Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Terrifying Young Motherhood Experience

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The Drew Barrymore Show

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Reese Witherspoon gets real with Drew about work and motherhood as a terrified 22-year-old mother trying to build her career and how Flower Films inspired her to be a force for change in Hollywood.
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Reese Witherspoon Opens Up About Terrifying Young Motherhood Experience

Alex WAllar
Alex WAllar 2 days ago
Reese has literally not aged a day
abigail leat
abigail leat 4 days ago
ACTRESSES acting on a show on a stage and on camera
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour 5 days ago
Ellen is finished Here comes DREW ❣🙏❤
Kimochiii Oniichan
Kimochiii Oniichan 6 days ago
Elle Woods and Josie Geller ❤️ Both characters give hope that even when people don’t believe you can achieve your dreams, you must believe in yourself that you can and you will.
Gentle Dragon
Gentle Dragon 7 days ago
I'm glad I saw this this really helped me and Reese is most definitely right when it comes to raising kids and having a job all you really have to do is just do it, you gain strength because you want to be there for your kids and they help strengthen you and God if you're spiritual you know? Whatever helps get you by, i so relate to what she said.
Uwaila Okundaye
Uwaila Okundaye 9 days ago
I almost feel like I'm watching two time periods with the way Drew's set and outfit is and Reese's background is
Ruth van der Mije
Ruth van der Mije 12 days ago
my two favs actress...
suska11 13 days ago
And what was that terrifying motherhood experience 🤔 i couldn't catch that... sounds like misleading headline
Magick In my mind
Magick In my mind 13 days ago
Bla bla bla so fake
BOZJIDAR 13 days ago
Yea but its easier that you earning a millions.....
Ayrton 16 days ago
👏🏼❤️❤️❤️ Love u guys you really highlight my days
Carissa Blankenship
Carissa Blankenship 16 days ago
I didn't know much bout her but love this show its uplifting
bosko's toybox
bosko's toybox 18 days ago
Hmmmm...I thought Reese's home (furniture) would be nicer.
Martha M. Grillasca
Martha M. Grillasca 19 days ago
She's AMAZING! I just love her.
Threnody25 19 days ago
Anybody else feel like they need Reese Witherspoon's skin care routine like yesterday?!
Thea Rodriguez
Thea Rodriguez 20 days ago
Her narration presenting is so wooden... hopefully she can relax and lose her imposter syndrome. This is too much like Ellen goofy and nicey, nice. Very superficial just verboise all about the cause... wonder if they will expose the drugs, control, sexual abuse and paedophilia.
Alexandra George
Alexandra George 20 days ago
Love you guys ❤️ so funny people tell me I had same face shape as Reese. XO
Maria Flores
Maria Flores 21 day ago
What inspires your life?💖🌟🌟
Kellogg Flake
Kellogg Flake 21 day ago
I don’t respect her
Sev Personal
Sev Personal 22 days ago
So refreshing LOVE YOU
SiriphoneG 23 days ago
Just discovered this today 😱 Looove this so much!! ❤️❤️
david forte
david forte 23 days ago
Video of this woman and how she fed her children up to age 5....she'd prechew her food and spit it into her kids mouths. I'm very serious look it up on USshow
Adriana 23 days ago
I'll believe these women wanting to empower other women when I see them taking politics out of the equation. As I see it, these Hollywood types only empower women who are like minded. Most are not the best, open minded role models.
Athenz Minz
Athenz Minz 23 days ago
Reese out here still looking like a whole hot mama... that's what happens when you drink your water, mind your business and stay away from drugs
graffic13 23 days ago
Drew should have Rachel O'Leary on her show!!! They can aquascape aquariums together and talk about fish!!
Durango 9er
Durango 9er 24 days ago
“Remem’bar that time we had dinn’ar?”...
Monique Gracia
Monique Gracia 24 days ago
Inspiring! Both! 🥰
klowen29 24 days ago
I love these 2 women!!
Adinett Nsabimana
Adinett Nsabimana 24 days ago
I don’t trust anyone who dislikes Drew. She’s a ray of sunshine!!!!!
David Matisko
David Matisko 18 days ago
Jessica Hammerly
Jessica Hammerly 23 days ago
She’s goofy 🙃 and I like it..
G P B 25 days ago
She’s not just a guest but a woman ! Wow !! That’s a bonus !! I am stunned !!! Omg !! Drew !!! You are dragging all your buddies out ... who you would normally just call .. just have coffee or a drink .. instead ... you decide !! It appears you begged your agent for some paying work and this is what you are throwing out there ??? ??? Cause Ellen is on a low !!! I don’t get what your angle is . I am not happy with Ellen . But she’s funny . What are you talking about ? What is your punchline ? You have a terrible agent !!! After you run out of your friends and nonsensical topics ? Then what ? People magazine threw you on the cover ... call Steven Spielberg... he might have an idea ... talk show is a target market ... even Oprah had to throw in the towel . What is your goal ? Lift people up ? What ??? You are so friggin transparent ??? This is not the time to be doing this crap !! To be self promoting with your buddies as you all make millions of dollars and lie about the bogus inequality... it’s just not true . We are not interested anymore . Stop . Enough .
adrian alonso
adrian alonso 25 days ago
my 2 favorite people!!!!!!! legends !
adrian alonso
adrian alonso 25 days ago
i’m living for drew’s new show!!!!! i fucking love her!
Loni bluteau
Loni bluteau 26 days ago
How about insted of hearing about these celebrities why not get a dr or a nurse who had to deal with covid19 patients or police officers or fire fighters or an asential worker who stocks grocery foods ect. This is why I have given up on talk shows like this its all for the celebrities and not for the average person.
donny hud43987
donny hud43987 26 days ago
we love you drew!!! your show is amazing!!!! thank you!!!! ive been a fan of you since ET!!
Lavender Violet
Lavender Violet 27 days ago
Lola Croft
Lola Croft 28 days ago
Watching Drew literally makes me so happy I cry 😭
Shawn Mcginnity
Shawn Mcginnity 28 days ago
2 of the most beautiful woman
lydia 28 days ago
Carito Ortiz
Carito Ortiz 28 days ago
Loove 💕
Ivonne Ayala
Ivonne Ayala 28 days ago
I wish I could have Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon as my true friends. Nowadays it’s hard for me to find genuinely good people like them as friends. But they are both great talented and wonderful women and actors. I’m inspired by them.
Cece248 28 days ago
Such beautifully humble people 💞
Katie Ann
Katie Ann 28 days ago
Women supporting Women! It is clear by your friendships and the people - especially women - who love and adore you that you are the genuine person that I see coming thru on the big screen. It frightens me when I see women who say they don’t have female friends - oh what they miss out on. I love and adore you Drew and have been a fan since I can remember. Good luck on your show and I’ll be there watching and supporting!
Ashley Steeves
Ashley Steeves 29 days ago
as a young woman, i looooooove this. and these two
Sarah Mariano
Sarah Mariano 29 days ago
LOVING this. they are amazing speakers and such an inspiration.
Tim Simms
Tim Simms 29 days ago
what's with those granny's clothes she's always wearing?
JP 29 days ago
She has a bohemian style. I like it
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 29 days ago
Love her vibe and format!
Kimberly B
Kimberly B 29 days ago
Drew is the personified sunshine that media needs right now
D J Month ago
This is awesome two of my favorite comedic actresses together!! Add in jennifer aniston and I'd pass out.
PMJ4EVER Month ago
Drew seems nervous and over dramatic. Drew must be the new (regional witch of The west coast) millenial (Freemason) kid on the block introducing all the other new (witches and warlocks) Millenials (Freemasons) on the block. Reese Witherspoon is the great idk how many removed granddaughter of (I think) George Washington. So these ppl are all UMK’d. Initially I felt bad for these child actors/actresses childhoods but come to think about it, they all have been handsomely compensated for their trauma, so no I don’t care that they were victimized. WATCH CAREFULLY Wait and see who the new celebrities are. THEY ARE the new crew of abusers.
Bunny Davenport
Bunny Davenport Month ago
Ms. Witherspoon needs to donate dresses to this show.
Erin Busse
Erin Busse Month ago
Fills my heart with joy to listen to you both.
Marc Aaron
Marc Aaron Month ago
Reese, her husband Jim Toth was pulled over for drunk driving by a police officer in 2013 - both arrested & her confronting the officer with : " Do you know my name ??? You're about to find out who I am "... arrested for disorderly conduct ... Hmmm ... Life goes on ...
Marc Aaron
Marc Aaron Month ago
Is order of day for DBS only celebrity guests ??? Lives of privilege may be an escape for most of the audience, but - aside from that ... 1%'rs are "so relatable" ... hmmmmm ...
Kard Ketelu
Kard Ketelu Month ago
Are there any Hungarian left in Hollywood ?
Tara 907
Tara 907 Month ago
I have so much love and admiration for both of these women. They are kind, honest, humble, beautiful spirits!
patriciajlu Month ago
I love these two women. What a beautiful display of friendship, strength and love
MissPlease Month ago
ASHSID Month ago
sadly this show will only have 1 season it's a little boring and all of her guests are her hollywood friends and she is just retelling stories about herself. That's cool and all but after that it gets old.
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Month ago
Great interview love you drew and Reece xxx
Chiara Month ago
"It doesn't have to be competitive, the creativity is infinite." Amen
Barbara Veloz
Barbara Veloz Month ago
Keep shining your light Drew! ❤️ you
S McD Month ago
Did anyone else get a hint of "Josie Gellar" excitement on Drew's face when she saw Reese pop up on screen? She is so adorable, LOVE her show!!!
E M 27 days ago
S McD I totally did. Loved it!
Michelle Blackmon
Michelle Blackmon Month ago
Reese is precious
Mandy Willoughby
Mandy Willoughby Month ago
Love ❤️
Thandura DS
Thandura DS Month ago
That last part ... well said Reese! Love to all parents out there
DUGGX Month ago
M A J O R C O O L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karly & Ver
Karly & Ver Month ago
YAY Drew finally has her own show!! & i am liviiing! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽♥️
Michèle Walther
Michèle Walther Month ago
Drew Barrymore you are fun, deep and compassionate! I love your questions, I love your show! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Filip Zawistowski
Filip Zawistowski Month ago
This show is basically just Drew Barrymore saying "Look at all my friends, we are all FRIENDS" 🤣
NY B Month ago
I imagine there’s still plenty of material to see since this shows only been on for two weeks. Looking forward to it! 💕❣️💕
Filip Zawistowski
Filip Zawistowski Month ago
@Maureen McGivern Bianchi Great, but if I want to watch friends talk and learn nothing I could just go to the pub by myself and listen to the next table 😂
Maureen McGivern Bianchi
Maureen McGivern Bianchi Month ago
Filip Zawistowski ok. You have your opinion. It was her first show and it was about opening with her friends. And she stated that ....... they were there for support
Filip Zawistowski
Filip Zawistowski Month ago
@Maureen McGivern Bianchi How? I learnt shit nothing from the Charlie's Angels interview apart from the fact they're all best friends who hang out. Oh how insightful.
Maureen McGivern Bianchi
Maureen McGivern Bianchi Month ago
Don’t get that vibe AT ALL
99 Red Balloons 🎈
99 Red Balloons 🎈 Month ago
this talk show is so wholesome I love it
BehindTheMonitor Month ago
Much SUCCESS to Drew, she is amazing 😍
D Jh
D Jh Month ago
I just love Drew. I always have. She really has been through a lot and to see her perspective and how good of a person she is, it's heartening and rare in hollywood.
Lovely Rita MeterMaid
Lovely Rita MeterMaid Month ago
I hit the jackpot! Drew & Reese are my two favorite actresses. I watched 50 First Dates and Just Like Heaven last night. LOL I subscribed immediately! Thank you, Drew!
Mitchell Brown
Mitchell Brown 5 days ago
Oh my God I was just thinking the same I love Drew and love Reese and was just thinking about the movie just like heaven such a great movie
Angie Denise
Angie Denise Month ago
Your wonderful, no your wonderful. Give me a break
Tanum Kreick
Tanum Kreick Month ago
This is a great message, we need more women or people like you two. Now more than ever. 🙌🏽
Gloria Wee
Gloria Wee Month ago
There are countless many women like that. But this is what gets surfaced, cause these women have a voice. It's important to note that too :)
Tanum Kreick
Tanum Kreick Month ago
I’m so happy you are doing this show, 😘 😍
tfibby14 Month ago
This show needs to be an hour long!
Debra Cencak
Debra Cencak 22 days ago
It is a hour long
Everything with V I O L E T
Everything with V I O L E T Month ago
I love drew and Reese. Reese withspoon is favorite actress 😍. Drew is sweetheart actress
S K Month ago
It’s like a compliment off and I’m so here for it I love this positive energy yes ma’am!!!!!
KS LEE Month ago
Play dating with all my friends.
Nervous Ness
Nervous Ness Month ago
Drew is like sunshine in a bottle
Ava B
Ava B Month ago
this is women supporting women at it's finest and I love it so much
Leslie Month ago
I just came across this show today! I AM DEFINITELY A NEW SUBSCRIBER NOW! I love this show!!
Addison Ramirez
Addison Ramirez Month ago
Damn I never thought I’d see the day when people hate Ellen
Jenny Jen
Jenny Jen Month ago
this is cringy AF. hollywood is disgusting
Aliza Mattrazzo
Aliza Mattrazzo Month ago
I love both of these women ❤️
Peaches ForOne
Peaches ForOne Month ago
So I just watched 6 minutes of 2 extremely privileged people telling each other how amazing they are ... cool.
NY B Month ago
Well that’s ones way of looking at it. Or you could be inspired to lift up those around you. 💪 💜
Jade West
Jade West Month ago
I love this show
Digital Carboot
Digital Carboot Month ago
Be safe, everyone! @yesstyle 🍀10% - JEM10 + 🍀Friend's code 2/5% off - AMUD2G
Angiejane Month ago
Ellen who.............LOVE THIS!
Susan Shea
Susan Shea Month ago
As a recovering addict myself, ive always admired her journey in life and overcame so many obstacles. Its not easy with being an actress, etc. Im sure. She could of went a different way in her life but she did it! God bless her!
Sarah Doan
Sarah Doan Month ago
Susan Shea never is.
Susan Shea
Susan Shea Month ago
@Sarah Doan thank you...its been close to 12 years. Wasnt easy...
Sarah Doan
Sarah Doan Month ago
Wow congratulations to you! That’s amazing!
Susan Shea
Susan Shea Month ago
I like how she interviews stars that are her good friends. It seems they let their guard dwn and get more personal with things they wld never tell the press. Changed my opinion about some stars i didnt like...
Heidi Cathey
Heidi Cathey Month ago
Love it, so humble!!!!!!!!!
Suzanne Irvine
Suzanne Irvine Month ago
Reese is such a great role model
Hayley J
Hayley J Month ago
Ugh. All massaging each other's egos.
Laura Winters
Laura Winters Month ago
It is honestly better without the applause after every statement. As a non american...(Scottish) I am so, so enjoying watching intelligent women have an intelligent discussion without a round of applause every... pause "i've said something important" ...applause.. This makes it so much more obvious that the old format isn't good any more. Let us listen to an watch a real discussion... with real women. thanks
Karen Connor
Karen Connor Month ago
I love Drew she is such a cool girl and she has this aura of edginess that appeals to me 😊 good luck with the show Drew 🥰🥳😉
Amy Ploy
Amy Ploy Month ago
This show is amazing, Drew respects her guests, listens intently and her interviewing is so intellectual! Great show! :)
Sheree Colclough
Sheree Colclough Month ago
Drew is amazing, inspiration to woman so. Just love her
Stacie Month ago
Please also do shows to help wildlife!
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