Keith Eats Everything At Sonic

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The Try Guys

Month ago

Wow we could all use a Sonic shake rn... Watch Keith eat AND drink everything at Sonic! And get Keith's brand spankin new burger sauce right now!
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Jack Parkes
Jack Parkes 47 minutes ago
Okay plug the hot sauce Keith but not as much I’m watching Bc your funny not to have every other burger be “Keith’s burger sauce! Makes it more balanced” but still respect yall pushing hard and goin far keep it up 😂me realizing this is like nice you bitch but good job like really 🤣🤣
bolanes wafer
bolanes wafer Hour ago
Shelby Looney
Shelby Looney 7 hours ago
sonic does use different cheeses...i used to work there
tripp.clark 9 hours ago
What about the slush's???
bdgees tan
bdgees tan 14 hours ago
no one: Literally no one: Keith: *SeXy pOuR*
Slyfoxhound 47
Slyfoxhound 47 15 hours ago
I can’t condone how he ate the burritos
champsammy13 16 hours ago
Nobody: Keith: 👁️👄👁️ 🍔
Jules 16 hours ago
I’ve been living alone for the last month & I’m a BIG social eater (I have almost no motivation to eat unless people around me are eating) so trying to stick to a regular schedule & finish meals has been hard, but watching Keith consume ungodly amounts of fast food actually makes it way easier! Thanks Keith!
nee-san. 18 hours ago
no-one: not even us: keith: literally eats a fucking burrito like in the middle
Chase J
Chase J 18 hours ago
Is Jared sleeping in his car?
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale
Ryan Spencer Lauderdale 18 hours ago
Keith! Eat everything at a dim sum restaurant.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 19 hours ago
When you're in the Midwest again, you have to eat everything at Culver's.
Bianka Gaik
Bianka Gaik 19 hours ago
am i the only one whos wondering how keiths metabolism is so fast?
Maïna Blais
Maïna Blais 21 hour ago
So...theres the travis scott burger, a charli damelio at dunkins, but..... wheres the keith burger?!
Ellen Sousa
Ellen Sousa 21 hour ago
you HAVE to try brazilian food
yoav zafrir
yoav zafrir Day ago
In the background you can see keithes friend jerred with a blanket in the back, is he sleeping in his car?
Ohimark Day ago
Make a in n out video
Mimp J
Mimp J Day ago
Is it just me who enjoys this format more than the usual Keith eats the menu? Keith seems fun and genuine in his car more than being high with the whole entire crew in front of him. And how everyone was making an appearance somehow, eating in their own cars parked near each other. Feels really intimate and comfortable, especially during these weird times.
Camryn H
Camryn H Day ago
Sonic is slept on!
herbsabeast1 Day ago
You guys are stupid. No wonder your backing joe biden. The fires actually have nothing to do with climate change. Now if you knew anything about forest management you would realize that those fires are because their is way too much un burned timber just sitting around. The first thing that they teach you about in fire training programs is that fire only spreads if their is enough fuel. When you burn that unused timber you decrease the chance of wild fires. Also some of these fires are actually started by protest. Some of these fires are actually started by someone who is committing arson.
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis 4 minutes ago
If you don’t agree with it don’t watch it
Man E
Man E Day ago
Do Carl's Jr
Kira Martinez
Kira Martinez Day ago
as a former sonic employee, thank you for this video
Miguel Soliz
Miguel Soliz Day ago
Pumpkin Red
Pumpkin Red Day ago
I love how sweet the comment section is
Terra Glade
Terra Glade Day ago
9:10 Maybe my local sonic is different XD Tater Tots are always salted as fuuuuuck get some of those and a milkshake and im a happy guy
bot wesrr4
bot wesrr4 Day ago
Your gunna have to start doing local restaurants
Jason Sansone
Jason Sansone Day ago
Am I the only one who noticed how shitty Keith’s car is
Raccoon Boi
Raccoon Boi Day ago
Do Zaxbys
PLUGGS Day ago
From working at sonic we do just put the cheese on top of cheese fries and tots😂
Zachry Zimmerman
Zachry Zimmerman 2 days ago
Low testosterone beta males
Chelsea Rolph
Chelsea Rolph 2 days ago
we have a restaurant in my home town in Canada called "Burnt Tongue". They serve new soups every day. I think you would love it!
Jae Ssang
Jae Ssang 2 days ago
Keith Eats Everything at Jollibee ??
D4CE 42
D4CE 42 2 days ago
11:15 I like to think this is the way reacted when Becky said she loved him
George Z
George Z 2 days ago
Let's all watch an uppity prick chew with his mouth open. Blek.
alotofsharks 2 days ago
As a manager at sonic... I could never eat that much shit
Yaymeless Torres
Yaymeless Torres 2 days ago
Going to all fast food and checking which one is faster ITS A MUST 👀 but following the TOP 12 fastfood restaurant
Carson Orchard
Carson Orchard 2 days ago
06:30 careful Keith...
Everything Cat
Everything Cat 2 days ago
Keith tried every single flavour of monster energy drinks? I don’t think doing it in one go is safe tho...
M H Day ago
this is genius bruh
Sandra Silva
Sandra Silva 2 days ago
3:20 YOU MONSTER Also was this song supposed to be in there 22:27
Julia 2 days ago
I'm so glad you had the same thoughts as me about their banana shakes because they are AMAZING. I get one every time I go there and it's just so delicious.
King OfTroy
King OfTroy 2 days ago
Claire•*• 2 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore how Keith bit into those burritos from the SIDE
Ashley Krawczuk
Ashley Krawczuk 7 hours ago
for science!!!
Vanessa Delgado
Vanessa Delgado 3 days ago
lmao Keith is great!
Jose H.
Jose H. 3 days ago
I wouldn’t buy his chicken sauce bs because he’s white and white don’t know anything about flavor. Plus I like my hot sauce spicy and he’s already made it known that he doesn’t like spicy food
Annabelle Wheelis
Annabelle Wheelis Minute ago
Then don’t buy it?? You don’t have to it’s literally a choice to buy it or not. I want to buy it because i don’t like super spicy stuff, but not everyone wants it, you do t have to hate on the product if you arnt gonna buy it and try it
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 days ago
Well Played Becky... Well Played
Jack Ramos
Jack Ramos 3 days ago
As someone who works at Sonic I can say, yes they use different cheese for the chilli cheese fries, tots and Coneys. They use shredded cheese for the chili and just sliced cheese for plain cheese tots and fries.
Kyle Huang
Kyle Huang 3 days ago
You should eat everything at Church’s Chicken. They most likely have the best biscuits ever.
Breana wylie
Breana wylie 3 days ago
I’m Offended you called a tater tot bland
Marina Voigt
Marina Voigt 3 days ago
I love the fact that they socially distanced ate together
biggubiddi 3 days ago
i was born in shawnee and literally the is sonic every where
Luke Robertson
Luke Robertson 3 days ago
Seeing him bite a burrito in the middle gives me Forest Whitaker eye.
Noam Jazanovich
Noam Jazanovich 4 days ago
Yooo, the music in the background during the intro is literally from.... 😂😂😂... well if you know you know 😂😂😂
The Night Walker
The Night Walker 4 days ago
3:20 Me: O-O why...
Joseph Cheung
Joseph Cheung 4 days ago
idkw but i got a little triggered when he ate it in the middle
Erick Galarza
Erick Galarza 4 days ago
kieths wife is a bad as him
Katherine Vargas
Katherine Vargas 4 days ago
Keith bites the burrito in the middle 🌯 Me:👁👄👁 I- you do you Keith you do you 😌
madison hernandez
madison hernandez 4 days ago
Tyler Boi
Tyler Boi 4 days ago
Seeing Kieth bite into A burrito, somehow gives me vibes of when someone eats a Kitcat wrong.
Nicholas Gamer
Nicholas Gamer 4 days ago
anyone else here work at sonic😂😂😂
Carson Hunt
Carson Hunt 4 days ago
When I was in elementary school, I'd eat a footlong chili cheese dog from sonic after every ballet class. Thank god for my super fast metabolism, but tbh it's probably what made me so hungry in the first place lmao.
Bella Boyd
Bella Boyd 4 days ago
As an ex sonic employee, yes Becky there are 3 different cheeses
otaku nation
otaku nation 4 days ago
I want to try his sauce but Im sooo sensitive to spicy food 😭 even mild! the way I seem to get everyone to understand how sensitive I really am is if you put even a little bit of black pepper into something I will be able to find it no matter what it's like this weird superpower lol
BTXXI 4 days ago
I actually work at sonic and when he said jalapeno poppers i was like "KEITH THEYRE CHEDDAR PEPPERS"
Kj Fulgencio
Kj Fulgencio 4 days ago
No bev?
Deanna Gaddy
Deanna Gaddy 4 days ago
As a Sonic employee I can tell you that Becky was right. The cheeses that we use for the sides are all different. Although we technically have 4 different cheeses if you count the one we use on the burritos. And the foot longs aren’t all beef either, only the 6 inch hotdogs are. I’ve honestly never tried half of the stuff we sell but I’ve made just about all of it.
Aya Paolino
Aya Paolino 5 days ago
Welcome to another episode of..... Me feeling jealous of keith because he has so much food.
Evie Dehaue
Evie Dehaue 5 days ago
Relationship goals =Keith and Becky
Fargo 5 days ago
Me, a vegetarian with anorexia watching this like: "how is it physically possible to eat that much meat"
lydia ann
lydia ann Day ago
are you me? but fr, take care of yourself and remember that recovery is worth it and you deserve it! :)
Fargo 4 days ago
@John Louie Zate aw im doing better and it honestly means so much for someone to take the time and write a comment making sure im okay
John Louie Zate
John Louie Zate 4 days ago
I hope you are fine!
FireDestroyer 5 days ago
Keith, can u do “eating everything at Dairy Queen” or “eating everything at Buffalo Wild Wings.”
Aidet Po
Aidet Po 5 days ago
am I the only one the cringes every time he bites the burrito from the middle.
THERESA特蕾萨 5 days ago
as a german, its actually quiet shooking (after watching several videos of eat the menu) for me that the us has so many fast food chains wich serve the 'same'. like i dont get it
Livvy Wilkinson
Livvy Wilkinson 5 days ago
No one else triggered by how he ate the sausage ultimate breakfast burrito??
Elijah Luna
Elijah Luna 5 days ago
Keith at the beginning of the video: 🤤 Keith towards the end of the video: 🤢
Grace Allen
Grace Allen 5 days ago
Keith eats his burgers upside down 👀
lil slump
lil slump 5 days ago
Damn I wish I had a good sonic near me. I only have 1 in my whole country and last time I got food from there I got a frozen corn dog. No not the whole thing was frozen literally only the hot dog was frozen and the corn bread was strange hot.
Kaye de Guzman
Kaye de Guzman 5 days ago
Keith man, hear me out. Eat everything at Jollibee!! Don't know if you have one near you, but it would make my Filipino heart tingle!! Love you guys and the try wives (I listen to You Can Sit With Us while doing chores or playing Sims 😂)!! 💘💘
Kyra Jo
Kyra Jo 5 days ago
Keith should try a bunch of school food
Ciwan Gölge
Ciwan Gölge 5 days ago
Kieth should eat everything from In-n-out
Kegan Trig
Kegan Trig 5 days ago
This man gets drunk with out consuming any alcohol
Nibba Butt
Nibba Butt 5 days ago
What’s number 1
Onitxx 6 days ago
Keith should try Jollibee next
Esme 6 days ago
I love u guys but can u guys make different type of videos seems to be the same thing every other video 🤔 fyi keith is going to end up at the er for high colesterol
ThisGalaxyCat 6 days ago
*Gotta Go Fat*
Katie Clinton
Katie Clinton 6 days ago
As a former sonic employee I can confirm that they use 3 different types of cheese for everything
Quinn Daily
Quinn Daily 6 days ago
Dewdrop-Steph R
Dewdrop-Steph R 6 days ago
When ever I go to Sonic the burgers are always greasy af
Rebecca Sexton
Rebecca Sexton 6 days ago
“It’s so boring in the right wayssss”
Willa Andrews
Willa Andrews 6 days ago
I always get popcorn chicken or a chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries or mozzarella sticks
Willa Andrews
Willa Andrews 6 days ago
How did I miss out on this video? For whatever reason this is my favorite series. I can watch these videos over and over again
Najat Alfahham
Najat Alfahham 6 days ago
Jalapeño poppers omg 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas 6 days ago
Sonic fries taste like they were left on you car floorboards for weeks
J Wollman
J Wollman 6 days ago
We’re are the fucking cheddar bits. Those are the damn best.
maryamagio 6 days ago
so are we jus going to ignore the “i love you too keith” “you do?” *proceeds to inhale the burger*
Lyla Rasco
Lyla Rasco 6 days ago
AJR released a hot sauce for their song Bang!
Shannon kelley
Shannon kelley 6 days ago
i work at a sonic and i just know they did not shut up about this order for days
S K 6 days ago
Banana milkshakes are a fantastic hangover cure.
kid whos cool973
kid whos cool973 6 days ago
Keith eats every kind of campbell's soup
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe 6 days ago
Someone else in the comments already suggested the Cheesecake Factory but I say knock out just the actual cheesecakes since there's 34
izzyjolt9312 7 days ago
I used to have a Sonic near me until they closed about a few years ago. Miss this place :(
Keem Spa
Keem Spa 7 days ago
The way Kieth eat those buritos...
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