Monkey Swarm Takes Over City

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8 months ago

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Water Bear: pB9O29p7p7Rz/
2 Legs: 2legdogs
Human Dog: pBz9GMybFU9N/
Northen Lights:
Dog & Cat: pB7tJIpyhbwv/
Discovery by Scott Buckley
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Jeffrey TanyTan
Jeffrey TanyTan 8 months ago
Planet of the apes
Albino Rat
Albino Rat 6 days ago
Irgi Zahraan Rizal
Irgi Zahraan Rizal 20 days ago
29 6A Ishan Patwari
29 6A Ishan Patwari 21 day ago
Yes it's is
pingui843 29 days ago
Planet of the monkeys
Evil Pro
Evil Pro Month ago
Planet of the monkeys
Łukasz Aniołowski
Łukasz Aniołowski 3 hours ago
2:33 hah! you don't inhale half the plate in one bite? Pathetic
Nasim Ghayoumi
Nasim Ghayoumi 11 hours ago
How does the dog stand up with only 2 legs??
Omar Arafa
Omar Arafa Day ago
Nobody going to talk about how talented the dog is with running with 2 legs
Omar Arafa
Omar Arafa Day ago
They probably use the bob cat noises for the walking dead
ThatRandomDude 999999
ThatRandomDude 999999 2 days ago
Reject humanity, go back to monke
sarikatimmi 2 days ago
im 100% going to be eating spaghetti like that
Liat PlayList gw anjim
Liat PlayList gw anjim 3 days ago
Monkey leader: we'll start invasion *Now*
Dennis Sanjaya
Dennis Sanjaya 3 days ago
that's what protesters look like in my country
general jar jar binks
general jar jar binks 4 days ago
2:30 he is geneus
FTXLATITUDE 4 days ago
God when he accidentally published the dog alpha instead of the final
F.J.R 4 days ago
The first video is just someone playing Jumanji
Blxng Blxng
Blxng Blxng 4 days ago
Hero Uzzal TV
Hero Uzzal TV 4 days ago
খুব সুন্দর ভাই
Leo Leo
Leo Leo 4 days ago
People go make dog sounds but you can hear a real dog
BaconBroz_YT 5 days ago
That dog be like: im a stikmon
Crusty Dog
Crusty Dog 5 days ago
I'm glad the guys who were pretending to be dogs didn't sniff each others' exposed bungholes.
WetInBed 5 days ago
They're finally here Performing for you
SandandSun 5 days ago
Swarm of monkeys or BLM?
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes 6 days ago
"Apes together strong."
A Random Dog Person
A Random Dog Person 6 days ago
what people thought raiding area 51 would be like 0:05
Otter.r 6 days ago
How does the dog not tip over?
Nekiplex 6 days ago
"Warning! Re-entry detected! All security personnel on high alert! Initiating lunar navigation systems, awaiting security protocol 12355" If your uncultured and dont get it, its the dialogue that plays when its a Monkey round on Ascension
Mo 6 days ago
This was bananas
Vullled 7 days ago
that dog is so cute
mister montes
mister montes 7 days ago
Ernest Imken
Ernest Imken 7 days ago
It was Bangkok Thailand. The monkeys mooch off the tourists outside the city., but the CV lockdown left them with no food.
erickatin1 7 days ago
Dog with 2 legs can balance so good while my brother can’t balance his bike without training weels
Ryan Ouellette
Ryan Ouellette 7 days ago
apes together strong
wolf king XxsavageXx
wolf king XxsavageXx 8 days ago
And then all the little newdids left
our4armybrats 8 days ago
This is what happens when 2 bobcats meet in a forest: Mrowwwwww Mrowwwwwwwww Mrowwwwwwwwwwww MROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW MROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW MROWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
Ndrw 09
Ndrw 09 8 days ago
Monkeysss,lets invade this city for gloryyy!!
Asumaki Okumaru
Asumaki Okumaru 9 days ago
Plot twist: Australian guy hired the guy to follow her then come to her rescue
dazed_ yuki
dazed_ yuki 9 days ago
Wait but where was those bobcats I would like to explore that forest it looks pleasing
Childee XII
Childee XII 9 days ago
How many machine guns do you want for monkeys? *Me:* Yes!
Light y
Light y 9 days ago
"Any last words?" "JUMANJI"
neku the unknown
neku the unknown 11 days ago
I thought they were cheetahs at first look.
Tejas Chinni
Tejas Chinni 11 days ago
Water bear: *Can live without food and water for 30 years* Gamers: "Are you challenging me?"
Esdeath 2 days ago
University students : haha....
Tejas Chinni
Tejas Chinni 11 days ago
No one: Monkeys: "Alright your turn is over so now hand Earth over, I wanna play with it now."
MasterFilms 11 days ago
2:22 this man is a legend
Idk 3_3
Idk 3_3 11 days ago
Bobcats : *RUAAAAHWAAHAHAHDHSHDSHSH* Captions : *music*
athenathechess cub
athenathechess cub 12 days ago
how do you balance on 2 legs???
Portia Pamela
Portia Pamela 12 days ago
Aww the dog really looks awful 😔😔
IAM U 12 days ago
Was smiling wen watching the woman with the creepy man and how she thought fast 2 get herself out of danger and how the australian man jus got into her defense😊😊...who knows what would have happened next 😯😞
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera 12 days ago
Me:King Monkeys:Troops Me:Attack 0:19
Vegas Mullins
Vegas Mullins 12 days ago
Was it year of the monkey?
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 13 days ago
Ape Escape Intensifies
SiddharthPlayzRoblox 13 days ago
*Reject Humanity, Embrace Monke*
Beanos 13 days ago
Catherine Arnold
Catherine Arnold 14 days ago
How is that microscopic creature such an adorable badass? 😍😍😍
75Plus 14 days ago
zombeeleeder 14 days ago
The spaghetti scissors man is now the new Einstein
Timer Time
Timer Time 14 days ago
Raiding area 51 be like: 0:04
JADON LEE 15 days ago
No one absolutely no one: Me: mumkey
Lime 15 days ago
Vzyen 16 days ago
First Al
First Al 16 days ago
This is one of the better daily dose videos. The spaghetti technique may just catch on. Of course first it has to start from some expensive restaurant to inspire lesser folks. That lavitating napkin needs explanation too.
Ryuuji Tokisaki
Ryuuji Tokisaki 17 days ago
They took "Planet of the apes" to the next level
absurdpizza 7818
absurdpizza 7818 17 days ago
We human have 2 legs whats the deal?
claude faucher
claude faucher 17 days ago
Whats all this monkey business?
Rose Coughlan
Rose Coughlan 17 days ago
Dude why is there so many money's????!!!!!
Just bird
Just bird 17 days ago
Uhhh moneys?
Crawl IntoTheCalm
Crawl IntoTheCalm 17 days ago
A group of monkeys is called a barrel or a troop. Not a swarm. I love this channel regardless of the flub.
AtkGuy 17 days ago
ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ 18 days ago
This is probably my favorite episode
Berriar ͔
Berriar ͔ 18 days ago
Ape together strong
Blue 19 days ago
0:43 so this is where scary movies sfx come from
Harmanjot S.S Gaming
Harmanjot S.S Gaming 19 days ago
892 171 2908 more subscriber and you hit 10 mil omg
Rose The Hat
Rose The Hat 19 days ago
I wonder how the dog with two legs stays balanced.
Rose The Hat
Rose The Hat 19 days ago
The monkey swarm reminded me of Planet of the Apes.
TheGoldNinja101 19 days ago
2:56 Imagine a part from the Hunger Games
Harry Vanhoo
Harry Vanhoo 19 days ago
Antifa monkeys.
Rep Zai
Rep Zai 19 days ago
I thought that the dog’s leg was it’s tail so it had four legs
Melvin Mondragon
Melvin Mondragon 19 days ago
where did you get all those millions of years and how do you know that thing does not get any water?????
Fandilin 20 days ago
Half Price Off This Half Dog 1:23
Ayush Phadtare
Ayush Phadtare 20 days ago
0:50 the bobcat version of.. Come at me bruh
Mini Bike In Palm Springs
Mini Bike In Palm Springs 20 days ago
Siopao17 20 days ago
"Apes strong together." -Apes strong together meme
Frederik Olsen
Frederik Olsen 20 days ago
Dat two legged dog moves more naturally than a three legged dog.
Partha Pratim Mondal
Partha Pratim Mondal 20 days ago
The dog is more balanced than i am in life😌
Sunny Kitty Cat
Sunny Kitty Cat 21 day ago
0:36 me when my mom wakes me up
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson 22 days ago
Moneys: fights over food Lady: OYOYOYOYOYOYOYOY
Ishant- Raut
Ishant- Raut 22 days ago
So BAD 🥺😨😢😥😓😖😩😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😭😭😭😭😰😨
Brooks Bros.
Brooks Bros. 22 days ago
You love cats don’t you
Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666
Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666 22 days ago
This is yaaaaaooooorrr
Buddy Llama
Buddy Llama 22 days ago
The soviet invasion of Berlin be like
Rajendra Wable
Rajendra Wable 22 days ago
Please spread love for the two legged dog with great determination and powerful will😭😭❤️❤️😭😭😭
Vardaan 22 days ago
The monkeys didn't take over the city, its us who took over theirs.
Artsy Express
Artsy Express 22 days ago
Faas van der Zee
Faas van der Zee 22 days ago
Rest In Peace for the cats in the Thailand city
chloe is here
chloe is here 23 days ago
0:04 only in thailand you’ll see cool rivers, waves, and swarms of animals like monkeys and ducks
Ricky Ghosh
Ricky Ghosh 23 days ago
God bless that 2 legged dogs
Man-Bat Man
Man-Bat Man 23 days ago
The planet of apes is coming true
0path or something
0path or something 23 days ago
Melinda Melow
Melinda Melow 23 days ago
So it begins…
Victor Almeida
Victor Almeida 23 days ago
2:30 he's too dangerous to be left alive.
gulzar kahlon
gulzar kahlon 23 days ago
Those bobcats are me when im streching
EpicGamerBoi593 23 days ago
if monkeys play the adopt me monkey update 0:21
Syfi - osu!
Syfi - osu! 23 days ago
Stuart Smyth
Stuart Smyth 24 days ago
0:48 That sounds like an Ork sound from The Lord of the Rings movies.
lucciano Block
lucciano Block 24 days ago
War of the planet of the aids
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