First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

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7 days ago

Finally - here’s a sneak peek at the PlayStation 5’s user experience! Watch our new video walkthrough to see new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalized and social on the PS5 console.

Note: This walkthrough is set in a pre-production environment, so there may be some minor changes once the PS5 console launches in November.

Hadi Abadi
Hadi Abadi 51 minute ago
TBH it is Boring
Tacoツ Hour ago
Looks really nice!
Matias Pizza
Matias Pizza Hour ago
Can you do a video showing the streaming in the ps5
Inkblup Dubs
Inkblup Dubs Hour ago
6:53 “PlayStation Plus Subscription required for Multiplayer.
Ayie Bryan
Ayie Bryan Hour ago
See you guys again another 10 years for the launch of PS6 by youtube recommendation.
Deus Reiter
Deus Reiter 2 hours ago
>Uncharted: The Lost Legacy wow new game
Play Ak
Play Ak 2 hours ago
i could have bought it if there was a windows 10 future
R4pidF1re 2 hours ago
Does it’s support 120 FPS like the Xbox or no?
R4pidF1re 2 hours ago
All I care about is can I save clips to my phone?
Itz_Fiz 2 hours ago
Ngl the ps5 looks like a futuristic wii
Liam Burt
Liam Burt 2 hours ago
What’s the guys profile avatar I really like it ?
Staff S.K
Staff S.K 3 hours ago
Fix the PS4 before you release A new console
YourAverageGamer 3 hours ago
When are Sony and Microsoft gonna stop being greedy and make online free though
Kylie Wiest
Kylie Wiest 4 hours ago
Nah there is no reason to waste your parents credit card on the PlayStation 5. Ps4 is better. The only reason i would get ps5 is because of the new uptdate for party chat in ps4 with how you have to creat a group or somethng to make a playstation party...ITS SO STUPID Just to let you know this is my opinion so dont be giving me hat comets.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 4 hours ago
The sly cooper icon on the guy that started a voice chat gives me hope for a new game
Bradley Collects
Bradley Collects 4 hours ago
Pppffffttt! Boring.
young moses
young moses 4 hours ago
If your seeing this in 2030, hows the weather, like to remind me about this
AgentOfChaos 3639
AgentOfChaos 3639 4 hours ago
Poor Me -_-: Oh finally PS5 launched so PS4 would be cheaper then almost nobody looking at PS3 so I can finally take PS2!
StageComp- 5 hours ago
See ya in 2027
Rahul Gopi
Rahul Gopi 5 hours ago
I have a pc that freezes whenever i connect a usb and i am watching this
xXyohaikalgXx TTJ
xXyohaikalgXx TTJ 5 hours ago
I got all PlayStation console's 👊 including ps5
Syed Mahiruddin
Syed Mahiruddin 5 hours ago
I wish i had erly access to it and could afford it.....😐😐
Danker Things
Danker Things 5 hours ago
PC is still the best choice ngl.
Arafath Malik
Arafath Malik 5 hours ago
wHos HeRe aFtER ps6 launch
Krkr Koko
Krkr Koko 5 hours ago
Why is there no Arabic translation ?? ... I ask Sony to respect the Arab majority and the Arabic language and add it to all its games and fields because what you do is a provocation and a lack of appreciation for us and thank you ...
Xbox gang homie
Mahir Baksh
Mahir Baksh 5 hours ago
Man!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 I think I'll thank Sony for ALL the PlayStation consoles to come even after I'm gonna be a grandpa😂🔥♥️. These are best quality experiences! ♥️😭
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 5 hours ago
In 6 or 7 years time, we’ll come back to this video saying “Who’s here after the PS6 UI reveal?”
ابراهيم القحطان
ابراهيم القحطان 5 hours ago
من عربي
NICK XP 6 hours ago
These comments are SOOO ANNOYING. I am 100% sure most of them if not all of them are written by immature children
Mathias dollinger
Mathias dollinger 6 hours ago
I have ps2
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 5 hours ago
Free Hong Kong
BreeZy 6 hours ago
Im 18 lets see how far I get when the ps6 is released.
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 6 hours ago
Don’t worry Sony. The PlayStation 6 is currently amazing right now. It even has better streaming opportunities like the Xbox One! And it has a fast interface too! Thanks bro. 😊
grayza29 6 hours ago
What will happen to ur ps4 friends list once uv switched over to the ps5 if u can play ps4 games on the ps5 surely u can sign into the ps5 with ur ps4 details and still see all ur friends online even if they are playin on the ps4 and not the ps5
Deckard 6 hours ago
I can't buy any of the next gen consoles because they are missing optical out connection. My PS 4 Pro is connected to 4K gaming monitor via HDMI and my Bose 5.1 surround system gets optical cable from PS4 Pro. Bose Lifestyle V20 only takes in Optical cable as a input for sound. My monitor - LG 27UK650 and it does not have Optical Out or HDMI out. There is no way I will be able to use my 5.1 surround system with the next gen consoles. Great job Sony and Microsoft! Now, I have to buy/build a new PC just because you did not include S/PDIF out in your consoles! I won't be buying any HDMI extractors since I do not want an additional input lag/ problems with chroma subsampling, etc. I don't think any of the converters support 4K@120 Hz with 4:4:4 10 bit. Even if I buy LG CX, the sound from the next gen consoles will have to make an extra trip from the console to TV and then from TV back into my Bose system via Optical out and might introduce an additional lag, provided I will even get a 5.1 surround.
be b
be b 6 hours ago
Disappointed but not surprised
be b
be b 5 hours ago
@HistoricalWarfare are you from losertown, loser? cause youre a loser
HistoricalWarfare 6 hours ago
With your life?
grayza29 6 hours ago
Can u still sign in on the ps5 with ur ps4 details so u still have all trophys from what u collected from the ps4
ahmad ali
ahmad ali 6 hours ago
3 idq
Slim King
Slim King 7 hours ago
CallMeVarez 7 hours ago
This is 🔥🔥🔥 I can’t wait to get a ps5
Thore Vogt
Thore Vogt 7 hours ago
More like sold out
Korpisavu 7 hours ago
Id love to get one but its so ugly
Šimon Šnyta
Šimon Šnyta 7 hours ago
Should I pre-order the ps5 or ps5 digital edition when I know I don't buy much DVDs but i rather buy the digital version of the game?
Wilhelm von Langen
Wilhelm von Langen 7 hours ago
I will buy the digital version
Brok Nomadic
Brok Nomadic 8 hours ago
Idk why but this gives me Xbox360 vibes. Like your little avatar dude should be around there somewhere
Game Changer
Game Changer 8 hours ago
You probably wont even see this comment Sony, but if you do. Can you please change the party system for ps4 back to normal?
B K 8 hours ago
Free Hong Kong
Overleveded 8 hours ago
Can you also Talk with Friends wenn they are on ps4?
MRPCTV764 8 hours ago
Nah i think PS4 has better UI cuz of themes
Josh 8 hours ago
We will still have themes on PS5...
The Super Mario Gamer
The Super Mario Gamer 9 hours ago
Now this ps5 looking fire
ShockZ 9 hours ago
Whos here at the ps6 launch
dADondaDa 00s
dADondaDa 00s 9 hours ago
Enjoy the moment claim your ticket 🤍🖤
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ 9 hours ago
Elle ressemble a l’interface de la ps3 mais elle est épurée et l’esthétique est cool
ツJagger 10 hours ago
This is hot trash
G R 10 hours ago
Well now i want a ps5 ,an xbox series x and a pc
The Panda Lxrd
The Panda Lxrd 10 hours ago
Hello PS6 users
The Hooper
The Hooper 10 hours ago
Hi future me!!! 👋🏾
Mohammad Alaa
Mohammad Alaa 10 hours ago
TaryoKun 10 hours ago
Leaving mark here so when PS6 is launching and this is in my recommended I can see this
unknown user
unknown user 10 hours ago
I'm comment so I will have this in my recommendation when ps7 is out
John Gil
John Gil 11 hours ago
Never owned a xbox my whole life playstation life
Marco Piccirilli
Marco Piccirilli 11 hours ago
For some reason I started crying at 5:53. Sony did the magic trick again.
fat man
fat man 11 hours ago
Why dose it look like an xbox one and pc put together tbh
Akshat Monga
Akshat Monga 12 hours ago
Ps5's ui is the best!
Ray tracing, new amazing UI, amazing games with excellent quality... For a gamer who has 360, i think i am sold out.
travis sekutt
travis sekutt 12 hours ago
bro @ me when the ps6 is already out
Lanius Franza
Lanius Franza 12 hours ago
He went down like a sack of potatoes
Kotic Chaos
Kotic Chaos 13 hours ago
I need ah Black PS5
Kotic Chaos
Kotic Chaos 12 hours ago
And have the PS logo light up
spookzagøn 13 hours ago
I wish i had a PlayStation... *It's too beautiful*
Kathy •-•
Kathy •-• 13 hours ago
All i have is a psp....
GatoBufanda YT
GatoBufanda YT 13 hours ago
Entonces si hay plus ;/
Steve Harris
Steve Harris 13 hours ago
Boycott communist china loving Sony!!!!
Jay matic
Jay matic 14 hours ago
Man my bday the 27 of Oct and all I want is a ps5 . No pre-orders opportunities I hope I can get this in launch 🙏🏽 and won’t have to wait forever
Kaiden XOF
Kaiden XOF 14 hours ago
I was 19 when I watched this
Carmenkool 14 hours ago
I was 13 when I watched this
Laish 14 hours ago
I'm not a big fan of this mostly cuz im used to PS4 User expierience
Its_ Comett
Its_ Comett 14 hours ago
someone respond to this comment when the ps6 comes out
Fedora 14 hours ago
كيف حماس!!؟
Rickie Arinaitwe
Rickie Arinaitwe 14 hours ago
I just got the PS4 so l gotta wait about 3yrs for the PS5 😭😭
luv_vro 0_0
luv_vro 0_0 14 hours ago
I'm 14 I can already tell you this console will help go through break ups through my teenager life
THE TOP 5 14 hours ago
Question-Do I really need to have a HDMI 2.1 capable TV or a normal one will do just fine.Cuz I dont have the budget to buy a tv as well as a play station.
VolkyWay 15 hours ago
Watching this again count: 6
FOR REAL NL 15 hours ago
Same as ps4 but faster
Cosmin Ciobanu
Cosmin Ciobanu 15 hours ago
this is how kids are wasting their parents' money, pc is better and cheaper
Rattyttatty 15 hours ago
So no more wallpapers :(
Centri 15 hours ago
who’s watching before the release?
LE DINDON DE LA FARCE ! 15 hours ago
Where is gta6
Tomas Muratore
Tomas Muratore 15 hours ago
Todos los que hablan español, digan presente Edit: hiba a hacer spam pero mejor no aun q esto q estoy escribiendo de edit ya parece spam haci q solo voy a decir que ignoren este spam y no se subscriban 👍👍
Apfelfresser T4
Apfelfresser T4 15 hours ago
Can ps 4 and ps5 players be together in a party ?
Rehan Khan
Rehan Khan 15 hours ago
Welcome for people who come after recommendation 7 year later
IM DA_INFAMOUS 16 hours ago
One day I’m going to look back on this video in 7 years with the iPhone 19 and laugh about us thinking this console was the peek of consoles
V_FOrtex_V 16 hours ago
ps5 ui reminds me of my ps3
Xssault 16 hours ago
Hey older me I hope your look at this comment did you get the ps5 and how many years have it been is there ps6?
mario97 krištić
mario97 krištić 16 hours ago
We all need the game Black, from PS on the PS 5, remastered or a sequal. It would be a big big Game, for Playstation a big big Exclusive
Felix O'Grady
Felix O'Grady 16 hours ago
The background music for the PS5 reveals have been kind of fire ngl
Ultra Havoc
Ultra Havoc 16 hours ago
Hello future people Has GTA6 arrived yet
The plan man
The plan man 12 hours ago
Hi, 4 hours in the future, not yet
gridvid 17 hours ago
Still waiting for the slim ;)
3lit3 17 hours ago
See y’all in 8 years
The Llama
The Llama 17 hours ago
How’s the ps6 peeps
Si 17 hours ago
I still prefer the 4k mod for Ps3
Ashjoker 17 hours ago
I request playstation home and a feature to put. custom music in our home screen
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