The Professor Suffers Career Ending Injury... 2v2 vs Athletic Hoopers Miami Hood

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Professor Live

8 days ago

More to come on the injury... Thank you for supporting me so much Live Fam! I love you!
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Thank you to Joel Marion for accommodating us out in Miami!

dab savage
dab savage 3 hours ago
Who played it slow? Play speed 0.25, I saw he hyper extended his right leg exploding to the basket
Jensen Chang
Jensen Chang 8 hours ago
How old is he? I was 32 when mine blew. Same as kobe
De’ Millz
De’ Millz 8 hours ago
Get well soon Hoop Legend 🙏🏀😔
Royal Russell
Royal Russell 9 hours ago
Not a career ender but he will be out awhile, hopefully he gives it his all through rehab and eventually he wii be back on the court
Sinisterrat 412
Sinisterrat 412 11 hours ago
I had a full rupture of my Achilles playing vb. Dr said 9 to 12 months...I got to jogging in 6. With your dedication Professor you'll be back. Good luck with recovery, it sucks.
Eric Christian
Eric Christian 12 hours ago
I'm deaaddddd!!!! 3 seconds in ... "Sorry about that" hahahaha
Daddy Co.
Daddy Co. 14 hours ago
First t jass, now professor? At least the NBA is back all prayers out to you
B Parker
B Parker 16 hours ago
Man father time catching up thats what happened
James Rich
James Rich 16 hours ago
Stay up bro, you're a warrior. You'll be back. God will help you through this. Will absolutely be praying for you and a quick recovery. 💪💪💪
Pop1hundo 17 hours ago
Sending prayer to professor hopes he get better imma big fan please pull thru
Swagon_10 17 hours ago
Comeback stronger man
Xander P
Xander P 18 hours ago
Oh nooooo
Healthy You
Healthy You 18 hours ago
Man i don't comment much but i hated to see you go down. Be strong you'll make it back Good luck!
A Z 19 hours ago
Damn man this makes me sad, I hate that medicine hasn't found a way to make our bodies last longer, nothing has changed for people in terms achilles injuries in the last 30 years.
A Z 20 hours ago
Achilles rupture for sure. Damn, prayers up professor.
Dennis Fau
Dennis Fau 22 hours ago
I love you so much
Gilbert Figueroa
Gilbert Figueroa 23 hours ago
Prayers for my boy literally when I play everyone knows who I study Kobe and you that’s it sucks to see it but you one of the best to ever do it thank you for everything man hope it ain’t that bad 🙏🏼
John Iler
John Iler 23 hours ago
This is sad he’s a good dude but he wasn’t playing pro once he knew that he should have done something else to fall back on
Ade Ra
Ade Ra Day ago
"Whats your youtube?" 3x "Professor Live!!!" I havent seen the accident yet, but I feel for you fam. Makes me think of what happened to me Jan of 2019. Good luck fam! Get well. Hope you have better Healthcare than me and they take care of it immediately. Don't let it affect your hips and back and knees.... its harder that way. Stay up! You're a hero of mine, for real for real, even out the Spiderman suit.
Maui John De la Cruz
Maui John De la Cruz Day ago
Get well Soon Professor! 🙏🏼😇
Kevin Joe Pelayo
Kevin Joe Pelayo Day ago
*Professor Hope U Quick Recovery get well soon Bro😣🙏*
Kadyn Clayton
Kadyn Clayton Day ago
Get well soon 🙏 proffesor
Tsung Hung Shen
Tsung Hung Shen Day ago
Popped Achilles, at least it looks like it
zak Day ago
Bro was having a good ass day and then it j went to shit in .1 sec
Jay_slim Day ago
Professor if your reading this. Take your take your time healing up . Don’t rush it or push it . God bless
Jefry A. Cordero
Jefry A. Cordero Day ago
Una chaqueta de las Águilas
Angel :3
Angel :3 Day ago
Everyone send him prayers
Xiamg Zhai
Xiamg Zhai Day ago
Porffesor please still play basketball i hope your ankle feels better
Bob Frank
Bob Frank Day ago
12:35 The kid in the background lmaooooo
Fusion Day ago
You want to still play at peak performance switch your whole lifestyle up. Plant Based Diet, Training, No Giving Up, You Can Do It. Heal the right way and no opinion or professional evaluation can hold you back and you know it
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Day ago
Definitely looks like an achilles injury. Right before he was about to take off. You can see the left foot was overloaded in a stretched position. Similar to KD injury.
cloud-vibes Day ago
sad music dramatic scene pROfEsSoR lIVe
Xman 0824
Xman 0824 Day ago
Yeah thats Achilles same as Kobe same take off. Hope its not as bad. Get well baller. Respect.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Day ago
Let your ankles get better professor or someone will break them for you
Brian Howard
Brian Howard Day ago
There's always people that can defy the odds say they can never walk again or do something the way they used to never give up hope
John H
John H Day ago
Got here a week late. That sucks, I mean this year has already been so tough and this happens? Prayers for the Professor.
Midnight_Sun Day ago
My basketball days ended after I tore my Achilles.
Todo bien??
GSW 510
GSW 510 Day ago
Man, i hope not...
Left Hook 2 Da Body
Left Hook 2 Da Body Day ago
I know professor loves to ball I mean ball is life but I think it was wearing down on his body especially the way he stops and pushes off his foot I think it was just a matter of time that his Achilles snapped my prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery Greyson 🙏🏼
Lily Jordan
Lily Jordan Day ago
your the best I would compare you to michael jordan
Παναγιωτης Χαλικιας
Παναγιωτης Χαλικιας Day ago
Don t worry man evrything is going to be ok , hope you get well soon
Evan Rai
Evan Rai 2 days ago
Just seeing the caption hurts in the bottom of heart h😢😭 hope he can ball again soon
andreix ya
andreix ya 2 days ago
Dont worry goats always come back 🐐
Thee Marky Mark
Thee Marky Mark 2 days ago
Looked like an Achilles injury. 🙏🏼 for you bro.
casey alexzander
casey alexzander 2 days ago
Best time to drop the hoop mixtape an have everyone shook
Marx Cube
Marx Cube 2 days ago
Jagdflieger 2 days ago
Oh my gosh...2020 is couldn't get any worse, could it? Get well soon bro! God bless you!
SmO oTh
SmO oTh 2 days ago
There is a guy watching he said come on take the ball he's not injured and then look what just happend 😕 professor man i hope u get well soon
Super Max
Super Max 2 days ago
Let your ankles get better professor or someone will break them for you
Ali3n Vort3x
Ali3n Vort3x 2 days ago
I disliked cause hate to see him injured.
Chimera 2 days ago
BSR 2 days ago
2020 is the worst year😩😞😖
Gerald NamaTV
Gerald NamaTV 2 days ago
Viki Ayy
Viki Ayy 2 days ago
Hide On Wishua
Hide On Wishua 2 days ago
EastSDE 2 days ago
You’ll pull through homie. Thank you fir everything you do ✊🏼
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 2 days ago
The only one that can defeat yourself is yourself. Get well soon prof! I wanna see you again play ball in spidey suit
Ryan Redinger
Ryan Redinger 2 days ago
No disrespect to be honest it looks fake like look at the ambulance shots they look like there from some thing else excecialy the first one BC the camera angle and when you see him trip you don't see him twisting or bending his ankle and and the reaction of it seemed fake but I understand why you would wanna fake it in a way but yeah no disrespect I'm probably wrong but yeah
Genís Escribano Dominguez
Genís Escribano Dominguez 2 days ago
Daam keep strong ! Regards from Spain!!
Gabriel Peron
Gabriel Peron 2 days ago
Prayers from Brazil... Wishing the best and complete recovery! Update us all as soon as possible.