Ghost Of Tsushima - 23 Things You Need To Know Before You Play

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Ghost of Tsushima arrives on PS4 on July 17th. Here are 23 things you need to know about Sucker Punch's open world samurai adventure before you dive in. What about that photo mode, eh? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments!
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SpidermansWeenie 9 days ago
Platinum’d this game already, trophies aren’t too hard and it’s such a good game to put a bunch of hours into
Brandon G
Brandon G 11 days ago
I chased a fox for about two minutes, then decided to follow it. Made me look at the game completely different
A N 12 days ago
They could’ve gone a little bit more on the samurai fantasy aspect but it’s cool I love it! Hope they make a Ghost 2 for the 2nd Mongol invasion that took place 8 yrs after the events of the first game!!! It could totally work hope that was the plan...
Frozen Falcon
Frozen Falcon 15 days ago
I just can’t believe how beautiful this game is!
RunicScotty 16 days ago
This is basically Assassins Creed but Asian.... and epically Samurai!! No doubt it’s an amazing game to play! I hope it’s popular enough to be played on the ps5!!!!
iamcorrectable 18 days ago
Game based on based on Japan, reviewed with a British accent on Indian background music. Love it.
NASHINGNASH 18 days ago
Its ghost of tu shi ma Not ghost of she ma
vietguy808 19 days ago
More gore plz
Xander1097 19 days ago
0:23 what's the name of the song?
toni villegas
toni villegas 19 days ago
24: The voice of Jin in Japanese is the same as Zoro of One piece anime
Gee Flannge
Gee Flannge 22 days ago
I NEED Tom cruise!!!!!
Hawker75 22 days ago
You NEED to learn what NEED means.
Nik Fury
Nik Fury 22 days ago
I didn't NEED to know any of this. Love ur voice tho. But this video is not NEED TO KNOW gameplay tips at all.
Gameswhisperer Jr
Gameswhisperer Jr 22 days ago
2:50 weren’t those statues in spider-man PS4?
James Barber-Johnston
James Barber-Johnston 22 days ago
You can also change the weather by playing different songs on the flute, you just have to collect a lot of crickets
Lux Borealis
Lux Borealis 23 days ago
>authentic recreation of 13th century Japan >everyone uses 16th century katanas
Adolfo Cubilla
Adolfo Cubilla 23 days ago
Bruh your voice, the way you narrate!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Kaizer 23 days ago
Be like water
diego mozò
diego mozò 23 days ago
the thing is. I love to play as stealth as possible but here is frowned upon so...yeah dont know what to do
DigitalxReaper 24 days ago
is it possible to max out every skill tree?
Travelling Man
Travelling Man 24 days ago
I pre ordered this. Today is the 17th the date of game launch and I still have 5 hours to wait. It should've been ready at midnight
andgalactus1 24 days ago
Are there going to be villages and shops or is this game going to be all battlefields and enemy camps? I gotta say I'm kinda disappointed after watching this video.
Daos Daniel
Daos Daniel 24 days ago
bout to play in Japanese with no subtitles so I can deceive myself anime helped me understand the language 💪 💪
JD Rivera
JD Rivera 25 days ago
Definitely the Honorable way first play through
MahkentIcicle 25 days ago
This game has it all. I'm very interested.
Shmavster 420
Shmavster 420 25 days ago
An I the only one who thought he’d say sushiman everytime he said Tsushima?
LionTamer 25 days ago
Anybody else watching videos about the game while waiting for that pre order countdown to finish??
S Y 25 days ago
I know everybody noticed, but “Sushima” is so disturbing as Japanese:(((
ピーちゃん 25 days ago
I watched too many review videos of this but you were the first/only to include detail on the sound production and language. ;)
Nythegreat1046 26 days ago
I always wanted to be a samurai badass and now I can in a video game
Jeffrey Foster
Jeffrey Foster 26 days ago
Japanese Red Dead Redemption??
Chris Cox
Chris Cox 26 days ago
Been awhile since I’ve been hyped for a game
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 26 days ago
I always wanted to play as a real samurai
idk 26 days ago
I don’t have a console anymore. Im getting a Ps5 but the game releases on July 17 so I will be really late.
satpurkh singh
satpurkh singh 26 days ago
What's the second song in the background?
Jonathon Kunz
Jonathon Kunz 26 days ago
Anyone know if this game is the same style as dark souls?
H KHAN VICT 26 days ago
The weeb in me is itching to come out🤟
BUSHIT 26 days ago
This is the Ghost Of Tsushima. Daytime I am an honorable samurai and at Nighttime I’m the Ghost! 👻 👹
TheSylfaein 26 days ago
It's called "Ghost of Tsushima", not "Running amok among mongols invading an island", so obviously the stealthy gameplay will be the preferred one. Been waiting for a good Tenchu successor for years...
Dragonlordfrodo TV
Dragonlordfrodo TV 26 days ago
Is this game even in English or did the devs decide to remove English voices for more "authenticity" aka we are cheap and lazy to put in English voices so here's Japanese voices for muh authenticity.
man man
man man 25 days ago
There’s both English and Japanese
MVLGUS 26 days ago
I skipped the last of us2 for this.. game looks worth it
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe 26 days ago
This looks amazing
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 26 days ago
Assasins Creed: Ghost of Tsushima
Blooyripper 26 days ago
idk y u think 13+ things u need too know is the things everyone knows if they look at this game for more then 5 minutes
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 26 days ago
kristian Mckenzie
kristian Mckenzie 27 days ago
this game will make me relive Tenchu - wrath of heaven
Apex Alex
Apex Alex 27 days ago
A journalist who got to play and review the game early described GoT as a “Japanese Witcher 3”. That got me really excited for the game. But after watching this, GoT looks better than TW3, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and play.
Agikai 27 days ago
Imagine being part of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed team and never had the chance to work on a Japanese setting.
Janzo 22 days ago
Gamesite / Filmz&Series the studio that made odyssey is a joke compared to the one making Valhalla lmao
The 1 Ghrol
The 1 Ghrol 22 days ago
Dan Dman in the modern day in AC4 the ginger mentions that they looked at exploring feudal Japan among other things. So I it’s definitely gonna happen one day.
Gamesite / Filmz&Series
Gamesite / Filmz&Series 24 days ago
They will make one... i think after Valhalla.... it would be fitting around 100 years after the Vikings.. We go to the other side of the world.. and then it is the better Studio imo... that will make it .. the one that made Odessey.
Dan Dman
Dan Dman 25 days ago
I honestly thought they would have made one by now. But also glad they didn't
Noel min Boel
Noel min Boel 27 days ago
Hopefully this is gonna be like a new RDR2 for me, RDR2 is the best game I've ever played and it looks like this will be a good contender. Never been a fan of Ninja's and Samurai's or Japanese culture in general, but this game might just change my opinion.
FlyingKlutchKick 27 days ago
Not a single video on here has a person saying Tsushima correctly. It tilts me. It’s Tsushima, not sushimah.
Bukejuice22 27 days ago
I bought Sekiro at launch thinking it was this game. I never finished it.
RHK 27 days ago
I want this game and I want to play this game right now.
Reza Mohammad
Reza Mohammad 27 days ago
Takeshidō no matomedesu
Reza Mohammad
Reza Mohammad 27 days ago
mini nuke
mini nuke 27 days ago
not so honorable
ku ci
ku ci 27 days ago
As mongolian fluent in japanese cn`t wait to play this game lol
Tom Merryfield
Tom Merryfield 27 days ago
Ghost of 🍣 ma haha
Kryptic Ninja
Kryptic Ninja 27 days ago
Wow. I’m even more excited to play it now. 👏🏼
LeftSpeedPower 28 days ago
Tenchu remake.. But this time it's Samurai instead of Ninja.
Chesca Sarmiento
Chesca Sarmiento 28 days ago
One of your best videos yet. I love the script :) Perfectly describes the game.