VFX Artists React to CGi Magic (ft. Zach King)

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Corridor Crew

11 months ago

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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Zach King's zestiest CGi magic moments!
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TBNRAtlan Gamer
TBNRAtlan Gamer Day ago
My theory is that they took two footages one with Zach climbing up a real ladder and the second take with the security running to a painted wall and they put the footage together
Sam Mair
Sam Mair Day ago
My name is zac LOL
Unstable Pacifist
Unstable Pacifist 2 days ago
Unsolicited Opinion: Though it's awesome to watch, CGI magic is lame.
Abdelrhman Ragab
Abdelrhman Ragab 2 days ago
The ladder is a paid actor
Anamika 2 days ago
He is a legend
XxExoticxX 21
XxExoticxX 21 2 days ago
The virtual magician
Ace Ang
Ace Ang 3 days ago
What is that musical instrument called at the end of the clip?
Gaming CTM6
Gaming CTM6 3 days ago
i think he did magic like harry potter lelelele
Benjamin Ileto
Benjamin Ileto 3 days ago
dudeat1320 4 days ago
Black ladder with one green spot that gets painted over with black again before he climbs up
aaron shrestha
aaron shrestha 4 days ago
My theory he has done cutting in the video
Jay Vincent
Jay Vincent 5 days ago
Yes, finally Zack's secret about his cool magic trick..
Amit Wadodkar
Amit Wadodkar 5 days ago
Hey what’s that thing called? The beat music thing?? So awesome!!
Johnny Kool
Johnny Kool 5 days ago
Interesting....I wonder if anything is real anymore
Brittany Beautiful
Brittany Beautiful 6 days ago
I hate when men sit with their legs all the way crossed like that.
Smit Patil Entertainment
Smit Patil Entertainment 6 days ago
Sharone Pereira
Sharone Pereira 7 days ago
Umair Ali Asad
Umair Ali Asad 7 days ago
React to vfx guy aman😊
Albstar_ Music
Albstar_ Music 7 days ago
10:43 I thought that was an actual alarm
Vince CHOY [07M1]
Vince CHOY [07M1] 8 days ago
I think the part where Jack runs up the spray paint ladder a crane pulls up him and off-screen and when he appears he just mounts the edge of the building.
Sovereign 9 days ago
You guys need to bring on the GOAT... Ian Hubert!
Tenshied 9 days ago
Benjamin Boonen
Benjamin Boonen 9 days ago
4:14 notice the red paint cap standing behind the ladder in the bottom of the frame vanishing as the ladder changes from physical to paint, it is really trippy!!!
Koalaticc 10 days ago
Honestly, Zach looks kinda serious here.
DJ McNamer
DJ McNamer 10 days ago
Ok. I think both teams need to do dual fight for the win have 1 day to see how and who does it better...
The GREAT Bebeh YODA! 10 days ago
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The GREAT Bebeh YODA! 10 days ago
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Ankit Khandelwal
Ankit Khandelwal 11 days ago
What is that music instrument you guys playing at the end? A R Rehman wants it.
Ankit Khandelwal
Ankit Khandelwal 11 days ago
I'm not a magician but you can react to C2World channels Zindagi Mil Gai Dobara video editing, which is a pure mobile camera work. But you can Guess where the audio is mixed or where where the audio is orginal. And you can definitely appreciate the hard work we did on recording that movie. 👈👈 Check out usshow.info/watch/g8ncIdTb3l8/video.html
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy 11 days ago
9:32 come on guys you’re supposed to be cgi artists I’m 12 and I got that 😂
Car Ander
Car Ander 12 days ago
Now react to astartes
Máté Pápai
Máté Pápai 12 days ago
Morad El Bahloul
Morad El Bahloul 12 days ago
For the sun/light-bulb switching, you can see that the spheres that are hooked to the street wires in the background, change their position when the cut is made.
ShernWei Lee
ShernWei Lee 12 days ago
My guess for the ladder trick is that he and his crew first filmed the first one with a real ladder and after that, he filmed himself with him spray painting the ladder and finally he filmed the one with the ladder but of course. it's fake you filmed yourself on top of the building. Once you have all the films you just cut it into the right place but the real trick was getting the position of the ladder's shadow, Mr. King's, and the security guard's position, that was why he said 97 takes correct? Because taking into consideration it must be pretty hot outside and that he would have easily confused the position of the Sun, which provides the framework for the fake ladder am I right?
MANDROID GAME 13 days ago
MANDROID GAME 12 days ago
@Moon tq
Moon 12 days ago
MANDROID GAME imagine self promoting lmao
armor power
armor power 13 days ago
Oh uhhh I guess I can't guess because my name is Zach XD
elmer desu ga?
elmer desu ga? 14 days ago
oh i see some air breaking
TheRedFeather 14 days ago
Magic thats how he does it I found it out
All in One
All in One 14 days ago
The truth is.. I don't even know what they talking about...hahhaa
SK ØØ7 15 days ago
Zach's secret Everything is a paid actor