This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer

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Living Big In A Tiny House

Living Big In A Tiny House

12 days ago

This stunning tiny house is packed full of amazing, game changing design! From the ultra clever, future-proofed layout and space-saving furniture to the incredible green-wall, exquisite reclaimed timbers and green-roof features, this truly is a dream tiny house.
It’s hard to believe that it’s now been almost seven years since we filmed our very first tiny house tour with Shaye. At the time, she was living in Lucy, a cute DIY cottage-style tiny house. You can see a link to our first tour here:
Since then, life has changed a lot and Shaye has started a tiny house building company. Years of tiny house design experience and over 30 tiny house builds later, this home is a conjunction of many of her favourite design concepts.
Enjoy the full tour of this incredible tiny home. To find out more about Shaye and her tiny house builds, you can visit her website:
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Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House 12 days ago
It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since we visited Shaye in her original tiny house on wheels. That was our very first tiny house tour! The show has come a long way since then, and so has Shaye's tiny house designs! I hope you enjoy this very special episode! With love, Bryce & Rasa
Karen Davis
Karen Davis 2 hours ago
It's beautiful, great design 💕💞👍👍
bella roja
bella roja Day ago
That's not a tiny home.
banpapik1 bangkok
banpapik1 bangkok Day ago
Amanda Wilcox
Amanda Wilcox 3 days ago
@EarthSurferUSA Yawn. Mean minds are boring.
Amanda Wilcox
Amanda Wilcox 3 days ago
@Beti A Mann Shaye's website is given in the info section below the vid. Good luck to you!🏠
Drapes Royale
Drapes Royale Hour ago
she cute af
charushila thorat
charushila thorat Hour ago
What kinda storage under the wooden steps?
Ahmed Umer
Ahmed Umer Hour ago
Amazing house , there is no one else who gives such amazing and detailed tiny house tours than Bryce and he has the best cameraman .The thing that makes the tour more special is the way he says ' wow , this is stunning ' when he first enters the house .
Kristen Evans
Kristen Evans 2 hours ago
This is the most beautiful and practical tiny house I’ve seen so far. Gorgeous.
Sammies mom Sammie
Sammies mom Sammie 2 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful
emmie jones
emmie jones 2 hours ago
more tiny house, less talking about this girls insane emotional issues......
Madi 2 hours ago
I love how their accent gives everything a positive inflection. "Yeh mate, I got dumped, it was great!" :D
Rahees Manuppa
Rahees Manuppa 3 hours ago
Windkisssed 3 hours ago
Definitely one of the best living spaces! I love the extra area with the guest room. I, too, love plants! It an opportunity to connect with nature without leaving home!! Beautiful!
vennesa torres
vennesa torres 3 hours ago
Wooooow this is how it supposed to be done!!! Loove this :D
Hubert Tubbs
Hubert Tubbs 3 hours ago
Beautiful Simply Beautiful! I've been designing modular home designs since I was a kid at least 50 years. I don't know why but I always love to draw modular home designs? I love what she's done! It's beautiful! It's plain to see that modular is a great way to go. You build it and buy one module at a time no mortgage no debt that's what it's about freedom from debt and a beautiful home. Paradise exactly Paradise. Yeah I think she probably got lucky or he got lucky? And now he has to carry her bucket! LOL LOL I had to stop watching at the bedroom scene
Brenda Wilcher
Brenda Wilcher 4 hours ago
This is an amazing! space!
Hadiya Kelise
Hadiya Kelise 4 hours ago
“ A piece of paradise...really” ☝🏼💙
thatonephannie whoexists
thatonephannie whoexists 5 hours ago
can someone teach me how me how ppl stay friends with ex,that is such bullshit
J's Wine Story
J's Wine Story 5 hours ago
Great architectrue. What are those trees btw, they look so cool!!
Thomas Cash
Thomas Cash 6 hours ago
Best tiny house I’ve seen. And she says thank you.
gel villa
gel villa 6 hours ago
my favorite tiny house
Sophia Clapp
Sophia Clapp 6 hours ago
I love how she is still friends with her ex. Most people will just stop talking to there ex just because there relationship changes.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 hours ago
This tiny house is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 hours ago
This is by far the most beautiful tiny home I have ever seen!
Artist 254grafitti
Artist 254grafitti 6 hours ago
I really want to build a wood and metal inspired by this.. but my area is such an ant invested place.. any tips??
Artist 254grafitti
Artist 254grafitti 6 hours ago
meant termites.. im in africa
Karen Loh
Karen Loh 7 hours ago
1. congratulations for your 7th year anniversary. i have enjoyed watching your show. 2. Well done Shaye. absolutely a lovely place. the roof garden and the wall garden are so beautiful!! best features of the tiny house
The Eccentric CEO
The Eccentric CEO 7 hours ago
963rd time watching this video...
Cinderroob 8 hours ago
Loved most of it. Except the bathroom. Too small for me. Don't like the stairs and the step up into the bedrooms. No thanks.
Oscar Natadihardja
Oscar Natadihardja 8 hours ago
where is tom now ?
Canuso 8 hours ago
Love it!!!!
Stop Digital
Stop Digital 9 hours ago
17:35 go there and pause it
Mariah Papaya
Mariah Papaya 10 hours ago
This is literally my dream home 😊✨
Ric Anthony Bagay
Ric Anthony Bagay 11 hours ago
This is absolutely AMAZING!!! i'm run out of words.. 😱😍
Stefania Stewart
Stefania Stewart 11 hours ago
Did she mention the weight of the house?
Frances Tino
Frances Tino 11 hours ago
Wow love it. This is what I need when I move back to NZ.
Angel of God
Angel of God 12 hours ago
Love her dress
jsa2001RC channel
jsa2001RC channel 12 hours ago
Great use of space.
Nikko Kayce
Nikko Kayce 12 hours ago
There was some chemistry between them...wonder if he hit
Just Another Hamster
Just Another Hamster 12 hours ago
Did we ever get to see the room behind the head of the bed?
AMADO JR. BON 12 hours ago
Lovely place
Mara 13 hours ago
This is by far the most beautiful tiny home I have ever seen!
Tagyamon marjun
Tagyamon marjun 13 hours ago
So nice 😍 🙏
erlang takarai
erlang takarai 13 hours ago
I hope someday i can buiod my own tiny house ❤ Always love u episode Bryce&Rasa❤
Rene Lopez
Rene Lopez 13 hours ago
Gorgeous. The house is nice too.
Stefan 14 hours ago
I bet she's a brilliant cook and is just being really humble. :)
Erik de Groot
Erik de Groot 15 hours ago
It's a fake appearance: you take space for one house where there can be built at least 3 houses if you build on top. 2. You're house is small but your required gardens take always 1.000 square meters.
Anjulie K.
Anjulie K. 15 hours ago
best tiny house I have ever seen! absolutly stunning
Majin Boob
Majin Boob 15 hours ago
best looking tiny house I've seen so far, easily
Bernadette Rudolph
Bernadette Rudolph 15 hours ago
Loved listening to her speaking about her home. Such passion about and it clearly reflect in that beautiful space she created. Will be reading up on her. New fan.
Christophor Pantiru
Christophor Pantiru 15 hours ago
That's bigger than my apartment, wtf? Beautiful nonetheless.
I’d love try this out here in Uganda. Architecture plans needed . I’m so inspired by you sheyn
Jimmy Strutters
Jimmy Strutters 16 hours ago
I like these little trailer homes but realistically they are just glorified cubby house's
Eyes of Ice & Fire
Eyes of Ice & Fire 17 hours ago
Shaye you are divine and beautiful.
Justin Clements
Justin Clements 17 hours ago
Beautiful house! Even more beautiful woman, I’d cook for her every day!
RAJ SHANKAR SINGH 17 hours ago
This is best ever episode
Cheryl Guray
Cheryl Guray 17 hours ago
Love the idea of the blinds in the living room...
Cheryl Guray
Cheryl Guray 17 hours ago
Awesome the door and the kitchen design
Bless VP
Bless VP 17 hours ago
I wish you can sponsor my dream tiny house... ,😍😍😍
chitpatima homsombat
chitpatima homsombat 19 hours ago
เลี้ยงไก่ใก้ลบ้าน ขี้ไก่มีกลิ่น
Dale Val
Dale Val 19 hours ago
Skip to 6 min, if you want to see inside the house , skip the X boyfriend history story,
Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmidt 19 hours ago
What does Shaye do for a living? Because if she were an architect, I could believe it.
Justyce Cogswell
Justyce Cogswell 19 hours ago
This is the most beautiful tiny house I have ever seen and totally solidified my desire for a tiny house one day. My goodness! Thank you for sharing it with us Bryce.
Jason Mercer
Jason Mercer 19 hours ago
This is probably the most beautiful tiny house I've seen inside outside everywhere you look is just Beauty amazing attention to detail you nailed it good job.
kathleen carey
kathleen carey 20 hours ago
Shaye is a design genius! This is the best of Tiny home living! Congrats
Aimee Dennis
Aimee Dennis 20 hours ago
This is my dream life, this build and the area is absolutely stunning!
SAVNP MP 21 hour ago
Are these people not afraid of intruders?
flutingaround 20 hours ago
i was thinking about intruders of the bug kind. In an area lush as that, I would definitely go for a screened porch
Himanshu Pal
Himanshu Pal 21 hour ago
This is not a tiny house it is a beautiful tiny MANSION
Josh Bailey
Josh Bailey 22 hours ago
I bet Bryce wants to be her boyfriend after that tour
Ichiban Noodles
Ichiban Noodles 22 hours ago
Finally, a person without a dog or cat !
The Eccentric CEO
The Eccentric CEO 23 hours ago
What is behind the master bed??
Diella Ocran
Diella Ocran 23 hours ago
I can't get over this space. So beautiful.
1seandouglas11 23 hours ago
Can anyone say ////AGENDA21/30\\\\ the u.n. take over one world everything through the green mask of the environment . Wake up and give the children of the world a chance fo FREEDOM PEACE OUT
Ricci 23 hours ago
Love the whole design and can see so many of the concepts of this design being applied to tiny static homes and wish Shaye well in her business venture and future.
Qersojan Day ago
Looks great, tiny homes are so satisfying to examine because of how many clever techniques they use to maximize and create illusions of space. I myself may want a slightly bigger home, but something still humble and quaint. I can't really imagine wanting a giant house, that would just be more stairs to climb, more rooms to clean, more space to for possessions that I will never use. I guess big houses are good for hosting big parties, but I'm not exactly the type who would want to do that. Anyways, great design and showcase.
Holy Atheist
Holy Atheist Day ago
I want to completely steal every idea of this home, sans the spare room. It’s the best layout I’ve ever seen and so gorgeous.
Armie of One
Armie of One Day ago
I live somewhere where screens over any house opening are a must to keep out bugs. It feels so weird to see a door just open like that, lol. 😅 Really cool otherwise, though.
James Brandt
James Brandt Day ago
I wonder if the money she got to build the house was from her ex-husband...hmmmm...
Shaye Boddington
Shaye Boddington 15 hours ago
What an awful comment. Can I not stand on my own two feet because I am a woman? You need to learn respect and kindness.
jonathan stromberg
jonathan stromberg Day ago
Tiny? Its bigger than my "normal" house!
better secret
better secret Day ago
She thought about the future but her daughter is not going to fit her room in 5 years tops! Sooo small
First Last
First Last Day ago
She is a good a person as her looks
Phoebe Gong
Phoebe Gong Day ago
What an amazing design!! I love everything about it, the special touches, nice quality materials and so personable to you. Thank you Shaye, I'm inspired to downsize my life and start a new journey.
Vishal Shirsath
Vishal Shirsath Day ago
Yes, indeed. Shaye, you have put tonnes of aesthetics in this house.
Prudence Campbell
Prudence Campbell Day ago
My second time around watching this beauty. I loved her home. She’s an immensely talented woman. I love all that greenery inside the home and all that flowers on her food deck. Beautiful and clean.
Prudence Campbell
Prudence Campbell Day ago
Roof deck I mean.
Suzy Elliott
Suzy Elliott Day ago
This is the first tiny house that I can actually see myself living in, that porch adds such a nice element of space and I love how the bedrooms have some privacy
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