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Nuke's Top 5

Nuke's Top 5

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Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera!. CREEPY stuff this week - ghost hunters finds a screaming apparition, ghosts caught on camera in a paranormal investigation in an abandoned fort, the creepiest Randonautica finds by “Randonauts”, a ghost that haunts a small neighborhood in the Philippines, and an urban explorer is followed through an abandoned building by SOMETHING ( possibly supernatural ) . You decide!
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Jarrads 32
Jarrads 32 Hour ago
"Lets go out to some place to catch ghosts on film".... Sees one and proceeds to leg it out of there.... 🤦‍♂️
김딸이 Hour ago
OK but that was THE weeped woman
김딸이 Hour ago
Sees a ghoust Zack: HELL NOO !!
Oto Anake
Oto Anake 3 hours ago
la Llorona legend maybe about some weed farmers trying to protect their weed farm from outsiders :D
AnunnaCY Nils
AnunnaCY Nils 3 hours ago
The randonautica TikToks are so stupid... -:- except for the one wih the bag, since this was actually investigated (apparently). I'm not on TikTok, but I guess after that bag video many others tried to do something similarly "scary" for the views etc. Meh. The other videos were quite interesting and cool though.
Logan Miller
Logan Miller 4 hours ago
Second clip was 100% fake no way it wasnt
Goliath Projects
Goliath Projects 5 hours ago
Sleep was never an option
Kayla Marie Bragais
Kayla Marie Bragais 6 hours ago
the last video is the Philippines?
Ethan Aby
Ethan Aby 7 hours ago
I used to live in the neighbourhood next to fort stevens. Me and a friend trespassed at night and set off fireworks in the tunnels, but never heard or saw anything paranormal
Zeke Rivera
Zeke Rivera 8 hours ago
I’m putting this on to fall asleep to not tryna brag
Zackrey Azdeman
Zackrey Azdeman 9 hours ago
The last part that's a cute one,just playing around.
Amy Mills
Amy Mills 9 hours ago
why does everyone call themselves ghost hunters but then runaway? I would want to stay and experience that shit
IZAAC_VEVO Omega 10 hours ago
I'm so scared of the screaming
IZAAC_VEVO Omega 10 hours ago
How many times that nuke said it did not go well
Sport Station
Sport Station 10 hours ago
did any body realize that the evil lady had the same suit case in her shoping cart
i Peck
i Peck 14 hours ago
this made me fall asleep
Morgan Laware
Morgan Laware 14 hours ago
Yes! Love your vids! And Twin Paranormal are the best!?♡
Salvador Soto
Salvador Soto 14 hours ago
Has anyone noticed that the woman with the black eyes has the same black suit case as in the one with the body in it?
CurtF94 18 hours ago
That person was walking toward him to you can see his feet moving
Aiden Johnson
Aiden Johnson 19 hours ago
Imma just say it. “Saturdays are for the boys”
Elle H
Elle H 19 hours ago
That was just a loud muffler
Bozidar Dojcinovski
Bozidar Dojcinovski 21 hour ago
14:11 he asked the dumbest question ever.The car its probably over 50 years old and he is wondering how did they parked it,well before 50 years those 10-20 years old trees didn't exist my brother
Shakir Obaid
Shakir Obaid Day ago
dude the matthal guy is just so fake dont feature these tiktok kids please ..
koske koske
koske koske Day ago
Ohh female drivers...
C-HAN BBX Day ago
Wtf was no.3
Ashton Listzwan
Ashton Listzwan Day ago
That siren noise must have been Chicago's broken tornado horn. I read that it was a false alarm.
Savior Flair
Savior Flair Day ago
We've seen a lot of Ghost Hunters that will fake the look of fear . . . But the "Twins" in this video, authentically do look scared !! That primal fear type scared !!
Billy Addison
Billy Addison Day ago
Being randomnatica"an they no your going to that spot"I say they set a speaker up somewere inside"Its a set up
Demian D'Agostino
Demian D'Agostino Day ago
In the video of the back camera of the car, at first the men is walking alone, and then he has a dog, weird
Faded vibez4880
Faded vibez4880 Day ago
Don’t you just love to sleep with you’re eyes open
Calaabo Day ago
Goes ghost hunting: Sees ghost: Runs
Watergoblin17 Day ago
1:21 he probably stumbled across a cult in the other room
Path less Traveled
Path less Traveled Day ago
I feel like the village in Mexico were in on a prank to scare the ghost hunters
Silviu good
Silviu good Day ago
13:51: It gave me a spot in the middle of the woods that's kinda close TO MYHOUSE (OFC HE KNOWS ALREADY THE WOOD OR THE SPOTS AROUND IT AND OFC HE KNOWS ABOUT THAT CAR BRUH) That shit over there is not crappy at all....is like u know already a dead car that is somewhere and u build a video shit when a friend said from other side "this is my place", or u just edit the video putting voices on it... uuuh creppy stuff u can hear on the background the sound of other person weaow...and also it is tick tok...a platform who creators are showing their body(females) or creators who build shit ideas to trick the stupid ppl (male) WHY TF DID U PUT THIS INTO YOUR VIDEO...THIS ONE IS JUST BRUH !!
Meagan Clarke
Meagan Clarke Day ago
To the girl saying her car doesn’t have a front camera you can literally see the corner of your license plate in the video which you proved to be on the front of your car lol
Cleo Day ago
In the second clip they caught a young skinwalker not la llorona. Still paranormal but not in the ghost/spirit way
Lonmar Balderama
Lonmar Balderama 2 days ago
Hahaha natawa ako may galing sa pinas na vids dito haha
MAE SINA 2 days ago
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Eshna Majumder
Eshna Majumder 2 days ago
Hi 😋
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald 2 days ago
16:27 something is weird about her left hand. And the girls laughing about it are idiots.
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald 2 days ago
Matt is Coward. Like so many of these people ,always running away like cowards. How can a voice hurt you ,how can a ghost hurt you, cowards. I'd stay and camp out there and speak to the little girl.Of course most of the people who did that as well would have run away by the time anything happened of course.
Nani Farras
Nani Farras 2 days ago
10:50 LOL 🏃💨
KERRECIA 2 days ago
what's the one with the girl crying?
Javier R
Javier R 2 days ago
Trying randonautica right now...waste of time so far.
Womog Man
Womog Man 2 days ago
If some creepy voice said “wanna play a game” to me I would be like: Sure, forza horizon 5?
Mobius One
Mobius One Day ago
How about Outlast? Because you'd win
migh freng
migh freng 2 days ago
Fukeng fleasack
Cody 2 days ago
I love how like they seen it screaming and then they stayed even though they were scared poopless. Shined their lights on the same spot and it screamed again. Typical humans 😂
Ambrose Morningstar
Ambrose Morningstar 2 days ago
@6:28 It's drums and clapping and WAR CRIES!!!! FUCK THAT!!! Soldado Azteca! !!!!!
CJToman 2 days ago
6:35 I couldn’t stop laughing man I wheezed so hard
SavageMickey 2 days ago
My sleep is sure cancelled
syed syah
syed syah 2 days ago
Haha liar.. That human n he angry because u touch weed plant..
P B 2 days ago
No way that la Llorona one was real, if anyone heard that first scream they would be gone for good dawg
Holly Kattenberg
Holly Kattenberg 3 days ago
Holly Kattenberg
Holly Kattenberg 3 days ago
15:41 I want to think its real and such, and maybe it is, but that 'ghost child thing' just said the two most stereotypical ghost child things ever so now im not sure
Ajesh 3 days ago
I felt like bunch of witches gathered to enhance their powers. 🤨
Ghost Go
Ghost Go 3 days ago
OK u guys r paranormal Inv. why run from it? u have to follow it. but for the first time see its ok👏
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez 3 days ago
Wow, that llorona gets around doesn’t she? People say she’s every crying voice by bodies of water here in border states.
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez 2 days ago
William Reignz True that
William Reignz
William Reignz 2 days ago
@Louisa Martinez damn that's crazy, I'm a sensitive and firmly believe that these folks tales sometimes have a dark truth to them, I see spirits and the demonic, also can sense positive and negative even supernatural energy, could since the age of 7 to my memory
Louisa Martinez
Louisa Martinez 2 days ago
William Reignz Well, it’s an old folk tale in Latino culture. Ghost stories of Texas and Stories that must not die have featured her mostly in places by the Rio Grande River in Tx. Our parents used this legend to scare us when we were little so idk lol
William Reignz
William Reignz 2 days ago
Is it a real legend? La Llorona?
Daniel Scuiry
Daniel Scuiry 3 days ago
Weeping Widow: Okay, the first responder in me thinks that could have been a real girl screaming and they should have tried to help. Either that or the guides were putting one over on him by having some young girl scream for a naive tourist. Neat trick, eh?
michael tickner
michael tickner 3 days ago
that lady is just an ozzy junky
Neil Djokovich
Neil Djokovich 3 days ago
Damn #1 comes from philippines.