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Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina

5 days ago

hey boos! Selena Gomez recently entered the beauty world by creating RARE BEAUTY. Rare Beauty is a full line of complexion, blush and lip products and I am going to be reviewing and testing Rare beauty on my channel today! Will it be worth the hype? Or should we steer clear? Find out today!
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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 4 days ago
so for anyone confused on my thoughts (spoiler alert! watch the video before reading this): I’m indifferent on this launch. Don’t love it, don’t hate it either. Can live with it but also can live without it. The blushes were the best “must have” part of this launch for me. I’ve also come to realize that I don’t mind sheer/minimal coverage products but this line does little to nothing if you have textured skin. there’s basically very little blurring/smoothing technology in most of the complexion products and I think I have a bigger problem with THAT more than I do the lack of coverage. If you have textured skin, approach with caution on this one! That’s it for me. Hope you guys enjoyed my review! ✨🤎
John Brownell
John Brownell 14 hours ago
Jackie, you ROCK! Thanks for keeping it real! ❤️❤️
Carolyn Dye
Carolyn Dye 22 hours ago
I so love your honesty on Rare Beauty
Isabella G
Isabella G 23 hours ago
Thanks for not giving this line a glowing review simply because it supports a good cause and the packaging was designed for people with dexterity issues. Both of those things are great, but at the end of the day, how the product actually performs/looks/lasts is what matters to the consumer who spends their hard earned money.
shawnta brown
shawnta brown Day ago
This is why I love you. You are so honest and you let the girls know the real deal!
JoanaRose 2 days ago
Yeah I saw that concealer and I was like imma need 10 coats LOL
Veda McLean
Veda McLean 50 minutes ago
You are hilarious.
Veda McLean
Veda McLean 51 minute ago
Thank you. It is not for me.
Bukky Tijani
Bukky Tijani Hour ago
Your reviews are SOO detailed. Thank you for going over and beyond! ❤️Your braids thoughh😩😍
zahedah80 Hour ago
No one said cleb have to be nakeup artists. They ned to be makeuo lovers. KKW don't even know how to fucking swatch!
Miss Incognito
Miss Incognito 2 hours ago
The packaging looks like fentys
Mahimi Senanayake
Mahimi Senanayake 2 hours ago
You looked beautiful before and after🥰🥰
Abbie Atchison
Abbie Atchison 2 hours ago
Do I intend on buying rare beauty? No, not necessarily because I only speak full coverage and mega glam BUT I gotta watch my main babe, Jackie Aina!!😍
S Dot
S Dot 2 hours ago
i’ve been a lurker but am now a subscriber because the editing of these videos is ON POINT
never liked my old user name 〈3
never liked my old user name 〈3 3 hours ago
I was so exited for the red blush and now I’m not sure it’ll look good on me :( I’m as fair as they come...
Nanette Nwandison
Nanette Nwandison 3 hours ago
U are so pretty
Sasha Monet
Sasha Monet 3 hours ago
Meagan Fraser
Meagan Fraser 4 hours ago
The face palates look exactly like the Makeup Revolution X Tammi face Quads...... like exactly the same.....
Franchaska Nkosi
Franchaska Nkosi 5 hours ago
Hang it up FLAT SCREEN!!😂🤣
Zinzi Bam
Zinzi Bam 7 hours ago
This looks messy tbh
Zinzi Bam
Zinzi Bam 7 hours ago
It is so crazy how the concealer is disappearing as if you're only wearing foundation
Zinzi Bam
Zinzi Bam 7 hours ago
I don't know why but your face is starting to look very greasy when it comes to the amount of layers of concealer you've added and for myself as another person with oily skin this is a no from me
Vicky Kgoete
Vicky Kgoete 8 hours ago
Lol I think Denis knows more about makeup than me
Jo P
Jo P 8 hours ago
The name of the brand, so creative, so unique, wooow. 🙄
R K 8 hours ago
One of the best reviews I've watched in awhile! You're hysterical! Thank you for sharing!!!
Leah Maloney
Leah Maloney 9 hours ago
Have you tried the Origins priming serum? I have combination skin but its like a silky feel to it. Not oily
Larisa Leon
Larisa Leon 9 hours ago
I am white as snow, but your review was the only one I wanted to see after I saw people love this brand 😂😂 Love you, keep up the good work!!!
Sharon Liu
Sharon Liu 11 hours ago
Alright you got me, I need to file down my bunions...didn’t know there is such a thing...but have a thing.
Chas 11 hours ago
Those braids are everything
Jmk Wonder
Jmk Wonder 11 hours ago
The liquid blushes and lip balms are my fave 🥰✌🏽
andrea ruiz
andrea ruiz 11 hours ago
I’m definitely getting the blush , after the check in I can still see the blush peaking through ! that’s so good for blush 😌✨
Cathy Sareli
Cathy Sareli 12 hours ago
Absolutely loved this video!!
Rapupumpum 13 hours ago
JAckie putting on eyeliner is giving me chills. I cant do my eyeliner that fast I'm amazed HAHAHAHA
Ashley 15 hours ago
18:59 has me rolling🤣😭yes Auntie Jackie tell them im licensed I got this
Akanksha Murmu
Akanksha Murmu 15 hours ago
Ms. Aina is such an amazing human being she's always so supportive ❤️❤️❤️
Kirsten Luteraan
Kirsten Luteraan 15 hours ago
Jackie GIRLLLLL, you're the only beauty USshow I fully trust with the reviews ! 😭 and effing BEAUTIFUL
Therese Johnson
Therese Johnson 16 hours ago
I thought yall was trippin about the shades til I watched..................absolutely atrocious 🥴
Jess Thomas
Jess Thomas 16 hours ago
Bring on the real baby, send that whole 48 shades 😂 but facts.
John Asdf
John Asdf 16 hours ago
Dont care about the make up, come here for the incredible editing
Quantte Hightower
Quantte Hightower 16 hours ago
Courteney 17 hours ago
You look gorgeous!
88Roshan 18 hours ago
You still slayed this!
Brittany Hosey
Brittany Hosey 18 hours ago
Ok when the lighting change when you’re talking to Denis. I see exactly what you’re talking about. Definitely look darker and it I don’t know I felt like the was a purple hue showing
Brittany Hosey
Brittany Hosey 18 hours ago
I really like this look on u
Jamilyn Lane
Jamilyn Lane 18 hours ago
I died when you said you bought them, that’s why you want the chest out 😂🤣😂🤣 Your skin is already beautiful. This make up just enhanced it!
Royal Creations
Royal Creations 19 hours ago
Your nails are fire
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor 20 hours ago
LOVED the honest review! You’re gorgeous! Just FYI the blotting sheet compact also comes with the puff with infused powder! Literally what you asked for haha
Dalia Saba
Dalia Saba 20 hours ago
Love your hubby's accent and how detailed and aware he was on the differences in your makeup. He knows his woman (as he should)! Thanks for doing this review, definitely will help me decide if it's worth ordering =)
l kozusnik
l kozusnik 20 hours ago
What is your favorite blotting powder
sadra olaedo
sadra olaedo 20 hours ago
I prefer Selena's sheer concealer to other brand. But Jackie's review was just TRUTHFUL and SINCERE. 😍😍😍😍Love from Nigeria
classact 21 hour ago
Your face expressions like lol
@jinxlefreak 21 hour ago
I value honesty. Which is why I won't open my purse but I love a Jackie talk through beat. Another day, another slay.
Italy Lover
Italy Lover 21 hour ago
I feel like this brand is made for perfect skin 😞
Vianiris Abreu
Vianiris Abreu 22 hours ago
Thank you for this review. I am curious as to what you do with products that don't necessarily match you or that you don't see yourself wearing again?
Itzel Diaz
Itzel Diaz 22 hours ago
I can imagine anyone who is friends with you has hella smile lines 😂
Maggie Rappa
Maggie Rappa 22 hours ago
I love your review. It’s nice to understand that Rare Beauty is more for like a casual day, and not so much an event look. I’m personally more into softer lighter makeup. So I really love the look that Rare Beauty gives.
Megan Rigney
Megan Rigney 22 hours ago
“That’s why I bought them” 💀💀💀
term cee
term cee 23 hours ago
you are gorgeous!!
kim 23 hours ago
i love your of the rare ones that dont
Emma Sadberry
Emma Sadberry 23 hours ago
I love you Jackie! You crack me up while also being informative
Sara Bham
Sara Bham 23 hours ago
Why didn’t they just send ALL OF THE WARMER SHADES? 😭😭 I’m Indian and I would’ve loved to see them urgh
Shano 23 hours ago
the second color is literally pumpkin orange 😭
Alexx Hova
Alexx Hova 23 hours ago
Gosh I love Dennis 😩🤎 .. the fact that he knew something was off w/o you having to tell him is a man that pays attention to detail. Most men wouldn’t even know what you’re talking about.
Kimm Kimmberly
Kimm Kimmberly 23 hours ago
qpreksha Day ago
that outro had me snortinggg HAHAHA
myki Day ago
“If you stan Selena.... I DONT CARE 😐” lmfaoooo
Jasmine Seiger
Jasmine Seiger Day ago
Kinda living for that winged liner look on you.
hanna kits
hanna kits Day ago
After a few hours her face still looked flawless 🤩
Nina Shelli
Nina Shelli Day ago
I need my man to answer the Dennis does. lol
Sarah Willacker
Sarah Willacker Day ago
"A lot of times I like to have the girls out - that's why I bought them!" 😂😂😂
MissMandy789 Day ago
Omg those nails!!!!
Anis N
Anis N Day ago
10:15 Zimzalabim 👁👄👁
L Hall
L Hall Day ago
I love rare beauty !!
Daija Kitt
Daija Kitt Day ago
CEO of trust the process. Jackie makes literally anything work man
Banana A
Banana A Day ago
omg poor Coco Montrese
Dizzy Day ago
British sensation 🤣 that’s how I might introduce myself lol
Dalila Elizabeth
Dalila Elizabeth Day ago
i can’t watch another video because my lunch break ended 😭
isabacaroline Day ago
Someone else thought they were watching a video edited by edward avila? The memes, the queens in between, I love it all :D
Anastassia Boquet
Anastassia Boquet Day ago
Jackie is insanely gorgeous 😍
Laura Moreno
Laura Moreno Day ago
That blush looks gorgeous, look at those cheekbones, beautiful, even tho you did not like the base and concealer all the comments you had were exactly what I'm looking for, I'm more and more convinced to buy this. Might not be the thing for you, thanks for the honest review
Ma cy
Ma cy Day ago
26:26 "White Line of Death" or as Safiya Nygaard calls "The Butthole Lip" 😂
DJ Hue
DJ Hue Day ago
Súper helpful!!!!
thecaramelolivemama Day ago
I love Jackie! You contribute so much for us brown girls staying fabulous!
Dana Green
Dana Green Day ago
I actually love the sheer coverage and the super hydration. I’m in hot ass Dry ass Texas . I’m so excited to buy this ! Hopefully there’s no fragrance added . Thank you for your review ❤️
Maria Vega
Maria Vega Day ago
I love her line! I love the natural look it gives me
maria alejandra villanueva
maria alejandra villanueva Day ago
How have I not seen your videos before I loved this one. Gained a subscriber.
Numerosa Day ago
For those people who are saying that selena's rare beauty is for women to embrace their natural beauty...... Gurl, let me get this straight, that is only for women who has perfect and not textured skin, women who are already beautiful according to what media is showing us. If selena has bumpy, ugly, oily, textured, jagged skin i dont think she'll have the same energy to tell people to embrace their own beauty. This make up line only serves women who have dry skin, so basically, she’s just empowering people with skin the same as hers. Also, makeup is an art expression. Why invalidate or devalue people who PREFER to express themselves through makeup. No one is forcing you to conform to the norm in the makeup industry, if she thinks everyone now looks the same because of how they use make up, then let them be. Be natural if you want to. But dont impose your beliefs on what is right for self expression of women. After all, however "light" makeup you apply on your skin, its still make up, its still red that you apply on your lips to cover up the natural complexion of your lips. Just sayin
Mahlee007 Day ago
It’s so light weight, you were talking about the concealer and I couldn’t tell if you finished doing your foundation!
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas Day ago
So much respect and love for you Jackie! Love this review and your honesty ❤️
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
Thank you babe 🤎🤎🤎
Keisha Ciego
Keisha Ciego Day ago
Everyone who has reviewed the line looks so oily!
Louise Boland
Louise Boland Day ago
Omg that skin mist moment 😂
Mascha Alexandrowa
Mascha Alexandrowa Day ago
Heya I just right now found ur channel and I absolutely love ur characteristics. Luv u ♥️
Luke Rosario
Luke Rosario Day ago
YOU ARE AMAZING!! I love your channel!!
Andrea Martin
Andrea Martin Day ago
been watching you for years now and I STILL love your videos and always wait for the "jackiejackiejackiejackie" in the beginning. thank you girl. lol
Little Peach
Little Peach Day ago
I’m passing on this Girl one good thing? Blushes?! nobody’s cheeks are naturally orange anyways 🤣
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Day ago
I’m loving the braids!
Gasface Gordon
Gasface Gordon Day ago
Not everyone who buys/wears makeup wants to look like a Drag Queen and trowel it on...9 layers of product isn't for everyone.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
neither do I. so I don’t know what your comment has to do with my review lol
JoniqueGriffin Day ago
It’s a no for Selena after her slick ass comment during the BLM protests a few years back...NEXT
JoniqueGriffin Day ago
Then turned around and wanted people to use their platforms for another cause 😒
JoniqueGriffin Day ago
Jackie Aina she was defending Taylor Swift and someone asked why don’t they use their platform to speak out about police brutality and she said “oh lol so that means if I hashtag something I save lives? No- I could give two f**ks about ‘sides.’ You don’t know what I do.” This is actually what she said had to look it up cuz I don’t like misquoting anyone 💅🏾
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
what comment?
Jasmine Hannah Dinulos
Jasmine Hannah Dinulos Day ago
Can I watch the vids AFTER I study???????
Tatumn Willis
Tatumn Willis Day ago
you should do a review of a subtl beauty stack!
Kylissa Simmons
Kylissa Simmons Day ago
im surprised you didnt like your brows. it looked nice on you and i love how you did your eyeliner. overall i felt it looked good on you
Kylissa Simmons
Kylissa Simmons Day ago
i really want to try the liquid blush! I have the foundation and i love it. I love the way it feels on my skin and even though its made to be a light coverage to build to medium/full coverage, i feel that I need to use that much of it. By the way. i think your coverage looked good even before you added more concealer
Shanell Feliciano
Shanell Feliciano Day ago
I love the eyeliner on you 😍
Gemma Flores
Gemma Flores Day ago
Auntie Jackie is always on point. I always trust her reviews and approve of her opinions.
hexsigns Day ago
the sorcery edit i'm weak