The Offering - Animation Short - Film Festival Winner

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Cogswell College

8 years ago

The Offering is an award-winning short animated film created in almost two years by a group of very dedicated Cogswell College ( students. Since it's completion in 2010, The Offering has screened at over thirty international film festivals and been proclaimed as an amazing piece of art and cinema. The Offering's production value is so high and comparable to Hollywood films that it has never had to enter a student film festival to garner wins. Since it's completion nearly every Alumni that worked on the film is employed in their area of expertise.
The film is loosely based on the love story of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati. The Offering was the pilot film for what has become Project X and has served as a great test bed for what was actually possible at an animation school. The latest Hollywood animation production techniques and software were used to create the groundbreaking characters, environments and effects. It pushed the boundaries for student level work and to most experts it appears as a professional level piece.
The Offering was completed as part of a animation production class called Project X that is offered at Cogswell. The writer and director Michael Zachary Huber is an industry veteran that has worked on many Hollywood blockbusters. The soundtrack for the film was created by Jeremy Soule and Jeff Miyahara. Jeremy is the legendary composer that created the Skyrim soundtrack as well as other Elder Scrolls games and more. Another amazing source of help was choreographer, Reshma Gajar, who has done work for several big name celebrities including Madonna. For more information about the film and its crew check out the links below.

About Project X at Cogswell College
Project X is a cross-disciplinary Project Based Learning class that creates a 3D animated short film over the course of 1 year. The purpose of the class is to expose the students to as close to a studio work-experience as possible while still in school. The students gain experience working as a team and leverage the various skills of the group to create the best work possible.
Facilities and Software:
Project X works in a dedicated lab giving students extensive access to state of the art equipment and software. For hardware, Project X uses Windows based workstations, servers and render farm. For software, Project X uses Maya, Z-Brush, Mudbox, Mari, Houdini, Nuke, Photoshop, Vray, Renderman and After Effects in addition to a variety of plugins and project management tools. Projext X also uses a custom render manager, Hydra, developed as a project by engineering and computer science students specifically for the school's network.
Student experience and outcomes:
The large group project based environment of Project X gives students a number of valuable experiences and outcomes. The students develop and exercise the skills needed to work effectively with a team over an extended period of time such as: being able to communicate clearly and professionally, how to be a team leader and a team player, the ability to manage the schedule for a number of time-sensitive tasks and how to meet deadlines. Students also develop and refine assets responding to feedback from students that will be using those assets, while also providing feedback on assets that they themselves receive. They develop the ability to investigate and evaluate a number of possible production methods to accomplish the challenges set by the needs of the project. In the end the students have the work that they have created to use in their portfolios which has been refined to extremely high standards and has been proven by having been successfully used in a larger work.
See more Project X films at:

Akanksha Dahotre
Akanksha Dahotre 2 days ago
Animation is fantastic..👌
Jason Luong
Jason Luong 3 days ago
Not sure what is she offering until she puts the flower in his hand. Yup, she's offering her virginity.
Kaushalendra Singh
Kaushalendra Singh 4 days ago
Why are you not try your creativity on Jesus. I said "Why!"
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filmmaker 9 days ago
Judy James
Judy James 9 days ago
Reminded me of Mortal Kombat. Only eloquent.
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry 10 days ago
Great animation good job 👍👍
frnkjones40 10 days ago
She uses 3 times as much deodorant as the average woman.
Bird Brain
Bird Brain 10 days ago
Spiritually Uplifting yet strangely erotic at the same time .. If that dance was for me I'd probably break a sweat too ;)
Rajeshwari Bakthavachalam
Rajeshwari Bakthavachalam 11 days ago
Kiddie Rodaje
Kiddie Rodaje 12 days ago
Ahhh so the god smiled when she gave her flower... 👀
VeracityLH 13 days ago
TheMan Slaughter
TheMan Slaughter 15 days ago
Does any Indian girl want to have sex with me? I'll give you a cash.
Vijay Yadav
Vijay Yadav 15 days ago
Lighting,texture,modeling everything is good but animation is ok ok
balaji p
balaji p 17 days ago
So what is that pot she is carrying in the end, is it the return gift from the God?
syamikha kani Ncc
syamikha kani Ncc 18 days ago
Is it a fly or a type of spider? Or is she trying to seduce him? Why should gods wear these kind of dresses ?
Ashish Bisht
Ashish Bisht 18 days ago
A lot of inaccuracies, must be wester work, but commendable effort in dynamics and mechanics.
SomeoneCommenting 18 days ago
Humans always forget that gods are not human, and that they don't want the things that we consider desirable.
Olaf shom Kirtimukh
Olaf shom Kirtimukh 19 days ago
Very beautiful! Happy to see Indian culture inspiring and becoming part of western art, the way western narratives have long been part of India & the east (cf. Vikram Seth's greatest novel, An Equal Music, all about western classical music, except authored by an Indian!). This is true internationalism! all for it.
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 19 days ago
Ah, reminds me of Cambodia
Happy Life
Happy Life 20 days ago
Can somebody please tell me why did she turn into a blue skin colour though, from the story’s perspective?
Jinka1950 21 day ago
Absolutely stunning
Alejandro Luna
Alejandro Luna 22 days ago
I like the video but is for a fallen one ....
shizuo kanemoto
shizuo kanemoto 23 days ago
Suliman Bah
Suliman Bah 23 days ago
A man would sell his soul for the right piece of arse.
have a great day
have a great day 23 days ago
What is that girl name 😌 Is that god
khemraj praja
khemraj praja 23 days ago
तोर दाई ला चोदव
SUPREOR LEO 23 days ago
What kind of alien is that?
indy fivehundred
indy fivehundred 24 days ago
is this new Mortal Kombat movie? she looks like sister of LORD GORO or KINTARO
Avinash Bharti Info
Avinash Bharti Info 24 days ago
Eugene Tan
Eugene Tan 25 days ago
sahil tapsvi choudhary
sahil tapsvi choudhary 27 days ago
Only 1 thing 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
CheTaN MallaYanmath#FX_BabA_24
CheTaN MallaYanmath#FX_BabA_24 27 days ago
Vishwas Lad
Vishwas Lad 28 days ago
Somebody please do the same on Christ and Marry
MaskedMan66 29 days ago
The dance reminds me of Debra Padget in the movie "The Indian Tomb."
jeevan kumar
jeevan kumar 29 days ago
lord shiva never fails his true devottee
Georgian Stancu
Georgian Stancu 29 days ago
So what soothed the Rudra was not the sexuality of the body, but the essence of nature. Great metaphor, you cannot calm down passion with passion, but with the bliss of the senses.
santosh pawar
santosh pawar 29 days ago
It's Hindu culture.... Welcome to hindu religion and explore you with each and every thing. This same has what u want rather other religions.🔥
Anabel Bates
Anabel Bates 29 days ago විශාල තුවක්කු දිනකින් හෝ දෙකකින් පැමිණීමට පටන් ගනී ඒක හරියට වෙයි වගේ
சிவபரத் 6784
சிவபரத் 6784 29 days ago 👍 Watch this ❣️😍and Support ❤️