Emma Chamberlain, Coffee Queen & CEO, Has Impeccable Taste ☕ | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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7 months ago

Guys, Emma Chamberlain wasn’t lying-she’s a total coffee connoisseur. We challenged the USshow queen (and our February cover star!!!) to a very special Expensive Taste Test challenge, where she attempts to pick out the bougiest gummy bears, PB&J sandwiches, iPhone camera attachments, and more! With her trademark humor, the ‘Chamberlain Coffee’ CEO absolutely destroys the cold brew round without breaking a sweat. And uh, not to spoil anything, but Iggy Azalea might be pissed when she sees the end of this vid!
Want more Emma? Read her interview here! www.cosmopolitan.com/emma-chamberlain
Shoutout to Fred Segal Sunset in Los Angeles for letting us shoot in their gorgeous store. Emma's adorbs sweatshirt is THE Marc Jacobs.
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Joy Harayo
Joy Harayo 4 days ago
Whoever is ALWAYS doing her makeup, chill with the eyeshadow maam please!!
Jennifer Vennero
Jennifer Vennero 9 days ago
She looks like Abby lee miller with that makeup ahaha
milzzz w
milzzz w 10 days ago
the way her and harry have the same jumper
erynn EBS
erynn EBS 11 days ago
1:51 that's what she said
Leela Sharma
Leela Sharma 11 days ago
"I love being a woman." -Emma Chamberlain 2020
Lil Devil
Lil Devil 12 days ago
Her makeup artist really went in for the bottom for the eye and focused making her look like she’s 38 or sum😂💀💜
TT206 vlogs
TT206 vlogs 16 days ago
Ohh my fuckin gosh emma is so fuckin cute 😯😯😯😧😧😧😧😧😧❤❤❤i fuckin love this bitch soo much ....i would kill a spider to just hug her ......damn i need more friends
Evangelie 18 days ago
The edit is so cringe
Iva Marekova
Iva Marekova 27 days ago
Where is Ariana Grande ?😞
Amanda Castellanos
Amanda Castellanos Month ago
6:32 she look like she got a hickey
emm-uhh Month ago
i cant stop looking at her neck😳
Isabela Clinton
Isabela Clinton Month ago
Hannah Ist cool
Hannah Ist cool Month ago
the expensive one is always like on the same side
Zanna Leishman
Zanna Leishman Month ago
love emma love expensive taste test so literally such a good video what do yall think?
Cheyenne Wardell
Cheyenne Wardell Month ago
how did no one talk about how gorgous emma is like especially in this video like wow.
Linda Evangelista
Linda Evangelista Month ago
She got the water wrong tho..
Tutunga Sheuyange
Tutunga Sheuyange Month ago
All the expensive one's are on the left way tho😂
Connie Dent
Connie Dent Month ago
why is nobody talking about how she literally looks so different in the thumbnail
Elena Faizah
Elena Faizah Month ago
the fact that she said "This is more expensive" with NO DOUBTS just amazed me
Emily isabels
Emily isabels Month ago
Why is the more expensive one always on the left
madeline fisher
madeline fisher Month ago
why is no one talking about how she got the water one wrong
Aidan Brooks
Aidan Brooks Month ago
They kept putting the more expensive one on the side side until the end **suspicious eyes**
Casey Robinson
Casey Robinson Month ago
queen!! she looks so good wtf
eva karoly
eva karoly Month ago
"i'm so excited i'm on my period" when the chocolate comes out mood orrr
eva karoly
eva karoly Month ago
her personality>>
eva karoly
eva karoly Month ago
Samantha Silva
Samantha Silva Month ago
Omg her makeup!!😍😍😍
taylorisa1Dfanatic lol
taylorisa1Dfanatic lol Month ago
she has the same sweater as HARRY STYLES🥰
big caca
big caca Month ago
Ionna Gjini
Ionna Gjini Month ago
All of the expensive stuff are on the left side.
Adriana F
Adriana F Month ago
The fact that she's so successful that Marc Jacobs dressed her with the same sweaters Harry Styles wears.... ICONIC
ilikefood Month ago
I love the way she wasn’t afraid to say she was on her period
rogahtaylah Month ago
why she look 70 in this
Juliana Linker
Juliana Linker Month ago
She’s so pretty and smart in this omg
xoxoxoAndrea mercado
xoxoxoAndrea mercado Month ago
Isnt she vegan and she ate gummy bears😭😭
Puff Pets
Puff Pets Month ago
Why do people wear eyeliner? Its so trash 😐
Shy Squad
Shy Squad Month ago
You should do it with Kim
Cole Nash
Cole Nash Month ago
it docent even look like her lmaooooooooo
Nate Blakley
Nate Blakley Month ago
Keke Palmer, Jackia Ania, Jeffery Star, The City Girls, Ricky Thompson & Denzel, James Charles, the Dolan Twins. Definitely need to be a part of this.
Suhaila Slytherin
Suhaila Slytherin Month ago
I dont really like her when I saw my first video of her with the dolan twins and James Charles. But I'm starting to like her just because I realised how intelligent she actually is without them and she is a very well spoken woman. Wow definitely subscribing to her channel right now.
Chelsea Yvette
Chelsea Yvette Month ago
Cardi B and Paris Hilton *will* slay this
Aisy Month ago
Is that a hickey
Willa Aitken
Willa Aitken Month ago
Wait... everything expensive was placed on the left...
Yani & Nini
Yani & Nini 2 months ago
She beat iggy azalea 😂
Samantha Samaniego
Samantha Samaniego 2 months ago
She dont need make up
Samantha Samaniego
Samantha Samaniego 2 months ago
Sounded richer lmao 😂
cakesoncups 2 months ago
omg she looks awful
RAINBOW killer
RAINBOW killer 2 months ago
like how has no one noticed that the expensive one and the cheap one are almost always in the same place, but like, no hate
Leni Van Eynde
Leni Van Eynde 2 months ago
Monica Lagos
Monica Lagos 2 months ago
I would win you guys hahh! I did my own video casting expensive wine: usshow.info/watch/zJa2CwZlWzw/video.html
She's So Blessed
She's So Blessed 2 months ago
She won me over on this.
Jennifer Tarrach
Jennifer Tarrach 2 months ago
gummy bears aren’t vegetarian..
Madi T
Madi T 2 months ago
When HUGE celebrities only get a few right and Emma is here like slaying
Laya Ali
Laya Ali 2 months ago
They put the expensive ones only at out left emmas right so..
Rieka Ryana
Rieka Ryana 2 months ago
can we get Harry Styles on this
joy 2 months ago
i just realized now that she kinda looks like abby lee miller here lmao
joy Month ago
​@Sab ikr HAHAHAHA
Sab Month ago
She sounds like her a lil too😂
Grace Younger
Grace Younger 2 months ago
she looks so gorgeous
Lili Ann
Lili Ann 2 months ago
They put extra effort with editing this video compared to others from this series 😂😂
Nicol Valeri hoyos medina
Nicol Valeri hoyos medina 2 months ago
Is it me or does she kinda look like Timothée Chalamet in the beginning