D&D Story: The Hero Of Parnast (Part 1)

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

Welcome back for another story from my Dungeons and Dragons game! The players took a job in a rural town of Parnast and were forced to take along a kid who does nothing but get into trouble and hinder them. Enjoy!
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Ben Murillo
Ben Murillo 12 days ago
So essentially morty from Rick and morty was sent with the players.....lmao!!
Sploderguy35 19 days ago
Wallace deserved so much better
shadowrex03 21 day ago
I want this module
Roxanne Clark
Roxanne Clark 24 days ago
I must have watched these two videos through 10 times at least and so I added Wallace into my campaign knowing that they were new players and wouldn't have seen the video or played the module. He went with them to hunt an Ettin. I worked wonderfully - they really hated him (and pickpocketed his copper penny) and several of them vowed to do him in if they were ever to go through Parnast again. In the next town they did a major module and at the end of it, when they mentioned that they were going to have to travel back through Parnast a trusted NPC was in awe that they knew Wallace - he was the hero of Parnast because he was such a brilliant artificer and had turned the finances of the whole town around with his Workshop of Wonders. He was the inventor of the luck candy that they had been using. He has now become a major NPC from whom they commission snacky kit like flying brooms and smoking bottles and then come back again. Such fun.
powerist Month ago
Hilariously, I ended with Wallace who managed to pull his weight due to his rolls being lucky.
Yooran Month ago
I want to feel bad for Wallace having to give back the penny..., but I don't
Michael Arthurs
Michael Arthurs Month ago
Why does he sound and act like morty
Daniel Bazinga
Daniel Bazinga Month ago
I only just now realised Puffin Forest's humour is just Rick and Morty
Gho5tRUN3R Month ago
See the thing with making a good npc is that they have to be useful or interesting enough for the party to care about. One of my players acquired a bar and so attracted a follower in the form of a sage. Only she was still going to school and was working at the bar part time to pay for tuition. The party really liked her because she wasn't strong, but she was sarcastic, unphased by their weirdness, and super knowledgeable in history and religion. Anytime they felt over their heads in lore, they could turn to her to get an answer or at least several plausible ideas of an answer. When the young sage got kidnapped because of an affair she had been having with some noble, the party were super invested in getting her back. They skipped out on their main quest, just to make sure their sage was alright.
LetsPlayCrazy Month ago
Sooo... am I correct in thinking that the part with the trapping of wallace is also coincidentally the same story as it was with abserd, where they willingly gave abserd to the kidnapper? :D
Mason Wheeler
Mason Wheeler Month ago
🎶 Why we all love him 🎶 ain't hard to explain! 🎶 The hero of Parnast, 🎶 the man they call... Wallace!
Rebel Buffoon
Rebel Buffoon Month ago
Not gonna lie it kinda shows a DM in a bad light if he can’t improvise around their choice of not wanting to take the NPC with them.
Fab Elger
Fab Elger Month ago
WE are a party...WE not you! Me: uuuhhm NO...youre NOT a party....you are a COUPLE! NOT a party...
Myth Wrighter
Myth Wrighter Month ago
im just surprised no one flat out killed him
Joshon Bradford
Joshon Bradford Month ago
Wallace sounds like a useless morty
Rhyzvanic Month ago
Never write INTO the module an NPC that upstages the players. NEVER!
Prasatorr 2 months ago
And that there stag is my DEER friend! Yea I know my puns are terrible. I hope it's not much of a PUNishment reading it.
Richard James
Richard James 2 months ago
So if the module told you to jump off a cliff, would you?
Trüffeltroll 666
Trüffeltroll 666 2 months ago
Wallace and Shaggy are the same person
that one Guy
that one Guy 2 months ago
is this from the campaign 'parnast under seige?'
sparky 2
sparky 2 2 months ago
The kid reminds me of Morty early on in the show Rick and Morty
Александр Майданов
Александр Майданов 2 months ago
I literally played the same module couple of weeks ago. My players decided make giant hyena into a guardian that Wallace now takes care of. After that story I am not sure how Wallace wouldn't turn into a good chow for a big bad. Also for those who wondering it's DDAL 05-04. Enjoy!
ITS Computers LLC
ITS Computers LLC 2 months ago
And this is where you dig a hole and bury the forced tag along npc asap.
Robo T.
Robo T. 3 months ago
Thank you NanoBreakEX The Leet Stright Orange Oracle for the english captions.
Tom Swain
Tom Swain 3 months ago
Wallace: *gets captured* Fairy: do you want to see this poor child hurt? Everyone In the party: the law requires that I say no
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 3 months ago
When you really need to annoy the hell out of the players or punish them somehow, saddling them with an annoying, useless NPC works *way* better than anything else. Including killing them.
Grigori 3 months ago
What is the name of this module because my players have been getting uppity lately and I need to troll them
Spencer MacDougall
Spencer MacDougall 3 months ago
What module was this from?
Benjamin Armitage
Benjamin Armitage 3 months ago
Fuck Wallace
Markis Miller
Markis Miller 3 months ago
Keep it up puffin you rock man. Cant believe I've been watching almost a year now. Been lots of fun adventures and storys. Thanks a ton!
WINK EXCEL 3 months ago
If this was my group Wallace would be dead the second the group left town
jesternario 3 months ago
Finally found this particular adventure. It’s called Uninvited Guests.
Arbiters Kiss
Arbiters Kiss 3 months ago
My Party was to play Tyranny of Dragons, and Parnast was an available town to see/visit. I hoped the DM would run us by them and we would meet Wallace, and I would be ready. I was going to play a Dragonborn Paladin lady, I planned on befriending Little Wallace as if he were a little favorite brother, and if he were old enough, befriend him like a favorite little brother...in an anime.
Emperor Kraglint
Emperor Kraglint 3 months ago
Is this a lagit published adventure? It feels horribly written if all it does is force a kid into the players hands
Carbon 4 months ago
I cant help but to feel bad for him
Luke Manthey
Luke Manthey 4 months ago
What module is this
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
Tala Mayari
Tala Mayari 4 months ago
This story is so familiar.... Oh yea! I played this with my AL group and I hate this little kid's guts.
Bartek Skocki
Bartek Skocki 4 months ago
I just feel bad
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind 4 months ago
Parnast was my store's go to for when they didn't have anything else. I hate Wallace with every fiber of my being.
gacha jax
gacha jax 4 months ago
the kid sounds like morty from rick and morty
Ulysses 1865
Ulysses 1865 4 months ago
What module is this? I need to know.
Ulysses 1865
Ulysses 1865 4 months ago
haywoodyoudome tried it didn’t work
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
Tizzandor 4 months ago
the Story is DDAL05-03 Uninvited Guests on AL I have run it for a first level party, some of them first ever players, yesterday
I’mArtistic 4 months ago
What module was this
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
Bethan Bennett
Bethan Bennett 5 months ago
Kid sounds like Morty
VoxlKnight 5 months ago
Technically, eating a Teifling isnt cannibalism...neither is eating an elf...Immoral? Yes! Cannibalism? No!
Blake Wilson-smith
Blake Wilson-smith 5 months ago
i want wallace to be the next bbeg
Gondorf5 5 months ago
Just so everyone knows, this module just dropped today on the DM's Guild FOR FREE. FOR. FREE.
T megawool
T megawool 5 months ago
I want Wallace to become the villain at the end of the campaign
Brooke Lee
Brooke Lee 5 months ago
What module?
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
Sozin Tallus
Sozin Tallus 5 months ago
Should Ben have a son he should be named Wallace.
Alexander Mueller
Alexander Mueller 5 months ago
I got done playing this campaign a week ago and I find it funny that Wallace is actually described as a 19 old muscle man.
skinnypitt 6 months ago
I sorta feel bad for Wallace
EvanPlaysPc 6 months ago
I always find it hilarious how many of Ben's characters just straight up sound like and have the mannerisms of Morty from Rick and morty lol
That_Guacamoly_Guy 6 months ago
This hurts
matthew willcox
matthew willcox 6 months ago
I don't mind u, u seem cool, but I hate dm's like u, 'the module doesn't say you can leave him so you're taking him' yes you've just made the single greatest role playing game where you're free to do whatever you want, unable to make their own decisions
Hektor & the Queen
Hektor & the Queen 6 months ago
I don’t get why they hated him so much. Okay. Escort missions are fucking annoying but that was a little bit harsh.
Jake B
Jake B 6 months ago
Not even playing and I wanna shank Wallace like a rogue
aspektx 6 months ago
The name of the hero of Parnast? Morty Smith.
Trolled_ You_So
Trolled_ You_So 6 months ago
What was the actual name - module number of the module that was run. I have some Parnast mods but not this one.
Cruzwindu777 DEfFSFF
Cruzwindu777 DEfFSFF 6 months ago
The name of the Modulo is Uninvited Guests for 5th edition.
Mackenzie Dillon
Mackenzie Dillon 7 months ago
Whole party: just straight up abuse an innocent child with no ill-intent Wallace: "You're warming up to me"
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 7 months ago
For those curious Hoard of the Dragon Queen is the only official module Parnast shows up in. However, the content he's talking about is likely a home brewed module.
Zink Hero of Youtube
Zink Hero of Youtube 7 months ago
What the players were actually doing when they let Wallace get beat was seeing if the dm would let Wallace die
Steven Shopsis
Steven Shopsis 7 months ago
Poor little Wales but he had a good ending
Brianmc 503
Brianmc 503 7 months ago
dormagio 7 months ago
USshow has looped between this video and part 2 3 times already.
Christian Jacobs
Christian Jacobs 7 months ago
what module was this?
Korean Baby Gaming
Korean Baby Gaming 7 months ago
Poor Wallace😪
Vince Stewart
Vince Stewart 7 months ago
Villager: *is very kind, and friendly* Party: "These guys are clearly cannibals" XD
Edward Armstrong
Edward Armstrong 18 days ago
Workers are very precious in a society that's like 98% manual labor, the only way I'd buy a cannibal village in D&D would be if the whole nation was dealing with drought for the past 2-3 years or if they lived in a frozen tundra where grain didn't grow.
Dungeons, Dragons, And Dumb Stupid Idiots
Dungeons, Dragons, And Dumb Stupid Idiots 7 months ago
And that’s the story of who Ben commuted the most egregious sin of using a dmpc
Robert Stull
Robert Stull 7 months ago
How are these characters not evil?
Hercule Satan
Hercule Satan 7 months ago
Wallace is the Ice Age baby of this campaign.
maximo caseres
maximo caseres 7 months ago
Dm: No, you have to take this anoying npc. Me, the chaotic neutral rogue: Alright, I'm just gonna kill him as soon as we step into the forest.
failmuffin69 7 months ago
My party solves all npc child problems by giving them fire
B. W.
B. W. 8 months ago
Were these players evil or something? Sheesh!!!
Boade Gillies
Boade Gillies 8 months ago
So i played Uninvited Guests today, which is the adventurer's league module in the video, and playing as a wizard, with super high perception i was the only one who saw Wallace, and proceeded to go up to him and cast invisibility. Then on his first attack he got a crit with his bow doing a shit ton of damage. He did get instantly killed by a boar later in the module
story toons
story toons 8 months ago
#justice for Wallis
Guess What Animation
Guess What Animation 8 months ago
Wallace looks so much like a friend of mine. The voice, the clothes and right down to the hair. The only difference is, he's 6'5 and 300lbs.
Quetzal Coatl
Quetzal Coatl 8 months ago
Its morty
lizardprotector 8 months ago
You really shouldn't TRY to annoy your players. EVERYONE is supposed to have fun. You were the dm. You COULD have found a way to make Wallace useful.
Nathan Raimi
Nathan Raimi 8 months ago
What module was this?
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
Heath Falkenrath
Heath Falkenrath 8 months ago
I would have had the party run out of town or arrested for cruelty and being villains
Dinoboy_Games 8 months ago
4:21 nice pun
Loop Loop
Loop Loop 8 months ago
Dream Team Idea: Abserd Wallace And Whimsy The Aboleth
Gunner Bradley
Gunner Bradley 9 months ago
Why does Wallace remind me of Morty....
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 9 months ago
I just like to imagine the guy who thought the village was made of cannibals was looking at everyone after the 'adventure' and just saying: "I-I'm gonna be honest guys. I'd rather be getting eaten by a village of cannibals right now..."
Chocobo0Scribe 9 months ago
If I had been part of this module I think my rogue would have initially tried to show Wallace the ropes so he could at least look after himself, then she would have total sanity slippage and sell him out to the fey prince.
Ben Siener
Ben Siener 9 months ago
Wallis being held hostage by the trees... usshow.info/watch/m5gGVOERXss/video.html
shadowrex03 9 months ago
what module is this from?
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
Pi 9 months ago
Good thing my red Half-Dragon wasn't there...
The Triptastic Team
The Triptastic Team 9 months ago
Your group is full of sociopaths bruh
Orion Blevins
Orion Blevins 9 months ago
What module is this? It sounds interesting and funny enough.
haywoodyoudome 4 months ago
I wonder what would happen if you put "The Hero Of Parnast module" into the Google.....
T M 9 months ago
Out of curiosity, to anyone who has played this module, is Wallace naturally annoying or is it like depending on how he's played? Lol
Rn Spurgn
Rn Spurgn 9 months ago
Wallace is essentially Goombario from Paper Mario
maxum Gaming
maxum Gaming 9 months ago
DEER froend
Scarrim Gamer
Scarrim Gamer 9 months ago
I'v Played This Module!!!!! I had an argument with Thornations........ he slapped me. and when i played it wallace was a 16 year old and he got laid after coming back from hunting
morimajo 9 months ago
My adventure league group did this one today, it was so fun to do all of this stuff and no matter how much we tried and how useless he was our gm wouldn't let wallace be killed and he got all of the credit.
Markaroney 9 months ago
I played this adventure in Adventures League, it was just one adventure and not part of a module. Though it was very much the same. Including how unless Wallace is. And I also thought the town might be cannibals at first.
Story-Teller BJFultz
Story-Teller BJFultz 9 months ago
"Dawson. Please show them we mean business." (Tree hits Little Wallace.) PUFFIN FOREST DOES NOT ENDORSE CHILD ABUSE...FOR ANYONE ELSE. HERE, THOUGH, IT IS HILARIOUS.
Captain Crash
Captain Crash 9 months ago
That is quite the broken arm ya got there
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