Call of Cthulhu RPG: A brief look at the lore and mechanics

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Puffin Forest

10 months ago

Hey! This video is leftover scenes that got cut from the last video, "Creepy Horror RPG". The original video was 75% story and 25% discussion on mechanics and lore. I decided to split it off into it's own video because it was tonally jarring from the story. Hope you guys enjoy!
Adan- Art BirdCyclops
Pau- Art suzukiPCArt
Darty- Art Dartsy_Art
Puffin- Art, Story, Voice
Music and Sound Credits:
"Lurking Shadows" from the USshow Audio Library

Aberrant Lore
Aberrant Lore 11 hours ago
Your brain fried
Giraffe Dragon
Giraffe Dragon 7 days ago
That moment I realize Gravity Falls and Earthbound are essentially a nicer version of Call of Cthulhu until the endgame. Bill Cipher and Gigias are literal eldritch horror and the further you enter into Earthbound the stranger and more Alien our world becomes.
coby howarth
coby howarth 10 days ago
Dude pulp cathulu
Philippe Poupart
Philippe Poupart 11 days ago
As GM (or keeper in this case) there is little more hilarious than watching your typical D&D players try and play CoC like D&D and get totally wrecked by it.
Yago Atala albuquerque
Yago Atala albuquerque 11 days ago
I lose it at the 12
Somebody The Stranger
Somebody The Stranger 12 days ago
Puffin: If you get shot by like a bullet...from a could die from that! Me: *Y O U W H A T ? !*
Keiwah the Dungeon Master
Keiwah the Dungeon Master 14 days ago
Wait wait wait. How did EVERYONE in your group agree that 10 × 5 = 12???
lordtyger72 16 days ago
I remember there were a few fladh animations years ago from the "Knights of the Dinner Table", one dealt with Cthulu... one character, Brian, found a book and immediately burned it. I always laughed, but having never played, didn't know if it was REALLY funny... now I know it is both hilarious AND true.
Joyrun' 18 days ago
3:10 killer queen XD
Yeah Itsme
Yeah Itsme 21 day ago
Well, the game isn't meant to be a fighting game. That's why there's tons of mechanics for running away, for high speed chase, for sneaking, for laying traps- etc. The game puts more effort into those mechanics than the combat mechanics. If players see a gun and they don't have a gun with cover, they should not be fighting those people. Lol.
Big Jack Gameplays
Big Jack Gameplays 21 day ago
Why 12, though??
Atom_Bomb_ 77
Atom_Bomb_ 77 22 days ago
I don’t put much stock into what lovecraft wrote...just cause I know what he’s about.
anthony drake
anthony drake 22 days ago
3:05 hi killer queen
Art Smith
Art Smith 24 days ago
I suspect some of Puffin’s issues with pathfinder 2 stems from this 10x5=12 dilemma
Oscar Gimblett
Oscar Gimblett 24 days ago
Humans are all like insects to them. Well, apart from Old Man Henderson apparently.
BlueEngland 25 days ago
Teacher: Class what is 10 X 5? Student: 50? Smart Kid: It is 50 Kid In The Back: **looks up from eating buffet** Other Kid In The Back: **looks up from gamer PC** Puffin: 12.
John Raymond
John Raymond Month ago
there's multiple ways to recover Sanity...and 7th ed has some Pulp rules so that an Indiana Jones style game can work better.
Lardomations Month ago
Who saw the JJBA reference
Thatoneguyunderthestaircase Month ago
ericb31 Month ago
i read a few Love craft short stories...most outer entities were not so much evil as "weird beyond human comprehension"
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Month ago
Was that math thing real?!? Dude! You Choose 10! Literally the easiest! You just put the zero to the right of the number you are multiplying!
Andy McQuoid
Andy McQuoid Month ago
If you are resorting to combat then you have already lost
princecharon Month ago
If you *really* like making new characters, Call of Cthulhu might be your game, because it's likely that you'll need a new one every session or two (depending on the GM, of course).
Brian van Maanen
Brian van Maanen Month ago
Why is Call of C'thulu so good for one-shots you ask? Well you see: it usually only takes 1 shot to kill your character.
SpiderGuy2019 Month ago
There is a supplement for Call of Cthulhu called Pulp Cthulhu, which makes the PCs harder to kill, so you can have your Indiana Jones type games while driving them insane.
Cpt.Philippines Month ago
Huh I wonder if you can run an SCP Foundation campaign using Call of Cthulu
L p
L p Month ago
Ben Agar
Ben Agar Month ago
Hey, Ben! If you wanna GM that Indiana Jones campaign you can use the Pulp Cthulhu rules which make the characters far less squishy, badass and skilled. It's also set in the 30's too!
hiurro Month ago
You: *throws d20* DM: Killer queen has already touched that die roll D20: *1*
Tonks Month ago
If you want to play a indiana jones style game you should play pulp cthulhu, doubles hp
lem cesaryamuta
lem cesaryamuta Month ago
bitsu dusto
Bofrab Month ago
How did you get 12?
Go no Ninja woah
Go no Ninja woah Month ago
Killer queen: BITES THE DUST has already been planted on puffinforest....
Nicholas Zimmerman
Nicholas Zimmerman Month ago
yea call of Cthulhu sanity is great ive lost half of my sanity and am now an insomniac and have amnesia making all my skills worse plus i only have 25 points left and my luck is absolutely terrible i lost 9 points in one roll
Mitchell Slate
Mitchell Slate Month ago
Okay there is a lot to pick apart about the issues involving abstractions involving D&D and most things, but realistically, guaranteed losing half your health from a single bullet!!!!!....Is not greater realiusm!!! Yes, you can outright die, or be mortally crippled, but other guys and gals fortunately survive every single last thing that should kill them, and then kill most all of their enemies. Those guys usually win things like Medals of Honor, and are real life Action Heroes...might just be Death guarantees in terms of Horror...
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
I mean the Purple Heart exists for a reason.
Sumar/Hanan Alawi
Sumar/Hanan Alawi Month ago
I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure how he got 12
Southron_d13 Month ago
I ran a short COC campaign which was based on "The Dreams in the Witch House", "The Crack'd and Crook'd House", and "The Whisperer in Darkness". All four PCs survived, although three of the PCs' were brains in jars on their way to Yuggoth. It was the first COC campaign I'd ever run. I hope to do another someday.
TheWerdna Month ago
I guess Puffin, like Lovecraft, "lacks the constitution for math"
mr. potato
mr. potato Month ago
Jax7787 Month ago
Anyone know what edition of Call of Cthulhu Ben plays, I want to get into it, but really want to try the edition he has experience with
Befert 90
Befert 90 Month ago
How the fuck would 10 times 5 be 12 explain please
Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven Month ago
3:03 joJo fans unite
James VerHulst
James VerHulst Month ago
I always thought Cthulian Gods were just the antithesis of mortal comprehension, not nessesarily Evil as there are some that like us. They just think it would be funny or interesting to see how you'd work inside out...
nojuszaidzia zaidzia amzinai
nojuszaidzia zaidzia amzinai 2 months ago
those gods are called the old gods where is a yogg-saron lol
Thomas M Højvælde
Thomas M Højvælde 2 months ago
2:19 you diden'tdo math, you did meth (don't take this seriously!)
samuraiboy497 2 months ago
If love craft told this story your protagonist would not have been of that color
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
Was gonna say wasnt he like ULTRA-RASCIST
chavamara 2 months ago
3:57 Accurate statement about ALL of Lovecraft's stories.
Wngmn 05
Wngmn 05 2 months ago
Puffin forest: the idea that the world works on logical, understandable principles is a lie we tell ourselves Also puffin forest: 10×5 = 12
Manda 2 months ago
thank you so much this was perfect to share with my players also omg your reading voice is so difference lol
Reuben Bailey
Reuben Bailey 2 months ago
Why the killa queen at 3:03 though?
Covo Converged
Covo Converged 2 months ago
wait a minute i see you killer queen puffin you have earned more respect because of JOJO
Cody Lt Brown
Cody Lt Brown 2 months ago
The scariest part of this ideology is that it makes sense.
David Haycock
David Haycock 2 months ago
The horror in the clay is the first chapter of the call of cthulhu, not a separate story.
Ditrix Genesis
Ditrix Genesis 2 months ago
Jan Jan
Jan Jan 2 months ago
I keep wanting to insert the Imperium of Man into this setting
Killer Orca
Killer Orca Month ago
Cthullu would probably wake up to find like, a hundred Grey Knights just...chilling there. Waiting. Waiting...and very eager. And then Kaldor Drago would literally erupt out of the warp in a scream of energy and shout something about tiny men in his beard before proceeding to 1v1 Cthullu and WIN. Because Grey Knights.
Irish Spartan Studios
Irish Spartan Studios 2 months ago
It's a shame, Lovecraft created an amazing mythos and left his mark on literacy forever, but his amazing work is overshadowed by his racism. Not that racism is good, it's the darkest stain on humanity, but that doesn't mean it should overshadow Lovecraft's great art work.
Andrés Prochnik
Andrés Prochnik 2 months ago
One aspect of CoC I never got sold is the idea that humans lie to themselves, because the game never allow you to do so. That's why I try to make my games end with open interpretations. I never remove sanity, unless the players act insane. You can read the necronomicon and be OK, but the moment you start using info in it believing it will help you, your sanity goes down. For example: I once had a meteor crash close to a town in the middle of nowhere. A couple days later people start listening an alien voice in their head making everyone paranoid and psychotic. After the players investigate, pick up info and escape, a group of psychologist and medics concluded: "This people are delusional because of radiotion poisoning. The meteor must be rich in radium, uranium and other dangerous elements". Now it's up to them: They can choose to believe the voices were just a trick of their mind affected by radioactive exposure, or accept they were controled by an alien. One of them keeps them sane and oblivious, the other open the doors to a deeper and darker truth...
Noah Parks
Noah Parks 2 months ago
I could see 10 times 5 as 15 because you think oh its 10 plus 5, but how just how do you get 12?
Skaitan 2 months ago
So, not only did you mistake the x for a +, but also the 5 for a 2? Because I can see no other way to get to 12 from 10x5.
Awkward Ukulele
Awkward Ukulele 2 months ago
Puffin how did you get 12 from 10x5. What non-Euclidean math did you use?
Gazz Maz
Gazz Maz 2 months ago
Everyone gangsta till you break put the coc
Spino Rex
Spino Rex 2 months ago
I like the killer queen Easter egg
Sergiusz Stein
Sergiusz Stein 2 months ago
puffin forest knows jojo
Kyle Walter
Kyle Walter 2 months ago
DnD: You're off on a EPIC adventure!!!!! CoC: You're going to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or go insane
Minirocker14 2 months ago
Did anyone else see the Jojo reference
THOMAS the TRAIN 2 months ago
I would ask how you got 12 but I’ve played Call of Cthulhu and I get that numbers get confusing
Jermaine Race
Jermaine Race 2 months ago
"If you get shot with a bullet... you ccould die from that!" >XD
sandorsbox 2 months ago
“The Horror in Clay” is the first chapter of “The Call of Cthulhu” not a story into itself
bloodthirsty 2 months ago
Kira queen , and I think I saw adan
Tom Balls
Tom Balls 2 months ago
I think you'll find that the good people in call of cathulu are white, well educated, well bred people from H.P.Lovecrafts home town. Also the protagonist of that story was white as it was written by H.P.Lovecraft
Alexander Melvin
Alexander Melvin 2 months ago
I have depression now :)
Caz 2 months ago
4:01 Oh! My favourite quote from my favourite story of Lovecraft (mainly because if HP had seen the Internet, he would have lost his mind because of this). P. S.: Is funny because I have always known this story as “The Call of Cthulhu” instead of “The Horror in Clay”, but I think both titles make sense.
Harald August Valøy
Harald August Valøy 2 months ago
How did u get 12 from 10 times 5. Its literly 5 Just 10 times not 2 and 0,2
Shatten Jager
Shatten Jager 3 months ago
I feel like maybe the Cthulu mythos is misunderstood as "humanity is the sole source of good" but really it's more like life if pointless because humanity is insignificant, because literally anything in the universe could and would kill us by just looking at us who are like mindless ants to the "elder things"
The Salty Dog
The Salty Dog 3 months ago
I think the funnest thing to do in Call of Cthulhu is trying to out insane the game such as every PC in Schnitzeln*zi's story
Satis Faction
Satis Faction 3 months ago
Pulls out a Thompson submachine gun. Able to shoot 25 shots a round dealing 1xW10+2 damage for each shot hit.
bob bob
bob bob 3 months ago
You should mention most players are gunaholics. Or my group really likes trying to conceal carry sniper rifles.
B3 Productions
B3 Productions 3 months ago
Did yall spot Killer Queen?
APaganPerspective 3 months ago
2 WORDS Pulp Cthulhu
Devin Andreason
Devin Andreason 3 months ago
Hey Ben. Love your videos. Just checking to confirm that you have heard of Pulp Cthulhu, which was perfect for fighting Nazis in CoC
Skyler Stevens
Skyler Stevens 3 months ago
Totally busted out laughing at the "pile of dead PCs"
NayNay Boi
NayNay Boi 3 months ago
How did 5*10=12?
Jimmy Forrest
Jimmy Forrest 3 months ago
Killer queen omfg
Kimberly Jolley
Kimberly Jolley 3 months ago
How tf u get 12
Mavo_64 3 months ago
I wanna know how he got 12
Jacob Bressler
Jacob Bressler 3 months ago
Did.......did i see killer queen
Loopy Buns
Loopy Buns 3 months ago
I can’t spell
Loopy Buns
Loopy Buns 3 months ago
Lovecrafts cosmology often times took a back seat to his extreme raceisem
mr. potato
mr. potato Month ago
Spencer MacDougall
Spencer MacDougall 3 months ago
How the heck did you get "12" from 10 and 5!!???? Were you blinded by "colours,unlike,any,seen,on,Earth"?
jccjccjoanne 3 months ago
I'm a keeper and I always fake my rolls so my players don't die.
MrBlackhawk49 3 months ago
How the heck do get 10*5=12????
lordguy5 3 months ago
Just remember, don't look up the name of hp lovecraft's cats name.
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris 3 months ago
If you wanna do crazier stuff with CoC the pulp cthulhu supplement is great.
Spaghetti Cat
Spaghetti Cat 3 months ago
2:15 what happened here
Steel 3 months ago
HP Lovecraft was also terrified of Air Conditioners and even relatively basic math.
Katrina Burckhard
Katrina Burckhard 3 months ago
Math Error: HOW?
yoy yoy
yoy yoy 3 months ago
3:06 is that a JoJos reference
Golem Warrior
Golem Warrior 3 months ago
Ah. Lovecraft. Everyone's favorite racist.
Golem Warrior
Golem Warrior 3 months ago
@TheRezro did not know that. Neat
TheRezro 3 months ago
@Golem Warrior They were biased and ignored both fact that he has diagnosed mental issues, as much that he admitted numerous times that his behavior was wrong in society what mostly did accept that. He isn't comparable to some modern petty racists.
Golem Warrior
Golem Warrior 3 months ago
@TheRezro yes he was xenophobic but he also didn't like most races. Overly sarcastic productions showed a small time line of his life. Most non god villians are almost never white. From what I heard.
TheRezro 3 months ago
Cómic Sans
Cómic Sans 3 months ago
3 05 kiler quen has alredy touched the door
Angelus Nielson
Angelus Nielson 3 months ago
You do know there's an offiical d20 version of CoC, right?
TheRezro 3 months ago
Arc Hydra
Arc Hydra 3 months ago
3:04 Jojo ref
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