Polo G - Epidemic (Official Video) 🎥 By. Ryan Lynch

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Polo G

2 months ago

Official video for "Epidemic" by Polo G

Listen & Download "Epidemic" out now: PoloG.lnk.to/Epidemic

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Shot by Ryan Lynch
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Toxiic_ HGK
Toxiic_ HGK 56 minutes ago
Best artist rn
CJgreennoob Hour ago
Scorey in this video too
CJgreennoob Hour ago
Two of my favorite rappers are in this music vid..... Polo G and Polo G
CJgreennoob Hour ago
This is how you know polo g is a good person because i was scrolling down and i literally see polo g like so much peoples comments Polo G cares for his fans
Dayday Rose
Dayday Rose Hour ago
By far the best out💯
Your Aunty
Your Aunty Hour ago
"Iced out my rollie but i know time cannot freeze". I dont know why but that line made me a certain typa way💔
toxic_ siphen
toxic_ siphen 2 hours ago
R.I.P juice wrld..now king von just joined legends😥😣
Tom Makaveli
Tom Makaveli 2 hours ago
Hard af yelling gang gang 💯
Αχιλλεια Βερεντζιωτη
Αχιλλεια Βερεντζιωτη 4 hours ago
The best in the world
YT EZAF_jay 4 hours ago
My brother say you trash but fuck him you da goat
Teddy playzツ
Teddy playzツ 6 hours ago
Polo g talking facts
Zain Tahir
Zain Tahir 6 hours ago
Another classic polo can’t go wrong always truth
Mika M
Mika M 6 hours ago
EMRG Opes54
EMRG Opes54 7 hours ago
Something different bout u. We gonna see u at the top realll soon❤️
DB Scrapz
DB Scrapz 7 hours ago
Been here alot since king von died💔🖤 RIP von gone but not forgotten
Bapho Thomas
Bapho Thomas 7 hours ago
This is the so I listen to when I feel like I've lost the most.
Me nice j
Me nice j 8 hours ago
Polo G is sending a message to everyone to follow your dreams😄♥️
soul _RoseZ
soul _RoseZ 8 hours ago
“Fuck the other side we don’t get along “just hits different
soul _RoseZ
soul _RoseZ 8 hours ago
How could you hate polo like fr 🤦‍♂️
Tej Mathew
Tej Mathew 8 hours ago
The biggest goat🐐
Deluxe Gaming
Deluxe Gaming 8 hours ago
So much to relate to. Don’t think I’ve ever listened to a artist so much on repeat, the real GOAT🤙
Careless. Kas
Careless. Kas 8 hours ago
Polo g 🐐 don’t miss it green every time 😂
Stefania Marie
Stefania Marie 9 hours ago
This is one of you’re best songs
kaden gentry
kaden gentry 9 hours ago
bruh when polo g dies no one can call me a fake fan i have always been a fan but frfr keep the goat safe on god
lawless_ clapz
lawless_ clapz 9 hours ago
It's official polo is juice wrlds lil brother he is wearing ski goggles
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 9 hours ago
The hook alone hits hard young bull keep going 🔥🔥
Mont Brown
Mont Brown 10 hours ago
This shit has been on repeat since it came out. Stays in rotation
ghoul walker85
ghoul walker85 10 hours ago
I wish I could rap like you due
MFbag chasa
MFbag chasa 10 hours ago
Been awhile... “Before I put it in I smack that ass”😂
Quincy Howard
Quincy Howard 10 hours ago
how dis nigga go from pop out to this song is so fire
Timothy Cho
Timothy Cho 11 hours ago
2:23 is that scorey?
J.A.Z. Z
J.A.Z. Z 12 hours ago
POLO G we need you this YEAR
Jonathan Ventura
Jonathan Ventura 12 hours ago
A lotta people are probably not going to like this but he is the best rapper to me. I listen to him every day and i love his music
Shiane Pherigo
Shiane Pherigo 12 hours ago
Still one of my favorite rappers🤩🙌 I’ll forever listen to his music💅😩
empathy empathy
empathy empathy 13 hours ago
manifesting this mans energy foreva
Thomas The Simp
Thomas The Simp 14 hours ago
“Don’t claim to be a opp cuz ______ die from that disease” has to be one of the hardest bars ever 🤐
Devon Reid
Devon Reid 14 hours ago
This man is getting better every day
lowdawg gaming
lowdawg gaming 15 hours ago
Ngl polo a goat when it comes to everything, rapping, drip, and over all just being a real one. Rip von bro hope u doing good polo
Neeko 8Gad
Neeko 8Gad 16 hours ago
best outta Chicago
ClxmzyFN 16 hours ago
This Song Is Sad IM HeartBroken I Got Rejected :(
Kevin Mayfield
Kevin Mayfield 16 hours ago
U one of the best dude I listen to this heartless brother's finer things
Kevin Mayfield
Kevin Mayfield 16 hours ago
Polo play this at von funeral
Inserted king least
Inserted king least 17 hours ago
Polo g 🔥
Money Maker
Money Maker 17 hours ago
Never disappoints📈💯
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 18 hours ago
hanzy 18 hours ago
rip von
Demya Woods
Demya Woods 18 hours ago
When next album gang
Kayleb Crabtree
Kayleb Crabtree 18 hours ago
Rip juice wrld 💔💔💔💔🖤🖤🖤 polo the goat
TRUE LULW :D 19 hours ago
AkOkA 19 hours ago
bro polo g droppin bangers for fun at this point
Tony Randle
Tony Randle 19 hours ago
"can I speak my mind, can I breath"
Austin Glass
Austin Glass 19 hours ago
bee. thinking hard bout juice lately, what could've been bro
GHOST b 20 hours ago
I can't even describe how great this man is.
33 Downs
33 Downs 20 hours ago
Definitely going get one of your albums on a record, 💯 Much Love from Florida
How To Draw B****
How To Draw B**** 20 hours ago
How is it humanly possible to never make a bad song polo g please tell
Jacyntaa 21 hour ago
i love this songgg , listen to you everyday . 🤤🐐
NN Duce
NN Duce 21 hour ago
Blasting this for my grandma😔
John Morales
John Morales 21 hour ago
Dam this hit a whole lot different everytime #RIPKINGVON
Zaid Alhariri
Zaid Alhariri 21 hour ago
I done tried to kill my self to be with my brother but this song just stops my soul from wrong doing. Thank you I truly mean it.
BTHSpizy. 22 hours ago
Man when I say this 🔥 it’s fire
f_fxn07 22 hours ago
Polo G too cold
Dino Delic
Dino Delic 22 hours ago
nah, polo always giving us bangers. Can't get enough of it.
Sophonias Mekibib
Sophonias Mekibib 23 hours ago
G, listen man...I'm a true fan..knew u back since 2019 started and you're now on top..but pls take care dude..we've lost legends in such a short space of time..juice and pop to mentions few and this must alert u to the vulnerable world u young successful rappers face. Watch ur 6 legend
khadija 23 hours ago
finest rapper istg
I do not understand this tipe of music!😑
Night Raider
Night Raider Day ago
Yung Snake
Yung Snake Day ago
Can you listen to my new song on Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/1hO8BqhnHb0Xi9U4M188EM?si=9OvUvT_ARGuARm5wt88R5g
Prince Playz
Prince Playz Day ago
Kynaston Kemsley
Kynaston Kemsley Day ago
This real 🔥broo
Kaniel IPOTE
Kaniel IPOTE Day ago
Even when you flex you look humble bro and keep dropping nice songs like that 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Henry Bonds
Henry Bonds Day ago
“You better buy a casket because they going quick “Rip mom Rip auntie Rip grandma red Rip .OG💔
iSplxzhGreens 10 hours ago
i love the fact he goes through his comments on here.
Andrea Minini
Andrea Minini Day ago
Raven Day ago
song too hard and the editor doin his shit right too mad respect💯
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman Day ago
I can imagine when this song says “1 Year Ago” and I feel like we gonna look back at this when something major has happened
Lan_tana04 Day ago
If You Want The Music Video or Audio Of This Song Whatsapp Me (+254726993420)
booozila ON ` 6 0
booozila ON ` 6 0 Day ago
" don't claim to be an opp cuz nigga'z die from that disease "
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Day ago
Ismail Sama
Ismail Sama Day ago
Polo the GOAT🐐🐐
Genie Day ago
Dudes a real one
Isaac Washington
Isaac Washington Day ago
Bra Stay Dangerous🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
julio gil
julio gil Day ago
Dawn This song is like is ment for king von yalll fell me but RIP TO KING VON and POLO G is A FUCKING GOATTTT
Soul Waves
Soul Waves Day ago
the Legend
Sid Rai
Sid Rai Day ago
Save polo at any cost 💔
Tra Samma
Tra Samma Day ago
🔥best artist out no cap🙅🏾‍♂️ G.O.A.T🐐
Aryannah Curry
Aryannah Curry Day ago
I listen to this everyday 😞💯 You gotta check out Datt1kiddo and Youngthreats Music They Cincinnati rappers🔥💯
Jordan Mckechnie
Jordan Mckechnie Day ago
u know why he got a chain that say "capalot" cuz all of these rappers cap alot but polo G does not capalot.
Tee Rose
Tee Rose Day ago
This nigga don’t miss bro...not at all type shit. 🐐
ZnX Blank
ZnX Blank Day ago
Could someone please sub to me?
James Drafahl
James Drafahl Day ago
Yo Polo the real Goat
Amber Brown
Amber Brown Day ago
Polo da Goat , can't wait for sum new shit 🔥
Corsican Bread
Corsican Bread Day ago
Damn that music video looked fun to shoot, with all the ATVs and dirt bikes
DevilishYT UwU
DevilishYT UwU Day ago
Mr cool wwe
Mr cool wwe Day ago
Honestly there’s not one song that I’ve been like meh with polo don’t want likes
Mekhi Benjamin
Mekhi Benjamin Day ago
Goatlo G✔✔✔✔✔✔
Jayon Chamblee
Jayon Chamblee Day ago
I lesson to this every day and night
Drip killerz
Drip killerz Day ago
Is it me or Polo kinda look like Ja Morant
Wallace Day ago
I died but am also still alive damn
this guys songs touches my heart a lot
IamBrendan Day ago
"If we bump heads, like marvin gay lets get it on"
Kobe Trotman
Kobe Trotman Day ago
Mark my words next year polo G gone be the leader of the new school by a long shot bro music playing checkers and these other lil niggas playing chess
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