Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Free Winter Update - Nintendo Switch

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6 days ago

New seasonal events, Reactions, hairstyles, save data transfer, and more! Get ready to celebrate the heartwarming holiday festivities with the free Winter update, coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on November 19! Learn more:
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Gaming With Alex and Dylann
Gaming With Alex and Dylann 14 minutes ago
everyone:WE CAN SIT me: yay toy day
Bunny2003lover AJ
Bunny2003lover AJ 45 minutes ago
I got the 2 new items when I updated the game and it鈥檚 so good thank you Nintendo
*. krissy .*
*. krissy .* Hour ago
Am I the only one more excited about the emotes then anything else?
Noctiphilia Hour ago
Sure, we can do the same animations they can. But I wanna eat the food they do. 馃槱
Toadas Hour ago
why its a toy day ,why not christmas?
DaNarie Hodges
DaNarie Hodges Hour ago
how much does it coast to play it
Juana Perez
Juana Perez Hour ago
fnaf World in ultra smash bros
PepsiCola JohnDave5live
PepsiCola JohnDave5live 2 hours ago
1:28 I like the idea that this is AC's version of someone who is albino so cute
Sebastian Buciu
Sebastian Buciu 2 hours ago
Just coming back here for the trailer vibes, dont mind me.
z e n s . g a r d e n
z e n s . g a r d e n 2 hours ago
Guess I鈥檓 missing all these new events because I have to spend time with my family 馃槏鉁岋笍 and I can鈥檛 even travel back to the day because it was wemoved 馃ズ馃憠馃憟
donpro15 3 hours ago
I love the Hip Hop thing whatever it's called I love it
Liam Werner
Liam Werner 3 hours ago
Are holidays permanent additions to the game? I鈥檓 really confused. I know that the console needs to be connected to the internet to trigger them the first time but does that need to happen every time after that? Basically what I鈥檓 saying is will new horizons no longer have holidays when switch support dies?
TomboyVR 5 hours ago
Literally the hairstyles were why my husband and I had mixed feelings about the game. He's bald and I have a fro. This is beautiful.
Doodling Hitman
Doodling Hitman 9 hours ago
people seriously are easy to please if they get excited about sitting down. no wonder they don't put in actual effort to make this game fun. it's not needed
Ry岽纱岽嶀磤蕗瑟岽忈磩岽忊富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富 12 minutes ago
i feel like people are being ironic about that, or maybe some people really don鈥檛 like tiny things like that. for me personally though this game is significantly worse than new leaf, but i just can鈥檛 put my finger on it. it just doesn鈥檛 have the same charm
AstrixZ 10 hours ago
Typhoon Lex
Typhoon Lex 11 hours ago
1:09 nah that isn't in the game. The work out animation is the one that tom nook and isabelle use. Not this
ShanonGallaFoe 12 hours ago
2 more years and the game will be released 100% good update, still waiting for tortimer island
NintCondition 12 hours ago
Nintendo, I鈥檓 really glad you expanded storage but please give the option to further expand storage even more. Seems crazy but I鈥檓 almost at 2400 already 馃槼
鈥ild bear鈥
鈥ild bear鈥 12 hours ago
Why cant we have long hair with no bangs i hope that would be in a future update
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 11 hours ago
Nintendo, will you ever release a new pokemon rumble game?
Valence 13 hours ago
I stopped playing months ago because you still can't craft in bulk.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 11 hours ago
Other Company : Here a paid event! With little to nothing for the game. Nintendo : Hold my console.
Kiykoy sensei Kowaliga
Kiykoy sensei Kowaliga 14 hours ago
OK so I can鈥檛 get the update but everyone else is getting the update
nono arnoob
nono arnoob 14 hours ago
We want the new update Make the character take a shower. And to play in garden games. And please do not let the weeds appear in the sand. It would be better if I could put the rug outside (outside the house) If you liked my comment please upload my comment by adding like. In order for the nintendo channel to see my comment
shams oman
shams oman 11 hours ago
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 14 hours ago
I honestly forgot about my animal crossing town and game until i saw this
Xin Jiang
Xin Jiang 14 hours ago
Finally can come back to my island as more storage available!
Alec Zinman
Alec Zinman 14 hours ago
Anyone else notice that the work out reaction you get is different then the one shown? My village does make those energetic moments, he just stretches his arms left and right.
Ducky Plays
Ducky Plays 14 hours ago
The work out one is a lie
Luke Price
Luke Price 14 hours ago
no they will do different routines if you just do the reaction and don鈥檛 touch anything for 60 seconds
Roene Mave
Roene Mave 16 hours ago
Now I feel bad for my Merengue because I replaced her with Rosie馃様
Julieta Luna
Julieta Luna 17 hours ago
I like how villagers are happy
Actrue 17 hours ago
Dead game
Luke Price
Luke Price 14 hours ago
say what? noooo
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 18 hours ago
how do we get the tents at 1:09 ?
Imposter Gaming
Imposter Gaming 18 hours ago
I watched this in .25 speed and the villagers talking is kind of understandable, i wonder if they did that on purpose
Time.W Thomas
Time.W Thomas 16 hours ago
It is The language that they speak is actually just the individuals syllables pronounced
Reeses Poofles
Reeses Poofles 18 hours ago
I鈥檓 wondering if more Christmas decor will be added, though?
Kevin Park
Kevin Park 19 hours ago
Thanks for more storage and sitting. Now let us go to the 4th level, craft things in bulk, give us more design slots, diagonal paths, diagonal stairs, ability to rotate furniture 45 degrees, villager update, ability to move town hall, and a better building moving mechanic.
{}Celeste{} 20 hours ago
Why y鈥檃ll gotta time lock it馃槶
senni bgon
senni bgon 22 hours ago
Other Company : Here a paid event! With little to nothing for the game. Nintendo : Hold my console.
Fifth Mangle
Fifth Mangle 22 hours ago
Nintendo, will you ever release a new pokemon rumble game?
Anika Plays Games
Anika Plays Games 22 hours ago
Nintendo I am so mad at you for doing that to Animal Crossing the new update that's up right now beginning I can't even play fix it now or I'm not happy at all
senni bgon
senni bgon 22 hours ago
I hca e a problem u make the day 26 Nov but that event isn't here why?
Angela Morales
Angela Morales 22 hours ago
This is really cool! I can't wait to play with the Christmas things during break! :D
Life With SieSie
Life With SieSie 23 hours ago
Nintendo: let鈥檚 release this trailer Fans: *before watching* BrEwStEr? Fans: *after watching* SITTING
Arturo Sergio0
Arturo Sergio0 23 hours ago
Yk this update is cool I鈥檓 a get to playing
lily kate
lily kate 23 hours ago
toy day? oof that鈥檚 sad ;-;
Jess Brownley
Jess Brownley 23 hours ago
Do these downloads happen automatically? Or do we have to find them somewhere?
NastyNails ru
NastyNails ru Day ago
Ich habe noch keine Updates bekommen
D.K. J.M.
D.K. J.M. Day ago
ily Day ago
wait is it just me who didn't get the update yet? it says November 19th- today's the 22nd-
ily 14 hours ago
@Life With SieSie it鈥檚 always been updated! I don鈥檛 have it
Life With SieSie
Life With SieSie 23 hours ago
You have to click + on top of the animal crossing application and click software updates if it says up to date then yours must have updated but if it doesn鈥檛 then your somehow glitched
that gay girl
that gay girl Day ago
Nintendo: we spent all year on turkey day, and toy day! fans: SCREW FRANKLIN WE CAN SIT NOW!
Richard McGill
Richard McGill Day ago
Phanto Day ago
Tha best part of this update is that you can now be bald
NTWRK Day ago
Cool space buns
Your local disappointment -
Your local disappointment - Day ago
I wish the toy day items where already here, I need to make my house Christmas with only one thanksgiving room.
Shiny furret
Shiny furret Day ago
Can you make it so we can change our names/island name
Nick Anhtuan Do
Nick Anhtuan Do Day ago
Teddy_bear Day ago
I hca e a problem u make the day 26 Nov but that event isn't here why?
Elsie Fay
Elsie Fay Day ago
why am I watching this when I don鈥檛 even have a Nintendo
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao 12 hours ago
CookieMan Day ago
Damn i wish i had a switch
Megan Haywood
Megan Haywood Day ago
@Nintendo HEEELP my island doesnt have the update and when i skipped to thanks giving day it didnt have franklin nooooooo
Francisco y Rayito Oficial
Francisco y Rayito Oficial 22 hours ago
I think is because the franklin day is in creation
Sanny Abygail
Sanny Abygail Day ago
Why is there people that have access to the new events and we don't??? Why do Nintendp let them have the new items when we can't even play the event??? Ban the people who cracked it. I see lots of people with the items and youtubers wtf??? Because I am not making content or publicity for Nintendo on you tube I can't have access to the event?? Biggest unfair thing ever in this game. Do something nintendo man!!! 馃槨馃が馃が馃が馃が馃が馃が
Baxi Tabaxi
Baxi Tabaxi 22 hours ago
They did they locked down time travel you cant do it now.
Azuzu Day ago
So uh, the day I got the customization workshop, it was the day before my town hall was gonna get upgraded. But I didn鈥檛 have time to craft the wardrobe and now I can鈥檛 customize even tho KK has arrived at my island. Is there anyway to solve this? Or do I have to restart my island?
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos Day ago
This is the BEST time of the year! AC is amazing 馃挄馃挄馃挄
Xien Han
Xien Han Day ago
YES STORAGE! my storage is full of iron and gold but I NEED MORE SPACE!
Venice Bringas
Venice Bringas Day ago
when will it end
yuranamo Day ago
We still not gonna be able to craft multiple fish bait I see
Evie Bond
Evie Bond Day ago
1.6k dislikes how dare they
Evie Bond
Evie Bond 6 hours ago
@Daniel Hao ok lol I already know
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao 12 hours ago
Turkey days(USA) - Thanksgiving days(Japan) Toy days(USA) - Christmas Eve(Japan)
Nyfurs_ VA
Nyfurs_ VA Day ago
Kay okay great update but... ... SAVE TRANSFER UPDATE? IM SO EXCITED!
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Day ago
When you sold all of your pumpkins: 馃憗馃挧馃憚馃挧馃憗
Francisco y Rayito Oficial
Francisco y Rayito Oficial 22 hours ago
I don't sell my pumpkins, they are in my big farm
MAZifrisc Day ago
Hello There
Hello There Day ago
I forgot how much the Turkey Day music slapped
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Day ago
More slots in custom design please!!!!!
Empirrean !
Empirrean ! Day ago
*starts to workout dance aggressively*
Cathy Grandstaff
Cathy Grandstaff Day ago
Oh thank god, more storage! Also loving the new hair styles, I know that twin puffs style is one that I鈥檝e seen requested a lot. And I love the Christmas lights! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because of the decorations so I am super excited. If I could be a little selfish and make a request of my own: could we get ear accessories at some point, like the earrings we鈥檝e been getting in Pocket Camp or pointed ears for those of us who want to make a demon, elf or Vulcan character for our town? Please and thanks! Also, one thing I have always wanted for Animal Crossing is a photo album, you could put the animal photos you get in it and just like the music player you could go in and look at them or take them out, maybe even program it to display a specific photo or a photo at random. It would be a great thing for players like myself that like to collect the photos because there are rather a lot of them.
Nikki Day ago
I hope they add hijabs someday. That would be so cool
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao 12 hours ago
It better to add hijab in America version.
閬婃埐宄诲槈 Bacon Hair Gamer
閬婃埐宄诲槈 Bacon Hair Gamer Day ago
Pls nintendo open back the time travel pls
閬婃埐宄诲槈 Bacon Hair Gamer
閬婃埐宄诲槈 Bacon Hair Gamer Day ago
I want faster Christmas!!!
kysio Day ago
Wow finally new hairstyles :D i hope you guys add hijabs next :]
phr貌g Day ago
Still no Brewster 馃馃槱
Selina ctn
Selina ctn Day ago
I can't be the only one waiting for hanging bridges.... like they don't cross a river, they connect lands
Some Random Organism
Some Random Organism 20 hours ago
evelyn colins
evelyn colins Day ago
Dang it I don鈥檛 have any nook miles
Noah C Cornelius
Noah C Cornelius Day ago
Who else hasn鈥檛 picked up this game since May馃槄
Joseph zink
Joseph zink Day ago
Seen there was an update for save date transfer and got excited. Thought they finally got rid of the one island per user thing. I have two kids and I literally won鈥檛 buy the game until that happens. Not about to wake up to a burning village every morning.
benrod 1321
benrod 1321 Day ago
Yay exercise is real noe
Project SOUL
Project SOUL Day ago
I think everyone can literally agree we are *mega* hyped for different things for this update.
Nicole Watterson
Nicole Watterson Day ago
Please put Resetti back in a future update. I know he is in Rescue Service but it鈥檚 not the same. You can just make him optional like you did in New Leaf. I miss resetting on purpose just to make Resetti really mad馃槀
鞀堦皜_SUGA Day ago
Nintendo, if u see this please consider these things I mentioned below. 1. Make us can have several islands on 1 switch so we don't need to buy 1 more Nintendo Switch (Ik you guys are using this method to earn more money but its just bad). Sometimes sharing an island with another person is horrible because you need to make the island with the guy you share the island with. Like i hate my brother building random crap on my deck. 2. Make us move our Resident Services The resident services is a really huge (and the biggest) building in ACNH. It is so stupid that we cannot customize everything on our own, since the motto of this game is "Since you have nothing, you have everything" or something like that. If anyone sees this, thank you for listening to our (ACNH Fans) opinions.
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Day ago
More slots in custom design please!!!!!
Raven the Dragon
Raven the Dragon Day ago
The toy day song gave me so much serotonin
Mikey Hernandez
Mikey Hernandez Day ago
Another cool update idea for the later future would be an election update in which you and your villagers are allowed to participate in an island election, both you and a random villager of your would compete to become the president/ mayor of the island additionally you would get your own office similar to new leaf were you would be come the mayor of the town, even if you win the election you and the villager who had ran against you will not be mad at you for winning, in the update it would be possible for the villager to become the next mayor instead of you the election would be held in December unlike how in the real would it is held in November the purpose it to avoid confusion and actual political opinions to mix in the game I do think this would be a cool update that be launched in December 2021 if Nintendo were to listen to my idea.
Mikey Hernandez
Mikey Hernandez Day ago
I wish Nintendo would make an update in the later future which allows us to get jobs to make money at nooks cranny, able sisters, brooster鈥檚 cafe(also later update) town hall as well as the museum, at the museum you would receive many tasks that had to do with taking care of the exhibits because of this they would have to add in some new mechanics such as algae getting on the aquariums glass, due to this you would be allowed to swim in the tanks especially the aquarium exhibit next to the reef exhibit, another task would be to feed the fish in the aquarium and exhibits, yet another task would be to examine the fish and find fish that are sick so the museum would aquire a new quarantine room to put sick fish of course you would be allowed to interact with the rest of the museum鈥檚 exhibits, I also wish that Nintendo could add an additional second new room for even more exhibits which would be meant for a whole new variety of sea mammals to other sea creatures, I think it also be cool if the museum could open up a new aviary area for us to store birds which we can find in the wild which would be an another part of the same update and of course they could add the facts to all the other exhibit signs like people have been asking for awhile, to be honest I think this would all be a cool little update if only Nintendo would listen to my idea as they listened to everyone else鈥檚 idea on having the other villager reactions so hopefully they do see my ideas.
Fudge Cookie
Fudge Cookie Day ago
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Day ago
I'm literally gonna start crying there starting to add more black hairstyles
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao 12 hours ago
That America for ya...
Willow Billow
Willow Billow Day ago
The Afro hairstyle is really fun to mess around with! I put on a bow and it was like 3 feet away from my head
Michael Cope
Michael Cope Day ago
should up able to upgrade bridges vs having to tear them down
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Day ago
Blue Light
Blue Light Day ago
Baxi Tabaxi
Baxi Tabaxi Day ago
It took 3 days but this became the racewar trashfire i said it would become. So to all the people who where telling me to "shut up". That it "will never happen" that "you are wrong." Despite the fact. That I quoted specific easily searched high profile incidents. From this fanbases hystory. In which exactly this kind of race based doxing and harassmennt has happened. Are you eating your words now? These new hairstyles have become such a controversial trashfire. That major channels like Someordanary gamers have picked up on it. I predicted it weeks in advance. I wish I could have been proven wrong but here we are.
chili pum
chili pum Day ago
The new reactions are so cute
Baxi Tabaxi
Baxi Tabaxi Day ago
yeah i didnt notice it at first but all of them are the npc only ones. We now have all of them expet the narutuo run.
Yuh Wut
Yuh Wut Day ago
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao 12 hours ago
Christmas - Toy days
Dylan Reyes
Dylan Reyes Day ago
Ella Preuss
Ella Preuss Day ago
Are we getting Ramadan and Hanukkah updates too? Feels only fair.
Guacaforggy :P
Guacaforggy :P Day ago
Get maple some food she hungry
Lily The Muggle
Lily The Muggle Day ago
I鈥檝e been sick so when i found out, i got super excited! Can鈥檛 wait to be a pest to my villagers and celebrate turkey day on turkey day. :))
Sabrina Muenyong
Sabrina Muenyong Day ago
we can be voldemort
Olan Rich
Olan Rich Day ago
Great updates! Although, I'm at Resident Services right now and I asked Tom Nook about expanding my storage and it didn't show it on there.
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