the new iOS 14 broke my iPhone...

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6 days ago

In today’s video, I downloaded the new iOS 14 unreleased beta ! If you guys don’t know betas sometimes have complications. So enjoy me downloading it, going through the confusion, and the exciting new features new to iPhone! Hopefully, this video helped you either wait patiently or be like me and download it despite the smallmouth functions! You can click the link below If you want to find out how to download the beta now. What do you think of the beta? What's your favorite part so far? If you found this video entertaining please give It a huge thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next sarahgracesaturday!
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Jaquida Welcome
Jaquida Welcome Minute ago
How do I do the screen in the screen?
John Paplito
John Paplito 14 minutes ago
I went dumpster diving and I found a working iPhone 11 and 3 phone cases
Brandon French
Brandon French Hour ago
It broke mine also. Somehow it made my top speaker quit working. Downgraded back to ios 13 and it started working again
Edrey kyle Dingle
Edrey kyle Dingle Hour ago
Her: Being happy for having new iphone features Me: Having those features on my android phones for a really long time now 👁️👄👁️
Lg Marquez
Lg Marquez Hour ago
What did you expect it was a beta😂🤦🏽‍♂️. Should have at least waited for the public beta 🤷🏽‍♂️.
Adventurous Maddy
Adventurous Maddy Hour ago
MiicoLynexx Hour ago
Sarah: I don't really use memojis so i don't really care. Also Sarah: Oh my god! They added new hairstyles! Ahhhh!
MiicoLynexx Hour ago
And now we know how sarah sets up before recording. didnt think it was alot of work. i was wrong.
And Hi
And Hi Hour ago
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh 😂 That’s totally me when I here my voice after making a recording of myself
SAVAGE kinda
SAVAGE kinda 2 hours ago
I’ve had the update the day after it came out and I’ve seen absolutely nothing bad that has happened. (Edit: forgot to mention the only thing that has a kinda big change is the storage it’s a lot but you can just buy more)
david cordon
david cordon 2 hours ago
There’s always been an exposure button on the iPhone camera, just tap the screen and scroll up and down, and also, it’s always been able to switch FPS to 30 to 60 and 4K
Daa_sourgod .v
Daa_sourgod .v 3 hours ago
Android 11 made my pixel better
Apple Monster
Apple Monster 3 hours ago
Been watching your tech videos for a while. Awesome content!
Ella Smith
Ella Smith 4 hours ago
Mine was fine
An_dxy 4 hours ago
Griffin Haffey
Griffin Haffey 4 hours ago
Then how are developers not breaking there phones🙄
Jewel Jeremy Cawili
Jewel Jeremy Cawili 4 hours ago
Click bait. Such an annoying video.
Kamari K
Kamari K 5 hours ago
Egzon Hajdari
Egzon Hajdari 5 hours ago
this is literally android
Davante Wilson
Davante Wilson 5 hours ago
Her: Freaking out over older Android features. This is so cool.. Me: Welcome to Android
Sam Figueroa
Sam Figueroa 6 hours ago
Downloaded iOS 14 beta and now I can’t set up Face ID
Jasotha Sureshkumar
Jasotha Sureshkumar 6 hours ago
eve 6 hours ago
they did say not to download it on your main and only iPhone. its still a beta
Cj Casem World
Cj Casem World 7 hours ago
Im glad i have iphone 6 haha
MaryAnnOpenia 10
MaryAnnOpenia 10 7 hours ago
Bruh its like iphone is turning into Android 😂
Hailey G
Hailey G 8 hours ago
charles lamborginie
charles lamborginie 8 hours ago
Wait wuttttt when i downloaded it. It said that it will be download 2022 ooff
VOID Psychosis
VOID Psychosis 8 hours ago
You can degrade to ios 13
Devin Davidson
Devin Davidson 9 hours ago
Wencome to android
Manchester United Fan
Manchester United Fan 9 hours ago
Sarah grace = twat You never install beta versions on main devices
Michael Morales
Michael Morales 9 hours ago
I mean it is beta you might want to send feedback to Apple
Luna Flamuri
Luna Flamuri 9 hours ago
it looks kinda like a samsung i dont like it
Vkteresa 1997
Vkteresa 1997 9 hours ago
I love your nails ❤️pretty
Takcci 9 hours ago
iPhone users : Android is too complicated Android users: IOS 14 looks like Android 11
Kerriel Lastrapes
Kerriel Lastrapes 10 hours ago
I’m not downloading it until actually date come out in the fall !!! my phone 📱 not be broken thank God for friends tell me not to
Cream _flo0f
Cream _flo0f 10 hours ago
Done I subscribed and liked
Engla Laude (elev)
Engla Laude (elev) 10 hours ago
Appel said that you shouldn’t download it because it’s not fully ready
SimplySophie 10 hours ago
I’ve subscribed + liked! this channel is LEGANDRY ✨🥺
Elyjah Rodrigues
Elyjah Rodrigues 10 hours ago
Where did you download it from? I have it downloaded from
Yaretzi Anacleto
Yaretzi Anacleto 10 hours ago
Joey Hernandez Jose
Joey Hernandez Jose 11 hours ago
Bruh apple is working on the update lord it is coming in September jeez 🙄🙄
Claris Jane
Claris Jane 11 hours ago
hey sarah! i always watch your video when i open youtube and everytime, very randomly i will say "hey guys welcome back to my channel today i have another video for you guys~" with ur style of intro literally anytime hehehehehe
lil poop_ official
lil poop_ official 12 hours ago
Manca Vavpotič
Manca Vavpotič 12 hours ago
they do have highlights!! they had it even previous update. When you select a colour, just click on it again and it’s gonna open the highlight section. 💖💖
tessa u
tessa u 13 hours ago
when did the phone break???
KxsmiN 13 hours ago
i become your boyfriend if u buy me a brandnew iphone 11 pro max :))
LilyPlaysRobloxx 13 hours ago
I thought I broke your phone......... no hate btw 💗
Beatrice .F
Beatrice .F 13 hours ago
Emily Kronas
Emily Kronas 14 hours ago
plz do a whats on my iphone!!
Lexi Addison
Lexi Addison 14 hours ago
Dudududududuudiduduud (me singing the song ) bubuuuubibuuubuuhuhuhhuh
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 14 hours ago
Girls home screens: inspirational quotes Boys home screens: w i d e pUtIn
John De Jesús
John De Jesús 15 hours ago
How am I using an iPhone X on the iOS 14 beta and my iPhone is very ok maybe you didn’t install it properly
shahd 15 hours ago
Wait wasn’t your phone broken for water damage?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 14 hours ago
My phone is fine
Jo Lou
Jo Lou 16 hours ago
Appreciate the beauty of sarahgrace❤❤
Fares Kecira
Fares Kecira 16 hours ago
Wtf grow up stop doing stupid faces
ludi novkov
ludi novkov 16 hours ago
im wathing this while my iphone is updating to ios 14
Liliana Zepeda
Liliana Zepeda 17 hours ago
um so,, here i am.. watching this after my phone got hacked then broke after 2 days of getting the beta.. and i just got my phone 5 days ago, also it broke the day before my birthday hahhaa.. dont get it lol.
Dhvani l ध्वनि
Dhvani l ध्वनि 17 hours ago
Congo on 1 million ☺
it’s Bruce
it’s Bruce 17 hours ago
Lol mine doesn’t
Chayah 17 hours ago
Where'd you get your case🥺
Marco Vic
Marco Vic 17 hours ago
Worry no more, *Thomsflict* 0n |G is the perfect answer for your device upgrading. He fixed mine too. Working perfectly...
Anisha Anand
Anisha Anand 18 hours ago
Hey you should do an iPhone giveaway! You will get more subscribers, comments, views and likes!❤️
Just a Windy bee
Just a Windy bee 18 hours ago
that’s why you don’t use apple betas
Your Local Crackhead
Your Local Crackhead 18 hours ago
Sarah: How do I look like right now? Her sister: Like trash Me: *I felt that*😂
lilSoldado214 19 hours ago
Man she gets way to exited for iPhones like it's crazy lol😂
Big Mike Antu
Big Mike Antu 19 hours ago
Jaykingo gamer
Jaykingo gamer 20 hours ago
And U dumb
Jaykingo gamer
Jaykingo gamer 20 hours ago
And other phones I did it to are fine
Jaykingo gamer
Jaykingo gamer 20 hours ago
My phone is fine
Winterz 20 hours ago
I downloaded beta profiles a year ago and i never had a glitch for ios 13
Turtle Rabbit Eilish
Turtle Rabbit Eilish 20 hours ago
give me a shout out beautiful
Derek De la cruz
Derek De la cruz 21 hour ago
Sis Sarah I luv u but why didn’t do this on another phone that I don’t use omg
Oh Asia
Oh Asia 22 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk aboutthe 7,000 notifications on youtube
Oh Asia
Oh Asia 22 hours ago
Just downdate
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 22 hours ago
Can you do a video about how I edit and film
Christopher Fields
Christopher Fields 22 hours ago
I remember back when iOS 7 was about to come out and I couldn’t wait for it so I downloaded the beta and the beta crashed my phone. So I learned to wait for the public update.
Serena Joseph
Serena Joseph 23 hours ago
I’m still waiting for Apple to realise iOS 13 for my iPhone 5s😅
Madison Carpenter
Madison Carpenter 23 hours ago
My phone has been super slow and being weird ever since I got it
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond 23 hours ago
Her: freaks out with the miniplayer Me: does it daily on my Android 😂
BG 23 hours ago
Why would you download it anyways
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