Clippers losing GM 7 to Nuggets is the 'biggest choke in NBA history' - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Month ago

The Denver Nuggets made NBA history last night becoming the first team to ever come back and win a series down 3-1 twice in the same postseason. Kawhi Leonard, who went 6 of 22 from the floor for 14 points, and the Los Angeles Clippers were left stunned as their championship aspirations were cut short of even a conference finals appearance. Paul George didn’t help matters with only 10 points on 4 of 16 shooting last night. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Nuggets' shocking upset.
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Clippers losing GM 7 to Nuggets is the 'biggest choke in NBA history' - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Month ago
Will the Nuggets win the championship this season?
La Toya Lee
La Toya Lee 3 hours ago
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson Day ago
Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντόπουλος
Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντόπουλος Month ago
Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντόπουλος
Κωνσταντίνος Κωνσταντόπουλος Month ago
@Esm S m m m. M. / / m m m m m. M m m mm m m m mm m. M m m mmmm m m. /. M mm m m m mm m m m. Μ μμ μ κ μ. Μ κ μ κ. Μ κ μ μμ μmm m m m m m. M m m m. M m m m. M m mm m m/ / m mm m m / mmm μ μμ μ. Μ. Μ μ μ κ μ/ μ μμ μ / / // m /. M m /m m /m// m. Mμμ/ μ / /μ/ μ μ κ /μμμμμμμ/ κ. Μ. /μμμμμμμ μ κ μ μμμ μ /μμ/μμμμμκμ μ κ μ /μμμμμμμμμμ κ μ μμμ μ. /μμμμμκμμμ /μμμμκμμμ / μ κ μ /μμμμμμμμμμμμμμμμ /. Μ /μκμμμμμμ/μ/μμμμμμμμμμ/μμ μ κ μ. /μμμμμμμμμμμμμμμμμμ μ κ μ κ mmmmmmmmm m.. /mmmmmmmmmmmmm/. M m m mmmmmmmmkmmmmμ μ κ. Μμμμκμμμμμκμμμ μ κ μ/. Μκμμκμμμμ/ μμ /μκμμμμμκμκμμμμ μ κ μ mmmkmmmmkmμμ μ μμμμμμμκμμμμμ. Μμμμmmmkmmmmmmm /mμμμκμμκμκμμμμ μμμ μ κ μ κ. Μ. Μμμμκμμμμμ μμ. Μμμμ. Μ. Μ κ. Μμμμμμκμ κ μ κ /μμμκμμμμμμμμ μ. Μμμμμμμμμμμ. Μμμμμμμμκμμμκμμκμ κ m. Μ. Μμ. Μκ. Μκμμμ. Μμμμμμμμμμ μ μμ μμκμμμκμκμκμμμ/μ κ. Μμμκμκμμκμκμκμμμμμμμ. Μ. Μμ μmmmmmmkmkmmkmmmk mm m. M m mmmmmm.. M. K.. Kmm m m m. Mmmmmmmmmkmmmmm m. Mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmkmm m mmmmmmmmmmmkmmm m. Mmmmmkm. Mmkmmk. Mmmm. Mmmmmmmmkmmkmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmm. M. Mmmmmkmkmmmmkmmmm. Mmmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmmm. K. Mkm. M....... Mm. Km mmmmm. M. Mkmk m... M. M. M. M........... K.... M. Mm... Mk....... M... Mm. .... ............ M. M.......... K.. Mmmmmm.. Mm. Mm... .... M. M. Mmm. K. K mmmmmmm. MN mmmkmmmmmmmmm. K. M.. Mm.. Mm.... K. Mm. Mmm k........ .... ... K... M m. Kmkmkm....... M........ .... .. M. Mm............. K... ... K.................... ............. ..... Kmmm. M. M. MN. .... M................. .. .............. Mm. Mm m. . M. M m.. Mmmmm. .... M....... M..................... M........ ............. M. Mmm. .. . M. M. . Kk.... .............. Mm. Mm. M.. Mm. M. M. M. Mmm. ... .... M.... M..... M. .. M. Mmnmmmmnm. M. ... ........ ........ ... ........ . ......... ................ .................... .... ....... .... ...... M... .. M. N.
Sahni Strickland
Sahni Strickland Month ago
Oh I love it
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez 2 hours ago
“1-2-3 CANCUN!” 😂😂😂
Vick LeBlanc
Vick LeBlanc 4 hours ago
Go Lakers champs
BIG ELL 8 hours ago
It's time for Skip to go. He's embarrassing. Shannon deserves better
Kenoi Hall
Kenoi Hall 10 hours ago
She should replace molly😂
William Gates
William Gates 12 hours ago
Skip keep trying to say the odds makers/vegas said clippers are the best team.....trying to make it seem like he never said it himself......its funny to see people back track.....its plenty footage of him saying clippers can and will win ......if they wouldve playes lakers they wouldve played good.....they always play the best against bron.....but they slept on every other team.....dallas took em to a game 7, denver took em to a game 7......they wouldve been gased if they made it to the lakers....but they wouldve been motivated enough to play good just to beat bron.....
Alex Carrillo
Alex Carrillo 13 hours ago
Hmmm maybe heat vs mavs in finals?? Or perhaps Lakers super old team in 2004??
Sean Don
Sean Don 14 hours ago
I always love coming back to watch this now and again 😂
Mark Yenko
Mark Yenko 15 hours ago
i like skip a lot....and im a lebron fan...
Papa Hombs
Papa Hombs 20 hours ago
18:09 shannon 😂
john gillians
john gillians 21 hour ago
This is late but Skip jumped ship months later and said Lue Will was supposed to be the closer and not his clutch player Kawhi?
Cw Johnson
Cw Johnson 22 hours ago
Skip there's this thing called video evidence oops😊😂
Cw Johnson
Cw Johnson 22 hours ago
I love my Warriors but the Clippers were over rated and the Lakers were mentally tougher than people thought I can't wait to beat the the Lakers 😂Warriors come out and play
Cw Johnson
Cw Johnson 9 hours ago
@arronnov I agree but the Warr Warriors are still the Warriors and people going to want to play for them too so it should be a good fight to the championship and that's not forget the clippers won't revenge the West is stacked and it's going to be full of fun let the best team win so far that's the Lakers but it don't mean it'll be the Lakers next year
arronnov 11 hours ago
@Cw Johnson The Lakers are the Lakers! Your going to be surprise who is going to want to play for them next year for less money. They are like the Yankee or Manchester United!
Cw Johnson
Cw Johnson 11 hours ago
@arronnov I agree with you but Warriors have no pressure on them Curry and Clay are healed and rested plus we were so bad last year we will be high up in the draft pick and we have enough cap space to add a big to our team that makes them a contender
arronnov 18 hours ago
You do realize, the Lakers will be better next season. Remember, when Kawhi played them along, knowing, he wasn't going to sign with the Lakers, the Lakers had 33 million dollars to spend. They missed out on other A list, B list and C list free agents. Lebron is Lebron. However, you forgetting AD, he was a monster before they won the title. He is something different now. He is monster who is a champion. He is entering his prime. If the Lakers bring back KCP, he will be better as champion and so on! The Lakers are going to bring in new pieces as well.
Keyronday Day ago
Why do ya'll got Skip on here.......
Keyronday Day ago
No SKIP WRONG AGAIN..............
Alex Sangabriel
Alex Sangabriel Day ago
Just Noticed did shannon most admit he had some loud on deck!? Lmao
Bxbowler Day ago
Dam Skip just straight LIED on National TV
Jerry Bell
Jerry Bell Day ago
Man Shannon didn't hold anything back
Mario Turkey
Mario Turkey Day ago
If I had one video to watch for the rest of my life this would be it XD
abdu o
abdu o Day ago
Here after month just relive this amazing moment
Karan Desai
Karan Desai Day ago
Lol IK a game where lebron scored 16 in the 4th and his legacy was saved by ray allen and Skip doesn’t wanna blame kawhi after scoring 2 points in the second half
xRaviing Day ago
it looks like Shay's sign says "Clippers choke D" i mean its not wrong lol
Eddie wilks
Eddie wilks Day ago
You’ve been covering the NBA SINCE 1976!!! And still have no clue about the actual game that’s shocking skip 1.4 points JV as a junior bayless... Hes a true imbecile and his prevalence says a lot about today’s media it is an absolute farce and a joke
Belro Yohannes
Belro Yohannes Day ago
Clippers are pure trash
Lynchpin Day ago
I come here once a week just to hear Shannon laugh at Skiuup
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Day ago
!! So he's bringing up lebron 2011 finals lost jus because the fingertoenailsclippers got exposed and choke 3-1 lead yeah Denver slayed that clippers dragon
Vincent Day ago
This is probably one of the GOAT segments on undisputed history
Ken Masana
Ken Masana Day ago
This never gets old. I think I've already watched this more than 10x. 🤣🤣
Miles Davis
Miles Davis Day ago
I just don't get why people believed in PG lmao. Kawhi was NEVER the best
Anthony Dixon
Anthony Dixon Day ago
Las Vegas was wrong about the clippers 🤣🤣🤣
daquan beamon
daquan beamon Day ago
It really is amazing when you have videos of someone lying like skip lol
Mikkel Knudsen
Mikkel Knudsen Day ago
How can Skip possible argue that Kawhi is a better player than Lebron? I dont get it....
dick heder
dick heder Day ago
skip its not kawhi leonard, its kwit leaonard, like how he quit on d spurs
Hey Jay
Hey Jay Day ago
Epic choke
Gustavo Marquez
Gustavo Marquez 2 days ago
You know Shannon speaking facts when skip says mhm lmao
Matthew Edmondson
Matthew Edmondson 2 days ago
Is Pat Bev still running around got everyone fooled like he really guarding everyone like their Steph Curry?🤣 Thats why Kawhi told Management get me a REAL POINT GUARD please!
Mantas G.
Mantas G. 2 days ago
Skip is a joke
Tevin Washington
Tevin Washington 2 days ago
How is the finals and 2nd round of the playoffs on the same level ?? Lol. Last I checked no one on the nuggets is on the same level as Dirk was.. stop it skip. 😂😂😂 the clippers are pure TRASH and Kawhi literally had that chip fall into his lap he didn’t have to work for it the warriors team literally deteriorated.. we all know the raptors won’t beating the warriors BEFORE all the injuries.
tobias frost8675
tobias frost8675 2 days ago
If lesuck did the same thing you wouldn't have said this, you idiots would of made up excuses for him
BrunO 2 days ago
Exactly , but he didnt so keep crying about the ifs, I wanna see tears now.
jack boyon
jack boyon 2 days ago
Pop is right he’s a good player but not a good leader!!
Robert Mcknight
Robert Mcknight 2 days ago
Lol skip b back paddling 😂😂😂
Spyda Jackson
Spyda Jackson 2 days ago
Hey Skip...this take is supposed to be about the Clippers FYI
jr norberte
jr norberte 2 days ago
I like how unc shay calling jokic " yolk " 🤣
eye ceeyou
eye ceeyou 2 days ago
Flippers have dolphins, not dogs, stop throwing nuggets in that make. We know flippers are no good for lakes, maybe am ocean, thats one of four large bodies of water kalie Leonard and rupaul George cant shoot a bball in it
J 3 days ago
Watching this after the lakers won the chip makes this video 10 times more entertaining 😅😅
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro 3 days ago
When does Shannon say "Is this your King?" I am rewatching just for that.
Travis Henderson
Travis Henderson 3 days ago
Kawhi choke and Skip brings up Lebron Heat vs Mavs in the title game
Yaddak Mela
Yaddak Mela 3 days ago
For those who still believe Kawhi is better than Lebron, just watch 2:00 to 3:16, and tell me if you still feel that way after watching and rewatching that segment.
The Mercy Seat
The Mercy Seat 3 days ago
Cancun Clippers 2nd round dynasty kings 🤴 🤣
theIntellect 3 days ago
Kawhi should have stayed in Toronto.
James Brown Jr VA II
James Brown Jr VA II 3 days ago
honestly youre right
Santiago Macahilas
Santiago Macahilas 3 days ago
Uuhhhhh Durant gagged Steph and Klay gagged so Kawhi is in good Company
JD 3 days ago
Please have Skip interview Mark Cuban again
james ganzy
james ganzy 3 days ago
Love how Skip can always find a way to talk trash about LeBron when he's not even the topic.
James Brown Jr VA II
James Brown Jr VA II 3 days ago
like Trump, he knows his fanbase.
Dexter Jones
Dexter Jones 3 days ago
Those bums bum bum bum bums. The clippers have never ever ever ever been to the Western conference finals. They got Doc Rivers fired. Some people thought Paul George was better than AD. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Man please.
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 3 days ago
Shay forgot Kd WCF steph klay draymond finals when the warriors blew 3-1
Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs
Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs 4 days ago
24:18 Ughhhh... Steph Curry?
j jones
j jones 4 days ago
Club Shay championship 🏆party 🎉 Lakers 2020 champs!
Rovin Enusban
Rovin Enusban 4 days ago
19:12 Did skip just said danuel house is a missing piece of the rockets ? 😂😂😂😂😂
LostBoyFound Finally
LostBoyFound Finally 4 days ago
I don't think that the Clippers losing Game 7 to the Nuggets is the biggest choke in NBA history I think the fact that the series went to 7 games is the biggest choke in NBA history
Westcoaststyling 4 days ago
Clippers & Raptors: we lost because of you Kawhi: 🤖
TheofficalARK 4 days ago
You know skip has nothing when he does the ummm sound 😂😂
L hinkle
L hinkle 4 days ago
Skip is trash and a hater,
memyself andi
memyself andi 4 days ago
Who's watching this after Lakers win it all!!
John Doe
John Doe 5 days ago
Im really starting to dislike skip just as much as he dislike lebron 🤔
Elvis Williams
Elvis Williams 5 days ago
After Lebron's amazing win, we don't know which Skip abhors the most. The GOAT, THE GLOAT AND NOW THE MOPE! 😎
Rasta Shaw
Rasta Shaw 5 days ago
Shannon is savage
Rasta Shaw
Rasta Shaw 5 days ago
“ Skip Bayless this is embarrassing “
TuanD 5 days ago
Rondo > George Paul 😂
hajjijannah 5 days ago
THAT CANNOT HAPPEN!!😂😂 Sharpe was in rrraaaarrreee form on this day
Eashoa 5 days ago
I literally fast forward when Skip talks.....
Christian Jarquin
Christian Jarquin 5 days ago
“mmm” “mmm” “mmm”
Rahsaan Dixon
Rahsaan Dixon 5 days ago
Who’s here after lakers won 😂😂😎😎
Brother James
Brother James 5 days ago
Why does Skip hate LeBron so much??😂😂😂
BOBBY BACLAND 5 days ago
You said it skip lying trump dog!
Tsunami Rob
Tsunami Rob 6 days ago
“Why are you doing terrible?”😂😂😂😂😂🪦🪦🪦🪦🪦
Beast Mode TV
Beast Mode TV 6 days ago
Walter J Najarro
Walter J Najarro 6 days ago
This is exactly why Leonard’s teammates have a problem with him. Way to many excuses and no one wants to take responsibility....except...wait for it....BLAME LEBRON LMAO. 😂
eadekolu 6 days ago
@3:26 this part will be an all-time favorite towards skip 😆😆😆😆☠️☠️☠️
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 6 days ago
This and the IT clips are the best Undisputed moments ever
Chris Bucci
Chris Bucci 6 days ago
So let's see kawhi wins 1 championship with an all time great team in the Spurs, where he wasn't the centerpiece and then he luck's his way into another with the luckiest shot ever from the corner. And he's gonna take L.A. from LeBron and the Lakers? Nope.
Ivaylo Todorov
Ivaylo Todorov 6 days ago
Never be so happy...only when I see Skip stupid face
BrunO 6 days ago
He said snoop sent me a lil sum
Benny C
Benny C 6 days ago
How was there ever a show when Shannon Sharpe wasn't on it? What a national treasure.
Prince Noctis
Prince Noctis 7 days ago
18:09 Shannon had enough 😂
Jiggsta Jflow
Jiggsta Jflow 7 days ago
Lol Laker's run LA. Clippers run away. They just don't have it
Bob Langford
Bob Langford 7 days ago
I agree that the Clippers are DAWGS. Dogs are submissive and obedient. The Nuggets said, “Sit...stay!” and the Clippers obeyed.
lipscovc 7 days ago
Skip talking fast and saying nothing.
Joshhieyify 7 days ago
Clippers losing like this and the Lakers winning is the only good thing about this year
Maui B
Maui B 7 days ago
Shannon = Preach. Skip = mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm.
Arjuna Bazaz
Arjuna Bazaz 7 days ago
Shannon wrecked Skip when he said the Rockets also went 7/9 from 3 and then Skip was like, “Daniel House blah blah”
Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson 7 days ago
"Yoke" 🤣
Haeroldrotche Bravo
Haeroldrotche Bravo 7 days ago
Skip Bayless really hates Lebron James. Hahaha
TeamStorminNorman 7 days ago
The video I was watching before this was of Stephen A using the same argument of leading the team in 5 different categories for LBJ in the 2016 NBA finals (although LBJ lead both teams in 5 different categories) and skip basically denied it n said LBJ wasn't even deserving of the finals MVP. Now I come to this video and I see Skip making that same argument for Kawhi leading his team in 5 different categories to make the situation lighter for Kawhi, when he choked a 3-1 lead to a team they were supposed to beat😂😂. LBJ came back from a 3-1 deficit on the team that the Cavs had no business beating💀. Skip is the definition of a contrarian, but he'll deny it if you told him this. He sees what he wants to see.
Rich Baby
Rich Baby 8 days ago
D O 8 days ago
Dinie Fadhil
Dinie Fadhil 8 days ago
That "how u doing skip" hit different
Don Cornett
Don Cornett 8 days ago
9:44 "Say it again witcha chest out!" Shannon kills me🤣🤣🤣
carterthee3rd 8 days ago
14:15 he led this team in this, he led this team in that... I know someone else in LA that led his team to a damn title and did all of that.. 🤷🏾‍♂️
drawfirst 8 days ago
i think i'm gonna be watching this for the rest of me a warm cuddly feeling.
Landon Williams
Landon Williams Day ago
Glad I'm not the only that feels this way 😂
Siming Wang
Siming Wang 8 days ago
Skip: MMM Skip: YEAH Skip: RIGHT Skip: HUH
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