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Jeff Wittek

2 months ago

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People in this vid:
Ethan: ethandolan
Grayson: graysondolan
Jonah's girlfriend: kayparky
Outro song by
Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Camera man/ Assistant Editor
Nathan Speiser
Https:// nathanspeiser
Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis

Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek 2 months ago
If this vid gets 100k likes Ill solve the Jonah problem next episode
Logan Day
Logan Day Month ago
Yooo you and Jonah were geekin me out the whole video 😂😂😂💀
Grace Hobbs
Grace Hobbs Month ago
-Marie- 2 months ago
haahhaah "the Jonah problem" I can smell that problem through my laptop, all the way in Canada.... that's A FUCKING problem. (but you love it)
iiDreeii 2 months ago
Gracie.is.cool. Randall
Gracie.is.cool. Randall 2 months ago
I came to find the next video, but its not here.
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 14 hours ago
Grayson is in love with Jonah’s ‘girlfriend’ 😭
Jessica Goff
Jessica Goff 21 hour ago
Give Jeff his own tv show
Jessica Goff
Jessica Goff 21 hour ago
Damn, Jeff is so funny🤣. I want more content please❤️.
TinyTitan Ullaury
TinyTitan Ullaury 2 days ago
on david dobriks channel Jonah is like so funny and crazy in a good way and then on this channel Jonah sounds like a d*ck
Anya A
Anya A 3 days ago
This man never fails to make me laugh
Taylor Farry
Taylor Farry 3 days ago
The Solan twins need to chill out and not take themselves so damn seriously. Cripes.
Emily Jung
Emily Jung 4 days ago
grayson hit diff in this video...
l9vender 5 days ago
if you don't get Jeff's jokes/humor you should not watch this series lmfao
Melanie Harris
Melanie Harris 7 days ago
Greyson was just looking at the "girlfriend"
vqMax 7 days ago
3:31 I can't lol
Alex Scho’s Vlogs
Alex Scho’s Vlogs 7 days ago
Jonahs gf 😂
Alex Scho’s Vlogs
Alex Scho’s Vlogs 7 days ago
No one talking about the invisible guy 😂
stendogore 8 days ago
am i the only fan of jeff wittek who knows who eric andre is because you can tell jeff gets a lot of inspiration from the show from him
remigijus jusys
remigijus jusys 8 days ago
No offence but Grayson was probably like why would you date him.
Saurav Uchil
Saurav Uchil 8 days ago
Grayson looked like a grown up vardan
Pranitha Deverachetty
Pranitha Deverachetty 8 days ago
Abercrombie and chen? whas that mean?
anastasia boudreau
anastasia boudreau 10 days ago
this one is my favorite😭
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson 10 days ago
not the camera man in a green suit💀
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 10 days ago
Bro Jonah actually was funny as f*** he said Abercrombie and Chin
Arni Alias
Arni Alias 11 days ago
who else liked grayson’s hair before the cut?
Trxvesty 11 days ago
Abercrombie and chin. Lol
Ayden Welch
Ayden Welch 11 days ago
Who the twins people always throw cheese on there cars
Han Park
Han Park 12 days ago
I dont know any of the people that come on this show I just watch for jeff
B 12 days ago
Does anyone know the song he used at the end ??? 😭😭❤️
Gabriel 12 days ago
I lost it when he pulled up that pic of that character from lazy town good shit Jeff 😂
ErcaCalCarr 12 days ago
That Abercrombie & Chin joke got me! 🤣🤣🤣
Olivia SHARKEY 12 days ago
Idk if Grayson and Ethan are joking or they don’t understand their jokes and are acting defensive
Big Boi
Big Boi 13 days ago
What was Jonas girl friends @
Katie Kat
Katie Kat 18 days ago
This is like The Eric Andre Show but with USshowrs
Pink Smiley
Pink Smiley 19 days ago
@3:00 In Grayson's left eye I see lust, and in the right eye I see jealousy!
Lilly Dickson
Lilly Dickson 19 days ago
I mean!!!! I think i can answer that Question "Have you ever nailed each others girlfriend?" *Cough Cough* Tyson........
LIL GREY 20 days ago
What kinda haircut is this
LIL GREY 20 days ago
What kinda haircut is this like no bs I wanna get one
Dayanna Villalva
Dayanna Villalva 20 days ago
Greyson is about to knock out Jonah. This is so funny. Way better than tv
Baby Jaguar
Baby Jaguar 22 days ago
Jonah you girlfriend “ fake fake fake fake girlfriend
Carlos Espinoza
Carlos Espinoza 22 days ago
Hahahaha I fucken love this show.
Dallin Sly
Dallin Sly 22 days ago
This is the best video I’ve seen
Jonathan Major
Jonathan Major 24 days ago
sophia :3
sophia :3 25 days ago
omg I just realized jeff with the eye cover looks like the thanksgiving episode of it’s always sunny
ArkFn 26 days ago
Laynie Verner
Laynie Verner 26 days ago
Watching this felt like a fever dream
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 26 days ago
Why does he look different in some of his videos like his eyes or sum
Erika 27 days ago
Twins should be illegal
Freya 28 days ago
The girlfriend is so cute😂licking her finger and trying to get Jonahs stain out
Nicholas Reddington
Nicholas Reddington 28 days ago
This is hilarious
KingASE 29 days ago
5:39 the thermometer litteraly had me fucking dying.. LOL
asher Month ago
whats Jonahs fake girls insta lemme know
Havisha Ail
Havisha Ail 26 days ago
@asher instagram.com/kayparky/ there u go!
asher 26 days ago
Im fucking blind where
Havisha Ail
Havisha Ail 28 days ago
it's in the description lol
Patrick Kyles Jr.
Patrick Kyles Jr. Month ago
We still see the camera man lol
mexichicana Month ago
This video feels like if you watched the Dolan twins and jeff videos before bed and had a dream
J3tt iscool
J3tt iscool Month ago
Can Jonah just leave the show
Joy Abomo
Joy Abomo Month ago
damn your eye look horrible
Shanie Cakes
Shanie Cakes Month ago
Jonahs deadass funny like really funny he dont break
Parkhi Sharma
Parkhi Sharma Month ago
dobre bothers hahahahahhha
Michael Ludovici
Michael Ludovici Month ago
It’s when the camera guys are in the shot in green morph suits and don’t get edited into the background for me
Cultic Cuttlefish
Cultic Cuttlefish Month ago
How is Jonah with that pretty of a woman?
jack robinson
jack robinson Month ago
Al Caprella
Al Caprella Month ago
It’s funny these dude think there ruff and it so funny. Two questions who and why
Al Caprella
Al Caprella Month ago
Don’t get me wrong Jeff or nick isn’t rough ether but still Jeff’s at least some what of a man he would even say he isn’t like he was in jail days
Syed Aayan Rizvi
Syed Aayan Rizvi Month ago
OMG im binge watching all of these episodes. Jeff I just love your sense of humor!
Dayton H
Dayton H Month ago
take the fat guy off the show and watch it grow
Joshua Wagner
Joshua Wagner Month ago
They’re so sweet i feel bad 😂
ldavidson24 Month ago
No one: Jeff every week: Jonah, you're ruining the goddamn show. (jonah is the real mvp)
Dinny Skip
Dinny Skip Month ago
“You guys got 4 eyes. You can spare 1” hahaha Jeff’s humor is so low key. I love it
Dinny Skip
Dinny Skip Month ago
Hahaha i rarely see Jeff laugh at Noah
Dinny Skip
Dinny Skip Month ago
“I wouldn’t want your fat eye in my head. It wouldn’t fit” hahahaha
adriana fuerte
adriana fuerte Month ago
lmao this has "the eric andre show" energy
Faith Marie
Faith Marie Month ago
Even if it’s a joke I can’t stand jonahs attitude & vibes
John Veltri
John Veltri Month ago
This is like a PG-13 Eric Andre show
Sean Morrissey
Sean Morrissey Month ago
I can feel the tension in this video lmao
C H Month ago
why are all of his episodes so freaking awkward.
Alex Month ago
I’m dying from how Jonah was looking at Grayson I’m having a heart attack
Valentina Lombardo
Valentina Lombardo Month ago
the way Grayson is looking at the girlfriend up and down 🤣🤣🤣
Skylar Spino
Skylar Spino Month ago
like is this staged i cant tell
Hitesh Month ago
I wanna see the uncut and unedited version of these
Ashani Month ago
Sorry but Grayson looked hella fine in this video....
GraceAnn Lesser
GraceAnn Lesser Month ago
please do a video with mr beast cause then all the teenage girls will be watching the same shit as their twelve year old brothers
SRD Month ago
Dafuq did I just watch?? 😆 so confused
Avalon Quinn
Avalon Quinn Month ago
am i stupid or is the “girlfriend” kylie jenner
Avalon Quinn
Avalon Quinn Month ago
LMAOOOO NEVERMIND right after i commented this she can into the camera full view
Aaron Yost
Aaron Yost Month ago
This is art.
Dukhtare Paki
Dukhtare Paki Month ago
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .. just wanted to be notice ... As I cannot get a haircut coz I m hijab otherwise I would have and coz we live 7 seas apart ..
tayah :0
tayah :0 Month ago
Carlos Arredondo
Carlos Arredondo Month ago
Best episode so far!
April Ulloa
April Ulloa Month ago
Abercrombie and chin💀💀💀💀💀
Yomomma 7419
Yomomma 7419 Month ago
Jeff’s humor is the best!!!
Alfredo Saucedo
Alfredo Saucedo Month ago
Abercrombie and chin sent me lol
Adrian Month ago
5:50 lol
FlapJack0512 Month ago
Jonah makes this show even better
G n
G n Month ago
**I just did you...** bruh im wheezing lmfao
Guilherme Bamberg
Guilherme Bamberg Month ago
Sometimes I don't even know why I'm laughing, these Jeff videos are too funny
K7 K
K7 K Month ago
Theyre so cute jsjsjssjsjshs
Acha Erlangga
Acha Erlangga Month ago
even though i know its all a bit and part of the show, i can't get rid of this anxiety and uncomfortable feelings lol
Alek Quezada
Alek Quezada Month ago
Are Jeff, regi , and Liza the only talented people on the vlog squad
Silvia Martinez
Silvia Martinez Month ago
Lmao I had to google Jonas fact about “everyone’s eye is the same size” not true 😂 I’m done
kolsoy Month ago
They're so sweet and uncomfortable :( I feel bad they didn't know he was joking the whole time so they were just upset.
ToxicGamer3000 Month ago
Mannn, this whole thing just feels like a Eric andre show 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alisha Karriem
Alisha Karriem Month ago
Faith Greaves
Faith Greaves Month ago
I think this is my favorite video
AntonMacG Month ago
This has Eric Andre Show vibes wth
Sara Alduais
Sara Alduais Month ago
ion like this
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Month ago
They obviously don’t know Jeff’s humour and it’s hilarious
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