The Greatest Sunday Match Yet!? | Sunday Match #26 | GM GOLF

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Month ago

What a match!
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gm__golf Month ago
lets get 5 billion likes on this vid
cindy grommes
cindy grommes 7 days ago
Jack Schulz lnmp
Luke Camfield
Luke Camfield Month ago
Already made 200 accounts
Ben Wilczynski
Ben Wilczynski Month ago
5 billion adverts on a 30 minute vid 🙈
Griffin Moore
Griffin Moore Month ago
Do a whats in the bag video please 🙏
Micah Swope
Micah Swope Month ago
If this video gets 5 billion likes will you please buy a new glove
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 2 days ago
Hey guys, just wanted to say that you are loved more than you could ever imagine, no matter what is going on in your life. Life can be incredibly hard, but we are blessed so much by our Lord and savior. The people in your life, the phone or computer you’re reading this on, and the simple act of breathing are all huge blessings. Don’t focus on the negatives, or what has or could go wrong. Focus on Jesus and the many blessings He gives us every day. Smile and take a breath. God’s got it figured out already, and is taking care of you. He has never let you down, and won’t start now. He’s coming back. Are you ready? God bless. God is so beyond amazing.
BirdmanFSU 12 days ago
Was there a lot of grain on Micah’s putt on the last??
Roger Jackson
Roger Jackson 14 days ago
Not gonna lie just being honest. Time to turn the volume down brah
Roger Jackson
Roger Jackson 14 days ago
Are you anything but honest.?
jon zaccari
jon zaccari 15 days ago
What 2 iron does tig use?
Joe Cameron
Joe Cameron 17 days ago
What an ending! Great vid
Itsneight 17 days ago
3 holes in and no one has hit a GIR OR a FIR... man its gonna be a long day LUL @gm_golf - you should dock Tig AT LEAST one stroke for lifting and replacing his ball WITHOUT a marker on the last hole. I wasn't watching whether he does that all the time but if so, you gotta get on him about that.
Christopher Hamilton
Christopher Hamilton 18 days ago
You guys had so fans at the second shot second hole
Noah Ayers
Noah Ayers 21 day ago
Is the course tight?
OdieoBros 24 days ago
Gunner Ravoy
Gunner Ravoy 25 days ago
What’s in the bag?
Brock Amo
Brock Amo 27 days ago
What kind of putter do you use
Joey Matrix
Joey Matrix 29 days ago
So even though you technically had a better score you lost because you guys play best hole? that kinda sucks
Mr. G
Mr. G Month ago
This is better than watching PGA tour
Luke Watson
Luke Watson Month ago
If your ever in North Georgia hit me up and i'll take out to the tightest course in America no cap
Matthew Ro
Matthew Ro Month ago
How is his putter standing up on its own???
Cody Stefka
Cody Stefka Month ago
Y’all need to play at Van Zandt country club in canton tc since y’all are down here in Dallas
Elliott Emmick
Elliott Emmick Month ago
"about 7 tigs short" lol. height humor is the best.
Red On Sundays
Red On Sundays Month ago
please shave that chin dust
Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart Month ago
“Hit big ball first”. Like that comment
aarav anand
aarav anand Month ago
yo bro its now lockdown
Brandon Keenan
Brandon Keenan Month ago
Greatest match ever tiger vs woodland vs brooks tier
Brandon Keenan
Brandon Keenan Month ago
Mini put helping tig
Brandon Keenan
Brandon Keenan Month ago
And Garret
dhbreezy11 Month ago
Whoever edits y’all videos need a raise for that intro I was really ab to run thru a wall
Brandon Keenan
Brandon Keenan Month ago
Garret you inspire ppl around the world man keep it up
Brandon Keenan
Brandon Keenan Month ago
Garret I never played a round of golf but I feel like I am a beast at it
Kevin Stross
Kevin Stross Month ago
Great match guys. Really enjoyed watching that. NOW BUY A DAMN RANGEFINDER!!!! lol
Brock Powers
Brock Powers Month ago
This is my hometown course right here
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson Month ago
Micah: *Shanks shot through window of house* Garrett: That actually might be in the hole
Matthew Marlow
Matthew Marlow Month ago
"to be honest"
sparknado Month ago
15:53 Nice filming, Tig! That was basically pro level zoom in for dramatic effect
Jayce Hutchens
Jayce Hutchens Month ago
Y’all should do a what’s in the bag for the whole squad garret tig Matt and stevo
mjnesb2 Month ago
We need a WITB Micah!!!
Jimmy Thorpe
Jimmy Thorpe Month ago
“Not gonna lie” these vids are the best! “you love to see it”
Sean Roberts
Sean Roberts Month ago
Guys I’ve subscribed to the channel and I’ve got to say, watching these Sunday matches between Garret and Micah are epic and inspirational. I’ve only started playing golf on a regular basis (weekly) due to COVID. And I gotta say I’m loving it. And videos like these just get me more excited. Huge thumbs ups to you both and these awesome videos. Shout out from Australia gents. Sean
Micah Morris Golf
Micah Morris Golf Month ago
That’s fantastic! Thank you for the support! Glad you enjoy them! 🤙🏻
DNWM Month ago
Does anyone know what the intro music is called?
Nathan Fousek
Nathan Fousek Month ago
Tig needs to hit a driver more. Its kinda getting annoying lol
pequals Month ago
Nothing makes me happier than seeing y'all play Texas golf with greens that as hard and fast as concrete. Living my life now lmao
jacob johnson
jacob johnson Month ago
This course is 5 minutes away from my apartment! And of course the day I’m not there y’all show up 😭😫
Con Big
Con Big 21 day ago
I was on the 9th hole when they started but I only got to say hey to Matt :(
Ricky Craine
Ricky Craine Month ago
What are y’all favorite golf balls
PJ Rogan
PJ Rogan Month ago
Come play bellrieve in stl
Fredrick Garcia
Fredrick Garcia Month ago
How the hell yall getting this Yt money, but still talking about getting fit for clubs but still ain’t did it yet. Very interesting influencer leverage youre trying to work over on someone desperate 😂
mikeaf1988 Month ago
"To be honest" "I'm not gonna lie" "to be honest" "not gonna lie" lol was said 470 times
Bergen Schmid
Bergen Schmid Month ago
This is the kind of golf I wish me and my friends had
Brad Davey
Brad Davey Month ago
9 minutes in and already 3 stoppages for ads. I'm out ✌️
James Hawkins
James Hawkins Month ago
Those Greens: NOT IDEAL
fnegri2 Month ago
Editing is coming a long way. Looks good guys
Jeremy Foreman
Jeremy Foreman Month ago
Y'all should do a Battle Golf match from tiger woods 06. Hole winner gets to take out the oppents club or get one of their clubs back.
J Month ago
im not gonna lie, im just gonna be honest was said at least 15 times in the first 15 mins
Adam Fitzsimmons
Adam Fitzsimmons Month ago
Intense match. I look forward to these video’s every week, I haven’t seen my dad in 5months and I get to play golf with him tomorrow hopefully keep it dialled in. Keep up the matches love it 💪
Kevin Alec
Kevin Alec Month ago
I miss Brodie what happened?
Alex Spurg
Alex Spurg Month ago
Garret is one of my least favorite people to watch on USshow, he has an excuse for every shot that doesn’t go his way. You’re playing golf, everything you do wrong is your fault.
SNOWxCHAMP 69 Month ago
Let's play a round of 18??? $250-$500 buy in??? 🤔💵💵 Let's goooo!!!
Tyler Christian
Tyler Christian Month ago
Anybody know what shoes Tig is wearing
Micah Morris Golf
Micah Morris Golf Month ago
Foot joy
Michael Ban
Michael Ban Month ago
you guys gotta livestream a match on twitch! would love to see you guys uncut and the fans would be able to interact too!
1017FlagerSquad Month ago
Garrett really be tryina hit Micah with the commentators curse all the time!
Kyle Barco
Kyle Barco Month ago
That intro almost made me not watch the video😂 we get it you can swing a golf club
N8-Nathanael Month ago
You guys should come play Eagle Mountain in Brigham City, Utah. It's a fun interesting course
N8-Nathanael Month ago
It would be interesting to see you guys do some challenges out there
Tyler Edmonson
Tyler Edmonson Month ago
dang he choked again.. :(