D&D Story: Journey to "Magic-North-Korea"

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Puffin Forest

8 months ago

Another story from my Dungeons and Dragons game. This game the players went to Gautor, or what we ended up calling, "Magic North Korea," because it was a military state with a civilian prison population. This video is the final of a four part arc of the W.O.R.S.T. campaign. Hope you guys enjoy!

Matthew Rowland
Matthew Rowland 3 days ago
We need more of this story line affter all it's the best of the worst lol
Gandalf Stormcrow
Gandalf Stormcrow 4 days ago
The army actually has psychic ray guns. One uses sound, the other microwaves.
Captain Superfreak
Captain Superfreak 4 days ago
C'mon Puffin, you know you can't just give the players a war machine. They'll think its a trap. You got to give it to some henchmen and pretend that it's to set up to a later scene where they'll have to fight it, and it'd TOTALLY RUIN YOUR PLOT if they just attacked right now. They'll be rolling initiative before you've finished describing the scene
Claudius Pulcher
Claudius Pulcher 9 days ago
I love the idea of players ignoring the gimmicky shit instead of demanding their own
Rebel Buffoon
Rebel Buffoon 19 days ago
If he actually came up with a sports game just for a dnd campaign plot line... damn that’s commitment to detail
legendofzeldarules44 22 days ago
It should have been the "hero" of parnest, Wallace!
Caldera510 23 days ago
Seeing as they kept leaving that guy's characters behind I'm kinda understanding why he kept being unable to make all the rescheduled games :^).
BlueEngland 23 days ago
That other guy should have been the paralysed person
Francisco Alejandro
Francisco Alejandro 24 days ago
Hi Ben, I really enjoy your work, so before youtube takes away the community captions, I took the liberty to go around your channel and add spanish translations to a bunch of your videos, mainly the DnD stories. I didn't get them all, but I finished this storyline along with the Mournblade one, and also a bunch of miscelanious videos. I hope they're of your liking.
Dustin Jones
Dustin Jones 26 days ago
We agree to call it Fantasy North Korea. Calls it Magic North Korea the rest of the video.
Levy Haggs
Levy Haggs 27 days ago
Fletch kriga 2:24
CageyBee 28 days ago
What do you mean, North korea is already magical! *gun lowers*
Ent3rpris3 Month ago
I can't NOT think of Cartman when doing your sarcastic voice and honestly it's SO funny!
Charles Lesus
Charles Lesus Month ago
I like your videos and campaign stories but this is just tasteless racist drivel.
Furyhound The Devil Dog
Furyhound The Devil Dog Month ago
Vaden mar..... Vader man? really?
Justin Alias
Justin Alias Month ago
Bad Dming Puffin Forest. Can’t have magic internet but throwing a random car in the middle of quote “medieval setting” you home brewed is ok 5:02? Many people including most in my current group have a problem with Magic Tek as a concept. It simply doesn’t fit most medieval fantasy games, and it’s introduction would have world changing consequences that force it to often be the centerpiece of a campaign rather than an add on. You needed to find a way to integrate it without shoving it down your players throats. Maybe have a hidden ancient monorail under the desert that the players stumble upon and “magic North Korea” was the site of an ancient advanced race who developed said monorail. Maybe the loss of magic was them trying to get it to start up again repeating their ancestor’s folly. Magic Tek is best handled as an add on like Dwemer way from Skyrim. It’s there; it’s dangerous; and it doesn’t need to hijack the story to tell it’s own.
Arctic lab
Arctic lab Month ago
it's the dm 4:04
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
Thomas takes a toll for the dark Month ago
Oh gods its been 7 months
Kalamari Month ago
So was there ever an explanation on how Michelle became permanently invisible?
Jana / Luiz
Jana / Luiz Month ago
This is abserd
Sapphirewingthefurrycritic Month ago
Why wouldn't you want to ride in a war machine?
DnD Lover
DnD Lover Month ago
Maybe one day you can do an online dnd
Zoe Fox
Zoe Fox Month ago
Evil ABSERD!!!!!!!!
Colonel Frost
Colonel Frost Month ago
3:05 oh hello there ! I bet you did not expect to see me here in this location it is I abserd!
Logan Morris
Logan Morris Month ago
I love Ben's German accent
Zak The Street Fighter
Zak The Street Fighter 2 months ago
I really wish the story of these characters would be continued, I want to know what happened to them
Austin Cook
Austin Cook 2 months ago
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul 2 months ago
If that was the thief character that had the tough work schedule, and it looks like it was, another thing you could have done is have him be part of a Thieves Guild. He keeps on getting called away on missions for the guild, which is why he's so rarely around. That "part of a guild/magic academy/serving in a country's army etc etc" could probably work for any of the other classes too.
wildrook 2 months ago
You thought it was Ottie Otterton, but it was I, DIO!
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkerson 2 months ago
Wyatt Culbertson
Wyatt Culbertson 3 months ago
Nokachi 3 months ago
4:13 just got that joke
Fuzzy Images
Fuzzy Images 3 months ago
I totally get you on the war machines, but I know my players heads.... they become suspicious when you just give them things like that, cause people still seem to have this notion that GM's are out to screw over and kill the players.
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson 3 months ago
Magic North Korea, yes. Magic dystopias are great (to play, not to live in).
chiti ka
chiti ka 3 months ago
The rouge's name is Sparkle-Gem?
that one guy
that one guy 3 months ago
I would know what do use a Death machine My Paladin in would be the first one in
AlexanderTF 3 months ago
Frankly this might be hindsight but Puffin, ya could have had the player who was in an out on 1v1 sessions letting him set up the castle and drain magic for his own goals... to at least keep the guy involved ... and when it comes to new material, do ask the other players if this material would be interesting for them in game, if they don't wanna use it, build a game around that material separately for another time ...
Cowen Cox
Cowen Cox 3 months ago
Why is absurd magical Kim John own
Benjamin Lucas
Benjamin Lucas 3 months ago
Abserd is very powerful very powerful country that he has *annoying Laugh*
Jaoheah 3 months ago
If this was an actual story and not a session, maybe the person who was abandoned was the villian in the end
Sam Orfield
Sam Orfield 3 months ago
"Mandatory fun will be had at all times by all"
OJLT 3 months ago
Is this a homebrew campaign or a module?
Eoin Campbell
Eoin Campbell 3 months ago
The players didn't want a war machine? Were they even human?
Sage Colvard
Sage Colvard 3 months ago
Why wasn't the Other Guy Otty Otterton?
Teag Brohman
Teag Brohman 3 months ago
so this is where Abserd went to after that one shot
Small Guy
Small Guy 3 months ago
ok so im at this part of the video 4:10 and based on the voices i think it is ubsard
Big Brother Xellos
Big Brother Xellos 3 months ago
**rewatches opening** Wow. Sparklegem was basically your Paultin.
The Weird and the Wonderful
The Weird and the Wonderful 4 months ago
Why would they *not* want to use a war machine at all times ? Makes no sense I tells ya D :
slimemad_1 sndDVWSDHGD
slimemad_1 sndDVWSDHGD 4 months ago
Why does the person in 3:04 look like abserd?
Asteros 4 months ago
Ben, stop railroading
Oliver Hel
Oliver Hel 4 months ago
and i thought i was good when i made an alphabet for a campaign.. made a game for his campiagn, nice one dude, like the how to get your players to choose the campaign you want video also,genius
Stumblin_Bummblin 4 months ago
You say southwest but circle a place that’s southeast
Dragonfly 4 months ago
I read the book howled moving castle in the book though it was more like a teleporting casle
mjb 20077
mjb 20077 4 months ago
I Know Its Been Said Before, But Everyone There Is Abserd
Mr.Bagelsworth 4 months ago
Bathtub Meggee
Bathtub Meggee 4 months ago
Das a gud movie
MT kid
MT kid 4 months ago
Aiden mar looks a lot like Absard.
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 4 months ago
I was expecting Ottie Otterton as the real villain. He used his lucrative fishing business to fund the construction of a moving fortress that saps magic from a region and stores it. When he has enough, he will use it to re-open a gate to the dream realms and return home. If the players get trapped in there, now they will have to play by the rules and whims of the Dream Realms.
TinyFoxTom 4 months ago
At least the bad guy wasn't a clone or simulacrum of one of the party members. Yes, that was a Pluto Nash reference. Yes, I still want a refund for my movie ticket, Eddie. YES, I STILL HAVE THE TICKET, EDDIE.
0ne shotti
0ne shotti 4 months ago
TLDR; you have to DM for abuncha idiots
Mike Scharding
Mike Scharding 4 months ago
4:12 the brief shadow before the reveal of the hidden arch villain for a second looked like the outline of Ottie Otterton. I saw what you did there.
strider04 4 months ago
Whenever people just disappear in the middle of the game in my group, it was because of a time warp bubble
Medimedes 4 months ago
Flatch kriga: just get your doogledots and goonglebottoms on and you are ready to play just remember the ball hits the red line and it becomes VAATASNÜK and you can hit it back but only if it hits three grinklebopples on
Oliver Hel
Oliver Hel 4 months ago
first last
first last 4 months ago
0:45 “comes from the south west”. Shows a circle in the south east based on normal map standards.
Gman talon
Gman talon 4 months ago
0:46 : Southwest *Shows* *southeast.* ( Has someone already commented this? )
etherraichu 4 months ago
0:14 legs
Jonathan Stroupe
Jonathan Stroupe 4 months ago
Yall really just pulled a Captain America: Civil War ending lol
Cleo Borden
Cleo Borden 4 months ago
that otterton fakeout was so good
Nonomen 4 months ago
That accent slowly went from German to Russian.
de wae
de wae 5 months ago
the game you made up was SUPER german in the names
RV Maika
RV Maika 5 months ago
4:05 Modern Disney villains in a nutshell.
Ozymondiaz 5 months ago
Howl’s moving castle I believe is based on Baba Yaga’s hut
Adam Dao
Adam Dao 5 months ago
Did you just pull a Disney twist villain on your players
Unajet 5 months ago
Our groups best 'Let's mess up the GM's planning': Every single clue was leading the group to the 'town on the left'. They decided instead to go to the 'town on the right'. The GM looked at them, closed his book, and said "Well, that's it for tonight. I'll see everyone next time." They were shocked that he had nothing 'planned'. We still have smaller versions of this scenario happen every so often (all clues lead to the jail's dungeon, so we head to the prince's castle instead).
L Duffy
L Duffy 5 months ago
3:05 vadimmar looks a lot like absurd. Which is quite absurd 👉🤣👉
drdino2002 5 months ago
Wait... Was the thief the same player who missed the fight with Malikar?
abucket14 5 months ago
I really wanted you to say it was their party member who was pulling all the strings in magic north Korea, it would explain his absences and be a kill pvp boss fight
Bruhboss31 5 months ago
It wasn't the otter? That was anticlimactic.
Khorne 5 months ago
Thanks to this video my players now want to go to magic North Korea
MaxG4 5 months ago
4:20 You thought it was this guy, but -it was me, Dio!- it's another guy.
Xeranad 5 months ago
The whole "make fantasy internet" would have made more sense if Asiago was an Artificer instead of a Druid... but then again I'm Artificer biased.
Marvellous Miniatures
Marvellous Miniatures 5 months ago
That’s the south east not west
Drake Vegas!!
Drake Vegas!! 5 months ago
Actually, the internet DOES exist in D&D; it's called the Noosphere, and only psionics can access it.
TheKa89 5 months ago
1:47 - You were serving them the chance to rp Mad Max on a silver platter and they turned it down. That's just disappointing.
Karate Koala
Karate Koala 5 months ago
The leader of magic North Korea looks kind of absurd
jay quickblade
jay quickblade 5 months ago
... Is there an actual reason the diplomat you mention reminds me of the warforge guy who had a metal gear with him?
Paul M
Paul M 5 months ago
Gouda by another name is still cheesey.
Jadian Radiator
Jadian Radiator 5 months ago
3:09 XD!!!!! Abserd as Magic North Korea's "Great Leader"
Miroslav Vujnović
Miroslav Vujnović 5 months ago
i honestly feel kinda bad for the missing guy
Sage Green
Sage Green 5 months ago
Absurd, what are you doing in magic north Korea... Absurd?... ABSURD!
Kango 5 months ago
I'm definitely using Flatch Kriga in my game.
Platypus 6 months ago
4:25 Is that Abserd?
Jake B
Jake B 6 months ago
Ben: "I need a villan" Ben: *inserts Abserd*
Urzaknight 6 months ago
Should have had Sparklegem be the villain. 'Vengeance for being left behind all the time!"
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 6 months ago
Not to be racist, but Fantasy North Koreans sound and look ABSERD!!!
GameTomCat 6 months ago
2:23. Tell me that this isn’t something out of Dr. Seuss
Misharu 6 months ago
So does this mean Abserd is from Gautor?
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 6 months ago
I remember doing a DND campaign and I was a bard. I used inspire on my friend by playing a shitty flute version of “Never Gonna Give you Up.”
Apocalypez Productions
Apocalypez Productions 6 months ago
The villain should have been "Magic Putin"
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