1V1 AGAINST 16 Year Old Mikey Williams!! (INTENSE)

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PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS

5 days ago

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PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS 4 days ago
Deleting my channel after this. Somebody keep posting on it
AyoSketch Hour ago
You still did good DDG, much support to you💪🏻‼️🔥and yes I’m black😭
Lil Zayto
Lil Zayto 3 hours ago
Stop lying I’m tired of yo damn lies
Games Everyday
Games Everyday 4 hours ago
38kal 9 hours ago
U be cheatin yo ass off man 😂😂😂
Tinisha Brown
Tinisha Brown 11 hours ago
J dubbs sports
J dubbs sports 36 minutes ago
Mikey go crazy
TBE Klizzy
TBE Klizzy 39 minutes ago
from the thumbnail i thought it was julian newman vs mikey🤣
ttvbunnyFasher FN
ttvbunnyFasher FN 41 minute ago
I didn’t even start watching he lost
Gio Gang
Gio Gang 44 minutes ago
Ddg scared to play me tho 😂😂
Brooklynfrost Updates
Brooklynfrost Updates 47 minutes ago
This man is cap he didn't quite
M&M Jr.
M&M Jr. Hour ago
Of course he finna win when you give him 6ft to shoot 😂
Gerardo Nieves
Gerardo Nieves Hour ago
mikey wasn’t even on second gear .. 😂 easy money 💰
Goatified-Roman Hour ago
Miley don’t even take these 1v1’s serious and still demolish 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣
Prodjerome Hour ago
my last vid will make you cry fr
Kyi Hour ago
My boy ddg getting out if shape a lil😂
Mon3y Talkin9
Mon3y Talkin9 Hour ago
Mane tf u gon play mikey if u a hooper Irish Spring Green green green
chding zuure
chding zuure Hour ago
He was giving him too much room like Mikey can’t shoot😂
Ice_saybro 222
Ice_saybro 222 Hour ago
mans said yes cause he scored on a 16 year old talking about being a grown man at the beginning of the vid
Vizek Hour ago
A 16 year old with half a sleeve of tattoos lmao
Sirkevo13 Hour ago
Ddg look small asf
chding zuure
chding zuure Hour ago
9:00 where?? What foul
Aaron Renteria
Aaron Renteria Hour ago
he keep tryna make mikey play longer so he can get that 10 min vid lmao, i respect it
ToxicSsaiyan Hour ago
Play against T Jass like if you agree
Amanial Soquar
Amanial Soquar Hour ago
"Which means I'm better than you" nah homie that just mean mikey defense weak as hell😭😭
Ricko Bob
Ricko Bob Hour ago
Mikey didn’t try what so ever😭
Real Boyjah
Real Boyjah 2 hours ago
They could make another hoop mixtape with this vid because you got cooked😂
KrissBino 2 hours ago
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@2:35 talk abt a fuckin brick 💀
Koz Malone
Koz Malone 2 hours ago
lmao how you that tired on defense
Cyd Thekid
Cyd Thekid 2 hours ago
Dog can you please shout out my channel
high life comedy
high life comedy 2 hours ago
Is this frost brother ?mikey?
Delphin Cyuzuzo
Delphin Cyuzuzo 2 hours ago
Nobody: DDG:I'm quitting youtube. 2 weeks later whats up guys its your boy DDG
yourmoms Favorite
yourmoms Favorite 2 hours ago
You live to fight another day
Keon F
Keon F 2 hours ago
My man just playing with DDG lol. He ain’t playing 4real lol.
MJ Plays
MJ Plays 2 hours ago
9:00 where?? What foul
Lil Zayto
Lil Zayto 3 hours ago
Who paid DDG to make another vid this time??
Big Bürd
Big Bürd 3 hours ago
nigga DDG was chokin
drop$world 3 hours ago
I dont even no why thiz youtuber think they can ball "i get it" Views "But" No hate i dont see no type of skills Even that dude top flight he sucks....bad....
Marco Aurelio
Marco Aurelio 3 hours ago
Bru Mikey is trash
Kentrell Wilson
Kentrell Wilson 3 hours ago
Mikey wasn’t een trying 😂
iLike NIKE
iLike NIKE 3 hours ago
I searched I like you cut G and this is one of the vids I saw???
Ion J.
Ion J. 3 hours ago
“I still got 7 points, so I’m better than you” -DDG
KdrizzyTV 4 hours ago
Ddg tryin so hard while Mikey jus walking around 😂😂
Ryu Plays
Ryu Plays 4 hours ago
Yo 4:53 when ddg was trying to body Mikey, Mikey wasn’t even moving😂😂
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez 4 hours ago
How does he have so many viewers he’s trash