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2 months ago

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man i is · Logic
No Pressure
℗ 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2020-07-24
Producer: 6ix
Producer: Logic
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Bobby Campbell
Associated Performer, Trombone: Lasim Richards
Associated Performer, Trumpet: Kyla Moscovich
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Lil' Keke
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Anna Elyse
Composer Lyricist: Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Composer Lyricist: Arjun Ivatury
Composer Lyricist: Philip Clendeninn
Composer Lyricist: Lana Moorer
Composer Lyricist: Marcus Lakee Edwards
Composer Lyricist: Antwan Patton
Composer Lyricist: Andre Benjamin
Composer Lyricist: Patrick Brown
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Tony Perales
Tony Perales 2 days ago
Bro this shit hit different 🔥😏thank you logic for all the motivation 🙏
Dragoneye e
Dragoneye e 18 days ago
I’m sad he’s retiring but I’m happy that this is one of he’s best
Paper Company
Paper Company 18 days ago
Right now I'm feeling really anxious about my social life, but this song is putting me at ease from my anxieties, it reminds me that I can just be calm about my life right now.
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera 18 days ago
That beat in the beginning is so good that I wanna cry
Ms.Battle 21 day ago
I hear erykah badu’s -‘didn't cha know’, Beat in this song. 💕😊This song is so chill.
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams 23 days ago
erykah badu and outkast logic you outdid yourself.
JJ G 24 days ago
Nobody is touching logic. His flow is mastery. He got this down to a science.
edith llanas
edith llanas Month ago
“Knocking doors down.” H- Town baby. U did it again.
S C Month ago
Bruh fuck my life i didnt know about this until someone said he sampled SpottieOttieDopaliscious
Dhruva Veldi
Dhruva Veldi Month ago
First time listening to Logic. He has this calm vibe about him, that makes you wanna sit back and relax. Those lofi type beats are dope asf! And I just love how he mentions his Anime influences at the end! Amazing!
Usbaldo 2k
Usbaldo 2k Month ago
Here before it reaches 1 mil views
JadedHeart8 Month ago
Gave me some Nujabes vibes
Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez Month ago
Sad Pucker
Sad Pucker Month ago
Rohddy ricch
Rohddy ricch Month ago
Logic bring me here
Michael Left
Michael Left Month ago
Young Sinatra Vibeees
That Mexican Dude
That Mexican Dude Month ago
As soon as the track starts I get that Samurai Champloo vibe
Mr. Dawson
Mr. Dawson Month ago
1:54, love the horns
kuhalko Month ago
lotta indica badu vibes on these drums
OffroadArmbar Month ago
This song is so damn good The entire album actually
MPlay Month ago
the more i listen to this song, beat especially, the more i love this song
Andy G
Andy G Month ago
Then I heard anoyger sample from OutKast
Andy G
Andy G Month ago
Siyavuya Ngxiya
Siyavuya Ngxiya Month ago
Rest in Peace J Dilla
Lazarus Smiley
Lazarus Smiley Month ago
This whole album has such a Nujabes feel to it I love it
Lupe Flores
Lupe Flores Month ago
Just let the beat take u away bobby
Trew Nelson
Trew Nelson Month ago
Yo logic what are you gonna do when you retire man just chill or do something special?
Joshua Sims
Joshua Sims 2 months ago
What other song has those same trumpets? I'm having a brain fart.
Coleworld -
Coleworld - 2 months ago
Too Deep for the Intro 🔥
Yerucham Yasharahla
Yerucham Yasharahla 2 months ago
spiderfox 2 months ago
When I heard that Addiction sample My bags dropped
McKinley Grandberry Jr.
McKinley Grandberry Jr. 2 months ago
This that GROWN MAN groove.😏🌬
Tsuande Senju
Tsuande Senju 2 months ago
I wish I could’ve seen Logic in concert before he retired 😢
Akraman 2 months ago
hes still going to tour
Jordan Morales
Jordan Morales 2 months ago
Bro i hear jcole
BladeX 2 months ago
This that Global Dan “Off White” beat
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez 2 months ago
The trumpets was a masterpiece thank you logic best wishes to you and you're family 👪
Cameron King
Cameron King 2 months ago
Dizzy Wright connect the dots
Godfirst Ihuoma
Godfirst Ihuoma 2 months ago
A lot of songs have sampled SpottieOttieDopaliscious
Suicide Veterans
Suicide Veterans 2 months ago
Indica badu 2 ? Same type beat I love this style very nice :)
CYNC edits
CYNC edits 2 months ago
definition of flow
Bryant Turner
Bryant Turner 2 months ago
Logic is my dude been a since 2011 my junior year in high school
Timi Lane
Timi Lane 2 months ago
Please go listen to this song its amazing trust me:
Kanso 2 months ago
Eric Torres
Eric Torres 2 months ago
Pure 🔥 without a doubt. Definitely gonna miss this style of hip hop. Bobby Tarantino the truth.
Curtis Dickson
Curtis Dickson 2 months ago
The original cut for this song came from didnt cha know. You can thank erykah badu and j dilla for this masterpiece. Mad respect for logic paying homage to all these hip hop legends in this song.
Alejandro Mani
Alejandro Mani 2 months ago
The trumpet part is 🔥
Curtis Dickson
Curtis Dickson 2 months ago
I aint got nothing but mad respect for logic because he is paying homage to my hip hop idles. Erykah badu is a legend. Rest in peace dilla and pimp c and outkast know they legends
Daseoff102 2 months ago
He ain't stopping. Ik for a fact he'll drop music when he feels it's right. *inspiration hits at any time*
JJ G 24 days ago
I've been a fan since high school, no way he's quitting. He'll come back one day.
Sebastian Pastor
Sebastian Pastor 2 months ago
Yooooo is that a global dan sample?
leonard collier
leonard collier 2 months ago
and that song by outkast
Carvalho 2 months ago
This shit sound like something from de it
Kelvin Gilley
Kelvin Gilley 2 months ago
Joe Tully
Joe Tully 2 months ago
j cole , too deep for the intro, mix with indica bidu , and spottie ottie dopolicious collab, fire mix up
DomNikko Daddi
DomNikko Daddi 2 months ago
I dont know which is better, this or Indica Badu. I like that Outkast sample too 👏🏾
Jen Kay
Jen Kay 2 months ago
It's a mix of a song Eryka Badu sampled and the BEST Outkast song, Spodie Odie Dopalicious. Check it out!!
John Dearest
John Dearest 2 months ago
115 people mad young bobby finessed the rap game and now dipping out 😂🤭😏
Mario MR
Mario MR 2 months ago
Who else noticed "Indica badu" vibes?
leonard collier
leonard collier 2 months ago
this sample is from didcnt cha know
Taylouurrr 2 months ago
These three great samples word so damn well together!
Breauxski 2 months ago
Indica badu II
ChamplooMugen47 2 months ago
Lowkey shoulda slowed down the Spottieottiedopalicious sample a bit but still fire. Ik I probably didn't spell that right
erth werm
erth werm 2 months ago
didnt cha know - erykah badu prod by dilla as the beat, OOF
77Dragon Slayer95
77Dragon Slayer95 2 months ago
Samuraii Champloo ❤🔥🔥
77Dragon Slayer95
77Dragon Slayer95 2 months ago
"If they don't know your dreams then they can't shoot them down, hell yeah" - Too deep for the Intro 😭💥💥💯
no name
no name 2 months ago
Anyone know the horn sample at 1:54? It's fuckin with me that I cant place it.
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2 months ago
The beat is dope af
tincankemek 2 months ago
the horn got me hooked , can i know from where he sample the horn...
Asa 1982
Asa 1982 2 months ago
Gotttttt DAMN this is fire. Oh myyyy Jesus.
C-Minor Beats
C-Minor Beats 2 months ago
*Thank you, Logic.*
lofilio 2 months ago
Broo he sample a lofi song i fucking know this beat
Mark McGuinness II
Mark McGuinness II 2 months ago
Well deserved victory lap
Remijr123 I'm a dog
Remijr123 I'm a dog 2 months ago
Thai beat got me thinking about cowboy bebop and I dead ass teared up having another legend come to an end
Gus Fring
Gus Fring 2 months ago
Can someone tell me what other rapper samples that OutKast spottieottiedopaliscious trumpet fan fare? It’s actually killing me not knowing who else had it. I though it was chance the rapper but I can’t find the song he did it in. As I crazy?
SoulsMaster 2 months ago
6ix and Logic used the sample better than Outkast lmao.
Marcisha Johnson
Marcisha Johnson 2 months ago
Eryka Badu didn't cha know vibes here and on India Badu 🖤
Flick 2 months ago
Jon 2 months ago
Thank you so much logic
Cedric Dashiell II
Cedric Dashiell II 2 months ago
You will never see this, but thank you. Your album helped me a lot, healing over that last transition of being ok with where I'm at. And so thank you Logic, I wasn't really a fan before, but this album made me a fan.
Alex Chavarria
Alex Chavarria 2 months ago
Its the same beat as indica sampled just played wit more
Gmc Savage
Gmc Savage 2 months ago
Representing dallas in this bitch
Noah Gedz
Noah Gedz 2 months ago
you guys notice how many times he mentions ultra 85 in the album? 👀
Rafi_Sensei 2 months ago
This album is therapy🔥🔥
BenWavy 2 months ago
!!?!?!?! HE LEFT THE STAGE WITH FIRE ?!?!?!?!?
Chris Sheldron
Chris Sheldron 2 months ago
The horn sample they use is from Outkast SpottieOttieDopealicious
Catnaps 2 months ago
Yo cowboy bebop 🔥
Esdras Contreras
Esdras Contreras 2 months ago
Too many goosebumps to count
Guylum Alfaro
Guylum Alfaro 2 months ago
2:57 miss jackson😅? seems like a lota outkast references on this album
Coko 2 months ago
This man took us on a journey with him. For that I’m grateful ❤️ RattPack TIL my pulse flat 💯 thank you Bobby for all the special moments that graced my life with your voice playing in the background. ❤️❤️❤️🥂
whoisthisamateur 2 months ago
am i the only one who also loves the fact that he's shouting ppl out in these too? like dang to the end this man's character is just on point
HikingKingPepe936 2 months ago
I used to be under pressure, But i heard logic and now i have no pressure. #RattPack
Anirudhan Menon
Anirudhan Menon 2 months ago
Wait this Indica Badu remastered!lol
Coko 2 months ago
No, it’s “didn’t cha know” by Erykah Badu remastered
Solomon Kamara
Solomon Kamara 2 months ago
🔥There's another song with this beat? Anyone know the name?
Austin Martin
Austin Martin 2 months ago
I love that you can HEAR the Cowboy Bebop in the best, I fuckin love this dude
STATE LINE TEXAS 2 months ago
Texas 🤘 r.ip djscrew pimp c
Fire Dragon1954
Fire Dragon1954 2 months ago
The Beat Is Soothing And Relaxing, Has That Jazzy Feel. The Lyrics In The Other Hand, Fits Well With A Smooth Flow And Rhymes. A 8.5\10
malik frazier
malik frazier 2 months ago
Who else hears that outkast sample. This man is a genius. Been listening since my 7th grade year of middle school
Țâș 2 months ago
chevvy woods hands on dashboard sounds kinda same
Phantom Bandit
Phantom Bandit 2 months ago
1:54 Is From A Lil Wayne Mixtape Outro. I Forgot Which One Though. I Guessing No Cellings?
The Drip
The Drip 2 months ago
Absolutely love this. Brilliant album and lovely use of Spootieottiedopealicious
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 months ago
I hear the reggae band Rebelution in this. Love this song 💜
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