Blog Post - Me and my new BFF Mr Nigel NG!!

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Hersha Patel

2 months ago

To all my new friends/haters MrNigelNg and I have just had a lovely afternoon discussing my 'crimes' against rice... watch this space.. collab coming soon, give me a follow!
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Free songs for your videos ! 46 minutes ago
Ugh his accent changed
MzasCool 3 hours ago
who dis guy?? I know only Uncle Roger
jai ard
jai ard 5 hours ago
This is like david dobrik and liza koshy level of cuteness
Talky Potato
Talky Potato 8 hours ago
Man they'd be perfect couple
Joshua张志鸿 8 hours ago
Danny 14 hours ago
Rush Hour 5 confirmed.
Jargon 16 hours ago
Le irony
Gabriel 18 hours ago
Auntie Hersha is the perfect foil for Uncle Roger
bloobeeblah 19 hours ago
I always figured that Auntie Hersha was told "make it like wypipo make it"... brits fucking think rice is a pasta.
K. Kiers
K. Kiers 22 hours ago
Damn, I was disappointed to hear he can speak English well. Uncle Roger accent is the best!
Paul Booth
Paul Booth Day ago
she's too cute right?
Noel Day ago
Came across one of Nigel's vids a couple months ago randomly and thought he was really funny. Then I saw the vid where he critiques your rice-cooking skills and now I'm so glad I found the two of you. Definitely got a friend here, your personalities are really fun and you two friends seem really delightful :D
pak sofin sinaga
pak sofin sinaga Day ago
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RoYaLCrAzY CRNG Day ago
U mean bf
The Worst Parent
The Worst Parent Day ago
You look a *lot* like the woman who plays Mazikeen on Lucifer. Lesley Ann-Brandt is her name, I believe.
SWF831 Day ago
They look really cute together.
Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron 2 days ago
Wa dup wid uncle Rogers accent
Komachi Shuijime potat
Komachi Shuijime potat 2 days ago
They are lit rally bestie
Stefan Tešić
Stefan Tešić 2 days ago
Friendzone time
張志嘉 2 days ago
You guys are adorable friends ❤️
Saqib Sarker
Saqib Sarker 4 days ago
In Bangladesh, we drain rice. Why is this such a scandal?
Mara Pereira
Mara Pereira 3 days ago
Read the 2 comment and above yours
hma775 4 days ago
The Rice lady, lol good times.
Robert Veric
Robert Veric 4 days ago
Marijune Alejo
Marijune Alejo 5 days ago
How much should I pay to see this ship sail?
octobersveryown 5 days ago
They’re cute together.
Local Asbestos Removal
Local Asbestos Removal 5 days ago
Love Aunty Hersha and Uncle Rodgers please go do a world tour testing all foods you guys totally blow me up the best comedy duos in ages...
Rich Young
Rich Young 5 days ago
love both of you!!! I have shared your video to all my work colleagues. Now following Hersha.
Romy Hamid
Romy Hamid 5 days ago
Good to see you guys!!!
Jessielyn Sonsona
Jessielyn Sonsona 5 days ago
Cry Fuu
Cry Fuu 5 days ago
i ship you two so hard!
Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper 5 days ago
Love you two!
Ching Chong
Ching Chong 6 days ago
Subscribing because uncle Roger say so
Tricia Isha
Tricia Isha 6 days ago
I like your videos and you are really fun to watch. I’m glad Uncle Roger introduced your channel to me ❤️
William Peng
William Peng 6 days ago
I thought I was looking at Maze from Lucifer then I realized they're different person
Harvey Lacaba
Harvey Lacaba 6 days ago
All I'm waiting for is a video where you guys fall for each other, you guys make a great couple. Great chemistry!
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 6 days ago
She doesn't know how to cook
Cheese 6 days ago
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang 7 days ago
This is the cutest, most positive, most cheerful reverse-trolling campaign EVER!! :-)))
Andre 7 days ago
Hey. that was unexpected. I guess I have to subscribe now.
Mina Yoongi
Mina Yoongi 7 days ago
I love this lady