Random Tire Hits House At High Speed

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2 months ago

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Generic Fire Dude
Generic Fire Dude 2 months ago
That crocodile in the end was vibin'
Toxicty7 13 days ago
Adrian Baciu
Adrian Baciu 14 days ago
Karla Gaskill
Karla Gaskill 14 days ago
JonathanEskildse 14 days ago
I Think That is an alligator
King Kablooie
King Kablooie 18 days ago
Gitaram Jamdhade
Gitaram Jamdhade 2 hours ago
0:36 who da fa is pulling me😾
2strokejoke AKA killerunderground space
2strokejoke AKA killerunderground space 4 hours ago
Last clip is always the best clip 😁🤣
dog gaming :)
dog gaming :) 16 hours ago
At the end i said in public alagater go brrrrrt
Emmett Murphy
Emmett Murphy 17 hours ago
Jeanne 54
Jeanne 54 20 hours ago
Excellent! Again!
NinjaTheCat 20 hours ago
Divers - Cut off rope from whale Whale - wtf that was my favorite necklace
TIPPZY COCOA 21 hour ago
Wait did the tire just ring the doorbell?
Quarva 21 hour ago
So is nobody gonna talk about that one guys straight up black wizard sorcery magic worm dance like what the frick?
LexiSnake3 Day ago
*Benjamin has just been removed by his two roommates*
mr_pumpkin Day ago
That tire is smoking hot
Jack MeHoff
Jack MeHoff Day ago
Gay. Very very gay. 😠
doctor lightning super
doctor lightning super 18 hours ago
Just Like you
Mr mc nugget 1.2M views
Mr mc nugget 1.2M views Day ago
How people think delivery is supposed to happen once they track thier Amazon package in thier city.
kill steal no deal
kill steal no deal Day ago
sounds like a daily dose of tires
a b
a b Day ago
0:37 woah the camera guy is fast ending on foot
Lorf Dorf
Lorf Dorf Day ago
Pretty sure the snake was farting
Dev_ GamingYT
Dev_ GamingYT Day ago
Happy thanksgiving, Friend! 🥳
Dev_ GamingYT
Dev_ GamingYT Day ago
Btw I almost got 1K views in my video went way viral and I cried Bc I never got viral
BeakedMouse 5941
BeakedMouse 5941 Day ago
That tire was nice he rang the doorbell
Diamond J
Diamond J Day ago
Aaaaaaaah! -Whale
Tell it Like it is
Tell it Like it is Day ago
Love how it rang the doorbell 😆
Rupusetä Day ago
Probably Colin furze with his riptire launcher
twistedyogert Day ago
0:09 *When she tells you her parents aren't home.*
Amadeus Reignald
Amadeus Reignald 2 days ago
0:12 "You got mail"
Horselove146 2 days ago
Smoke coming from the tire
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz 2 days ago
2:58 parang napipilitan lang ngumiti, hahaha!!
darwin dela cruz
darwin dela cruz 2 days ago
0:32 😂
Galaxy hepi
Galaxy hepi 2 days ago
lmao ecko soldier
2 1
2 1 2 days ago
this is the mixture of my parents 0:34
XpressionXclusive 2 days ago
Imagine getting hit by that tirw
Terrance charley
Terrance charley 2 days ago
Me seeing the snake 🐍 Him: *makes a farting noise* Me:😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
???????????????????? 2 days ago
Why was there steam non the tire?
Tangy 2 days ago
I love how its just like "someone's here" when the tire hit the house
AntonioTR 2 days ago
0:07 when somebody deliverers the mail
SPACE FORCE 2 days ago
That whale shark: 👁️______👁️
Eric Gibson
Eric Gibson 2 days ago
Plot twist: Whale shark is mad humans destroyed his flashy necklace
mergy101 Dalmatians
mergy101 Dalmatians 2 days ago
Did the tire ring the doorbell?
Upesu 2 days ago
somebody forgot to give the crocodile animations
MrTubbs 3 days ago
SoMeOnE Is At YoUr DoOr
The PC boy
The PC boy 3 days ago
0:12 Did the tire just hit the bell?!
Deej Price
Deej Price 3 days ago
That tire hit that tree root and smashed through that column like it won't shit! The chime at the end of that clip was epic. And you know that dude was looking at the house and that smoking tire scratching his head thinking "WTF"
Imagineth 3 days ago
Its's not a "random" tire. It's a specifically a tire that fell off the vehicle. STOP USING THE WORDS RANDOM AND LITTERALLY JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!
ASMR with Rococo
ASMR with Rococo 3 days ago
The painted bench..that's so human. If everyone panics, you start to panic too, if everyone looks to the right, you start to look there too. I sometimes see my boy-toy react, when in the middle of the conversation I start to stare at behind him, he turns around to see whats there haha
mel’s box
mel’s box 3 days ago
*The tire was just too exited to be in the the vid.*
swe4ty bo1
swe4ty bo1 3 days ago
0:12 it even rang the doorbell b
Monica Benavente
Monica Benavente 3 days ago
the tire hits back
Bobbie Cobell
Bobbie Cobell 3 days ago
My 6 yr old sister why is no one talking about how the camera man holds the camera while skateboarding Me have you ever heard of a GoPro
Luca Carchedi
Luca Carchedi 3 days ago
Bro the first was nice because he rang the doorbell
Anna Sullivan
Anna Sullivan 3 days ago
once I was walking home from play practice and in my small town I saw a tire just fall off and bounce on the road
the engineer is engie-here
the engineer is engie-here 4 days ago
Junkrat mains be like
deVIRGINizer Balkan
deVIRGINizer Balkan 4 days ago
There's no way he's making any money of his art... Does he?
DroxyJ 4 days ago
That. Cat
Jareen Tasneem
Jareen Tasneem 4 days ago
this account is just so cool!!!
Renz Ezekiel Divida
Renz Ezekiel Divida 4 days ago
This is how sonic would have meet a person in real life...
Eeee Cheese
Eeee Cheese 4 days ago
Teacher: Benjamin was removed by his roommates The news in a couple of hours: Benjamin Tate Holley was last seen on his online class and never came back
Josef Emmanuel Dela Cruz
Josef Emmanuel Dela Cruz 4 days ago
The guy on 0:27 be like: how tf did this tire get here?
YuroBeat 4 days ago
Karan 4 days ago
1:06 Plot twist : That is teachers way of marking Absent
Diane Akee
Diane Akee 4 days ago
Did the snake just fart?
Kearah Wesleu
Kearah Wesleu 4 days ago
It say you want To SeE sOmE rEal speed
Wagner Costa
Wagner Costa 4 days ago
Good evening sir. did you hear about jesus tire?
Golden Boy
Golden Boy 4 days ago
0:03 Physics have to be trolling at this point.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 4 days ago
i am not sure people understand the difference between a tire, a wheel, and a tire on a wheel
Rise And Shine
Rise And Shine 4 days ago
Bruh those divers stole that whales necklace
Niko 4 days ago
Mail's here.
locomojoboy2 4 days ago
Who else wanted to see the skateboarder wipeout?
Josie Campos
Josie Campos 4 days ago
Ricky Escobar
Ricky Escobar 4 days ago
The skateboard I am just saying you do that and you die in that speed
Mr. Duck
Mr. Duck 4 days ago
0:37 awww that cat got hurt so bad😭😭😭😭
Familysquadyt 4 days ago
It's was from the trucj
Yeetus Spegeetus
Yeetus Spegeetus 4 days ago
Imagine what the security notification would've said on the phone. "Front Door | Tire smashed into House.
Aneeq PG3D
Aneeq PG3D 5 days ago
Talha shahzad
Talha shahzad 5 days ago
when you dont give ur delivery guy tip
crazy! 1007
crazy! 1007 5 days ago
1:02 well...people do this sound with they're bodies to
Ace Pilto
Ace Pilto 5 days ago
Make sure you wear those masks that do absolutely nothing and be distracted by boring videos all day. Don;t forget to like and subscribe!
SUPASTARRR 5 days ago
**DDoI Intro Plays** 0.5 Seconds Later *Deja Vu Music Plays *
- FireFox6 -
- FireFox6 - 5 days ago
1:50 so this guy's "prank" was ruining people's clothes?
branch timberlake
branch timberlake 5 days ago
the dog is sooo cuteeeee
Dani Kitchin
Dani Kitchin 5 days ago
That wasn’t a tire it was just a camouflaged unicycle
Hammy Da Goat
Hammy Da Goat 5 days ago
That crocodile at the end is me coming out of my cave
Mr.Jeffery 5 days ago
extinctpower 5 days ago
Mom: pizza rolls are ready Me: 3:11
EDGAR RAMIREZ 5 days ago
I guess the tire had to ring that doorbell
Jejy Thomas
Jejy Thomas 5 days ago
sub to waffle galaxy plz
Last Time
Last Time 5 days ago
I love that that on the first video the tire rings the doorbell 😂
B Yang
B Yang 6 days ago
You don't bloody know how to spell tyre! WTF is tire!?
Zeph Gibbs
Zeph Gibbs 6 days ago
the tire hit the doorbell i think
Volcano Fountain
Volcano Fountain 6 days ago
Mitchell Straker
Mitchell Straker 6 days ago
The tire hit the doorbell lol
Xaviour Reign Pinto
Xaviour Reign Pinto 6 days ago
0:10 Final Destination 4 vibes
Radar Vxbes
Radar Vxbes 6 days ago
0:11 *Motion Detected At The Front Door*
WII MAN 6 days ago
It was just trying to ring the door bell
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 6 days ago
At least the tire was polite enough to ring the doorbell
The_Razor_Leaf 6 days ago
That shit at the beginning was so rare
Return Of Space Godzilla
Return Of Space Godzilla 6 days ago
This is from that movie about the sentient tire. Rubber.
Royale Layn
Royale Layn 6 days ago
2:35 For all the danganronpa fans out there.... you cannot tell me that’s not Nagito’s laugh.
Marc Gaming
Marc Gaming 6 days ago
If someone says who is faster superman or flash i would pick camera man.
Tiffani Teeter
Tiffani Teeter 6 days ago
That's one strong tire 0-0
28 6 days ago
The tire: Like ya cut g
Henz Zara
Henz Zara 6 days ago
Thats how legends ring the doorbell.
John Gustavo
John Gustavo 6 days ago
Man that cat is mad
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