Trying Dumb School LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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6 days ago

Trying Dumb School LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Here are some diy lifehacks for when you go back to school! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch More Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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Bobbie Garrett
Bobbie Garrett 6 minutes ago
All of these hacks are so stupid.
Lea Marashi
Lea Marashi 8 minutes ago
Imagine the AirPod hack with a mask YESH the teacher will never know your talking🥳🥳🤪🤪
alyricplaysroblox 23 minutes ago
Is wasn’t write
Akatsuki Ryu
Akatsuki Ryu 30 minutes ago
Knock Knock Me: Who's There USshowr Me: USshowr Who? Your Favorite USshowr Me: So...Lia?
The Pikachu gang
The Pikachu gang 30 minutes ago
Lia : I have no idea AirPods came in such a cute little case Me : do you even know AirPod Came with cases? I think tho
DREX Hour ago
Hola mamasita
•Crystal Torres•
•Crystal Torres• Hour ago
At 5:39 can’t you just put them on and cover them with your hair or hoodie lol
Savage Baby AkA cringequeen AkA video ographer
Savage Baby AkA cringequeen AkA video ographer Hour ago
4:04 why he walk out like that😅
Wolfy_ Chan
Wolfy_ Chan Hour ago
your tap water it more quality that that..."spoon!"... like if you agree
Heheh Heheh
Heheh Heheh Hour ago
She is my fav you tuber french or not 😊☺️
Spectrum Internet
Spectrum Internet Hour ago
Once I wrote on my hand to study for a test and I accidentally walked in on test day with it still on my hand so I was stealth 100
Sammani Memon
Sammani Memon 2 hours ago
Emma Isaac
Emma Isaac 2 hours ago
My teacher literally lets us have air pods in as long as we only wear one so we can still hear😂
Aubree Jones
Aubree Jones 2 hours ago
My cus said he would marry you sssniperwolf
Zahra- Khan
Zahra- Khan 3 hours ago
I heard if u say the you tubers name 3 times u get pinned let’s try Lia Lia Lia
Kj Sniggzz
Kj Sniggzz 3 hours ago
If yu have long hair can’t your hair jus hide it😭
Cailyn S
Cailyn S 4 hours ago
Haha 😹
Bina Mmopi
Bina Mmopi 4 hours ago
Hey beautiful SSSniperWolf
Yeliza Alfaro
Yeliza Alfaro 5 hours ago
Hi 🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️
Deon Gray
Deon Gray 6 hours ago
only people who remember yessica can like
emil sodin
emil sodin 6 hours ago
Idc what to say
Nevay Diler
Nevay Diler 7 hours ago
4:34 u good lia? I died at that part😂
Alwayshungry 9 hours ago
Honestly Digital as a Teacher is acting at its best, I love it😂🙌💃🏻
pastel light
pastel light Hour ago
Alwayshungry Ikr xD
Potato The Bunny
Potato The Bunny 9 hours ago
no one not even my crazy brother 5 min crafts:FiX uR bEd WiTh RaMeN
IcanFartLOUD 12 hours ago
Who's the idiot who said "I will smack u so bad"......
Katherine Morales
Katherine Morales 12 hours ago
Me “aww little” lia “ IS SO LWITLEEEEEE
Deep hug
Deep hug 13 hours ago
My day is not complete only after I hear “Hello friends, it’s me!”
baddie 2233
baddie 2233 14 hours ago
I think I join
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen 14 hours ago
Sniper wolf kids do not have phones these days like5,6,7, and maybe 8
Dana Robinson
Dana Robinson 15 hours ago
I 💗 you
Cloudy._.jasmin 123
Cloudy._.jasmin 123 15 hours ago
Who remembers “hey guys it’s your favourite French youtuber)
Deep hug
Deep hug 13 hours ago
Who remembers plad youtuber
Corynn Parrish
Corynn Parrish 16 hours ago
Me: crying
Anime Corner
Anime Corner 16 hours ago
Dream Big
Dream Big 17 hours ago
You are not allowed to have your phone during a test
MrClockworked 17 hours ago
school = stress what do girls wear? dress she will wear it tomorrow Hotel Trivago
Myla Theobrun
Myla Theobrun 17 hours ago
I die when digital said here the test it open for everyone btw not teachers would do that not even in a million years
luna Zfox
luna Zfox 18 hours ago
You is my fav YT SSSniper wolf
Rainbow Shakes
Rainbow Shakes 18 hours ago
Tigeress FIERCE
Tigeress FIERCE 19 hours ago
Teachers in my school now this trick with head phones
surjani b
surjani b 19 hours ago
In my country we are not allowed to have our school bags in our class when we have a test