10 Times Marilyn Manson Outclassed Interviewers

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2 years ago

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Fel Benze
Fel Benze 3 hours ago
mr sniff/lick & wet
mr sniff/lick & wet 4 hours ago
When u have talent you also need brains
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive 5 hours ago
Marilyn Manson made Bill O'Reilly look like the fat wrinkly ass he's is.
Mr666hostHeadRocksHarder 5 hours ago
"Rock should never be conservative" - Yoshiki. I might have misquoted that a bit, but the point stands. Rock tends to be raw and honest and people should be ashamed that they can only focus on suppression of such things while allowing false images (including those of "empowered" women who are simply desperate for attention) to plague the mainstream.
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker 6 hours ago
Watch his Clone High episode
Debra Costley
Debra Costley 9 hours ago
He is more sane and moral than the interviewers. Mr. Manson just expresses his self with make up. I don't even listen to his music and I like the man.
Vishus Vic
Vishus Vic 13 hours ago
It's not that hard to outclass Bill O'Reilly, the classless dumbass who went on a maniacal rant about doing it live.
ted bundy
ted bundy 17 hours ago
If you see evil and death in Manson you don't hear him you see him he's a genius
Bubbablue Jay
Bubbablue Jay 18 hours ago
Sassy drama ball crap back-and-forth back-and-forth not straight up point or a humble wise point easy to point one year straight of mine to focus instead of being aware of how you want to be the better one
Steve David
Steve David 20 hours ago
He's very articulate I enjoy hearing him speak
Rosa Rodriguez
Rosa Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Love Marilyn Manson❤️❤️❤️
uzer name
uzer name 23 hours ago
Actual geniuses never claim to be...stable or otherwise
Alexleyva3899 Day ago
Marilyn a goat. I can’t believe all these people tried to talk down on and about him
hosea wallace
hosea wallace Day ago
Not a fan of Marilyn Manson but at one point he speaks the truth serial killer movies all kind of horror horror movies. Gun Violet movies
Mark Reierstad
Mark Reierstad Day ago
I don't listen to his music, but I listen to him. He's articulate, lucid, and he encourages people to think on their own. Unfortunately, others don't listen as well. He makes a convenient scapegoat for a society with a lot of problems, particularly those confronting young adults.
Brian Oster
Brian Oster Day ago
My favorite was when he got punched in the head for being a prick to a guys girlfriend
Sleepy DeadFOX
Sleepy DeadFOX Day ago
“I feel uncomfortable” He just says it straight out loud. That’s so hard for me.
Francis Aypa
Francis Aypa Day ago
Anti Christ super star !!!!! Marilyn Manson !!!!
Kenneth Naylor
Kenneth Naylor Day ago
Wise words.
tootallforyou112 2 days ago
Hes too smart for em
Mila Vargas
Mila Vargas 2 days ago
Entertainers stop being the "showman" when they go home, I'm reminded of Julia Roberts Character in the movie Nottingham Hill, what we see on our screens is not real. I like seeing MM in this setting, upsetting his followers maybe a little? 😆
Randy Harris
Randy Harris 2 days ago
Normal? Would you have him babysit your kids? Unless they were BEKs.
Selmaxiin RavenSebby
Selmaxiin RavenSebby 2 days ago
Lap = Knee caps/thighs Manson’s Lap = pp
SXT FIT 2 days ago
maybe it was our religion.... Jesus Christ he just sacrificed her
SXT FIT 2 days ago
This guy smoked them all
Guns N Roses Forever
Guns N Roses Forever 2 days ago
Marilyn is a genuine person. He’s very misunderstood. Hope I get to meet him one day. Just discovered his music this year, I’m 15 (a girl) 😊
Stacey Inzinga-Little
Stacey Inzinga-Little 2 days ago
Sure resonates doesn't it 🏴‍☠️vote
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma 3 days ago
He has point why girls fantasise about horror movie basically he is genius by his psychology.
only thing I have to say about this is, that everything he says is insane and extremely evil... of course he doesn't seem like that but what his music represents and the following he has created has torn people from god and pure spirituality. It is very demonic and decieving. Disagree with me all you want, but his fans are the social regects that sit at home all day at 25 living with their parents plotting their next time to go to another Antifa rally to beat the shit out of inncocent people because they dont agree with them... I can bring up a lot more but it's late and this is bothering me to much.
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson 3 days ago
thenook 3 days ago
He's so quickly to answer LOL
Michael Provenzo
Michael Provenzo 3 days ago
Why they gotta do him like that tho
David Kramer
David Kramer 3 days ago
Nick Swardson is awesome!!!
Lavender Kawaii
Lavender Kawaii 4 days ago
He literally sounds like a 14-year-old I’m not lying Press this if you agree👇
Cooper Hamilton
Cooper Hamilton 4 days ago
Ngl, came to this thinking how the fuck is this guy gonna outclass anyone? But damn, I ain't even gonna lie he had me on that last one. She couldn't even argue with it.
Cooper Hamilton
Cooper Hamilton 4 days ago
What in the fuck is Howard in this???? Straight sexual harassment of that chick....
mariaa ponce
mariaa ponce 4 days ago
7 page muda
Aimee Simmons
Aimee Simmons 5 days ago
This does not get too old to comment on or agree with or whatever. My favorite part is that he looks outrageous, performs outrageous, and durring the howard stern interview he full on claims to be conservative. And as a Conservative with theatrical leanings, and including the commentary throughout, Yes. I like his methods.
harvester_of_lives 5 days ago
And of course Howard Stern does what he’s always been known for: Using people’s personal problems and struggles as rocket fuel for ratings.
Patrick Curtin
Patrick Curtin 5 days ago
x tech
x tech 5 days ago
he's so smart and his words are gold, but I hate his songs and his style 😂😂
Justin Sies
Justin Sies 5 days ago
I'm not fan of his music but fan of who he is and how he sticks out, feel me
Jacob White
Jacob White 5 days ago
why the eye contacts???
Ashlyn Maloney
Ashlyn Maloney 6 days ago
yall annoying with "nOt A faN oF HiS mUSiC BuT.."
heaventree ofstars
heaventree ofstars 6 days ago
MM's answer to the question at 4:10 TOTALLY cracked me up laughing. I laughed so hard I dropped my iPad! He is SO funny!
CecilDaBomb1117 6 days ago
ErOtiCa Is A pArT oF mOsHiNg
Jeff Krong
Jeff Krong 7 days ago
Strange looks, interesting personality and ingenious talent for horror.
Eumar Resaba
Eumar Resaba 7 days ago
That is one observant smart guy right there who is tired with all the bs.
Francisco Romulo Araujo Bezerra
Francisco Romulo Araujo Bezerra 7 days ago
Steven Arvizu
Steven Arvizu 7 days ago
All too often I see people of religion come to the realization that going to church does not make you a good person, being a good person makes you a good person
Sam Snow
Sam Snow 7 days ago
Read his book it is incredible
A stupid Nintendo Fanboy
A stupid Nintendo Fanboy 7 days ago
Marilyn Manson seems like such a nice guy.
Ds Coeur
Ds Coeur 7 days ago
Howard stern is such an asshole . Dude wtf, he's basically tell Marilyn Manson to be touched without consent. He's very intellectual. (MM obviously)
KingLeoh Mysticism
KingLeoh Mysticism 7 days ago
Its a clinical fact nowadays that fear excites the guman brain sexually. Just saying.
Nonya Buzness
Nonya Buzness 8 days ago
Yeah...he's a great guy...the type you want your daughter to bring home.
Alissa James
Alissa James 8 days ago
digital foundry
Roz Strategy.Design
Roz Strategy.Design 8 days ago
what this doesn't show is the million times Manson sounded like a complete jackass. I bet there a 100x more clips like that! :) he's an idiot.
Anthony Beam
Anthony Beam 8 days ago
Awesome my Dad has a cat named Rusty he just turned 15 he's a little deaf but otherwise good
misavn 9 days ago
Decadence Artis
Filtiarin 9 days ago
Only 10 times? Im pretty sure there are more times because i beleive that he is one of the smartest people in rock
wood 210
wood 210 9 days ago
Marilyn Manson is a financial genius. He brought his style out right at the right time and the kids ate it up. I bought Marilyn Manson's first album, "Portrait of an American Family" when the name signaled a band, not one guy and it was my favorite album for a long time. I think fame slightly corrupted the rest of his music so I didn't enjoy it as much, not to say he sold out or anything. I think he stayed true to himself and his fans very well I just thought it was different when he switched to being a solo act.
SDtoby123 9 days ago
him: seems like he’s gunna kill someone on stage* Him in public: you know it’s yea yea chill
Ayu Saribon
Ayu Saribon 9 days ago
Owh my... His voice is deep romantic... I need it everyday...
Crystal B
Crystal B 9 days ago
I like my trap music but I like him too 🥰
Darla Flowers
Darla Flowers 9 days ago
Say what you want about him, but he’s not afraid to be himself and seems really nonjudgmental.. UNLIKE everyone interviewing him... he’s obviously extremely smart and very well spoken. We can all learn a thing or two from him.
Lukie Cartier
Lukie Cartier 10 days ago
For better or worse, he was well ahead of his time.
Addi Edwards
Addi Edwards 10 days ago
can Marylin run for president or is to late.....
Alesandra Sara
Alesandra Sara 11 days ago
I really think Manson Is very intelligent and smart
Christopher 11 days ago
He took that dumb mother at the end to the cleaners!!! Lmao that was great.
Brittany Rossi
Brittany Rossi 11 days ago
"I'm sure when you were young you didn't want to listen to what your parents were trying to tell you what to believe in." I love the look on the daughters face! Can't wait to show my mom this (That was her #1 gripe about other parents, sooooooo very grateful for her) she'll get a hoot out of it!
Jessica Smithy
Jessica Smithy 11 days ago
What a chill, insightful dude. He seems like the type you could talk to for hours.
Mateo Contreras
Mateo Contreras 11 days ago
3:34 that bitch is so full of herself she thinks she has the moral high ground over someone else just because of how they look, WHAT A DUMB BITCH XD
rale rale
rale rale 11 days ago
Teddy Bundy
Teddy Bundy 11 days ago
He’s literally just amazing
sarah Braswell-Gonzalez
sarah Braswell-Gonzalez 12 days ago
He has always used shock factor to his advantage. It’s all about money. Whatever will sell his brand he’s used it to his advantage. He’s very vain and showy. Just a puppet for Satan really. Not a very satisfying life. Also the black interviewer was rude.
YOUSRA ADLY 13 days ago
Whatever ruined that guy childhood i advice him to get then and hang them on a tree and wipe them with sugar water and leave them to bees .
Susie Muzik
Susie Muzik 13 days ago
I don't like all his songs, but about 15 of them are amazing. He has such an erotic voice. When he's singing slowly there is such a passion in his tone sometimes... it's something unique to him and I love it!🖤
Chris Keo
Chris Keo 13 days ago
Why do reporters think they are smarter than anyone? Lol they just repeat shit that happens. They don't create content
jorgan newman
jorgan newman 13 days ago
"I have two pet cats"
Collin Clay
Collin Clay 13 days ago
he kinda looks like a brandon rogers character
Abner Diaz
Abner Diaz 14 days ago
Marilyn music hits different but good way
Jim Stein
Jim Stein 14 days ago
The Christ on a cross comment was profound. I’m going to be stealing that one.
Akemus 14 days ago
Mom: "She's not a catholic anymore!" Daughter: *smirks*
D 14 days ago
I'm an old guy but he makes a lot of sense and I really like how he things. A free spirit for sure.
Cole Miller
Cole Miller 14 days ago
this is amazing thank you for posting this
Meme Beam
Meme Beam 15 days ago
Ozzy Osborn uh wtf
drIVen drIVer
drIVen drIVer 15 days ago
Both are puppets of Mason's
سعيد الشهري
سعيد الشهري 15 days ago
Brian Reid
Brian Reid 16 days ago
A very smart man is Mr Manson . Good for him .
li jinjin
li jinjin 16 days ago
his voice😭
soy roy
soy roy 16 days ago
He is psychologically advanced than most entertainers at present. Not bound by any traditional thinking or religious beliefs, it takes a man real courage to oversee things and standup for it..
Jmax2103 16 days ago
Apparently he went to my high school for a short time
michael88h 16 days ago
He's so poised and so elegant when he talks.
Colby Jack Bisser
Colby Jack Bisser 17 days ago
No joke, I rather look like him than have a mullet........
Jay 17 days ago
He talks like David Blane
Rico Zam
Rico Zam 17 days ago
All these guys talking about darkness and evil....just go to your local slaughterhouse and when you see all sort of animals from all ages screaming of pain and fear, then tell us who is evil??? Hypocrisy at its highest!!!!
An Evening of the Classics With Ostara
An Evening of the Classics With Ostara 17 days ago
Bill O'Reilly is easy to outclass
Viixencat 17 days ago
I actually love this guys music :)
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