Pathfinder 2E Story: The Infamous TPK Module

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Puffin Forest

6 months ago

Hello Everyone! This is a story from my Pathfinder game when we played the module Doomsday Dawn. I talk about the chapter "The Heroes of Undarin" which has a variety of scenarios, one of which is a surprise TPK game. Hope you guys enjoy!
"Sunshine Samba" by Chris Haugen

Paizo 6 months ago
Hi Puffin! Thanks for checking out the playtest module. During its run, the players really helped us out by stress-testing our systems and providing enough feedback to improve the final release of Pathfinder Second Edition. If you'd like, we'd love to send you a PF2E Adventure Path to try out. I'm sure your entire party won't die as horribly this time ;)
Depressed Dice
Depressed Dice Month ago
Yoooooo, it’s actually Paizo :D I’d play pathfinder, but I don’t got enough money for any module, and idk where to buy it
Arun Radhakrishnan
Arun Radhakrishnan 2 months ago
@Kuality I'm confused... do you think 6 level 6 PCs SHOULD be able to defeat a level 20 monster? Because that... seems ridiculous. A Pit Fiend, General of the Armies of Hell, is going to take a little more than six dudes and a bunch of optimism to eliminate. As written in the CRB, a Boss-level challenge for any group depends on the level of the party. A group of level 6 PCs should be fighting something around 9th level for a difficult but winnable boss fight.
Sosick Ofitall
Sosick Ofitall 2 months ago
Also never played d and d
Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora 2 months ago
Pathfinder 1st. Ed. was god sent back when D&D gave us their horrible 4th. ed., good times.
Oliver Xu
Oliver Xu 3 months ago
@Viking Blitz Shit taste confirmed.
spehizle 52 minutes ago
Worst TPK I ever ran: Shadowrun 5th edition. Party was hired as extra muscle by a vampire hunter. to take out 3 vampires hiding underground in an abandoned amusement park. I had underestimated the party's capabilities, and they had cakewalked through all combat and trap challenges. Final boss time, and I wanted to challenge them a bit. So I beefed up the final vampire a bit with some extra magic and prep time. I went too far. Vampire Mage was behind a rating 20 Physical Barrier spell sustained by a ritual, and had five Force 16 Spirits of Man bound, each with the spell Turn to Good memorized. Party walked in, failed to penetrate the barrier, than each spirit manifested and instantly incapacitated the party. They were stripped of all armor and gear (including ripping out all cyberware), bound in iron maidens, and then immolated one by one. I kept expecting them to have a killer app, an ace in the hole surprise. They did not. I think they're still mad at me.
Trollololol 22 hours ago
ok i was chatting and happend to look over to see a caricature getting shit on........ i lost it....
Mark Mylabris
Mark Mylabris Day ago
Well, dont know about PF lore, but in DnD sea there were a different aquatic version of purple worm, but with same stats. Its explained that this is the purple worm, but water washed away they ooze, that makes their skin purple
Corey Kinard
Corey Kinard Day ago
Sounds like something that would happen to anyone foolish enough to try and enter the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Deservedly so. Worms.
Welcome to Geektown
Welcome to Geektown 2 days ago
Having just finished watching/listening to your Strahd campaign replay, I have to ask: Was the alchemist played by the same player as Gouda?
ArtificialDragon 3 days ago
I guess you could say, this was a total party killer XD
Zakumei 3 days ago
okay this module sounds tough as nails... but hear me out... what if you did it with a level 20 party of 6 or 7 It would be like Wave 666 of MvM. You could even home-brew some magic items designed to help them take on a hoard mode like this. I would LOVE something like that. just a brutal gauntlet of impossibly difficult NPC's meeting in the middle against all-powerful, indomitable Player Characters. i think that could be a lot of fun
Skaven Misinformation Agent
Skaven Misinformation Agent 6 days ago
As a dark souls fan the tpk module seems like a pretty fun time
JKwak 9 days ago
imo a nerfed version of the tpk module where you dont tpk sounds like a good story hook if you change the ending a bit
FatCat808 9 days ago
I guess the rule about not punishing players with in-game mechanics doesn't apply if its in response to terrible punnery.
What'sInTheB0X 9 days ago
The player did player who had his mouth and eye open from shock during the fecal ooze attack have to roll a con save against poison or disease?
Lagiacrus 15 days ago
4:16 "Rocs fall, everyone dies." It was a perfect setup...and you wasted it
Jordan Shultz
Jordan Shultz 16 days ago
I’m one of those that watch but don’t play 😅
Nicholas Eden
Nicholas Eden 19 days ago
I'd definitely be down for playing this, seems like it's just one session.
That Cube Guy 2000
That Cube Guy 2000 24 days ago
does any1 know gud tips 4 noobs of pathfinder (literally played once 3years ago and dont remeber much)
Darkatar 27 days ago
"Mr Fecal ooze, is that a mouth or a butt?" _Fecal Ooze_ : *Yes*
lewe the memer
lewe the memer Month ago
My character is the villan of most campaigns because I have a cult were I never die.
Trüffeltroll 666
Trüffeltroll 666 Month ago
3:00 drawing something in cube shape explains the "double all sides" stat stuff really well
Bronze Dog
Bronze Dog Month ago
I wonder if somewhere there's a group that lasted right up until that final monster, too exhausted to fight back.
Zack Month ago
Easy, just use sticks to snakes
Johan Hilbig
Johan Hilbig Month ago
2 to the forth power times 5 with a 10% bonus... results into 12... and not 50 ;D
AzuriteT3 Month ago
7:48 DESU!
Melon doggo
Melon doggo Month ago
I'm somehow simultaneously puffin and the alchemist at once
John Kackley
John Kackley Month ago
Is it just me or did the beginning of that first module just get shoe horned into random spots in everyones campaign
Will Kinzie
Will Kinzie Month ago
who keeps making the puns?? i want to meet this person
Lazertops 64
Lazertops 64 Month ago
By the athourity how in all of the realms is anyone supposed to survive all of that!!
Anthony Ugarte
Anthony Ugarte Month ago
OMFG dude. The shit puns joke was slightly funny the first time. I didn't even finish watching the video because of that shit. Paused at 4:25 and I'm done.
magicalfluffybunny 2 months ago
I'm not even sure how I stumbled on your channel but I'm glad I did. You make me LOL for real
Zyggy Baranowski
Zyggy Baranowski 2 months ago
As a first edition Pathfinder player, I can tell unless you have a party of six level 10 players or higher, there is no way you can survive this module. Spells will run out by the slime, HP will dwindle shortly after, then you get your cheeks clapped.
M Balazs
M Balazs 2 months ago
5:36 penultimately its not the GM-job to decide the fate of the characters but the worlds, a gm job is to simulate the world as realistically as possibly and as he/she can. If player dos not understand his/her choice was the reason he died and it was causal, is properly do DM ing. There is no DM in the world, the DM controls the world like he is not there. If controlling world its NPC-s beleng more powerful than gods above NPC's while entertaining your friends is not satisfying to you on its owns, don't be a DM. Want to partake in adventures? Add in an NPC or DM character and don't be biased to it, that's fair if you can do it. People are there to have fun, and regardless of level or class no one likes to die. So its not your place to decide the mission will be fail and the ration of success alone, ask your player do they want a easy (no death), normal (75% they win no death)hard(someone will die), very hard (TPK ads 90% and if no one dies you did a pore job), impossible Hard (you new job as DM is to ruin, torture, and kill them). and if you feel like mixing it up give them the option "Do you guys want to do this mission its Hard? " let them accept it at their own risk. (if you are non biased to you it should be fine if thy win and have good time) I only have one iron rule if DM, if someone dies thy can be told why and how thy ended up dead.
M Balazs
M Balazs 2 months ago
1:00 ~ Rage quit XD
Xander Vampire
Xander Vampire 2 months ago
What's even the point of a TPK module? Even when play testing, it just seems like a complete waste of time. Campaigns that are designed to be practically/literally impossible to beat should only ever happen if you have the worst GM ever who has no idea what they're doing. It reeks of awful writing and laziness on the part of the writer. It'd be like buying a video game but after the tutorial, it gives you an automatic game over and uninstalls itself every time. The entire playerbase would demand a refund or sue them and rightly so. Of course, you don't want it to be too easy either but you need to at least give your players a reasonable chance of succeeding. Otherwise, why would anyone play the game at all? They aren't even playing a game at that point. It's just the GM reading them a crappy story which they have basically no control over. I'd probably check out the minute I found out about it. I've got much better things to do with my time than pointlessly going through the motions when it makes zero difference if I'm there or not. Either way, the module isn't going to change at all because the whole thing is stringently planned out with no room for meaningful choices or deviations.
eclipse 257
eclipse 257 2 months ago
4:22 can't believe he chose that over 'looks like it hit ROC BOTTOM'
Just Another Shattered Reality
Just Another Shattered Reality 2 months ago
We used to run TPK adventures on halloween as a one shot. It was usually the "winner" was the last one standing. Everybody in the party eventually died, but it was fun, because it was a "see how far you can get" kind of situation.
Morkys Mainline
Morkys Mainline 2 months ago
That is a DECENT Oney impression my dude
Chase Novak
Chase Novak 2 months ago
God, I remember I finished a test early, so I asked my teacher if I could do something on my computer if I had headphones on, so I booted up this video, it was a week before quarantine hit my area, none of us really thought it would get this bad, we were all so naive.
Alastair Roche
Alastair Roche 2 months ago
Pathfinder TPK module exists: Also pathfinder TPK module: haha TPK go pfffffttt
Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap 2 months ago
I'm having trouble figuring out what the fuck this TPK module actually tests or proves.
Fletcher Warren
Fletcher Warren 2 months ago
My favorite running joke is how much Ben dislikes puns