D&D Curse of Strahd Replay (Episode 5): Dinner With The Devil

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Puffin Forest

6 months ago

This is Episode 5 of my Dungeons and Dragons Curse of Strahd game. Hope you guys enjoy!
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Cian Abroad
Cian Abroad 4 hours ago
Great now if I ever play this module I'll be making decisions based on not doing the appallingly stupid and stupidly appalling things that Garrow did.
Vladds Tempes
Vladds Tempes 15 days ago
SPOILER I was wondering why strahd knew that the bones were missing. Then i remembered Garo said his name while discussing the missing bones.
Jo Ed
Jo Ed 17 days ago
Where was Rahaden with the first invitation?
Jo Ed
Jo Ed 17 days ago
Why did Straud punish them for getting his supporters in a position of power and kill one od those who knows of his gifts and is activity taking steps to repel him?
Quackers 24 days ago
Holy shit your DM is mean.... like its not your fault you're exploring the module and finding too many quests with timers... so punishing you guys for trying to figure out what order things have to be done in is.... harsh
Cringe Worthy
Cringe Worthy 28 days ago
its so sad and morally challenging, the DM must be really good!
ParadoxNerdHLM 29 days ago
"Everyone knows Intelligence is a dump stat" *Laughs in Wizard*
jay quickblade
jay quickblade Month ago
You know... I like how boshack lizardman is basically the magic master
Shayne Rawls
Shayne Rawls Month ago
John Brantingham
John Brantingham Month ago
The source of this story's entertainment and tragic conclusions are both due to the party's ineptitude. Cheers, great story telling! Truly a Greek comedy.
Billy Bob jr
Billy Bob jr Month ago
I’m doing this know except different but I foght strode
Ira Lee
Ira Lee Month ago
Peter Bogolub
Peter Bogolub Month ago
i like to think that the burgomaster's son teleport circle worked.
Kyle Rolnick
Kyle Rolnick Month ago
A lot of stupid mistakes have been made so far in this campaign it's almost as if the people would be better off with the group there lol
Kyle Rolnick
Kyle Rolnick Month ago
I don't understand y they didn't take up the offer to dine with strahd as well as realize how important it was to get those bones back asap...plus u would get to c what the inside of the castle looks like which will prolly come in handy in case u have to ever go back
The Detective
The Detective Month ago
I feel like the puffin forest strand is the least scary
Samuel Mora
Samuel Mora Month ago
I love this series, it also been helpful for some inspiration for my own CoS campaign. I would love to know what's the music played at 22:40
TaranTatsuuchi 2 months ago
This is the episode where I realise how remarkably well our group went through this campaign... We got the bones, we killed the spawn, we got rid of both fiona and the baron... None of the party died... Also... Every character in the party had a positive cha modifier... Even the barbarian.
TaranTatsuuchi 2 months ago
Oh hey... We also staged a cou.... But we got both Fiona and the baron lynched. We put Blinsky in charge.
Heather Wilson
Heather Wilson 2 months ago
I warrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnneeeeeeddddddd yoooooooooooooooooou
Digo Rodriguez
Digo Rodriguez 2 months ago
And at 2:20, I ended up spit-taking my drink all over my monitor. XD
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson 2 months ago
Spoiler; So daunting to realize that Straud scrys on everyone who says his name.
Lewis Doherty
Lewis Doherty 2 months ago
Oh no this has the add thing..
Stephen Bateman
Stephen Bateman 2 months ago
Please please Please do more of these for the other campaigns
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 2 months ago
In this episode: Garoh and Boshek break the fourth wall by getting into a noisily whispered argument about stats and what they are and aren't supposed to be used for in Strahd's dining room.
Ethan Robbins
Ethan Robbins 2 months ago
Does anyone know the name of the song he used for the bride's and Rahadin?
KHfan0011 2 months ago
This entire campaign is just fuck-up after fuck-up XD
Calvin Gordee
Calvin Gordee 2 months ago
This went so differently than my campaign. We thought we were messing everything up but this makes us look like pros!
Cobra Chicken
Cobra Chicken 2 months ago
So much advertising...
Dragonnsv '
Dragonnsv ' 2 months ago
Garo whisper "BOSHAK! A little help here! Boshak "IM PART OF THE MOB"
Phillip Horton
Phillip Horton 2 months ago
This series is amazing, so glad I got a jocat vid on my recommended
Handlebar Fox
Handlebar Fox 2 months ago
"taking a shit is our ace in the hole" ... Gouda would be so proud of you.
TheSMK2 2 months ago
Oh God, as a paladin (Neutral good, since I was a oat of the ancient) when we took down the hags, we did it on the first try by burning the mill and trapping one, the other one escaped, by that point metagame we all knew the child was a hag and we had to kill her, in game only the rouge knew and didn't told anybody (He was true neural) as we left, I offer to go with the rouge and the child to keep them safe from the other hag, but he insisted to go alone since he was the fastest, a couple of meters into the forest, with only the rouge and the girl. Player: "I roll sneak attack on her" That was such and *Damn* moment, we kinda had to pause there.
Pikabrook 2 months ago
His description of crapping on strahd and then how they should do it caught me off guard so well i fell out of my chair laughing
A Thousand Young
A Thousand Young 3 months ago
38:50 I'm trying to imagine a one armed lizard man "drawing his staff".
Cheerybelle 3 months ago
*_This._* This is why I haven't played a tabletop RPG and probably never will. Thanks for the reminder, I guess. I was almost to the point of really being interested in tabletop RPGs. I guess not...
Ass Cancer
Ass Cancer 3 months ago
Why does rickyoveo sound like absurd
Inu Ghost
Inu Ghost 3 months ago
If I play Curse of Strahd I think I'll play a...Therapist. Cuz lord only knows how many people in Barovia need a therapist. Strahd included.
Inu Ghost
Inu Ghost 3 months ago
Wow Garo you're plan to take a shit all over Strahd's Castle is Totally Cool.
Carbadonia 3 months ago
Bit late but all the same, Strahd don't have Truesight my boi Puffin, he has Darkvision. He just has really good perception.
Alresu 3 months ago
Garo not being able to take all the evil anymore and pushing to fight the Hags is great.
Alresu 3 months ago
So, the Strahd-Lovestory is one part Dracula and one part Hawkman and Hawkgirl?
Alresu 3 months ago
Gouda: "Fire! Fire!" Crowd: "That's right!" Pro DMing right there!
AdianaK 3 months ago
The suffering and pain in this part just broke my heart.
Matthew Marting
Matthew Marting 3 months ago
Huh. Your DM really wants to make you guys suffer. When I ran it I at gave the courtesy of binary choices but to have to choose between 4-5 plot lines is just devious.
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin 3 months ago
I have a feeling that pretty much no matter what you do your not meant to save anyone does things in a different order well than people die its the hole time travel kinda thing like no matter what direction you take YOUR SCREWD.
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff 3 months ago
Killenary arts. Yes!
BRND MYR 3 months ago
Holy shit THAT was dark!!!
Germanic hams
Germanic hams 3 months ago
You know, maybe Gertruda won’t be that bad.
OXENGaming 3 months ago
This was a whole episode of me asking for 3 likes on this video
Ermac Macro
Ermac Macro 3 months ago
*I know that this comment might not be relevant....at all. But I feel like it's an interesting conversation to have, given we all might have different characters with different personalities and different skillsets* Ok. So in the campaign I'm in right now, I have a Tiefling Hexblade Warlock. He's level 17 right now though, so I absolutely understand that he's way overleveled for Strahd. He would not be having *ANY* of Ludmila's shit. The moment he got let out of the Hold Person, he would do 3 things. 1: Try and hit her with a Hold Monster. (Depending on how things go, steps 2 and subsequently 3 would hurt more) 2: Hexblade Curse on her. 3: Eldritch and Branding Smite on her. He would have made it hurt. He would have been talking down to her, with his second swing of the longsword he would have just stabbed her to the ground. He's a bit of an angry person, especially to someone who would do something as dishonorable and petty as killing a priest in his own church because we wouldn't go to goddamn dinner. Would my Tiefling die? No idea. Would he try and chip away at Strahd's pride and take the Baron down a few pegs? Yeah. Would he be pissed? *absolutely* If you guys want to bring up your characters, and what they would do in this particular part. I'm willing to go ahead and listen. I think it'll be fuuun.
Kaeden Betz
Kaeden Betz 3 months ago
There is no war in ba sing say
SinnerTheSinful 3 months ago
The thing is... child hags only transform if a ritual is performed on them... they don't turn on their own, they might become sorcerers though
TBH148 3 months ago
Absolutely loved this episode. Drama, action, bloodshed all perfectly played out with tension cut by comical meta-talk. I only wish more groups could play like this
Dakota McIntire
Dakota McIntire 3 months ago
This is one depressing freaking campaign.
Tommy Rasmussen
Tommy Rasmussen 3 months ago
20:00 i dont need sleep i need answers
17joren 3 months ago
The metagame is strong with this one
FA Rocks
FA Rocks 3 months ago
Honestly I would have attacked the sorcerer at that point..
Sarin Earthsea
Sarin Earthsea 4 months ago
I haven't felt this level of depression coming off a character since bleach. *nothing explained plays in back*
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 4 months ago
If only garo became as dark and twisted as the land he is in.
Marie Parisi
Marie Parisi 4 months ago
If only the crappie plan worked
zeedar412 4 months ago
In our campaign we ignored the hags long enough that they had a full coven by the time we faced them. Good thing we were level 10 by then. Unfortunately, they fled using etherealness. We burned the mill to the ground. No more pastry.
Spooky Scary Steve
Spooky Scary Steve 4 months ago
A cleric... saying you cant fight... my lord, they’ve broken him
Lucas M
Lucas M 4 months ago
This group is so confusing kkkkk Cleric/Monk is so stupid.Putting aside the bone quest.Now Undead can rush these land πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Maurice Pete
Maurice Pete 4 months ago
No body: No one ever: Not even whimsy: *I WARNED YOU *
Craig Lee
Craig Lee 4 months ago
Man, your DM is a bit of an asshole, lol.
Ian Kittle
Ian Kittle 4 months ago
Wow the DM of this game is so rigid in some rules and yet gleefully alters others to fit what he wants to happen huh? I mean seriously if one of your players willingly risks his life (totally in character) and drops a burst of sunlight amongst a group of vampire fledglings it would be ok to at least have them recoil in momentary fear to give the player at least some reward. But hey let's go by the book guys. Unless it's about Gazer familiars, or permanent buffs for being half dryad.....Edit: also how the hell is Garro still a viable Cleric of Torm? I mean besides the passively standing by while unspeakable evil is being committed right in front of him there's also the straight up evil acts like promoting the murder and consumption of children and making deals with incredibly evil beings. I'm a pretty chill DM when it comes to rule flexibility for player fun but seriously there's kind of a limit on how much bad shit a Good Cleric or Paladin can pull before they lose favour from thier God.
Torin Smith
Torin Smith 4 months ago
DWPF Horsemen
DWPF Horsemen 4 months ago
*anything:happens* Ben as Stan Hellsing: MY TIME HAS COME
Tyler Hendrix
Tyler Hendrix 4 months ago
I want this campaign to end with Garo pulling strahd’s head back so that he faces the sun and says β€œPraise the sun” as strahd turns to dust.
Klaital1 4 months ago
Man it is like Puffin is the only one playing a serious character in this campaign.
Yarden Akin
Yarden Akin 4 months ago
The rioting and looting has a different context after this past weekend
TheWanderingMist 4 months ago
Is it weird that I decided if I ever played this to attempt to turn the bride who apparently is predisposed to turning before knowing about it?
Brittany Davis
Brittany Davis 4 months ago
Your voices are the best!
Non Ya
Non Ya 4 months ago
It has always been the pcs fault. They always make it worse... It is simple job security.
sebastianwillows 4 months ago
Is the sacking of the church scripted, or was that a spur of the moment DM thing? Lol
Green Apple
Green Apple 5 months ago
The 3rd bride looks so sassy.
Chocobitties 5 months ago
Trying to decide if your servant accent is Transylvanian or Italian Mobser.
Zachary Ellis
Zachary Ellis 5 months ago
Hey, Puffin. I love your content. Is it possible to get some of the players or your friends to voice the characters when you do more of these D&D Replay videos?
Favio Di Ciocco
Favio Di Ciocco 5 months ago
I love the voices, especially the Strahd one. It makes all the tale really awesome
Cursed Toilet 39
Cursed Toilet 39 5 months ago
I'm making a dnd map and to keep company I start playing the videos to give me a story to listen to
Louie Satterwhite
Louie Satterwhite 5 months ago
I'd have told Strahd. That hags a bigger threat
Laffing Gas
Laffing Gas 5 months ago
The Shinani-guys: have literally never done anything that actually helps Everyone in berovia: I diagnose you with hero
aredith 5 months ago
This series is so depressing! Did you guys have any fun on this one? The DM hates you all!
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 5 months ago
@aredith everyone likes different styles of campaigns. The curse of Strade certainly doesn't sound like it's for everyone, but that's because of the setting not the DM's choices.
aredith 5 months ago
Yeah...I just don't know if I would be able to keep playing after so many defeats. But I will say I have also never played such a complex campaign. Everything I have played was home brewed and only went on for a few sessions before falling apart.
Javid Productions
Javid Productions 5 months ago
I think the setting is supposed to be brutal and depressing.
delroland 5 months ago
Man, you guys are finding every possible way to biff Curse of Strahd πŸ˜†
Jeffrey Layton
Jeffrey Layton 5 months ago
this gouda character urks me on a level that only a lot of hypocrasy can reach
Fure2 5 months ago
I tell a good story, but your DM is awesome.
Tayler Mole
Tayler Mole 5 months ago
I just like the idea that the festival of the Blazing Sun is just the Festival of BS!
Tyler M.
Tyler M. 5 months ago
These stories are everything I want my D&D party to grow to be. #SquadGoals
VegaFel Productions
VegaFel Productions 5 months ago
I love these man. I listen to it at night before bed and it helps me sleep
ErzengelDesLichtes 5 months ago
"Take a shit on everything. And that's how we'll defeat the curse of strahd!" My speakers turned off at this moment, but it was so perfect I thought there was just this really long awkward pause as the other players reacted with disbelief to the plan. Then it went on for too long. Ben would have said something like 'not buying it huh?' by now. Then I noticed my speakers were off. It was really good timing and made it funnier.
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime 5 months ago
Never before have I heard or will ever again hear someone asking a fellow party member (And a PALADIN no less!) to rely on their "plump buttocks to lay out these huge, meaty turds" XD That was fantastic!
devon marcus
devon marcus 5 months ago
This was soooo different from our Strahd campaign. Very interesting, creative ways to move the party. Must have had a solid DM.
Timothy Whitney
Timothy Whitney 5 months ago
More replay stories please!!!! Love the content!
BahamutEx 5 months ago
what a dark, sad campaign :o
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 5 months ago
Strahd sounds like The Godfather as a vampire
Ernesparks10 5 months ago
i feel so sorry for this party, is curse of strahd really this morbid?
Helarki 5 months ago
The DM didn't watch the "What they don't tell you about hags" video. Even a hag child doesn't turn into a hag if they don't feed it the stuff required.
Jan Cieslar
Jan Cieslar 5 months ago
Is anyone else suprised how much secrets Strahd is sharing with the group?
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroyer of Worlds 5 months ago
And then we're gonna shit on the table.
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