D&D Story: A Most Abserd Character

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This animated Dungeons and Dragons Story comes from a funny game when I played a ridiculous character named Abserd, who was an absurd collection of classes. Hope you guys enjoy!
You can watch the video of the live game here: usshow.info/goPLz3eRfQfVDYM-QrDH7vc94t-aCX2Yk29V.html
Music: "Sunshine Samba" from USshow Audio Library

joseph renn
joseph renn 2 minutes ago
why pick a class when u can haz em all???
Alan Provance
Alan Provance 6 hours ago
this was littery the first thing i did with multiclassing
PErson 9 hours ago
Abserd is my character, Mythril (Green hair) but overly obnoxious.
Theo Williams
Theo Williams Day ago
ericb31 2 days ago
reminds me of a character in the violent online comic Goblinscomic.com. originally a goblin named Fumbles, he managed to turn himself into a character named "senior vorpal kickasso" who had level 1 in every class.
ericb31 2 days ago
"bard-barians reminded me of a silly video-game...bearbarians...or was it barbearians...
BC Nation
BC Nation 2 days ago
Had to come up with a reason why Abserd kept getting kicked out of these places. Didn’t just go with the idea that past groups couldn’t fathom his voice.
TheCopyto 4 days ago
jack of all trades, master of zero xd
EHH246 4 days ago
I can't help but think that the bard-barians sing about their feats to the tune of Fab Four era Beatles songs. (To the tune of Eight Days a Week) First, we round up the peasants And then we slaughtered them
Arelia Project
Arelia Project 5 days ago
So, I'm running an all bard campaign, and one of my players is doing a bardbarian and I think this is your doing.
ninjademon61 5 days ago
DM which class? Puffin forest yes.... I love your content puffin forest it's made it a lot easier to get through this shitty year
Killer Orca
Killer Orca 5 days ago
Considering how many OTHER THINGS Abserd got kicked out of something tells me he wont be stuck there for long.
JKwak 7 days ago
legend has everytime a new class for DnD is created Abserd will automaticall gain it, even the homebrew ones
Ethan CLARKE 7 days ago
Jack of all traits master of none...
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx 8 days ago
That reminds me of my Tortle cleric, that allways ran his mouth about balance and the reason of living.
Celecitax error
Celecitax error 8 days ago
why did you turn my life into a D$D character tho
Jason Cohen
Jason Cohen 9 days ago
So does abserd eventually become and artificer
Vicia 10 days ago
You have true sound of a nerd, i respect that
edomedo 10 days ago
No way this was already 2 years
Jed Malig
Jed Malig 14 days ago
This is the exact vid that got me hooked on D&D. It's been 2 years and we've had 5 campaigns (2 uncompleted, not counting 1 oneshot)
bcubed72 16 days ago
Abserd would make a good spy..."I could tell you what I do, but then I'd have to annoy you to death..."
Magenta Lizard
Magenta Lizard 17 days ago
Is his name "Dick Cringle MC SnapplePop?"
Kid who sits in the corner
Kid who sits in the corner 18 days ago
I'm trying to learn d&d and this is my refrence
Mason Vanderford
Mason Vanderford 20 days ago
For some reason, the subtitles call Ben “James”.
yubel_uchiha 21 day ago
New to D&D and this character is amazing lol I’m use it
amazing ninja158
amazing ninja158 22 days ago
His proficiency must be terrible
Para N. Oid
Para N. Oid 26 days ago
I literally had this idea last night and now people are going to think I stole it from you
mrbrumakify 26 days ago
Dude I watched this video when I was starting out in dnd because I thought it would help me get a grasp of character creation, so at the time I didn’t really understand the joke. Fast forward a year and a half later, and I’m back laughing my absolute ass off.
Ryan Shephard
Ryan Shephard Month ago
Puffin was my main source of entertainment during my 2020 quarantine.
hunngryento Month ago
Aren't bard-barians basically Klingons?
Terence Cordova
Terence Cordova Month ago
Abserd needs to gain a level in Artificer
Spiritual Lyrical Miracle Individual
Spiritual Lyrical Miracle Individual Month ago
After the awakened mind thing, you could’ve been my best friend irl and I still would’ve refused to play with you ever again
The American Viking Podcast Gaming
The American Viking Podcast Gaming Month ago
You better hope Wizards of the Coast doesn't see this
Emery Paine
Emery Paine Month ago
I immediately thought of creating a character named "Jack" who knows a little bit of all the "trade", but then I thought it might be funnier if he was really good at one, or just sucked at all of them.
Vinnybonboot Month ago
Abserd is literally the Tommy Wiseau of dnd
Trise Month ago
So Driebus. You've made Driebus Beestinger. With Borat's voice.
Kati Fachang
Kati Fachang Month ago
If abserd wars real then he will be unstoppable because one class will protect other.
Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn Month ago
I guess you could say his character was... ...unconventional
JalouxKitagawa JalouxKitagawa
JalouxKitagawa JalouxKitagawa Month ago
Edii VG
Edii VG Month ago
I've wanted to make a character like this for some time, but never have. Multiclassing into everything is insane XD