Jennifer Hudson Sings Aretha Franklin's "Aint No Way"

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4 months ago

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Jennifer Hudson Sings Aretha Franklin's "Aint No Way."
Jennifer Hudson is set to play Aretha Franklin in a upcoming Biopic "Respect" of the late great soul singer along with other cast such as Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans and more. The film is set to be released April of 2020.
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Jenelle Griles
Jenelle Griles 9 hours ago
I don't know about yall but I get goosebumps every time I hear her sing like this! Love you JHud muah!
Treava M
Treava M 10 hours ago
Did he just let his pants down?
yagamy ed
yagamy ed Day ago
Essa mulher é um monstro da música. Respeito e admiração.
Serra Andre
Serra Andre 2 hours ago
BAWS STUDIO 2 days ago
Yessss! Sing it! Amazing voice.
Troy Blake
Troy Blake 2 days ago
Somebody please pass the olive oil. Marlon done lost his damn mind 😂🤣😂🤣 SAAANG Jennifer
Erica Alexander
Erica Alexander 3 days ago
No Auto tunes just real music I love it 💞💞💞💞 it gave me chills. Her range is amazing
J Stephen
J Stephen 3 days ago
Singing has really declined. 50 years later and no one even comes close to Aretha nor her background singer Cissy Houston. NOT EVEN CLOSE...
Alex 3 days ago
Love them
WesGriffin 4 days ago
Aretha's 1st choice to play her was Halle Berry but Halle humbly and gracefully declined by telling Aretha inasmuch as she is beyond flattered, honored, flabbergasted for even being considered - even if she gave Everything within her, she could not bring the magnitude of honor and respect the role deserved. "And Auntee, I can't even sing ! You need somebody that can not only Act - but can sang they butt off ! " Enter : Jennifer Hudson. JHud is definitely going to win all kinda awards for the Movie itself - And - for Her performance. JHud us on her way to the stars because this is going to be a stellar performance (like Jamie Fox did with Ray). Who's directing/producing Aretha's movie. I know she controlled and hand picked everything and everybody. I've always liked Spike Lee's productions .... (to me) he is phenomenal in capturing the spirit and atmosphere of an transporting you back in time. You feel like you Right there! Spike and Robert Townsend need to get on the bandwagon of producing biopic movies.
Regina Martin
Regina Martin 5 days ago
"We have to put Marlon in a home" OMG I'm dying lmao
Regina Martin
Regina Martin 5 days ago
Who's the badass backup singer who just throws out that note like it aint not thang??? Jennifer is as always, flawless & inspirational with every song that she sings
Simphiwe Hlatshwayo
Simphiwe Hlatshwayo 6 days ago
the guy took out his trousers and said aint no fuckin way felt him
Javon7 7 days ago
The piano player!!!! give him his props! Marlon completely fucked up the vive.. swear to god!
Kaliah Ledbetter
Kaliah Ledbetter 7 days ago
Damn she brought a tear to my eye.... Gone girl
Debra Turner
Debra Turner 7 days ago
lucas reis
lucas reis 8 days ago
Omg Marlon killed me !!hahahahahahahah
jay dior
jay dior 8 days ago
look at marlon inna back😂😂🤣, i’m crying.. he so stupid 😂😂
lamont debro
lamont debro 11 days ago
Damn if her and Fantasia two of the baddest females out there singing! To me they got Beyoncé beat by miles
gerald tyus
gerald tyus 12 days ago
That background Lady is admirable, yet Cissy Houston pulled the plug on that note. She is still incomparable, Miss Cissy worked that background. These young girls just don't have the lung power. I applaud the effort.
Michelle Biland
Michelle Biland 14 days ago
This is a tough as song to sing. They were all AMAZING 😙😙😙😚😚😚
Arii Benton
Arii Benton 14 days ago
Marlon is so enthralled with her!! I love it! Sang Jenn sang QUEEN!
Huawei Red
Huawei Red 16 days ago
Poor Jennifer, she is getting fat again.
Trudi Harper Hill
Trudi Harper Hill 16 days ago
Yall crazy!!!! What’s the address, I got the potata salad. LOL
Rick Rikkardo
Rick Rikkardo 16 days ago
Ladies and Gentlemen, amd this is why Jennifer Hudson is the Queen ! Does Not Need Autotune. She can sing from A to Z and anything in between.
TMM TDM 17 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ... The House Deeewn!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Yaneli Moreno
Yaneli Moreno 17 days ago
Maravilloso saludos desde🇲🇽
sirin. n
sirin. n 17 days ago
B T 18 days ago
Hudson is an incredible musician. Not one of Marlon's better moments.
Angel Worlds
Angel Worlds 20 days ago
She' s wonderful Marlon"s stupid.
Journey to Selflove
Journey to Selflove 20 days ago
Rebecca Yearian Welsh
Rebecca Yearian Welsh 21 day ago
Michi Foreman
Michi Foreman 21 day ago
her butt is way too flat for those pants ,the Wayans Brother definantly wants to hit! hopefully she will sound more like Aretha in the movie
Joseph Bologne
Joseph Bologne 22 days ago
I heard of blowing socks off, but she blew homeboy's pants off.
Solitary confirmed Shitzophrenic
Solitary confirmed Shitzophrenic 22 days ago
The guy in the tracksuit is a fucken childish fool,see what money 💰 does to these fucken idiots
Tradairius Kirby
Tradairius Kirby 23 days ago
2:46 That Belted C6 Tho!
john tripp
john tripp 24 days ago
Shivers down my backbone and hairs up on my neck. Wow
David Perry
David Perry 24 days ago
0:08 lol why he looked back like that im rollingggg
Harshit Soni
Harshit Soni 24 days ago
Is it wierd if I ship Jennifer and Marlon lol ?
Rondell R
Rondell R 24 days ago
Do you got to know how to sing the hang on these circles.
Kiko Mathis
Kiko Mathis 25 days ago
Jennifer does no wrong, I'm a groupie...
c f
c f 25 days ago
Jennifer can sing but she certainly ain't Aretha Franklin.
jaysean pearson
jaysean pearson 26 days ago
Marlon Wayne is crazy!!! 🤣🤣🤣 2:58
Intuition Goddess
Intuition Goddess 26 days ago
Oh my god. So perfect.
Bess Lee
Bess Lee 27 days ago
The woman sitting on the side in black voice is phenomenal.
NumChuck Lee
NumChuck Lee 27 days ago
Keysh Bell.
Keysh Bell. 27 days ago
The end when Marlon dropped his sweatpants🤣🤣 I was deaddddd
Sister Judah
Sister Judah 27 days ago
Peggy Cornute
Peggy Cornute 27 days ago
That boy crazy!!!!!
Liam Base Jr
Liam Base Jr 28 days ago
Them tights, though. This is why i prefer THICCCCCCCC
donna hookem
donna hookem 28 days ago
Your time is done !
Mel B
Mel B 28 days ago
Marlon is still the same fool! Chelsea represents!!!!
Cindy Rolle
Cindy Rolle 28 days ago
Yes Jennifer, yes!
Alberto Junior
Alberto Junior 29 days ago
Que amor!
Ladislau Gomes
Ladislau Gomes 29 days ago
Sing it sister
Dwight Love
Dwight Love Month ago
Just think Simon Cowell told this woman she didn't have the talent to be a professional singer now she is going to play one of the most iconic singers of all time.
Dominic Davies
Dominic Davies Month ago
The lady in the back kinda looks like Aretha...
Sheila Dodds
Sheila Dodds Month ago
I love you Jennifer Hudson from BC Canada
shallom jay
shallom jay Month ago
Her voice just sounds ugly,. I wished she could sound pretty like whitney, tamia, beyonce and etc. She has this extra dramatic tone the type you never want to put on repeat.
siegeaye Month ago
Wow...Marlon ruined it!
siegeaye Month ago
That high note that the bv does...I would be shitting my pants just to get that one note right!!
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