iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 11 / XR / SE Battery Life DRAIN Test.

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Month ago

Full Battery Life Drain Test of every iPhone Apple sells - iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone SE. To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway
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Mrwhosetheboss Month ago
I've tried to making this the easiest to follow battery test I've ever made (It's also the first on the internet!) So do give it a watch, and I hope you like it! To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing: usshow.info/watch/b5h4a_O5E44/video.html Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison: usshow.info/watch/L3SflBuI8Rk/video.html
Leo White
Leo White 17 days ago
You have pottery light
Yofi Darmawan
Yofi Darmawan 23 days ago
Give away?? How about Indonesia ? Is it doable?
Justin Y's Ghost
Justin Y's Ghost 29 days ago
I hope I can win 😇
Johann Justin
Johann Justin Month ago
Mayer Rullan
Mayer Rullan Month ago
hakeem rastam
hakeem rastam Hour ago
i hope that i could have one of the iphone for my study please😣
Blazej jeka
Blazej jeka 3 hours ago
Clearly, The winner is the phone in the right with the timer
Vídeos antidepresivos
Vídeos antidepresivos 3 hours ago
Why the iPhone 11 pro durably more that iPhone 11?
Kenli Brown
Kenli Brown 8 hours ago
Him **dont buy the iphone xr** me **but thats what im looking for**
alwin n a
alwin n a 12 hours ago
Will u give me a phone
YTGamer Pro
YTGamer Pro 14 hours ago
I have xr and it lasts like 8 to 9 hrs
AAMER ABD ALRAZAK تعلم بأسهل طريقة
AAMER ABD ALRAZAK تعلم بأسهل طريقة 16 hours ago
usshow.info/on/HgxffXQZF-uBUVUZDHtDBg.html رابط قناتي برامج مدفوعة بتحصل عليها مجانا دعموني بالاشتراك واللايك وجرس التنبيهات ليوصلكم كل شي جديد Get pro apps for free
Pequin1000 20 hours ago
Good review.
Jsnsj Jfjfjv
Jsnsj Jfjfjv Day ago
Where the 12 mini
v4led Day ago
Iphone 12 WOOOW
Alfonso Fernandez
Alfonso Fernandez Day ago
Dude is disappointing iphone 12 pro last less than iPhone 11 i know New features, New 5G, New screen display. But it supposed to be superior in every way. And I mean is not like a design, It’s the battery! One of the most important things in a phone its the battery life, the iPhone has been always know as a phone that his battery last a shit. 2020 not only they didn’t improve also when backwards. Fuck... stupid apple dude
Sahbi Ben Abdallah
Sahbi Ben Abdallah Day ago
I want to buy between iphone 12 and 11 pro max .. same price ... help me please !!
Erman Bakhtiar Othman
Erman Bakhtiar Othman Day ago
I wonder how Arun actually talk veryyy slowly in this video. It's been more than 8 hours 🤔
IT'S AB Day ago
Kunjira RookPare
Kunjira RookPare Day ago
You almost give me a heart attack at the beginning 😭😂
tia hil
tia hil Day ago
Getting the 11 soon but the only thing I'm gunna miss about my android is the 15h battery life with constant use 😞
John Ronan
John Ronan Day ago
I’m still using an iPhone 4s since 2013
Wewli Lol
Wewli Lol Day ago
0:00 wow they didnt break
# Absar
# Absar Day ago
Woah I have 5g IPhone 12 pro But unfortunately in Kashmir even 3g 4g is banned 😂😂😂😂lol We are enjoying on 50 kb/s
Giovanni R Alejo
Giovanni R Alejo Day ago
What about pro max 12?
MRGG 2 days ago
Gap Issue in iPhone 12 PRO MAX. Have a look before you buy usshow.info/watch/cvDABUQqwqs/video.html
nino -aka
nino -aka 2 days ago
There is alot of high capacity batteries for older iphone like iphone 7 plus u can put nohon battery 3400mh .
ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ
ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ 2 days ago
watching this on a 55% max battery iphone 7+ hurts
Likely Black
Likely Black 2 days ago
Who watched and rewind the first 2 second 😀😀😀👍
lurus zen
lurus zen 2 days ago
Hp ip jatuh aku be like: 🙂
Yxnnel X
Yxnnel X 2 days ago
Conclusion buy iphone 11
Yxnnel X
Yxnnel X 2 days ago
Why they always do shit with the battry
Tonnie Anne Gallardo
Tonnie Anne Gallardo 3 days ago
Iphone 11 pro max
ツäbdüllrhmän TM
ツäbdüllrhmän TM 3 days ago
Thank you🥰
Shalin Mishfar
Shalin Mishfar 3 days ago
I like you more than iphones mahn
Rhiannah Mckeon
Rhiannah Mckeon 3 days ago
Thank You So Much for this review now i can finally decide which phone i want
Wolfi 3 days ago
12 or 11 pro max,please help
Zuhala Hussien
Zuhala Hussien 3 days ago
I have an iPhone 11,and I think the battery life is pretty good
ᄀᄋ 3 days ago
Is this tested with 5G?
Connect it the fan collector
Connect it the fan collector 3 days ago
Maybe i am lucky because my second handed iPhone 6 from 2015 has 100% battery capacity
Reyaz Siddiqui
Reyaz Siddiqui 3 days ago
I want the iPhone 12
Hr Wells
Hr Wells 3 days ago
My iPhone twelve is on 13 hours rn lol
Abd 4 days ago
dont be slick i saw the curry powder beta
yaak. GODSENT 4 days ago
apple is the only company thats moving backward in battery life
Nathan Gemechis
Nathan Gemechis 4 days ago
Ayyyy big up to the SIDEMEN
JeFSky 4 days ago
Lizette Ronquillo
Lizette Ronquillo 4 days ago
are there some point you can give me any disposable phone you have
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 4 days ago
I want my IPHONE 12 I subscribe ;D
Nikhilesh Bhatia
Nikhilesh Bhatia 4 days ago
Nice comparison sir.
Michael King
Michael King 4 days ago
Him: Don’t buy an XR in 2020 Me: watching this on my new XR 😐
Wakeful 4 days ago
This proves if you buy an expensive phone you will always get impostor!
Dixon L
Dixon L 4 days ago
Watching this on an iPhone 5 , feel my pain
Heet Patel
Heet Patel 4 days ago
Why did they decrease the battery...They could have kept it the same and it would have lasted longer...
DHRUV 4 days ago
who uses their phone at such high brightness level anyways? that too with bluetooth turned on. atleast try to be practical bro and with the new updates 12 series will get better don't confuse your audience by saying that its a deal breaker. even with the xr you can get a full day on single charge.
DHRUV 3 days ago
@Kannan Pk 14.2
Kannan Pk
Kannan Pk 3 days ago
@DHRUV can you specify your current ios version?
DHRUV 4 days ago
@Valentina exactlyy mine is at 94% health and still gives me a screen time of 7-8hrs.
Valentina 4 days ago
i agree! i just got the se and my friend has the xr and we both survive on charging one time per day
Roberto Anghileri
Roberto Anghileri 5 days ago
Better iPhone 11 pro or iphone 12? I'm gonna buy one of them and keep It for almost the next 3 years but I'm so undecided😭😭
Jessica Mathew
Jessica Mathew 5 days ago
Unbelievable 😱😱 I got an iPhone 12 from Tech_hacklord003 on instagram with just shipping fee and it's was delivered to my door step in some few day's he's 💯 real
Leo 13
Leo 13 5 days ago
i miss the iphone 11 mini :/
R F 5 days ago
Please do one with the Mini now. Your tests are the only ones I trust.
Костя Холодовский
Костя Холодовский 5 days ago
Did the Apple Se 2020 hold up well with its battery? And is this a good phone?
Cadan Eurostar
Cadan Eurostar 5 days ago
1 day after my bday !!!
Stephen Mellomida
Stephen Mellomida 5 days ago
Iwont win if idont subscribe but if i sub. Maybe??
Stephen Mellomida
Stephen Mellomida 5 days ago
If i win ilike the iphone 11 hehe😆
Strange, I managed 8.5 hours out of my iPhone 11
Ülkücü Tr
Ülkücü Tr 5 days ago
11 pro max let you hear ;)
Syed Adil
Syed Adil 5 days ago
You cheated us😝😝you haven't increased the full brightness for 12 pro, 12 ,11 pro max, & 11 pro...that's why the 11, xr & se battery was draining fast...🤨
Oopins 5 days ago
iphone 12 pro and 11 pro max impostor
Eduard Stefan
Eduard Stefan 5 days ago
I never haved a iphone😩😩☹️🥺
Cương Trần
Cương Trần 5 days ago
Im 11pro
oNicked 5 days ago
That intro lmao
scroler's online
scroler's online 5 days ago
The 12 pro and the 11 pro max were the imposters 😂
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 5 days ago
*Guy I got my new iPhone from eBay and discovered it was lock on I cloud I was worry when I saw **#zayn_hack0011on** Instagram the dude helped me out and now I'm happy👍😂*
박승규 5 days ago
좌우 바꿔서 나열한거 불편해 죽겠네
yaser shaat
yaser shaat 6 days ago
but no one is gonna constantly use their phone for 4 hours straight i have the xr and it stays alive for the whole day
hafiz .j
hafiz .j 6 days ago
i just want iphone 12 giveaway.
classic editor
classic editor 6 days ago
I don't have Facebook or Instagram or Twitter cause I'm kid so I still need a better phone to do my online school
3fo5 6 days ago
What about the mini ?
classic editor
classic editor 6 days ago
I hope I get the give away
Ali Mansha
Ali Mansha 6 days ago
I Really like the song you put at the end (9:14)
Caden Waters
Caden Waters 6 days ago
Y'all shouldn't trip for those fake recommendations on here, youtube sucks at banning 'em only message one of the admin on here, *zihacking* on Instagram, he just got my iPhone 12 unlocked, he's a genius at doing this.
vikas kapoor
vikas kapoor 7 days ago
Oh Tony Kakkar also opened a USshow channel
yebebbrhr 10
yebebbrhr 10 7 days ago
if you are interested in getting the iphone 12 through amazon click here. I bought one and i highly recommend it. amzn.to/3pKfDNk
Peyton Warren
Peyton Warren 7 days ago
I love your voice! It’s so dang refined
TheNuclearOne 7 days ago
I have been using a iPhone 8 for a while but recently I switched to the 12 and I really think this is amazing! iPhone 8’s battery was horrible so a jump to the 12 was insane for me.
yesharshit 7 days ago
him: don’t go for the XR in 2020 me: whose battery is stuck at 100 for almost an hour (that 1% takes a year to drain lol) 🥲
DHRUV 4 days ago
Wondering IN NY
Wondering IN NY 7 days ago
some of us can't afford the newest iPhone. Great review.
Mahathir Khan
Mahathir Khan 7 days ago
Plz do a battery drain test on iphone 12 mini and other iphones
Intel HD Graphics Gaming
Intel HD Graphics Gaming 7 days ago
This test is 100% INACCURATE and FALSE. Its been confirmed that the iphone 12 wasnt optimized, especially for graphics, when this video was made. PhoneArena did a battery test and the 12 pro beat the 11 pro @
Rochan’s Art Channel
Rochan’s Art Channel 7 days ago
Waiting for iPhone 12 mini battery test along side 12 and androids competitions...
Yuriy Bas
Yuriy Bas 7 days ago
Watching this on iPhone 4. Took three days of charging to watch the video
you tube
you tube 7 days ago
If anybody have extra I phone please give for me..because I don't have money to buy an iphones please ☹☹🙏🙏🙏🙏
Vladislav Zaytsev
Vladislav Zaytsev 7 days ago
I use iPhone 5 from 2013 year and i'm ok)
Thomas XU
Thomas XU 7 days ago
I rewatched the first 2 seconds for 20 times.
Kamran Afzal
Kamran Afzal 8 days ago
Gota say im actually impressed with the 12 pros battery life
Adem De Souza
Adem De Souza 8 days ago
iphone 12 or 11 pro ? what would you recommend guys ?
R.I. Robikin
R.I. Robikin 8 days ago
Same Video On XS Max vs. 11 Pro Max vs. 12 Pro Max Please 🙂🥺 Love From Bangladesh, Asia🤩🤗
Serra Mesin
Serra Mesin 8 days ago
I woke up this morning at 7am and used my iphone 11 for online school, after school I watched several USshow videos including this one and now its 6pm and my battery percentage on my phone is 30%, i think it’s quite good
Serra Mesin
Serra Mesin 3 days ago
@Kannan Pk 14.2
Kannan Pk
Kannan Pk 3 days ago
Can you specify your current ios version?
Juan Sinatra
Juan Sinatra 8 days ago
Thank you 🙏🏽
Angelo Dominick
Angelo Dominick 8 days ago
Im sorry how small the se is compared to the other phones is 😂🖐
Such a Bitch
Such a Bitch 8 days ago
XR is still a good phone. I got mine last year instead of the 8+ (because local carriers don't offer it anymore). For me, 4-5 hours of screen on time is not bad especially on a normal day at my work where I get to use it during break times only. I think iOS 14 made its battery life worse tho.
Agung MLBB
Agung MLBB 8 days ago
Sundar Jeeva
Sundar Jeeva 8 days ago
RealSupaHotFireVEVO 9 days ago
Apple is literally selling us worse phones. Are you kidding me.
Chaotic G
Chaotic G 5 days ago
@RealSupaHotFireVEVO It's good to know if it has the points that you most care about. For someone that is looking to upgrade now, not from last year, it might make sense getting the 12 or the 12 Pro Max rather than the 11's since they're great but still older, and the new chip is expected to keep your phone fast for longer. Can't say either are a bad choice in my opinion, but the price is too close to make me jump to 11 and say it's a clear winner.
RealSupaHotFireVEVO 7 days ago
@Wawa YT Okay, they are slightly better specs-wise minus the battery. But they totally don't deserve an upgrade, no way. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max or an iPhone XS Max then this upgrade is pointless. Having worse battery life kills it. I'm saying this as an Apple enthusiast, I don't prefer any phone to the iPhone but I just won't accept a slightly better phone with a worse battery life and without a power adapter nor earphones. I was going to buy this phone if it had 120hz screen, but even that isn't here.
Wawa YT
Wawa YT 7 days ago
The chip got better, new design, thinner bezels, and better cameras. I’m not trying to sound like a Apple fanboy, but don’t trash on a phone without reading specs
Wawa YT
Wawa YT 7 days ago
Battery is worse**
Ian Lima
Ian Lima 9 days ago
i Liked ur accent
Fro5ty 9 days ago
I'm wheezing at the fact the these phone are 2019-2020 (not including the se) and they still have bessels that massive.
eltate 9 days ago
It doesn't make sense for a larger battery to last less. if you make the test and every model has THE iOS VERSION THEY RELEASE WITH, results would be very different.....
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