Kunekune - Japanese SCARIEST Urban Legends Animated

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7 months ago

The Kunekune is a ghost from Japanese urban legend.
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In this animatic video we share two horror stories related to this Japanese folklore.

Rohan Azrael Ignacio
Rohan Azrael Ignacio Hour ago
Marisel Gomez
Marisel Gomez 22 hours ago
One night I was going to sleep when I heard someone trying to unlock my front door. I ignored it but then I heard a sound like someone walking on the floor. It was 10:24 so I tried to sleep but then I saw a shadowy figure.
Xian Obrence
Xian Obrence Day ago
Im lik that rober im grade 2
It’s simple what’s happening boys It’s the true identity of scp 2774 The scp foundation IS REAL
Steph and john
Steph and john Day ago
I saw a scary guy in the woods we is caled the man in black he tried chasing me and my freind
Da Sword Of Gork
Da Sword Of Gork 2 days ago
The scariest creepy pasta creature is the yandere.
iAmInHere 2 days ago
Isint there a simular folklore in europe about ghosts that appear during hot noons?
Liono liony
Liono liony 2 days ago
Creepy waving paper like kunekune evil spirits, creepy waving paper like kunekune evil spirits! Hi im Al Harrington-san of Al-Harrington-sans Creepy waving paper like kunekune evil spirits emporium and warehouse. Thanks to an evil curse we are currently over run with creepy waving paper like kunekune evil spirits. And we’re passing the curse onto you! Make splash at your next presention Place it in the yard and drive your neighbors insane. Need some alone time? Place one down and make everyone leave you alone! so come on down to Al Harington-sans creepy waving paper like kunekune evil spirits emporium and warehouse, route 2 in weab-apog!
Jessenia Aguilar
Jessenia Aguilar 2 days ago
Crux 1:16
Crux 1:16 2 days ago
Kunekune: Oh, so you're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming closer. Even though you know you will go insane. Person: I can't know what you look like without getting closer! KuneKune: Hoho, Then come as close as you like!
Wolfy Diamond
Wolfy Diamond 3 days ago
KuneKun: I there Me: *Not looking at it No, no NONONONO NO NO
sherie jent
sherie jent 3 days ago
This is I heard in the being start of every video I watched today "IM THE RUBBER
Dark Diemen
Dark Diemen 3 days ago
Wen i was u chald i sou a blek fentom or somting stering at me wen i turnt bak i relezide wat i zou i tenet bek en de goost hat disepeert i rund on de pleeis it was but diddent fint it it hat disepeert en it stil boderd me
33-Sreeram Sumod
33-Sreeram Sumod 4 days ago
I am not first, but I am the exact 2 millionth viewer. Yes, exactly after the 1,999,999th viewer. Beat that.
cartoon cat
cartoon cat 4 days ago
Kune kune when she sees me:runnnnn Me:goteem
The Minecraft Gaming
The Minecraft Gaming 4 days ago
I have have no toilet paper
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen 4 days ago
Megawatt 5 days ago
Searched up KuneKune. got back a picture of a Domestic pig breed
Cyclone Storm
Cyclone Storm 5 days ago
Person: *loooks at kune kune* Kune Kune: And I took that personally...
Raya Al Insyirah Nazaready
Raya Al Insyirah Nazaready 5 days ago
Next teke teke .
Juan Mendoza
Juan Mendoza 5 days ago
Most people after video ima search this up
AK Gaming
AK Gaming 5 days ago
bye bye now
AK Gaming
AK Gaming 5 days ago
the end
AK Gaming
AK Gaming 5 days ago
ok i will tell you to make a video of some thing scary one day i went to my garage to play hokey but than i herd heavy breathing next to my ear
FireWolfy火女狼 5 days ago
I was dancing with my sister when I saw a red dress lady standing in front of the door facing back I can’t see her face but then when I blinked my eyes she is gone I told my dad about it he say he saw one too when he is twenty , I was 10 when I saw it
cooldaki 123
cooldaki 123 6 days ago
The Lucario
The Lucario 6 days ago
KuneKune:*exists* Scp foundation:is for me?
Fluffyflowers_DreamWorld 6 days ago
Person: *Looks at Kune Kune.* Kune kune: *"Snippity snappity your now all out of sanity."*
grey sef
grey sef 6 days ago
Can you destroy this thing with a rocket launcher cause of its made of paper that means fire can destroy, probably a flaming arrow will do the trick
Landon Phillips
Landon Phillips 6 days ago
miscellaneous wolf
miscellaneous wolf 6 days ago
0:29 that smile... * knows he will drag me around the gudgement hall *
Tony Djo
Tony Djo 7 days ago
Wen scp?
Emaan Amir
Emaan Amir 8 days ago
Wait does that mean there's two kune kune
Bo Spoonson
Bo Spoonson 8 days ago
Glad you are expanding your content, I like your work with the foundation.
Alexander Ham
Alexander Ham 8 days ago
insane people making scarecrow that was invented by ramen people
iмทστ в4rкєr
iмทστ в4rкєr 8 days ago
"long slender white" yup that's slender man
I have no name ideas
I have no name ideas 9 days ago
The SCP foundation should probably capture this thing
Audrey Phelps
Audrey Phelps 9 days ago
No on: The kunekune: *wiggle wiggle wiggle*
Christian Fajagutana
Christian Fajagutana 11 days ago
Hmm so scary
Hilal Karabuber
Hilal Karabuber 11 days ago
Haha boneless people go brrr
¡Chaos cats!
¡Chaos cats! 11 days ago
One time me and my 4 brother's were playing hide and seek and in my older bros room there was a scream that sounds like his but he was with me
HafizhanViandry 13 days ago
Older bro : i see them! Younger bro : i can't see them, what are they doing? Older bro : he's just standing there, MENACINGLY!
Gabriella Sheard
Gabriella Sheard 13 days ago
What in the f****
Cayson B
Cayson B 13 days ago
Reply to this comment does it conclude to animation or is it just real life
Elena Bodon
Elena Bodon 13 days ago
Though I do not have stories to tell or amazing art, I have compliments! Ever since I started watching this channel I was hooked and loved it! It captures my attention within the first video I watched lol keep up the amazing content!
Clover KatDraws
Clover KatDraws 13 days ago
I googled kune kune , It popped up with a species of pig Should I be worried?
buddyeth sentry fox
buddyeth sentry fox 13 days ago
ELITE A Zloy 13 days ago
I have I was in the car with my mom and brother when I saw plane it was in mid air and just stayed that like it did not move no sound either there was no sound of the engine or anything it was so weird
Akio -_-
Akio -_- 13 days ago
Mom: alive scarecrow isn’t exist It cant hurt you The alive scarecrow:
Jason Krasniqi
Jason Krasniqi 13 days ago
Siren head
Paxton Murdock Gaming
Paxton Murdock Gaming 14 days ago
When I was sleeping a few weeks ago,I went to the bathroom at night with no lights on,and halfway there,I encountered what looks like my mom.It looks like that she was kneeling down,sleeping,holding her phone.I thought it was my actual mom,so I wnet to wake her up.But even though I told her to wake up,she didn't wake up.I tried touching her,but she was not a solid thing.After I went to the bathroom,she was gone.
krowyomi 14 days ago
Kunekune would make a great demon for Shin Megami Tensei Imagine a wind element demon with 2 exclusive skills First. Wind dance: that skill would make wind skills hit stronger and would give the user more evasion but less accuracy and make wind skills hit all enemies Second. Distorted wind: a good wind skill
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 14 days ago
1:19 bruh, did it just... Dabbed?
Penny Cochran
Penny Cochran 14 days ago
I saw siren head once
Sahira Banu
Sahira Banu 15 days ago
My paranormal event : once i wa s sleeping alone at a full moon night i was thirsty so i decided to call my grandma for water but i saw a black figure with his arms stretched like rubber and red eyes which look like red shining led diode's. But then i fell unconscious and i woke up in the floor. Please animate this short story as this is a real event which happened to me at age 8 and now i am 12.
The Lucario
The Lucario 6 days ago
Oh shit
Trevor hendreson monsters caught on camera
Trevor hendreson monsters caught on camera 15 days ago
throw a rock at it
Fredol 15 days ago
Uhhhhhhh i have a lil brother and i live ina. Rice field and its the cpukt side oh wait neber mind its the ohlpins
Aikenn Zheljhun Mandamian
Aikenn Zheljhun Mandamian 16 days ago
Can you do Kayako Saeki From the grudge
Nathan Iverson Murphy
Nathan Iverson Murphy 16 days ago
Oh man I can already smell you having 1 Millions subs ♥️
Godzilla Ree
Godzilla Ree 16 days ago
very short vid
Godzilla Ree
Godzilla Ree 16 days ago
nah no parenormal shit
Suz Cant
Suz Cant 16 days ago
The kuna-kuna Is slender-man
Illya Kovalevych
Illya Kovalevych 16 days ago
When i was 9 in ukraine for a vacation i was in the countryside and i saw a houss glow and a storm started after that i never went to ukraine again
Kokichi Fan
Kokichi Fan 16 days ago
First boy's name 'Kaito' me: "KAITO MOMOTO LUMINARY OF THE STARS-"
Simon-Jules Ant
Simon-Jules Ant 17 days ago
He’s actually creepy
Kam Flood
Kam Flood 17 days ago
I'm not going to Japan
Azathoth Yogsothoth
Azathoth Yogsothoth 17 days ago
@TheRubber you should also do vault tec experiments from the fallout series.
Eric Almeida
Eric Almeida 17 days ago
My cousin's brother went to the countryside and my cousin told me that his brother had some mental illness. could it be?
D3RpY4LiF3 Bruh_00F
D3RpY4LiF3 Bruh_00F 17 days ago
No offense but, this isn't that scary. ._. This is what I think of when I see the wiggling. Me: *watching USshow* Mom: It's night already stop watching! Me: 10 more minutes Mom: Fine, remember only 10 more minutes. Me: YEA YEA just let me watch. *An Hour Later* Me: Ah, what good videos. Mom: *rubs eyes* Its been a hour, I fell asleep, AND YOU JUST STOPPED?!?!?!?!!?!??!? Me: Uhhhhhhhhhh, no??????? Mom: *grabs slipper* Your gonna get the power of SLIPPER OF DOOM Me: 2:50 (look at the moving of the body of the white figure thing but 10x speed and legs running) Rumor is that D3RpY4LiF3 is STILL RUNNING TODAY TODAy TODay TOday Today today..........
Laura janes
Laura janes 17 days ago
Once in my old house about 4 or 5 years ago I was being naughty on my sofa and my picture that was nailed to the wall flew at me and missed me by a inch it left a scare in my meamory
Gelotinis World
Gelotinis World 17 days ago
Do scp9999
the sarag like this one colour
the sarag like this one colour 17 days ago
Pippa Middleton's daughter was a little bit surprised by her performance at metro point in a lot more welcome than her??
the sarag like this one colour
the sarag like this one colour 17 days ago
Toys for kids pony are welcome in a new way gym
the sarag like this one colour
the sarag like this one colour 17 days ago
Eat the old and you will come on Monday night
Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl 17 days ago
I thought the slit mouth woman was the most dangerous legend in Japan
Cherryl Ann Toyocan
Cherryl Ann Toyocan 18 days ago
The Rubber, i do have a thing i kept seeing in the night. There was a thing that was white that catches my eye. BUT when i turned back the white figure dissapears. Its height isnt that tall as mine but it seems like running. I could see the figure running down the stairs but at the final staircase. It would dissapear. The Rubber please identify this figure so i could know if its a friend or foe
JamarDaNub 18 days ago
Stormy Wether
Stormy Wether 18 days ago
One time I was outside and then I heard a sound like my sister's whistle but she was inside so i ran and saw a black thing
SovietBallRoblox 18 days ago
Binoculars? More like... TELESCOPE
Eddie Padilla
Eddie Padilla 18 days ago
It’s not even that scary
Adao Almeida
Adao Almeida 18 days ago
Omer Icar
Omer Icar 18 days ago
So like baisically a good way to like go crazy ok she ain’t got nothing on me
Natalie Alvarado
Natalie Alvarado 18 days ago
The scp Foundation needs to get the kunekune
Andrei Crossman
Andrei Crossman 19 days ago
I litarly saw my door slam shut by itself. 😵😵😵🙃🙃🙃😐😐😐😐😐😐
Schrödinger's cat
Schrödinger's cat 19 days ago
I love my life 5 minutes ago before i know this
Kent Russel Toledo
Kent Russel Toledo 19 days ago
I have another paranormal tale but is it the philippines , its called the manananggal
Kent Russel Toledo
Kent Russel Toledo 19 days ago
It looks like an another slenderman But I have heard that theres another kune kune but its called the HACHISAKUSAMA
colen neloc
colen neloc 19 days ago
suriana amaludin
suriana amaludin 19 days ago
was kun kun
suriana amaludin
suriana amaludin 19 days ago
it was not kune kune
VixyMix 101
VixyMix 101 19 days ago
Those. Are. binoculars--
Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance 19 days ago
The most recent one I could think about is the encounter I had with the devil veteran up to be my girlfriend's ex who is a succubus it's a long, long, long story, so if you want more information, please don't hesitate to DM discord.
papa smurf
papa smurf 19 days ago
Once i was im my living room watching TV and my dog stood up and just looked at the wall behind me and she was backing away so i brought her back and then she looked at the wall one more time than ran away
Laughter & fun nights LFN
Laughter & fun nights LFN 19 days ago
No I have not been seen anything paranormal so I am ok
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 19 days ago
When I was a kid I was a little strange, I would hardly go outside or watch anything other than the lion king and aristocats because I was scared of everything. I lived in Alabama when I was little and our house was too far away from our neighbors to even see other houses from ours even in the middle of the day. One hot summer night, my family was sitting in the living room and I was walking by the front door to my room and I saw something that I can’t get out of my mind and that, too this day, I haven’t seen anything similar to. The front door was open and the screen door was closed, I could see something standing on the side of our driveway about 20 feet away from the house, it looked vaguely humanoid but with yellowish skin, it’s body was entirely hairless but it had large quills spread evenly over its body, it’s feet and hands had claws reminiscent of an eagles talons, but it’s face was the worst part, it had a massive gaping mouth filled with long, sharp teeth, every tooth looked like a snakes fangs, and it had small, black, dead, beady eyes that seemed not to even notice me but were staring at my house. I started screaming and crying for my parents and my dad ran to the door to check on me and I was telling him about the creature outside and begging him to make it go away, he told me he couldn’t see it and brought me into the living room with them. That night I slept in my brothers room because I was scared, I told him what I saw and he told me that he’s seen it too but that I shouldn’t worry because it won’t come inside, and that when he saw it it was standing, just staring, never moving. I had nightmares about that thing for years, I don’t anymore but no matter how hard I’ve tried I still can’t forget what I saw that night.
The Lucario
The Lucario 6 days ago
Also these creatures that appear at people's houses must be lost souls that wanna go home so they appear in houses
The Lucario
The Lucario 6 days ago
Bless ur house
The Lucario
The Lucario 6 days ago
Man u should get a exorcist
ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ
ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ 19 days ago
So Arthur grandparent is white humanoid.
the sarag like this one colour
the sarag like this one colour 19 days ago
the sarag like this one colour
the sarag like this one colour 19 days ago
the sarag like this one colour
the sarag like this one colour 19 days ago
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