2020 US MRE Menu 20 Sausage Peppers & Onions Review & 2019 Hashbrowns w Bacon Taste Test Comparison

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7 days ago

The newest US MRE menu for 2020 is a hit - but is it better than the previous Menu #20, Hashbrowns with Bacon? Witness the duel of Menu #20's & find out!

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Titto Ferraz
Titto Ferraz 2 hours ago
God bless you, Steve.
Fathya Fathya
Fathya Fathya 5 hours ago
steve seems like a little bit skinny 🥺
chris hammond
chris hammond 8 hours ago
Do they make special one for the soldiers if they have allergies to different MRE
TJ N 9 hours ago
Seems like a downgrade to me
Botond Veszprémi
Botond Veszprémi 9 hours ago
Steve is like the older and cooler brother of TheReportOfTheWeek
Tammy Hughes
Tammy Hughes 10 hours ago
Where can I get a current US MRE menu and corresponding ordering information?
BeastBomber23 10 hours ago
Am i the only one suprised about how he can balance a tray like that while holding it
BeastBomber23 9 hours ago
@Cassie ?
Cassie 9 hours ago
"All he wanted was something to eat"...love the Rambo t- shirt 👍
Nomnomnomiana 11 hours ago
You’re a great USshowr! Thanks for the awesome reviews :)
Allan Black
Allan Black 11 hours ago
Nice hiss
Cy Hollander
Cy Hollander 12 hours ago
that Okinawa poster reminds me of Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid
Douglas Purcell
Douglas Purcell 12 hours ago
Sure looks a lot better than the C-rations we had during Vietnam
King Don
King Don 12 hours ago
Dude, listening to you describe; eating that MRE is like listening to Jeffrey Dahmer describing eating a human being.😬Sorry
King Don
King Don 12 hours ago
80s MREs. Freeze dried pork patty, freeze dried beef patty, chicken a la king 🤢 wax coated chocolate-covered cookie bar, and freeze-dried peaches 🍑 💯🇺🇸
omar chenge
omar chenge 13 hours ago
Yo! Where can I buy some of these to taste myself?
DirtySierraMist 13 hours ago
My dream is to meet Steve and eat an mre with him. Nice 👍🏽
Dan Mar
Dan Mar 13 hours ago
"Smells like a strong tang" huehuehue
matt s
matt s 13 hours ago
Steve during pandemic...nice
Alex Rodriquez
Alex Rodriquez 14 hours ago
One Man Kebab Remover
One Man Kebab Remover 15 hours ago
I feel like I need to go on an MRE and old food diet to improve my gains.
Mike C
Mike C 16 hours ago
Im thinking of buying my own commercial dehydrator. Im suprised you havent.
Pauly m
Pauly m 17 hours ago
"All he wanted was something to eat"...love the Rambo t- shirt 👍
Z Day ago
where can I buy these? I'm back at work but they removed our microwave because of coronavirus.
Melo#5 Day ago
Extra Yelp reviews by Steve
TDHaze420 Day ago
Where do you get these
azurefog Day ago
Waiter: "Your lobster, sir" Steve: "Where are the crackers and cheese sauce?"
CapitalNick Day ago
1210mg of sodium LOL
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Day ago
Contents aside, why do the new MRE packages look like the front cover of a Farmer's Almanac ?
Ramba Ral
Ramba Ral Day ago
just wish it had rice or something to go with the sausage
Danny24 Day ago
Look at Steve man, so Inspirational
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
Hash browns is one of the better ones, why would they get rid of it like that ??? Shame
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Day ago
I'd be interested in knowing how servicemen actually consume these--I'm presuming there are some unconventional methods.
Nick _playz
Nick _playz Day ago
I could fall asleep listening to his voice
Jonathan Mathews
Jonathan Mathews Day ago
Thank you for the continued reveiws and the edited stirring sounds
Friendsinlowplaces Day ago
Steve you took a US MRE and put a prison style twist on the brick you just made 🤣😂🤣💥💥
Friendsinlowplaces Day ago
Steve those crackers are nasty, your going to have to lick your ass to get the taste out of your mouth lol love the vids especially mre's that aren't American!!
Omnia Paratus
Omnia Paratus Day ago
Awesome apocalypse now shirt
Angel Molina
Angel Molina Day ago
Steve i wonder if your eating mre during quarantine
Elvina Escobar
Elvina Escobar Day ago
You must have good teeth.
Freddy Kruger
Freddy Kruger Day ago
Mre crackers are so depressingly bad.
LifeLikeSage Day ago
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia Day ago
Where did ya get these meal selections ?
Balik Tanaw ni Emir / Emir's in Hindsight
Balik Tanaw ni Emir / Emir's in Hindsight Day ago
You can make a pizza with that.
Just A Gamer
Just A Gamer Day ago
The three types of Hiss: “No Hiss” “Nice little Hiss” and of course, “NICE Hiss”
dago berto
dago berto 12 hours ago
You forgot the nice little hiss
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Day ago
Contents aside, why do the new MRE packages look like the front cover of a Farmer's Almanac ?
Mujjo Heisenberg
Mujjo Heisenberg Day ago
you can get coffee milk if you kill an opposing cow
dolofonos Day ago
I'd be interested in knowing how servicemen actually consume these--I'm presuming there are some unconventional methods.
condor67 Day ago
"All he wanted was something to eat" 😂
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Day ago
Imagine if steve was in anime and in Food Wars judge. his tongue tasted stored food 100 years ago would be enough for qualification 😂👌
Sour Candy
Sour Candy Day ago
Jayce Walter
Jayce Walter Day ago
21:18 was anticlimactic
Aiden Hunt
Aiden Hunt Day ago
Where did you get these?
Clizia Lee
Clizia Lee 2 days ago
Steve I love your videos
Mister Mysterio
Mister Mysterio 2 days ago
You are the man Steve! Where can I order some US MREs for the bug out bag? Thanks!
Alex Kerley
Alex Kerley 2 days ago
All about preparing it, as I get 4 minutes to eat it while I drive a bradley...
Jay Vee
Jay Vee 2 days ago
14:39 me 3 hours after eating both of these MREs
Duck Council
Duck Council 2 days ago
We love you Steve
King_Jeremy21 2 days ago
Bill brew is the best
The Prepared Norseman
The Prepared Norseman 2 days ago
I find it strange how many snack items they include, I’d much rather have a bigger main with something like a side of rice than a bunch of crackers for dinner.
Gary Mingy
Gary Mingy 11 hours ago
In a hurry they fit in pockets
e m
e m 2 days ago
Oh the memories just flow back lol
Easy One
Easy One 2 days ago
FEROX 2 days ago
Two videos a week!!!!
ThatConfused1 2 days ago
Going to be honest looks like that main would go great with a Japanese rice ration.