Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business

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8 days ago

Potato farmers in Idaho and Montana are destroying millions of potatoes. Restaurant closures because of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a glut, and now, billions of pounds of potatoes are stuck in the supply chain. It's caused unprecedented financial losses, food waste, and emotional turmoil for farmers whose livelihood depends on their crops.
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Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business

Trystelune 5 minutes ago
When you think the law prevent to give them for free , just to maintain the price of potatoes , it's really stupid .
Kareem Hosn
Kareem Hosn 17 minutes ago
I don’t get why they don’t donate them to homeless shelters or give them to hungry people. There are 24 million people starving in Yemen and this food is just getting thrown away. This is so sad.
Martini is a wino
Martini is a wino 25 minutes ago
Wait, you make alcohol from potatoes!!
Sivasai Manyapu
Sivasai Manyapu 2 hours ago
call mr beast to make the world's largest mashed potatoes or french fries
Pianoguy32 2 hours ago
Meanwhile in Yemen, millions of people on the verge of starvation....
Brooks Anderson
Brooks Anderson 3 hours ago
Why not jusst leave the potatoes in the ground and let them rot as organic fertilizer . It would save the farmers harvesting and disposal fees as well as fertilizer costs next growing season.
Kashaan Latif
Kashaan Latif 3 hours ago
Mr potato
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 4 hours ago
Ed, Edd n Eddy predicted this 🤔
NO HOMO 121 4 hours ago
Boring voice
Md Abir Al Rouf
Md Abir Al Rouf 4 hours ago
Instead of throwing them away why don't you just give these to the people who need it? I am sure this much potato would be enough to support a lot of poor hungry people.
R.J. Dunne
R.J. Dunne 4 hours ago
Also Potatoes can sit for a year and still be eaten.
R.J. Dunne
R.J. Dunne 4 hours ago
Maybe give them away.
eduardo torres
eduardo torres 4 hours ago
A lot of these comments aren't taking the red pill which is sad....search: *In Shadow* it's short animated film that show you all the answers.
T Mac
T Mac 4 hours ago
Most famines are caused by governments. This one will be no different.
Tong 5 hours ago
So they’re not donating these foods? They’re trashing them? Golly, please educate our farmers. There are people starving and in need of FOOD during this pandemic.
Girl Power
Girl Power 5 hours ago
No i love potatoes just ship them here
john doe
john doe 5 hours ago
This is what bad ppl look like.selfish
john doe
john doe 5 hours ago
john doe
john doe 5 hours ago
Could have fed a lot of homes less ppl
Munir Hadi
Munir Hadi 5 hours ago
They do the same with rice, wheat, barley etc. It is the capitalism, ladies and gentlemen .. a lot of agricultural crops means low selling price and low profits .. they don't care about the poor people .. they only care about money
Richy Valentine
Richy Valentine 6 hours ago
They dont have to be "stuck" with them all they have to do is sell at a cheaper rate rather than take a complete loss ... people are wicked and wicked to even themselves
Richy Valentine
Richy Valentine 6 hours ago
People are dying of hunger
bravery 30
bravery 30 6 hours ago
Oh no...not the potatoes!
安妮 Annie
安妮 Annie 7 hours ago
Can i have those potatoes to make tons of french fries
The Desi Vegan
The Desi Vegan 7 hours ago
Farmers refuse to donate them to the super market because throwing them away stands as evidence of getting bailed out by the government. Farmers are all selfish. We need to stop all farming subsidies. If a business cannot survive during a pandemic on its own grounds, then it doesn't deserve to exist any longer.
Bodhi Christos
Bodhi Christos 7 hours ago
maybe another potatoe famine coming?
Eric Fang
Eric Fang 7 hours ago
Make alcohol. Drink or sanitizer. What a waste. Irish and Russian are crying now.
HAZƏY FLOWƏRZ 7 hours ago
Geeze I'm thinking about fries now or tater tots 😫😫😫
FISH ON 8 hours ago
This is why I *NEVER* feel sorry for today's farmers, for any reason. Wealthiest welfare group in the U.S.
Vanaja ajith
Vanaja ajith 8 hours ago
Just ship them dumb dums ooohh I can't take this anymore
Al 8 hours ago
Ermm.... get the WHO to give it to Africa?
Angel-O 9 hours ago
Jermaine Crump
Jermaine Crump 9 hours ago
Where our sorry ass government in all this ? They should these farmers who are to do something decent other than the food in a hole...
vadiraj sreedhara
vadiraj sreedhara 9 hours ago
In one side of the world there will be wastage of foods vegetables etc Other side people die because of starvation There should be Global Supply chain organisation like UN, WHO etc
Jermaine Crump
Jermaine Crump 9 hours ago
Smh ... I'll put that shit on a truck and sell in every small town I can think of ... til I get to the big cities... what I'm saying is it's gotta be a better way i don't care which kind of potato there are ...
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 9 hours ago
Imagine in like 100 years someone starts to dig a hole and finds 1000 tons of potatoes.
Louis Angelucci
Louis Angelucci 9 hours ago
Couldn't they bury them back in the ground to fertilize the soil and grow new crops?
Alina Munir
Alina Munir 9 hours ago
Would have been better if they had put some money into transporting it to people who ned it, maybe to Africa
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 9 hours ago
Please supply to India. We will utilize. Don't waste potatoes
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio 10 hours ago
Irish is angy
hreaper 10 hours ago
Why not make an event or some sort and tell people to come to their farm for cheap potatoes.
Risper bevalyn
Risper bevalyn 10 hours ago
please donate them to the poor ....stop throwing food
Shiro 10 hours ago
they will regret it if they ran out of potatoes
Cancer 11 hours ago
It's the Irish famine all over again
rama rambo
rama rambo 11 hours ago
Throwing a food is sin.....why not export it or just donated it to the hungger?
ptman3 11 hours ago
And to think I had a VERY hard time finding any potato seed for my garden this year. Amazing. Next year, I'll use my own seed from this year.
Dave 11 hours ago
Another example of why crop restrictions, gov subsidies and centralized industrial farming is in many ways a big mistake in the long term. America needs a change in farming: Source redundancy and production methods such as local indoor hydroponic vegetable & fish growing operations at vacant malls and shopping centers might be a good start.
Franz Tv
Franz Tv 11 hours ago
Shemsu 11 hours ago
What about crop insurance?
Hayden Tjahyadikarta
Hayden Tjahyadikarta 11 hours ago
Why not use them to make waffle fries in Burger King?
satans donkey
satans donkey 12 hours ago
Farmers will get compensated by insurance, bailouts, price controls, whatever. So why would they sell at what the market will bear? That just lowers the price they get when demand comes back. Sadly, this is what happens when we allow government to be so entwined in the markets. We don't have a true free market. If we did, someone would buy up every last potato and find a way to profit from it.
varun jayadev
varun jayadev 12 hours ago
Please have three planes send to Africa... I am sure some authorities will be able to do something.... Since many third world countries are starving... It Is not right to throw them away.....
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 12 hours ago
Not been the same since Spud- u - Like went tits up.
Basement Berean
Basement Berean 12 hours ago
So, the Fed is buying corporate bonds but not these potatoes.
PRATHAP S 13 hours ago
Please supply to India. We will utilize. Don't waste potatoes
no post
no post 13 hours ago
Place an ad on the Internet, offering everyone to come over to your farm and fill up the trunk of your car with 100 pounds of potatoes for $10. You would have thousands of people driving there from all of the nearby states, and that 700 tons of potatoes would be sold in less than 4 days.
FreemonSandlewould 13 hours ago
This is what you get with a Central Banker / CIA color revolution. The corona hoax. Wait till you lefties finally understand. You're going to be crying and there will be no sympathy for you.
Orirawa 2
Orirawa 2 13 hours ago
Why don't just give it to people who need
R B 13 hours ago
Holodomor Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
Ejiogu Princewill
Ejiogu Princewill 13 hours ago
Mehn send it down to Nigeria we need it
aditya sawant
aditya sawant 14 hours ago
Insted of throwing they could donate it to poor people oh homeless people
ledorf 14 hours ago
This could have been ALOT of vodka :(
Annette Grasso
Annette Grasso 14 hours ago
QuadQ 14 hours ago
Fina Ayu Wardani
Fina Ayu Wardani 15 hours ago
Tremendously sorry to watch this. Its total loss. I hope it can be processed somehow into something useful for all people includes the planters
Soldier 22
Soldier 22 15 hours ago
Is nobody watching this until the end. They are giving them away. So stop saying why not give them away.
Kassim Baba
Kassim Baba 15 hours ago
Remember to congratulate trump for making it even worse :D
Enrico 16 hours ago
Potato is quite expensive here in Indonesia and I really like fried potatoes.... I'm crying right now
Hendry Peng
Hendry Peng 16 hours ago
It's time to think to change some of the potatoes in to a frozen products?
blergh srsly duhh
blergh srsly duhh 16 hours ago
why are you taking my kinds... now I'm the only potato left...
Eccentrex 96
Eccentrex 96 16 hours ago
Donating all of the potatoes to potentially viable food shelters would be an excellent solution...not only will they not spend money on disposing them...they'll be fed to homeless/helpless people. Mass truckloads could be brought in by SOMEONE. WHO THAT SOMEONE IS...IDK
Nishant Patar
Nishant Patar 17 hours ago
Level of stupidity is high; here local peoples create their own goods and sale in market, last atleast you can turn this into food for animals or fertilizer.
Jose Rico
Jose Rico 17 hours ago
Couldn't we ask the government to help move those potatoes to say... my house so I can finally have a potato filled apartment. Something something starving kids.
siti khadijah
siti khadijah 17 hours ago
Why you not give potatoes to poor family and homeless? There are lot poor family and homeless in america.
Nandhuistically 17 hours ago
The fact that they even try to find other who could benefit from these potatoes was heart warming and sad. In the end much gotta be thrown away
Carl F
Carl F 17 hours ago
make vodka
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 18 hours ago
How could you people just throw it away! Potato is not just fries or chips! What idiocy!!!
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma 18 hours ago
Kuya Mo Cis
Kuya Mo Cis 18 hours ago
that's a lot of fries
Ishwar Y.S
Ishwar Y.S 18 hours ago
These potatoes could have been transported to other needy countries. There are many poor children in the world who are in immediate need of humanitarian assistance. Or it can be sold for cheaper rates to other countries.
Alfred McBride
Alfred McBride 19 hours ago
Sell direct to the public start a website
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