What REALLY happened to Vanessa Guillen? Clues point to Cecily Aguilar, Aaron Robinson & Fort Hood!

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True Crime Recaps

2 months ago

Learn what really happened to Vanessa Guillen. Cecily Aguilar & Aaron David Robinson left a trail of clues all pointing back to a bigger cover-up. This is the true crime recaps Fort Hood doesn't want you to hear.
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0:00 Intro
0:43 Here's the Truth
01:44 Started With Harassment
03:20 Now it's Murder
04:27 Is it Conspiracy
05:31 Follow the Clues
07:08 Remains Are Found
08:54 Meet Cecily Aguilar
09:44 Aaron Robinson Runs
11:50 How'd This Happen
14:01 Another Body Found
14:26 Fort Hood Assaults
15:31 Military Policing Itself
16:24 There's a Solution
17:00 Justice for Vanessa
The remains of Vanessa Guillen, the missing female soldier from Fort Hood, Texas, were found after the military admitted foul play may have been involved. According to Natalie Khawam, and Gloria, Mayra and Lupe Guillen, Vanessa was the victim of harassment on Fort Hood before she went missing. And as for the primary criminals? Soldier Aaron Robinson's true crime story ended with his suicide, and his accomplice, Cecily Aguilar, is in jail awaiting trial. In these real stories, you learn all the details outlined in the arrest affidavit.
#JusticeForVanessaGuillen #FortHood #TrueCrimeRecaps
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True Crime Recaps
True Crime Recaps 2 months ago
Who else thinks there's more to what happened to Vanessa Guillen than what Cecily Aguilar is saying? (Read her arrest affidavit at link in description below) And sign this petition to get #JusticeforGuillen! chng.it/RKWHgvQS4N
Corey Bush
Corey Bush 16 days ago
Robert Love exactly, she has No clue whatโ€™s she talking about.
Spurlin Edwards
Spurlin Edwards 24 days ago
Our government has always been involved with sex trafficking and murder
Spurlin Edwards
Spurlin Edwards 24 days ago
There is more! Why other bodies were found? Murders, sexual assaults, missing soldiers... and all they do is cover up... something fishy...
Robert Love
Robert Love 27 days ago
You are clueless. A E3 and an E4 are equals other than pay. An E4 can not give an E3 orders. E5 IS THE 1ST NCO rank. The real recap should be Vanessa never made a complaint. Also, where did this "Higher Ranking " guy walk into a female's shower? Gym locker rooms are used by the whole battalion and have soldiers who run the place. BARRACKS are 3 person room with a bathroom. The room locks and the bathroom locks. You knowledge of this case and the military is wrong.
Rick Martinez
Rick Martinez 27 days ago
Another soldier elder Fernandes missing since monday usshow.info/watch/4ZalbUlVU8Y/video.html
Zan B
Zan B 4 hours ago
Fort Hood has the highest missing Soldiers rate also.
Jessica Criado
Jessica Criado 13 hours ago
Why why ????? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Jessica Criado
Jessica Criado 13 hours ago
God have mercy
Ron Black
Ron Black 17 hours ago
Aaron, was man enough to help kill her but a weak coward when it can time to face judgment.
The Righteousness of God In Jesus name
The Righteousness of God In Jesus name 18 hours ago
Please Jesus expose every hidden thing every secret thing everything that is not abuse shed your light and every dark play the other God bring Justice for this young lady and her family father God hold all that are involved accountable in Jesus name I pray amen
Lynda Olney
Lynda Olney Day ago
Walter Williams
Walter Williams Day ago
When you sighs the contract to join the military you sign away your civil rights personal are nothing more than government equipment period you canโ€™t compare the rights of a civilian to the rights of a service member itโ€™s apples to oranges is it right no but it is.
Jessica Chavez
Jessica Chavez Day ago
How did Aaron know that she was going to file a complaint???
Casey Mizokami
Casey Mizokami 2 days ago
You can quit showing us old pictures of the murder's girlfriend just because she looks better than what appeared in court. Have you no decency?
Alesia Burgzorg
Alesia Burgzorg 2 days ago
If anyone believe that bill shit that the amre does not have no camera around really
Janet Burch
Janet Burch 2 days ago
what does that say about our security on this base the commanding officer of this base needs to be relieved of command
Gianna Disalvatore
Gianna Disalvatore 2 days ago
More people were involved. Bc he left her body in the black bin that whole night and left then went back. What One person would feel comfortable enough To leave a body there over night or even a few hours and not get worried that someone could walk in and find her. This was also planned bc it was her day off!!! Rip Vanessa
Tessianna Jones
Tessianna Jones 3 days ago
I think higher ranks was involved in this murder and Aaron he was in total shit and just said easy way out kills self . Because how can you hammer someone and not hear noise , also Vanessa knew how to fight , he clean that blood up so clean that no one knew Who we bull shitting more people involved ... FORT HOOD needs to Shut down and investigated , hence look at the other guy they found in not deep grave they would of never found him
Marly Hawkes
Marly Hawkes 3 days ago
Thanks for your review and analysis. The ABC cover was all drama. You got to the point.
Kimberly Guillen
Kimberly Guillen 3 days ago
People we have no excuse for this wrong doing. This has to stop now!!!
Kimberly Guillen
Kimberly Guillen 3 days ago
Please request external investigation that all reports and files be given to those doing the investigation.
Reina Bella
Reina Bella 3 days ago
When a military person passes away while still in the service, they always get prompted to the next rank. So thatโ€™s nothing unusual.
Linda Breuer
Linda Breuer 3 days ago
Um yes...the military posthumously promotes soldiers active. Or line of dury or on leave
Mr_Ral_f_ n
Mr_Ral_f_ n 4 days ago
What kind of ๐ŸŒŽ we live in my respect my prayers goes out to the family r.i.p Vanessa๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿฆ‹ you're in heaven looking down
Dwanda Willis
Dwanda Willis 4 days ago
Mexicano lives matter- not just black
ๆˆ˜็ซ 4 days ago
Poor girl May the souls in uniforms Rest In Peace RIP Vanessa RIP David Chen
Tango T
Tango T 4 days ago
The ranks of E1 to E4 comes automatically based on time in service, no conspiracy there...just automatic promotion
Janie Fox
Janie Fox 5 days ago
Though not to this degree - but sexual harassment has been a long time "tradition" in the military. Clear back in my day 60's you put up with everything that was said, no matter how embarrassing. I can't say I ever saw or heard of physical abuse.
Nichelle Peters
Nichelle Peters 5 days ago
They need to close this base DOWN. Immediately. Re route the soldiers to other bases all over the country. Too many bad things going down. There has to be a sex trafficking ring on that base or something even bigger. Drug running?Weapons? These are the only things i can come up with. All these people dead, assaulted and missing??????? This is horrifying. Probably cuz they all wanted to speak up and were silenced.
Nasdrip Execs
Nasdrip Execs 6 days ago
Red Sparrow had some good info regarding rape.
Raymond Lopez
Raymond Lopez 6 days ago
She was one of ours and this should never happened to her!!!!!
Ashen One
Ashen One 6 days ago
Army strong my ass, people well forever be predators..
Logan G
Logan G 6 days ago
It is very common to be promoted after death in the military
Imad Torch
Imad Torch 6 days ago
america is a ZOo
Bobby Gonzalez
Bobby Gonzalez 7 days ago
America does not believe in justice ESP.in the military . America is consumer nation why almighty poppy is systemic addict america ,the most evil so must turn back to God ...wink.
Neitia Clarke
Neitia Clarke 7 days ago
Can you check into Elder Fernandes? That place needs to be shut down.
True Crime Recaps
True Crime Recaps 7 days ago
Agreed! Did you see the episode we did on his case?
JMac299 7 days ago
I wouldn't say that the entire Army doesn't think sexual harassment isn't a crime. I have a sexual harassment class every month. I'm thinking its just the command on Fort Hood that takes the blame. The entire post chain of command has to be in on these murders in some fashion.
Nisa Carla Smith
Nisa Carla Smith 7 days ago
It does seem they were involved. Maybe the other dead guy heloed too then they killed him. Army knew covered it up.
Tammara Nelson
Tammara Nelson 7 days ago
The arms rooms offen accumalate.high dollar items and other items. Safe keeping for many reasons. Incarcerated deployed,in schools.oviously sensitive items ,(weopon and part a pieces of weapons that can not be bought downtown..having high dollars item of missing,awol,,jailed and discharged soldier a lot of stuff receive with hand receipts.losing tract of a machine gun let alone a full auto 50 cal. Yhis will ruin your career or get you a few year in Leavenworth This does not pass. the smell test.I hope these Arms rooms did not put anything out on the street..Gangs .cartels ,radical thugs.
david Miller
david Miller 7 days ago
His gf needs to be locked up too for helping on top of having an affair plus. Where was staff duty around this time and what supervisor called her in
Quentin Johnson
Quentin Johnson 8 days ago
I'm kind of worried a bit now living near fort hood.
Ron Weaver
Ron Weaver 8 days ago
Camp commander was demoted and fired off base ..new commander now
mac 187
mac 187 8 days ago
TheCigarGuy 8 days ago
I still want justice for Gregory morales. You know the guy that went missing 4 days before getting out, treated as awol, no investigation, and all while family knew and said he is missing. Yet Vanessa goes missing and immediately gets criminal investigations. Both tragedies, but one huge double standard.