK Beats *
HBK Beats * 6 days ago
That's crazy how I listen to this n lose another friend
HBK Beats *
HBK Beats * 6 days ago
Damn I lost all my friends 😔😔
iiraxgan 6 days ago
this song helped me cope through my brother’s death
Deviante Arnold
Deviante Arnold 6 days ago
I lost my Bestfriend. My brother. And this song hits different FR! If you lost someone and need anyone to talk to, I’m here for y’all FR 🥺 this shiii tough!
OG STAXX 6 days ago
Drop a tear every time I hear this😥 I feel yo pain lit nicca
MICAH APPA VEVO 6 days ago
my uncle and his bsf got shot on the block there grown
Shelton Mead
Shelton Mead 6 days ago
Watched my cousin get shot three times in the chest nd one to the head held him in my arms as he bled out I miss my best friend rest in heaven cuz forever missed
J_schmuck14 6 days ago
unknown t bought me here still
dani pilla
dani pilla 7 days ago
4 weeks ago I helped my friend bury her cuzzin and 3 days later she got killed on her bday... love yo ppl while u can... 💜💯
Hunter Grubbs
Hunter Grubbs 7 days ago
Hunter Grubbs
Hunter Grubbs 7 days ago
No cap u fill
Emani Taylor
Emani Taylor 7 days ago
LLKEEM💚🕊🕊 I made it for you bud we miss you
Thugger NBA
Thugger NBA 7 days ago
Every hood dudes has at least one dead homie 🤦🏾‍♂️😥🙏🏾 that's CRAZY
zyarie lockhart
zyarie lockhart 8 days ago
is oky
Shirley Dees
Shirley Dees 8 days ago
Shii tough lost half my family 😭
—ForgiveVajeTV 8 days ago
Ghetto balls
Jessica Shelton
Jessica Shelton 8 days ago
I got sum diein love 💖💖💖💖💖
Jessica Shelton
Jessica Shelton 8 days ago
I c my granny.. ...💖💖💖💖
Kels Fto
Kels Fto 8 days ago
#LLMyBrother 💔
Gambino NTG
Gambino NTG 7 days ago
Wys Long live my lil brother
The Dub Association
The Dub Association 8 days ago
My brother just passed sep 6th I love u koda and miss u every day never feel it til it happen to yours ☹️😭
Gambino NTG
Gambino NTG 8 days ago
My lil brother died 2 g I know how it feel
Shayna McQuillar
Shayna McQuillar 8 days ago
John Flaws
John Flaws 8 days ago
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson 8 days ago
Everyone that read that comment and at the top of the page said Nancy Johnson that story didn't come from Nancy that came from Jimmy Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson 8 days ago
Hey my mom died when I was young an this goes out to all you young men out there respect your mom because when she's gone or a good woman you thank you are hurting now shit you ain't felt nothing reason why I say this is because I was so use to seeing her before I went to school so happy with her just being in my life I only had good dreams of one day getting her out of that hell hole she was in by playing football but I turned around to see she was gone i didn't know at that moment my life it took me 20 something years to come to realization that she was gone but yet I still want answer to why my mom so take it from me if you had the love for your mom like I did you better love her every day I mean to the core of your heart because that hurt will either cause you to lose your mind or go out like me an fuck your life up .
Ebonie Jonae
Ebonie Jonae 9 days ago
Omg all these sad comments 😔 I’m sorry for whoever dealing with a passing ❤️
Cruztoofficial 9 days ago
What was that song in the beginning?
Shaq Moor
Shaq Moor 9 days ago
This is fire
Martha Adams
Martha Adams 9 days ago
My name is kayleigh ask my dad mike im the one when i was with gege and my dad tolled me you was my uncle
Martha Adams
Martha Adams 9 days ago
Hey Uncle can I have a free shirt my dad name is Mike Green a size 8
capalot amzz
capalot amzz 9 days ago
My friend died from knife crime 3 months ago. Never forgotten forever in our hearts. RIP KING ARMZ🤞🏾💕💕
Anita Robinson
Anita Robinson 9 days ago
my aunt used to put this song on. I miss my sibling. I miss u Ramiyah
leftydaproducer 9 days ago
intro song?
fukk._.luv-OnIG -_-
fukk._.luv-OnIG -_- 9 days ago
My cousin peanut died last week from car accident
Marcus Harrold
Marcus Harrold 9 days ago
Fbg Duck version better!
Mars & Redd
Mars & Redd 10 days ago
D3’s Unique
D3’s Unique 10 days ago
longlive my auntie 💜
Ashton Andrews
Ashton Andrews 10 days ago
Just got off the Michigan exit then hit Eagle and it made me think of this song. RIP to all the ones we lost in the city.
B Ingram
B Ingram 10 days ago
Rest n peace twin died right in my arms... ✋ 🔫 violence
fukk._.luv-OnIG -_-
fukk._.luv-OnIG -_- 9 days ago
My other cousin died in my arms
Curlyhead April
Curlyhead April 10 days ago
#lovelivemydad ❌🚫⛄🤫 can't ban sno
TheLifeOfTima 🚀
TheLifeOfTima 🚀 10 days ago
Hey guys i'm new to youtube and i'm trying to get my account up and going so if you don't mind subscribing to my channel that would be AWSOME! #SupportIsFree
yagirlfamous 10 days ago
dang these comments 💔😖, R.I.P to all of all love ones 💔😔!
Niyaa Baee
Niyaa Baee 5 days ago
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