The Stockholms Episode 02 - The Prom Job

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7 days ago

Watch Episode 3 of The Stockholms here:
Created by Explosm Entertainment
Marley wants to go to prom, however she is a hostage in a bank. Despite this, the Stockholms are gonna be okay.
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ImEthan 7200
ImEthan 7200 5 hours ago
*rest of the plot* 0:19 yes DIE 0:37 yes DIE- oh wait no not that, her battery is 2% 1:19 YOU STILL FUKING ON CHAIR BITCH 1:23 dey didn't nee to care bout' light 99:59:59
erchim александроп
erchim александроп 5 hours ago
Waiting for 10,000,000 seasons
David Cook
David Cook 7 hours ago
Ye Qiu
Ye Qiu 10 hours ago
when is episode 3 coming? :v
Super froggy
Super froggy 11 hours ago
Interesting but ugh definitely does not replace purgatony
Rockett 11 hours ago
What is his point of doing this hostage thing
Emily An
Emily An 11 hours ago
This must be made by some real sweet peeps!
ComicEntertainment 12 hours ago
Phil swift offers Flex glue
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 18 hours ago
yeah C&H need new ideas idc if and know its an unpopular opinion, but this pales
Unkown 20 hours ago
The most BAME show I've ever seen
Irina Sundelin
Irina Sundelin Day ago
If you Ask me they could use a pet. It Is just an idea. Or does the pizza Guy fill That role?
Emily An
Emily An 11 hours ago
I love how the gun never leaves his hands.
Yourkeel The man
Yourkeel The man Day ago
Imagine if he took the negotiator as a hostage.
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol Day ago
This is actually a pretty smart,funny idea 😂
Alex: ArepasandSwering
Alex: ArepasandSwering Day ago
wiat where is the other kid?
Sir Accountless
Sir Accountless Day ago
Oh god he has to stay now, doesn’t he..?
Squiggle Day ago
that face, is horrifying
Sloodie PL
Sloodie PL Day ago
Ahmad Hadif Hazri
Ahmad Hadif Hazri Day ago
More video
Lenny Payne
Lenny Payne Day ago
We need a full version of "It's Chris P."
Matthew Falkey
Matthew Falkey Day ago
This feels like cyanide and happiness format
MrRagequit Day ago
I like half expected Marlene to ask Jasper if he was finally killing her
Icefire Day ago
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Day ago
The not dad is actually real sweet
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Day ago
More of dis pls
Teenage kicks
Teenage kicks Day ago
Yo this show is gonna be the death of me. 😅😅
SilkMilk Day ago
I love how the gun never leaves his hands.
MikeMC Day ago
Toby Temple
Toby Temple Day ago
Why isn’t he the *-nedotiator-*
Commissar Blyt.
Commissar Blyt. Day ago
Am the only person noticed he pressing the trigger for 5 months?
Cassie Day ago
Honestly this is fantastic
Chick man
Chick man Day ago
The setup doesn't make any sense and I love it
Nikita Belov
Nikita Belov Day ago
i want mooooooooore
Random bs bc I’m bored
Random bs bc I’m bored Day ago
1:15 why is there no laugh track? There was a laugh track in ep 01 but now it’s gone
Titus TV
Titus TV Day ago
More please
Cassie Day ago
Ned is literally the worst hostage negotiator
worek mięsa
worek mięsa Day ago
Theory : this takes place in the past because there's the gun emote instead of water gun.
Yasir Tijani
Yasir Tijani Day ago
More of dis pls
Anonymous's Best friend
Anonymous's Best friend Day ago
The not dad is actually real sweet
Brennen Graves
Brennen Graves 2 days ago
I just saw this on instagram and just finished the first episode this shit is funny 😂😂
Olive's Journal
Olive's Journal 2 days ago
omg i want more of this!
TRIPPIEREDDFAN2020 2 days ago
Gabriel Setas
Gabriel Setas 2 days ago
this is so good
Sn0wbearYT 2 days ago
Why is this so simple yet the best
Dr Guillotin
Dr Guillotin 2 days ago
Alrighty, we started off with 4 hostages last vid -chris pine is in -pizza dude managed to get out of the building 4 again
Emir Duarrr
Emir Duarrr 2 days ago
After this Chris patt got stuck to the bank forever
CUF17 2 days ago
Chris Pine??? Nigga I screamed lmao
Zach Dunford
Zach Dunford 2 days ago
Is no one going to talk about the fact Nolan North played Chris Pine?
Leo Bishop
Leo Bishop 2 days ago
My favourite is Ned
Ned is literally the worst hostage negotiator
Logan Moore
Logan Moore 2 days ago
They should of made more
ExplosmEntertainment 2 days ago
New episodes every Thursday
ThomasFan 1945
ThomasFan 1945 2 days ago
Do these hostages legit not care about the family they have? Like the kids call Jasper their dad... I love it
HiMyNameIsEli 2 days ago
Christ is such a fucking Chad
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 2 days ago
"" "Not your dad..." Me as a stepdad lol
Reich Gulay
Reich Gulay 2 days ago
This is to good to be true. This has to have at least 10 episodes
King Qwing
King Qwing 2 days ago
are you an animator from cyanide and happiness or are you copying them
Blu Royal724
Blu Royal724 2 days ago
When is episode 3
Gillyfam !
Gillyfam ! 2 days ago
😔🔫 🏦
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 2 days ago
This is pretty cool show I like how all the interactions flow together
Matt Does Youtube
Matt Does Youtube 2 days ago
Logan Knight
Logan Knight 2 days ago
3:11 So that got Nolan North for Chris Pine. That’s pretty cool.
MacMG7 2 days ago
Hopefully, this series will last longer than Purgatony!
Jakeythewolfy X3
Jakeythewolfy X3 2 days ago
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 2 days ago
700th comment?