2 Whales Follow A Surfer

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7 months ago

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Whales: usshow.info/watch/g6U3VCneKfs/video.html
Elevator: usshow.info/watch/_8JDjU1tf9Q/video.html
Online Class: usshow.info/watch/Qy0TKsyFahw/video.html
Gears: usshow.info/watch/nFslB0AcVmM/video.html
Spider: usshow.info/watch/yNQVJtg5zEw/video.html
Greece: usshow.info/watch/XhSFK2o-QWM/video.html
Cat Lick: pB9vzQw5hdz5/
Ram Kick: fornell_fpv
Bus: pB9Hfd1bJUa_/
Plane Jump: pB9mXUBIpGUT/?igshid=1vg5vh5gr0ev1
Momma Dog: pB7G-AHynw9V/
Lights Of Elysium - AERØHEAD soundcloud.com/aerohead
Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported - CC BY-SA 3.0
Free Download / Stream: bit.ly/lights-of-elysium
Music promoted by Audio Library usshow.info/watch/FyDoQB0vBZI/video.html

Track: Halfway Through - Broke In Summer [Audio Library Release]
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Cito 100
Cito 100 7 months ago
That elevator prank is gold
andy13 Month ago
*g o l d*
Jackline Ghassemian
Jackline Ghassemian Month ago
Comrade SHAAARK Month ago
Isaac caleb
Isaac caleb Month ago
@SaltiestSand 💀💀
A17_cynical _:b_
A17_cynical _:b_ Month ago
I can just feel the anxiety she was feeling just imagining standing in the elevator and everybody just turns like, (0-0)
주군 Hour ago
Elevator prank is Korean!!
colton moore
colton moore 8 hours ago
2:30 Go Go, Power Rangers!
Insomnia Tv
Insomnia Tv 8 hours ago
Ryan Martinez-Ukulele lessons
Ryan Martinez-Ukulele lessons Day ago
The dimmabus 2:40
Skywalker Alan
Skywalker Alan 4 days ago
1:41 General Grievous, you're shorter than I expected.
Cynthia Abana
Cynthia Abana 8 days ago
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Dunkin donuts Yum
Dunkin donuts Yum 9 days ago
Imagine getting an 11sec ad and the skip button says skip in 11sec
Ann Franx
Ann Franx 12 days ago
2:40 is this the knight bus
Moøn _Bøba
Moøn _Bøba 14 days ago
HAHA omg i noticed the bird just oofed its self into the bus
Adri V
Adri V 18 days ago
i wish you’d post the links to the original videos. does anyone know where i can find the cat video??
Digital Tech Burki
Digital Tech Burki 18 days ago
2:37 CGI not real
El Greco
El Greco 18 days ago
In case anyone is wondering, the last clip is at the Meteora mountains, located in Thessaly, central Greece.
Zetsuke4 19 days ago
The lift one is so mean
Henry adams
Henry adams 19 days ago
why does the tall bus and the bird remind me of phineas and ferb
Thirupathi Adla
Thirupathi Adla 21 day ago
That girl in lift is cute.
Blaze 23 days ago
Natalia Godfrey
Natalia Godfrey 26 days ago
i love the prank, her smile is soo radiant, makes me smile and 2:48, i felt bad for laughing but it was so random after the random guy came out of the randomly, suprisingly large vehicle.
Chief Rocka
Chief Rocka 26 days ago
I love how he puts the thumbnail video first every time
TiedyeVikki 27 days ago
The look in that mama dog's eyes was like: OMG, what have I done? Sure they're cute, but I don't know how to be a mom! There's so much crying, and suckling, and wiggling... I haven't gotten any good sleep in days!
TiedyeVikki 27 days ago
The whales might have known there were sharks in the area and were protecting the guy. Or they thought he was in trouble and in danger of drowning. Or they were just curious, as most intelligent animals are. Whales have been known to do all these things.
thrashingpanic 27 days ago
0:25 Why are you running? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING??!
PROJECT X 27 days ago
that a lot of sift
Jacob Greif
Jacob Greif 29 days ago
I died when I saw the bird hit the city sightseeing bus
NOTE. 29 days ago
Me when my mom combs my hair: 1:17
Kikson Martinec
Kikson Martinec 29 days ago
1:55 man that is tons of torque
Aggro King
Aggro King 29 days ago
That last gear is like me and women Never gonna happen
у меня был секс в космосе
у меня был секс в космосе Month ago
Why r u talkin thru ur nose
Radha Velpula
Radha Velpula Month ago
2:50 what dat sound xd- something smashes into da long bus
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia Month ago
The teacher is wholesome ASF
Jayson Lerit
Jayson Lerit Month ago
The elevator girl is cute
Saurabh Chauhan
Saurabh Chauhan Month ago
that "Later!" is so irritating!
Isaac caleb
Isaac caleb Month ago
2:36 RIP bird💀💀
Motorcorp_007 Month ago
i love your video's one by one i likeyour video god bless you
FF-BOY Month ago
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention Month ago
That bird flying into the bus at the end couldn't be more well-timed.
Griffin _
Griffin _ Month ago
Im dyslexic so I thought it said swallow
SG Cactus
SG Cactus Month ago
Everybody gangsta till the bus driver starts drifting 😂🤣 2:37
Matthias Niederer
Matthias Niederer Month ago
For some reason it makes me really sad knowing that the last gear will likely never make a full rotation. 😔
mayank raj
mayank raj Month ago
The smile though, like the heck dude
Blueberry Sans
Blueberry Sans Month ago
2:00 So you're telling me that we created a simple made thing Wich will take more energy than a star?
Bunk Man
Bunk Man Month ago
1:53, So let me get this straight...We can take the time to create THIS piece of crap but we cant come up with a cure for cancer?
banana Month ago
i couldnt watch the elevator prank shit felt like it was ripping my soul out LMFAO
Ack_abida_yes Month ago
2:49 So nobody gunna talk about the dead bird XD
doge time traveler
doge time traveler Month ago
Imagine rotating the last gear first
2000 subs challenge
2000 subs challenge Month ago
"Now it's the equivalent of a one-star hotel." Bruh, people will pay good money to distance themselves from the rest of the world like that.
xThe DestroYzZ
xThe DestroYzZ Month ago
At 3:00 Minute the village in greece called Kalambaka im from there and grew up there:)
DrFantastic Month ago
3:00 I live over there . The place is called Meteora ( Μετέωρα)
Dyaa Month ago
That bus not gonna be real it’s ridiculous
Ravens Claw
Ravens Claw Month ago
That elevator thing wouldn't have worked in America. I would have told all of them to get -ucked.
The Nopefather
The Nopefather Month ago
2:51 Some Tourist: YEEE HAW Bird: fucking die's
TheReal RavenOctober
TheReal RavenOctober Month ago
the bus and the bird XD
Simrah Saif
Simrah Saif Month ago
I saw the full elevator prank yesterday 😂😂 Best🔥
Ryow Month ago
POV: you're looking at the comments to see if anyone else feels bad for the bird, but instead see a bunch of comments about the girl in the elevator.
xwarockx3 Month ago
You remember the one with the gears? Where to spin the last Gear it would take more energy than there is in the entire galaxy. Now, what if we just spin the last one by hand? That would mean that the first gear spins absolutely crazy and BOOM! The first gear provides more energy than the entire universe and all problems are solved. My genius is sometimes frightening
Christian Disco
Christian Disco Month ago
I like your videos your style of speech is so f'ing annoying
pipis the flexer
pipis the flexer Month ago
Greece meteora
Travis JB
Travis JB Month ago
Your voice doesnt match your uhm...face lol 😅😅
zit kra
zit kra Month ago
Why is no one talking about that bird that smashed into the bus?
Tomtalker2000 Month ago
I've never heard a more "monotone" voice in my life. Coming from the presenter of these various video clips.
Purple Rain
Purple Rain 17 days ago
Listen to the guy on the Chills channel.
Isaac Malown
Isaac Malown Month ago
If it was me on the paddleboard the ocean would have become just a tiny bit larger.
NehzuLit Month ago
Please tell me i am not the only one that sees that bird flying straight into that window at 2:47
Parsa Shirali
Parsa Shirali Month ago
Wait until they prank someone with social anxiety in that elevator. They won’t go out for months
Zahrah Noor
Zahrah Noor Month ago
Credible Jumper
Credible Jumper Month ago
1:53 is hurting my head
F Mills
F Mills Month ago
0:53 everyone looks like Jimmy Page.
JazzCoffii Month ago
2:45 Looks like the Knight Bus just got an upgrade.
Roblox Exploiting Channel
Roblox Exploiting Channel Month ago
2:48 R.I.P birb
Hydra Month ago
Me and my friend are still following him. He is nice and has fish
crowned bee
crowned bee Month ago
i thought the last one was my chair lol
A- Stran
A- Stran Month ago
I literally read the title as “swallowed”
Bruno CatMaster
Bruno CatMaster Month ago
maliha ali
maliha ali Month ago
R.I.P:Seagull That is why that vid has lots of views lol
Sleinze Month ago
The bird flying in to the bus
BTastic Bee
BTastic Bee Month ago
2:50 THAT BIRD THO 😂😂😂
Crewmate Month ago
2:51 lol the bird just ran into the window
sudarsan s
sudarsan s Month ago
1k Subs before 2022???
1k Subs before 2022??? Month ago
At least the professor didn’t say “may I go to the bathroom, not can”
hunniirxses Month ago
*are we just gonna ignore how cool that teacher is or*
YipeKaii Month ago
help me reach my goal
Smc vAnicお前わもうしんでうるジ
Smc vAnicお前わもうしんでうるジ Month ago
Nobody gonna talk about the cat?: 1:05
AlfDog Month ago
Axstro Vibez
Axstro Vibez Month ago
I like how if u don’t like the first one you will be sure to like the others
ethan lo
ethan lo Month ago
I thoug it said 2 whales suffer
ACIT Month ago
2:50 so we‘re not going to talk about the bird flying straight into the window
SARTHAK SHARMA 26 days ago
It's CGI
Karma Soaia
Karma Soaia Month ago
that poor bird 😭😭😂😂
Mark H
Mark H Month ago
"It would take more energy in the entire universe just to rotate the very last gear". A typically meaningless statement for videos like this.
DoriaN.U Month ago
he only asked to go to the bathroom? i asked my teacher who is mike hawk lol...
Potatomelon 111
Potatomelon 111 Month ago
I thought the title said swallow Not follow
aizemist Month ago
2:51 Woman: EHA!! Bird: *Sayonara sisters.*
Axhley Bee
Axhley Bee 2 months ago
Yehaw!! *splat*
Stalin 2 months ago
2:49 I laughed so hard at the bird
Andrew Joo
Andrew Joo 2 months ago
1 like for 1 love for the bird
ثواب من فضل الله
ثواب من فضل الله 2 months ago
ربنا لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك ظلمنا أنفسنا ظلمآ كثيرآ وإن لم تغفر لنا وترحمنا لنكونن من الخاسرين ... سبحانك ربنا تباركت وتعاليت آمنا فقنا عذاب النار....اللهم صل وسلم وبارك عليك يا سيدنا يا محمد يا رسول الله يا حبيب الله يا نبي الله اللهم إنا نستغفرك ربنا الغفار الرحمن الرحيم العفو الكريم ونتوب إليك....
snipes_ 8212
snipes_ 8212 2 months ago
stop doing that voice
Ethan Fang
Ethan Fang 2 months ago
the i cant count bus is so random
XLightsoulz YT
XLightsoulz YT 2 months ago
2:50 that bird tho😂😂😂
contrerados 2 months ago
*Nice to see how an airplane glides....*
Zion KausHagen
Zion KausHagen 2 months ago
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