A Turtle That Looks Like This

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2 months ago

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Linto Gaming
Linto Gaming 2 months ago
Its the turtle from amazing world of gumball
Dragon X Flips
Dragon X Flips 6 days ago
mrnewfe Month ago
I was gonna say that
Michael Afton
Michael Afton Month ago
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones Month ago
I used to have nightmares....
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 2 months ago
They are florida softshells and the bite like hell
Joe Delici
Joe Delici 2 hours ago
That Rhino is gonna tell his Rhino Buddies the Crazies Alien Abduction Story xD
Crawford Klinner
Crawford Klinner 4 hours ago
*points at turtle* “what is that?” “ oh him? That’s harold. He uses his long neck to peep on peeps peepers.” Turtle: where are my children Jon.....
Regan Dubose
Regan Dubose 7 hours ago
Me and my sisters call that turtle a pancake turtle ;w!
Penguin 8 hours ago
thats the turtle from the puppy in gumball in season 5.......i watched it too much ; - ;
Jackie Frank
Jackie Frank 10 hours ago
Why is the turtle so long?
wanderlust_feline 20 hours ago
The turtles probably like and why do you look like that?!
zerox peak human
zerox peak human 21 hour ago
Plz tell me which telescope you use Plz Bro.!!
Floopy Fox
Floopy Fox Day ago
This is a soft-shell turtle 0:11 They Derp =3
Mofix Day ago
looks like squidward from spongebob
NahJustADude Day ago
Teacher: Only one animal have a long enough NECK that let eat leaves from trees and its the jiraffe! Turtle: HOLD MY 5 METERS NECK
Imagine being that rhino..just sudden𝗹y flying and waking up miles from home and you just have weird looking aliens staring at you....imagne him trying to tell his rhino friends about it. They be like, ❝ 𝗹𝗮𝘆 𝗼𝗳𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗰𝗮𝗰𝘁𝘂𝘀 𝗷𝘂𝗶𝗰𝗲, 𝗯𝘂𝗱𝗱𝘆. ❞
Ydrianne Civic
Ydrianne Civic Day ago
Water has strings on ISS, wake up people
Komad Kukuruza
Komad Kukuruza Day ago
When you said "space station" I thought you said "playstation!😳 Anyways great video!
GuyBronson Day ago
0:24 Bird Gondal
Aruna Rai
Aruna Rai 2 days ago
Bruh you have 9.7subscribers
The doggie Gaming
The doggie Gaming 2 days ago
0:12 That turtle is from the amazing world of gumball soooo why
Kivel 2 days ago
Imagine you are chilling in a safari and a fucking rhino crushes you🤣🤣🤣🤣
Detective J
Detective J 2 days ago
1:04 Katara would be proud
Jared M 08
Jared M 08 2 days ago
Emi the Pupy
Emi the Pupy 2 days ago
Maybe that's the Nessie
Spicystachegamer328 420
Spicystachegamer328 420 2 days ago
Pizza so good you almost can't taste the salmonella
tube riders
tube riders 2 days ago
why would they move the rhino away from its family);
MonsterXkILL 2 days ago
Plot twist the stone fish was an anime girl in disguise
Jose Roman
Jose Roman 3 days ago
Image that guy on the train filing a lawsuit later on.
FintyFlow 3 days ago
“Poor little stone fish” Bro that thing had enough poison in it to take out 10 adult men
Crypto 3 days ago
Duck+Turtle=baby= This.
Spectre 3 days ago
I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume Daily Dose loves turtles and tortoises
harta perdana saputra
harta perdana saputra 3 days ago
That turtle need oxygen so it's often try to make his head more longet
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions 3 days ago
That is a water giraffe
Allahabad Beats
Allahabad Beats 3 days ago
"Daily Dose Of Astronomy"
Sammi G
Sammi G 3 days ago
That’s called a cockazoo turtle
ultra_lilblue 4 days ago
0:19 poor guy
Tyer 4 days ago
That ain’t no turtle it’s a giraffe 🦒
Ironic-noodles 4 days ago
That turtle dose look like this
PengoMango 4 days ago
This turtle looks like a flamingo with shell
Can We get 10K Subscribers Before 2021
Can We get 10K Subscribers Before 2021 4 days ago
Teacher: You cant hold water Space: Hold my gravity
dick_kickem 420
dick_kickem 420 4 days ago
What a handsome young man
Daffa Qur'ian Hermansyah
Daffa Qur'ian Hermansyah 4 days ago
I think that turtle is albino
Loise Andrhei Dela Torre
Loise Andrhei Dela Torre 5 days ago
The turtle was frkm the gumball movie
Witted Seal
Witted Seal 5 days ago
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Whisky Tango Foxtrot 5 days ago
Dog treadmills... lmao, he was loving it.
Randa Altaher
Randa Altaher 5 days ago
That turtle can be seen in the amazing world of gumball
staetler color
staetler color 5 days ago
2:28 you’re going to brazil
Fiqi 6 days ago
TAWoG fan: I know that _and it's not good_
Flamelsss 6 days ago
Plot twist - gumball's turtle ate his way out of the show in to real life
- vLxstZz -
- vLxstZz - 6 days ago
0:05 amazing world of gumball
Dragon X Flips
Dragon X Flips 6 days ago
Nasa the last waterbender
Kayla Randolph
Kayla Randolph 6 days ago
Does anyone know where I can get that Turtle though? It's so cute.
Dumb Ass
Dumb Ass 6 days ago
This turtle reminds me of The Amazing World of Gumball
Aiko Hira
Aiko Hira 6 days ago
Me: Gumball flash backs
Trej Rha
Trej Rha 6 days ago
Well I done seen a lot things but I never seen a rhino fly.
Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall 6 days ago
2:48 is that a Walter??
Deezer Room
Deezer Room 6 days ago
Bob LaBla
Bob LaBla 6 days ago
pitties are THE best dogs.
SL Ortiz
SL Ortiz 6 days ago
Hahahahaha i feel bad for that guy 0:21
DODO Duck 6 days ago
Stone Fish : Ohh nooo Someone Save My Lifeeeeeeeee..... AND GETS KILLED. Hooman : *THATS COOL*
kirbyFirer 6 days ago
2:26 my guy just gave up and accepted his fate.
Titan 6 days ago
I dunno but small lochness monster
ErinDoodles 6 days ago
So if that turtle goes to a turtle concert, so does that mean he can see from the back seat?
Pranav Mukesh
Pranav Mukesh 6 days ago
Thats called a girraf turtle
raine-sauce 6 days ago
Okay but why does the turtle look like me?
Diego Plascencia
Diego Plascencia 6 days ago
The rhino *sleeping* *wakes up* WhErE aM i
Jaysa Hunter
Jaysa Hunter 7 days ago
Holy shit it’s the turtle from Gumball
Gi-UwU-li 7 days ago
How does the rhino survive being upside down?- Most humans to that point would faint. ITS JUST CRAZY WHAT IF THE RHINO FALLS?
NeverLess 7 days ago
It’s a baby plesiosaur ! Not to be mistaken by a turtle! I wonder what else is back from extinction
Sky1H1ghplaysgames 7 days ago
So sad
Sky1H1ghplaysgames 7 days ago
Hes cute and the flexer in adopt me is disgusting
Cookie Thing
Cookie Thing 7 days ago
Wiliam Zbierajewski
Wiliam Zbierajewski 7 days ago
Face reveal for 10 mil?
jldragongames -
jldragongames - 7 days ago
Daily dose of astronomy, we need that
Δddy 7 days ago
Moving your horse in creative mode: 2:52
DiLLy DiLLy 7 days ago
Who else was waiting to see the in the water go pros view
DiLLy DiLLy 7 days ago
Map is saying : you are here
persiancat 7 days ago
“Here’s a turtle that looks like this.” Blind people: 😡😡😡
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Whisky Tango Foxtrot 5 days ago
Tad Stolley
Tad Stolley 7 days ago
You already made a video about the turtle -_-
I amcarbonandotherbits.
I amcarbonandotherbits. 7 days ago
That turtle looks like Dominic Cummings, shit it is Dominic Cummings skinny dipping, in order to check if he can do what the fuck he likes come the next lock down.
Angel Nanchahal
Angel Nanchahal 7 days ago
I like turtles 🐢
Genji shimada
Genji shimada 7 days ago
You sound like badboyhalo
Train be like: *pay attention to me*
AspectV4 Gaming
AspectV4 Gaming 7 days ago
Hello This Is YOUR Daily Overdose Of Astronomy.
Gacha- ShanePoP
Gacha- ShanePoP 8 days ago
I think its a snaping turtle
•Ameba_ OficialBv•
•Ameba_ OficialBv• 8 days ago
Stone fished are very dangerous tho-
Gideon Tisseur
Gideon Tisseur 8 days ago
Catapiler bird go BRRRR
Devon Morning
Devon Morning 8 days ago
I think motomoto likes you
Derek Chavarria
Derek Chavarria 8 days ago
The helicopter was like your going to Brazil
Shawn Shawn
Shawn Shawn 8 days ago
Wali Adeeb
Wali Adeeb 8 days ago
Title: A turtle That Looks Like This Daily Dose Of Internet: Here's a trutle that looks like this. Turtle: Looks like this
Qweb 9 days ago
2:21 look at it swimming for its life so sad
ThunderStorm Playz
ThunderStorm Playz 9 days ago
Jairaj Mungur
Jairaj Mungur 9 days ago
the turtle is a mini dinosaur
Kolja Hülsmann
Kolja Hülsmann 9 days ago
The turtle Looks like a dino
Debdyutee Ghosh
Debdyutee Ghosh 9 days ago
a rare photo of me on monday 0:12
·Kai· ·WildCraft·
·Kai· ·WildCraft· 10 days ago
Their long-neck turtles They have a nasty bite so don't boop or u get bit :)
SkyVideo 10 days ago
First time I've heard your voice as if it was not bored
Frizzleman 10 days ago
Dude that Astronomy stuff is totally cool I can’t believe you saw Saturn 🪐 great work I love your videos
ALIMASTER 10 days ago
0:18 I like your cut g 😂
roblox meme lover leung
roblox meme lover leung 10 days ago
I think his name is long neck boi
Lilieth Fox
Lilieth Fox 10 days ago
I want it
Munsif Shaikh
Munsif Shaikh 10 days ago
Clip af 1:45 is being played backwards...
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