The REAL Story behind Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's Split: The Simple Life, Lies, and Videotapes

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Are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie still friends?
well the answer is a little more complicated than just "yes" or "no".
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are icons from the early 2000s. Their friendship was televised on the hit fox reality show, "The Simple Life". They both made headlines when they had a very public falling out in 2005. Here is the story behind the beginning and end of the iconic duo.
Theme song: Paris and Nicole by Kyunchi:
Lice (feat. Chase Icon) By Kyunchi:
NADC Productions:
[Tape, arrests & Lawsuit sources]
Hilton, Salomon End Sex-Tape Legal Battle |
Paris Sued for Sex-Tape Slander - E! Online - Paris Hilton 'directed' sex video - Feb. 24, 2004
"Simple Life" Star Faces Heroin Rap | The Smoking Gun

[Simple Life & split sources]
Nicky Hilton said no to The Simple Life, which will now air in Oct. - reality blurred
Why Did Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton Stop Being Friends? | POPSUGAR Celebrity
Paris Speaks Out About Split With Nicole |
Paris & Nicole: Reunited and It Feels So Good - E! Online
Paris Hilton dumps Nicole Richie from 'The Simple Life 4', replaces her with Kimberly Stewart - Reality TV World
[video footage used]
Paris Hilton BF A**:
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Nicole Richie Vogue:

Ted O'Brien
Ted O'Brien 16 hours ago
Sorry I know weird question... but does anyone know the song that starts at 12:00 ? Thanks
Blake Greene
Blake Greene Day ago
Lol did she say “hold my birkin and I’ll pack a bowl!”
Jenny ONeill
Jenny ONeill Day ago
They also filmed in ambler and warminster pa
Jenny ONeill
Jenny ONeill Day ago
Kim West I think was friends with nicole before she was with paris
Jenny ONeill
Jenny ONeill Day ago
They arent friends again?
Neelam Dikondwar
Neelam Dikondwar 2 days ago
Paris Hilton Gay !!!!?????
Neelam Dikondwar
Neelam Dikondwar 2 days ago
Paris Hilton baby Oprah Winfrey back chat house!!!!??????
Neelam Dikondwar
Neelam Dikondwar 2 days ago
Nicole Richie baby boy 😘😚🥰😍🤩🙌👍👍👍👍👍👍
Neelam Dikondwar
Neelam Dikondwar 2 days ago
Paris Hilton Oprah Winfrey back chat house 2021!!!!!!?????
Neelam Dikondwar
Neelam Dikondwar 2 days ago
Paris Hilton 👀🙄😒🤨🤔😤🤦👎👎👎👎
nangseng kukoi
nangseng kukoi 3 days ago
i kinda feel bad for paris..her childhood bbf cheat her.thts disgusting.
schoolinJOO 3 days ago
it’s weird cause i bought her perfume and book back in the day. lol love her she is a good person i’m glad i got to see that
TheDinoKitteh 6 days ago
Qubi lmao
skylines and turnstiles
skylines and turnstiles 6 days ago
this is such a good friends to lovers to enemies, ao3 will never be the same. 10/10 would read again
Sasha Boskovic
Sasha Boskovic 6 days ago
That was SOOO good!!! So engaging.
AlienGirlGames & more
AlienGirlGames & more 7 days ago
It's also really sad and wrong that there were 60 year old men that had talk shows, making jokes about the tape getting leaked.
Destinee Pham
Destinee Pham 8 days ago
Paris Hilton once said “they say I’m the original influencer... but sometimes I feel like I created a monster”
Chase Barber
Chase Barber 9 days ago
I really hope Nicole apologized. I understand her feelings of being so criticized and put to the side, but to do that to anyone is just jail worthy. I hope she has grown since then.
adi Akanbi
adi Akanbi 9 days ago
I love the two girls and so so proud of them. 💕💕💕💕
TechnicJunglist 10 days ago
Nicole did Paris dirty. Then again so did the rest of the world until her documentary. Its a shame. I always liked her and found her incredibly intelligent bc I knew her ditzy persona was a joke
Maria C
Maria C 10 days ago
Common sense release a sex tape right when your show airs. Great marketing strategy.
Royally Rhonda
Royally Rhonda 10 days ago
I'm so glad this had a decent ending ..... I was all ready to go haterade on Nicole! I'm glad they worked it out, and I truly hope she sorry. That was a horrible thing to do.
Jamie Yayme
Jamie Yayme 10 days ago
Well put together! I loved this!
Yzh Luna
Yzh Luna 11 days ago
How is that guy not in prison. America has some serious problems.
Yzh Luna
Yzh Luna 11 days ago
I’ve always loved Paris, always followed her, and am now happy people are seeing her in a good light.
SpinningSage 11 days ago
Nicole was given to lionel richie?
Emrys Ariana
Emrys Ariana 11 days ago
really sad that people betrayed her.. 😭
IAmDeath 11 days ago
I’m 27, my bf is 21. Sometimes I make references to Paris and Nichole and he’s like “who?” And I just 👁 👄 👁
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 11 days ago
Paris stood tall and never crumbled. Proud of her.
olivia grace
olivia grace 12 days ago
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Koneko Yagami
Koneko Yagami 12 days ago
I hope Nicole didn't really do that.
Billie Joe
Billie Joe 12 days ago
I’m sorry she knew how much that sex tape hurt her best friend and then - out of nothing but jealousy that she was more popular than her - showed it at a viewing party on the night where something really important was happening for her. Paris is an awful big person to forgive her for that
Peter L
Peter L 13 days ago
so sex positive you've blanked out the word every time you use it
Denise Kiolbassa
Denise Kiolbassa 13 days ago
please tell me with all the money paris has that she got her beak nose fixed! she has the most horrible nose i have ever seen! you can tell that she had her nose done in that beak, but please go back to your god given nose or chop that tip off
Valia Ryan
Valia Ryan 13 days ago
Out of respect, I’ve never watched that tape and will die never viewing it.
IG: _badgalpandamanda
IG: _badgalpandamanda 11 days ago
Facts I never watched the tape. I saw few clips but never the whole tape I’m good
Holly 13 days ago
Why is this not a podcast on spotify someone please tell me I'm wrong and it is!!!!!
sarah 14 days ago
As much as I don't care about them I'm curious to know. So I Watch.
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams 14 days ago
Your storytelling, editing and content is INCREDIBLE!
ana-one 15 days ago
Its terrible that Paris was shamed for revenge porn !
ana-one 15 days ago
Ppl need to stop being so rude to Paris
B. L.
B. L. 15 days ago
Friendship breakups happen. It happened to me and it was full of drama and miscommunication but we're friends now and we're good.
Patricia Bell
Patricia Bell 15 days ago
I never had any hate for Paris and she got a lot of it too. She could have just coasted off her family money but she seems to work hard at being her own business woman. Her documentaries were good and she spoke of "getting into character". I think she's matured nicely and she hasn't messed with her face and body like some people that many of us are completely sick of 😉(I'm sure she has just tiny procedures done). It's why she still looks sooo young! Much luv ❤
Hayley Crymble
Hayley Crymble 15 days ago
this is edited so well especially with the songs u picked out!
Sailor Sam
Sailor Sam 15 days ago
Am I crazy or did USshow not always censor all of these words?
Little Foot
Little Foot 16 days ago
What a horrible thing for Nicole to do to Paris and of course no friendship could truly be the same after what she did.
André Homzi Jr.
André Homzi Jr. 16 days ago
i just finish Paris documetary and i was thinking so weird she told everything, literally everything beside her reality tv, her "BFFs" and Nicolle.
Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria 16 days ago
Hahahaha princess Diana no Paris you wouldn’t have been a next princess Diana you where always a mean girl party girl you where so bad to Lohan and other s at least she had talent as a actor
tenniele mcdonald
tenniele mcdonald 17 days ago
I was a victim of revenge porn but I can’t even imagine the absolute heartbreak of it being on the global scale 🥺
Baby Maude
Baby Maude 18 days ago
I don't know why I even clicked this. I've never even seen The Simple Life lol
Oncetastic 18 days ago
Ok yes but why is season 3 superior
Kris-Ann Kingyens
Kris-Ann Kingyens 18 days ago
Wow! I'M glad they have both grown up. They seem more mature now. Glad that they are still friends too. I think judged her wrong. I hope one day i can say the same for the Km K women,
LovingAtlanta 19 days ago
😫I can’t even believe I wasted my yime and watched this. I don’t even care nothing about what foolish tiffs wealthy people have. 😩
Rosie Vasquez
Rosie Vasquez 19 days ago
Paris Hilton didn't want Nicole there she should have been grateful that Nicole's parents except that Paris in there home when her parents didn't want her want maybe Paris was the one that was jealous of Nicole and Nicole is a very beautiful young woman
Rosie Vasquez
Rosie Vasquez 19 days ago
See he's the one that didn't want Nicole there so it was no rumors no nothing it was just that she wanted to change it she's not all that
Rosie Vasquez
Rosie Vasquez 19 days ago
There's always somebody that breaks up a friendship with some stupidity all the time that make people get mad at each other when nothing is true of what the people are saying they grew up like sisters so I don't think she was jealous of her Paris live with with Nicole's family they did live like a sister so what people just broke them up regardless Paris probably let it go to her head too and believe everything everybody said about Nicole
Sophie Teehee
Sophie Teehee 19 days ago
Isabelle Berger
Isabelle Berger 20 days ago
"All it took was one viewing party" I mean, yeah ? This is so horrid and twisted to show a porn tape of your friend to people, let alone at a party so for them to laugh at it, I thought it was a made up rumor until now
g 18 days ago
that’s actually evil
Linda F
Linda F 20 days ago
I'm taking the viewing party thing with a grain of salt bc it's really wild to imagine such a vicious attack on someone she grew up with.... Sad. Glad they got back together. Id love to see a Real housewives version of both of their busy lives lol
Danielle Blessie
Danielle Blessie 20 days ago
Sanna SA sanna SA! Sanna sa sa Sanna SAAAAA!!!!!!
Taylor Cathey
Taylor Cathey 20 days ago
I feel for Paris that she was belittled for that tape. He took advantage of her. As for Nicole, I have no words.
Victoria Cashflo
Victoria Cashflo 20 days ago
What an idiot interviewer
A C 20 days ago
If Nicole did that, Thats dirty!!!
The Mighty King Production
The Mighty King Production 21 day ago
I bet that guy who exposed Paris is now dried up & women run away from him. Thinking if they have a private moment with him they will be exposed at one point on you tube. The guy is a loser. He should go to Jail for betrayal.
Angie 20 days ago
After that he married Pamela Anderson, then Shannon Doherty!
Misti Roberts
Misti Roberts 21 day ago
Paris Hilton looks just like her aunt Kyle
Wolf Girl Oracle
Wolf Girl Oracle 21 day ago
This lifestyle looks exhausting to me.
Charlotte Savage
Charlotte Savage 21 day ago
So did Nicole know about all the fucked up youth camps Paris got sent to?
Q_ed Evangeline
Q_ed Evangeline 21 day ago
Well from this video - we learn her real voice. I knew the other one was an act. no worries
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 21 day ago
I really loved this documentary
Doug Collins
Doug Collins 21 day ago
She can say whatever she wants now, but trash is trash
TheHallsofTara 21 day ago
Wow. This is the first time I’m hearing about the “viewing party” of the sex tape. That is beyond messed up.
Chloe 21 day ago
Paris is my girl!!! But I don't actually know much about Nicole, so I'm grateful for this doc so I can learn more about her :)
gabynarufan 21 day ago
Mandy_Land 21 day ago
Kim KW will never be a Nicole lol she was never a duet with paris she was just a back up dancer Lmao
erin kerner
erin kerner 22 days ago
Peter and karen 🤔
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 22 days ago
Interesting that Nicole was 4th choice. I guess her betrayal showed that Paris really asked her best friends first. She knew that Nicole was not first choice, for a reason. Nice that they made up. But Nicole used one of Paris' most painful experiences against her. Nicole is a bitch for that.
Kanika Garal
Kanika Garal 22 days ago
This year has not been that bad. Some good things somehow did manage to happen.
Emoly 22 days ago
Can we please cancel dr Phil?? He’s sending kids to the same camps that Paris was abused in
Emoly 12 days ago
@vintageness Paris agrees with me too,.. I said this same thing on Twitter and she liked my comment and followed me lmao, my Twitter is @emily3liddell go look for yourself
Emoly 12 days ago
@vintageness hit up Reddit, tonnnnns of people’s stories on there not just on turnabout ranch
vintageness 12 days ago
Emoly bruh... I just did and I found no testimonials on turnaboutranch. If you’re gonna make accusations have the evidence lmao
vintageness 13 days ago
Emoly yeah send me some because I’ve googled abuse at turnabout ranch and nothing comes up
Emoly 20 days ago
vintageness do your research. There are tons of resources online that have testimonials from victims of camps like turnabout ranch. These places harm children mentally and physically and the world needs to wake up and notice it.
Darling Dani Bui
Darling Dani Bui 22 days ago
I'm new here so maybe this has already been mentioned somewhere... but the other commentator for real sounds like Not Another Drama Channel... I miss her. She hasn't posted a video on her channel in so long. If it is her I'm glad she's collaborating or has another channel with someone. :)
Deep Dive
Deep Dive 22 days ago
It is me 🥰 im coming back to my channel soon. Thank you so much this was such a sweet comment.
autymn 22 days ago
“& this is my one night in paris” 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Dolphin Lover
Dolphin Lover 22 days ago
Oh get real. Kim kardashians sex tape was not “leaked” or shared as revenge porn. It was produced, written, and contracted as a professional video.
Hope Matamua
Hope Matamua 22 days ago
Am I the only person that has never seen the tape and never seen any celeb sex tape because I thinks it’s so wrong they were publicly released?
Mariah Ellisor
Mariah Ellisor 22 days ago
13 million. And that is “historic” pewdiepies minecraft series got 10M views each episode. Crazy
The Shoun Files
The Shoun Files 22 days ago
grace kelly nmot princess diana was her role model. you got that wrong!
Lu Morphine
Lu Morphine 22 days ago
No mention of Nicole's guest appearance on Grace and Frankie? Also, Paris is so sweet.
Emily Ward
Emily Ward 22 days ago
When that host said “this is the first time the words Paris Hilton and job have been used in a sentence” belittling her sex tape being leaked... are you kidding me??? She’s probably worked harder than that man by a long shot! and definitely been through more shit than he could think of. As a woman it infuriates me hearing a man say those words belittling her & trying to make her look stupid.
Winter Lynn
Winter Lynn 20 days ago
@Laura McMillan Me too! Lol I thought the OP was referring to the guy who released the sex tape as "that man " then I realized she meant David Letterman , lol I feel like a fossil 🤣
Ssilnah 20 days ago
He’s a creepy old man. He treated women on his show like objects, there’s an interview with Jennifer Anniston where he sniffs her hair and she looks very uncomfortable 🤨
Laura McMillan
Laura McMillan 22 days ago
I don’t think I’ve ever had a comment make me feel so old as this one calling David Letterman “that man”. 🤣
Love love
Love love 23 days ago
My poor baby ;(
motheroats 23 days ago
Can you do a video about Monique!?!?
Emma Hartley
Emma Hartley 23 days ago
I hope this helps her make her billion 🙏 then go on holiday...or vacation Paris!
Phoebe B.
Phoebe B. 23 days ago
I’ve enjoyed learning more about Paris. It actually give me comfort to grow old alongside women like her - to know it took her longer than “normal” start to to find herself and figure life out and deal with her traumas makes me feel less intimidated or scared as I do the same. I’m beginning to understand why my parents said their 40’s were one of their fave decades. I’m only 39, but 40 is looming and I’m working to be in a state of mind to embrace it and make it the best years of my life so far. Well on my way. As I think Paris is too. Just because she has money, does not mean she gets a free pass for happiness. We all have work to do in order to be our best selves and live our best lives. Most of us have traumas to work through, mental issues to live with and treat, things to learn and ways to mature. Getting the right help and first acknowledging what is at the core of our issues are key. It’s never too late. I can’t wait to see how Paris continues to figure stuff out for herself. I have a feeling she is going to find the peace she is seeking.
Crystal Theo
Crystal Theo 23 days ago
I wouldnt want to work with Nicole either
yoohoo my tutu
yoohoo my tutu 23 days ago
Who's here after the simple life
Lance Boone
Lance Boone 24 days ago
LOL, The Simple Life came out when I was in HS and watched and loved that show. Watching this made me miss it, kinda funny how much you think you remember about a show you loved. Found it on Amazon Prime and started watching S1 and it is CRINGY now! 😂 It did not age well. Love and will always love Paris though 💜
Crown Yourself
Crown Yourself 24 days ago
TOO many ads!
youbisch 24 days ago
I don't understand: Why are words like "sex" or "porn" muted?
Loxxi Kirovski
Loxxi Kirovski 22 days ago
Because youtube is a douchebag when it comes to particular words. It's dumb.
Eleanor Ryan Ryan
Eleanor Ryan Ryan 24 days ago
That So called ex of hers is some low life... Regards from Ireland 🍀🇮🇪💚
Xiao-hui Jiang
Xiao-hui Jiang 24 days ago
For some reason seeing Paris sit on the chair with the dog on the lap, i thought of jeffree star. 😂 Think maby he idled her back then. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Timothy Toos
Timothy Toos 24 days ago
Dining on ceasar salad and penne pasta, what a line
Barrios M
Barrios M 24 days ago
I grew up with watchinh Paris and Nicole doing crazy things. I really loved them. Kinda sad they are no longer friends.
Tayah Alien
Tayah Alien 24 days ago
Kinda hard to enjoy the video when every 2 minutes there’s an ad :/
Terry 22 days ago
well they put in a lot of work so deserve their money
Poohs Honey
Poohs Honey 24 days ago
For them to not talk at all after all this time I do believe Nicole leaked the tape
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