Maddie is Taken! Spending 24 Hours Escaping Train For Face Reveal of Mystery Person!

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Matt and Rebecca

Month ago

Matt and Rebecca try to save Maddie who is trapped on a train for 24 hours.
Rebecca Zamolo and Maddie were Egyptian Princesses in a challenge to win the game master switch up device. Before that Matt and Rebecca were trapped in an extreme hide and seek challenge in one color which was a bad idea. Now they need to get the next device to help the game master reset the switch up. The game master is bad and Mr X is good. We need to call Dominos to do a face reveal of the mystery person who we think might be connor. Daniel helps us hack into the system to figure out the mystery but it is a fail. When we arrive in the new realm it looks like we are now on a train. Hopefully we are not trapped and no one is taken. It feels like someone is surprising my family and playing a hide and seek challenge. Hopefully we can escape with the device and solve this escape room in real life. This 24 Hour challenge might be difficult if someone is spying on us so we need to be careful. Once we are able to stop the train using spy gadgets we visit a magical realm of harry potter magic. Once inside Matt is able to solve clues and escape but once we enter the train again Maddie is quickly taken. Can we break out in time or will we need to spend another 24 hours on a train? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca Month ago
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Maritza Rodriguez
Maritza Rodriguez 17 days ago
Maritza Rodriguez
Maritza Rodriguez 17 days ago
Eman Almodaen
Eman Almodaen 21 day ago
Hi Fatima
Luvina Praba
Luvina Praba Month ago
@Erica Faulkner yes me too
ummysulaym and Easa
ummysulaym and Easa Month ago
@Erica Faulkner ok
Mariam Almarzouqi
Mariam Almarzouqi 2 days ago
Zena Diaha
Zena Diaha 5 days ago
Lego my ego😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Zena Diaha
Zena Diaha 5 days ago
Funny right
Catherine Equipaje
Catherine Equipaje 8 days ago
Pool that is my favorite game
Maya Herrera-Shimokawa
Maya Herrera-Shimokawa 10 days ago
10:24 there is only one top hat but to guys with top hats i think the other guy whos following you guys has it
Jaco Bouwer
Jaco Bouwer 11 days ago
Emma Minnican
Emma Minnican 11 days ago
Are you ok mattl.
Armin Mottaghipour
Armin Mottaghipour 11 days ago
The comment above me is made of chocolate
Mysteena Saunders
Mysteena Saunders 13 days ago
Dominick Dominick
Dominick Dominick 15 days ago
Dominick Dominick
Dominick Dominick 15 days ago
Which out matt and Rebecca Maddy😊
Dominick Dominick
Dominick Dominick 15 days ago
Game master is bad😈
Jasjot Arora
Jasjot Arora 16 days ago
Hi arjan
Bianca M Medina Baez
Bianca M Medina Baez 17 days ago
I know it must be Halloween hacker
Arisella Ayana
Arisella Ayana 17 days ago
Matt- Everyone likes eggos Me- yeah like ELEVEN FROM STRANGER THINGS!!!!!!
Lizzie K Vlogs
Lizzie K Vlogs 13 days ago
Arisella Ayana yesss
Susan Carpenter
Susan Carpenter 17 days ago
Someone is in there with you
Dahlia Mercado
Dahlia Mercado 19 days ago
Someone took the portal jumper there is someone else in the train with you and it is not a gost madie its a person so madie dont be scared
Addison Morrow
Addison Morrow 20 days ago
The preson how was driving took the portol jumper
Brandielyn Smithe
Brandielyn Smithe 20 days ago
Dude it is not Harry Potter
Brandielyn Smithe
Brandielyn Smithe 20 days ago
Call him
Fallon opens toys
Fallon opens toys 21 day ago
I saw mr X I think he was spying on you I’ll keep a watch
BamBam McLightning
BamBam McLightning 21 day ago
it is a deivicebto open the tunnel
BamBam McLightning
BamBam McLightning 21 day ago
ilove your vids
Tan TY
Tan TY 22 days ago
Matt is so dumd
jose Segovia
jose Segovia 22 days ago
Rebecca Chambers was in the train
cyberess75 22 days ago
Rebecca the gamemaster is bad because there is this strage thing in the cases from the realms
Ja'Kyrah Harris
Ja'Kyrah Harris 22 days ago
Hate you
monika kasciukaitiene
monika kasciukaitiene 23 days ago
Xx wolf nation galaxy Galactic
Xx wolf nation galaxy Galactic 24 days ago
Why does the moving train seem like it’s not moving?...
Zosia Rawska
Zosia Rawska 25 days ago
Matt you have to stop scaring Maddie
Emily McAvoy
Emily McAvoy 25 days ago
The two pictures on the train looks like the agents d and chandler
Ben and Michelle Ballard
Ben and Michelle Ballard 25 days ago
siou shu
siou shu 26 days ago
rebecca a person take the obect of mr x
Mimi Ubaka
Mimi Ubaka 26 days ago
Someone took the portal jumper
Kayla Junior
Kayla Junior 26 days ago
Hi Rebecca thanks for your time so much 😊😊
Hailey Nichols
Hailey Nichols 26 days ago
Love u guyd
Tina Lestrange
Tina Lestrange 26 days ago
Ugh muggles
Tina Lestrange
Tina Lestrange 26 days ago
Dude the circus reminds me of fantastic beasts the crimes of Grindelwald
Widezaana Michel
Widezaana Michel 26 days ago
Sometimes I feel like Matt is so annoying
Laurel Gilmore
Laurel Gilmore 27 days ago
I eat healthily so I don’t eat eggos
Gregory Hannah
Gregory Hannah 27 days ago
Hi Rebecca zummo this is not my phone but on my real phone I got a USshow channel
Gregory Hannah
Gregory Hannah 27 days ago
courtney carlson
courtney carlson 27 days ago
The conductors mask is the same one that chambers wore at clue in real life
Oghghchg Byghucftgc
Oghghchg Byghucftgc 27 days ago
Rebecca the queen dance is really eat you are OK yeah she’s really Eva yeah he’s really really really really like I can get out now we’re watching some where something is wrong with it yet I don’t know what happened that’s my little sister her sake but I wish I can send a picture to you
Katelyne Supergirl
Katelyne Supergirl 28 days ago
Maybe your on the Hogwarts Express. ( Sorry I have been reading Harry Potter and watching the movies)
Dream x Team
Dream x Team 28 days ago
What is user name on roblox
David Bravo
David Bravo 28 days ago
The Carr Fam
The Carr Fam 28 days ago
wait no
The Carr Fam
The Carr Fam 28 days ago
i think the code is 2711
Jon Hurst
Jon Hurst 28 days ago
there was a person behind you guys wall you went in the top of the train.
Ana Farach
Ana Farach 28 days ago
The eggos may be a cule
Juniper Quinn
Juniper Quinn 28 days ago
The conductor was wearing the mask that chambers was wearing in clue in real life part 2
Siobhan Thompson
Siobhan Thompson 28 days ago
However in London this morning the two day
RedPanda 8529
RedPanda 8529 28 days ago
When Rabecca said hellooo then the record player said hellooo I had a dream about that except I laughed then the doll laughed
Sinthu Sathiya
Sinthu Sathiya 28 days ago
The person who took Maddie was The Decoder. I think that was not Chambers
Evie Vine
Evie Vine 28 days ago
Top hat person took it
Evie Vine
Evie Vine 28 days ago
Tell me the top hat look out of the tran out of that little like front bit and then they were in the train with you and they put in the corner and they left the front there controls and they were the person who was banging on the door though and you were in the back then and they were the one who was making all the noises
Lil’bug Duran
Lil’bug Duran 28 days ago
chambers was in the train
Joziah B
Joziah B 29 days ago
Project zorgo is Always watching
Cindy And danielle
Cindy And danielle 29 days ago