NBA's Top 100 Crossovers Of The Decade

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7 months ago

Check out the top 100 crossovers and handle plays of the decade!
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Nihad Nihad
Nihad Nihad 11 hours ago
Nihad Nihad
Nihad Nihad 11 hours ago
Nihad Nihad
Nihad Nihad 11 hours ago
a_krew 11
a_krew 11 Day ago
Who else thinks 5:10 is a travel
Tab Let
Tab Let Day ago
1:35 and the other following should be #2 and #3 #1 is right I'm a curry can btw
Tab Let
Tab Let Day ago
Jalen Stauffer
Jalen Stauffer 4 days ago
34 and 33 are the best
Piotr Sawicki
Piotr Sawicki 6 days ago
Harden got robbed
Jay De Guzman
Jay De Guzman 7 days ago
1:35 not counted as crossover
Mama Veeds
Mama Veeds 11 days ago
0:37 that wasn’t a crossover lol
Rose Puaacad
Rose Puaacad 11 days ago
How to overcome rejection?
Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero
Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero 12 days ago
They call me Travel.. cuz i travel through like nothing .. but when i try to shoot... is like scroing an egg on a 3,5inch hoop
Andy 12 days ago
The Reggie Miller one looked more like he was trying to draw a foul
Winer Entertainement
Winer Entertainement 13 days ago
Steph defend really well, on kyrie. That one was ??? Nothing
choppleague 956
choppleague 956 14 days ago
Tim Hardaway will always have one if not the best crossover
Ivan Puebla
Ivan Puebla 14 days ago
93 got stepped on
Saihmingmawia Sailo
Saihmingmawia Sailo 22 days ago
Lance Stephenson was damn lit tooo🔥🔥🔥🔥
Naave TV
Naave TV 23 days ago
Cedie Mina
Cedie Mina 24 days ago
Number 1 is satisfying. Imagined crossover in 4 defenders and then quick release shot.
g_superson1c 25 days ago
5:10 the nuggets bench 😂😂
m lee
m lee 26 days ago
whats more humiliating? getting posterized or dropped with a crossover?
Ganbold Pinpon
Ganbold Pinpon 27 days ago
Llvvbb cxdxzddd
Rainier!? 27 days ago
1:35 11:24 14:45
Liam jaeden Jandusay
Liam jaeden Jandusay 28 days ago
Curry croses on Paul 4 DJ Khaled say another one Curry crosses on Paul again😂😂
Bama0539 28 days ago
Honestly I think 34 should be way higher
Phin 29 days ago
I don’t get how that curry one is number and one
Israel Gole
Israel Gole Month ago
14 should be higher.
King TheMaster
King TheMaster Month ago
4:14 Seeing Kobe Bryant crossover made me cry 😢 R.I.P Kobe....
wow exe
wow exe Month ago
no way u put this on first place -_-
Urban Strnad
Urban Strnad Month ago
how is steph no 1 he literally crossed nobody he turned around and went backwards smh and the no 5 happened because cp3 stepped on his foot
Bruno Hassenhof
Bruno Hassenhof Month ago
perfect combination between brain and muscle, mostly brain.. that's why i love this games
Jizzle 412
Jizzle 412 Month ago
How in the hell does this exist without the answer Allen iverson
SpinCycle Si
SpinCycle Si Month ago
2 and 3 should of been 1 and 2 n where kyrie on knight during the rookie game
Dorkk Month ago
Jason Tatum ankle breaker to tie the game?
Filly Gar
Filly Gar Month ago
Steve Francis on Troy Hudson u fuckd up all time top 10
Ben Laufer
Ben Laufer Month ago
Tenaci-T Month ago
At the 93rd one I was like ''FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!''
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Month ago
Steph and Kyrie was on there a lot know DeRozan or Ben Simmons harden was there too nice clips keep em coming
ıyyy geliyoo
ıyyy geliyoo Month ago
Kyrie's crossovers and the others
I-10 Veteran
I-10 Veteran Month ago
Kyrie's handles are Filthy but Steph's handles are still Nasty! Who yall got Steph or Kyrie???? 🤔🤔🤔
AutoFOCUSED Month ago
The NBA's trolling us for putting that James Harden at number 2. lmao. The double step back. XD
Religion and Motivation
Religion and Motivation Month ago
NBA top 10 Most Humiliant CrossOver Ever....Amazing videos
Religion and Motivation
Religion and Motivation Month ago
NBA top 10 Most Humiliant CrossOver Ever....Amazing videos
adedoyin ogooluwa
adedoyin ogooluwa Month ago
No one I mean no one does it better than Kyle Lrving.
bills4th Month ago
Stephenson's being 93 is an absolute travesty. That's easily a top 10 of the decade. That Iggy cross could have easily been #1
MisterG 123
MisterG 123 Month ago
how is stephenson's crossover only 96??
MIO MIKE Month ago
24:00 Minutes In Honors Of Kobe Rip💯🖤
TheDefaultPro [Geometry Dash] // GachaDudeYT
TheDefaultPro [Geometry Dash] // GachaDudeYT Month ago
kyrie irvings should be d n0 1..
Deriane Sims
Deriane Sims Month ago
Bruh 90% of these are push-offs and attempted charging fouls
Lucas Month ago
Why 2:32 isnt a foul of kyrie in attack?
Joanne Valentin
Joanne Valentin Month ago
Kyrie Irving is the best
d winston
d winston Month ago
#93 should b in the top 20.
Fotosynthesis858 Month ago
James Harden: The king of TRAVELING 👎🏾👎🏾
Lactic Month ago
92 DESERVED BETTER REACTION!!! Nba commentators whack 😠
Bek0216 beksultan
Bek0216 beksultan Month ago
where is allen iverson?
Joel Harris
Joel Harris Month ago
I made a video on how to cross guys up if you're feeling it!
nikko sanchez
nikko sanchez Month ago
where's durant crossover against giannis?
j k
j k Month ago
None of them as good as Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway
Beagle 2k
Beagle 2k Month ago
Who in the hell ranks these????
Ghost Ghost
Ghost Ghost Month ago
Damn Steph be cooking Chris Paul no wonder he hates him.
OJ Simpson
OJ Simpson 2 months ago
Damn I almost forgot how cold joe Johnson is🥶